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Cranio-sacral in Christchurch

How can anyone really explain the mystery and the wonder behind this exquisite body work and the access to the infinite healing powers of the human body?   It d\ is a very subtle and soft, but profoundly effective body therapy that combines scientific techniques with intuition and sensibility in a space of conscious meditation. A deep sense of connection and harmony is felt as the body restores balance and health.. The awareness, relaxation and sense of wellbeing that results from this therapy goes very deep. Emotions change and moods lighten and pain simply disappears.  Wayne Dyer was so amazed with his treatments he got a woman to write a book about it.

Welcome to a deeply healing treatment in Craniosacral Therapy to release stress from the body and mind. You can also get personal and spiritual guidance to deepen your consciousness.
A Craniosacral therapy is a very relaxing treatment that nourishes the entire central nervous system and reaches the body, mind and consciousness for optimal healing. The Cranio Sacral system is intimately connected to all cells in the body, nervous system, movement, digestion, hormones, reproduction system, circulatory, respiratory, immune, lymphatic system, and more. It provides an exchange of energies by allowing more flow to actually reach and affect all the problems we have, both physically and mentally, and strengthens the body’s own ability to heal itself.#craniosacralchristchurch#
Combine doterra's pure high vibrancy essential oils and compassionately listen to the wisdom of this body
and miracles are happening in the area of pain.  I simply love this work and it helps you to be empowered to know the wisdom of this body instead of handing it over to the medical profession.


Everyone loves a good massage. Paru combines various massage styles to ease tension and knots in the body, then totally relaxes the body before going into sublime cranio-sacral. Livening up your feet with peppermint, and using the right aromatherapy oil to truly relax or enliven you on that day. The massage is tailored to you - what your body needs. Deep tension release in the shoulders with linament and ayurvedic marma point relaxation therapy. Massage is more effective after an ozone sauna or hydrotherapy bath so you are completely relaxed.  The new Deep Blue Massage balm clears those stubborn knots in shoulders and back.#aromatouchchristchurch#


Aroma Touch Doterra Aromatherapy Oils Massage

Dr Hill had already worked for the best aromatherpy company in the world but took 3 months to devise the best massage that destresses, detoxes, breaks down inflammation and body pain and then brings the body back to homeostasis (balance).  This is definitely the one
people are loving right now with craniosacral.  

Ozone/Oxygen Sauna

There are very few Ozone Saunas in New Zealand - Shunyata swears by this therapy for HIV and Aids and clears out anything viral, fungal and bacterial and is an incredible immune booster for flu etc. You burn 600 calories and feel detoxed, pure and clean. Also amazing for clearing out emotional issues.
Sit in a steam sauna overlooking the gorgeous wreck bay (with your head out) as oxone and oxygen pour into your cells.


 Oxygen Facial

Usually done after a sauna where a natural deep scrub is applied and then the skin is cleansed, exfoliated and toned with all natural oxygen products. Finally vitamin A, E & C is massaged into the skin and then penetrated with the oxygen. This leaves the skin radiant.

Body Scrubs

Paru uses all natural and amazing body scrub. Whether it be Doterras body scrub,  or Indian deep penetrating Udvartanum powder for cellulite and exfoliation you will feel amazing after the ozone sauna.


Amazing treatment on the feet that induces a deep relaxation and through different zones on the feet we can understand the problems in the body. It relieves deep pain in the body and improves blood flow. It is known for stress relief, improved circulation, improved immune and increased energy. Simply sublime! In order to address physical issues Paru will do this session with doterra oils clearing blocks - simply amazing.


The special ayurvedic hot oil massage with special oils based on your body type. This is combined with marma point therapy (special points of energy meridians like prana points in body). This treatment helps to calm the mind, relieves fatigue, provides stamina and enhances the lustre of the skin and is then followed by a steam in the gorgeous ozone sauna.


This ancient herbal powder based massage deeply exfoliates and helps with cellulite, water retention and weight loss. The skin feels toned and tightened,followed by steam. It is one of the best exfoliation sessions you will ever feel.


After an Indian head massage warm sesame oil is gently poured onto the head and third eye promoting deep relaxation, memory improvement and stress relief. Great for headaches, insomnia, mental tension and anxiety. This is the perfect treatment for Vatas.


This is where medicated oils are dropped into the nose after a face massage and steam. It is indicated for sinus problems, migraines, snoring, allergies and draining mucus from the nasal passage. A few treatments are recommended to guarantee amazing results.  This treatment is one of my most successful for sinus issues.

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