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After being there we have just opened our minds and doing so many things, just trying to tell each other to slow down now it will happen. We have made big changes to the house and decided that we will be getting posted as a whanau to Waiouru for one year. We are excited about it now. Something different which is good.
We bite at each other every now and then, more me if anything, after a bit of time I just snap out of it and we apologies and laugh. We keep telling each other what we have and good everything is.
We are so thankful of everything you have done. We are sorry we did not get into contact with you earlier, we just got into a groove, and I finally opened my emails cause I am at work for the evening.

Amanda and Tim

Hi Paru,

I went to your wonderful retreat in February this year and just wanted to let you know how I am doing now.
I was having re-occurring Bladder problems and was very stressed and anxious.
Since your retreat, I have meditated every single day since without fail, I have been doing Yoga every single day since and have continued following the Aryuvedic health lifestyle that you started me on there.
Not only have the bladder problems gone completely, but I am now in the best health I have ever been, I don't really get sick anymore and when I do start feeling tired or run down, I look to the Vata dosha lifestyle programme and find out where I am getting slightly off balance and within a day or so I am back to my vibrant, energetic self.
Going to the retreat led to to other holistic health journeys, I have since been devouring as many Deepak Chopra and Louise Hay books as possible as I have found they really resonate with my newly established beliefs.
I wake up every morning with a smile and with overflowing gratitude for the wonderful life I lead.
I have also healed past relationships that had become unhealthy and now get along superbly with both of my parents, something I honestly thought I would never be able to say.
My husband has a much happier life now that I am not burdened with anxiety and negativity, and our relationship has grown stronger.
My son Romeo, who you met when I took him with me to your retreat, is a glowing beacon of joy, happiness, bliss and love and is flourishing so much in the positive home environment he lives in. People are constantly commenting on how wonderful and happy he is as he is always smiling, and I know that his happy home contributes to this.
He also has excellent health and I apply the Vata dosha programme to his diet too, and he hardly ever get unwell, and when he does, he bounces back so quickly.
I am also in the process of fulfilling a life dream of mine to open and run my own Drama after school classes, and am hoping to add self esteem building classes for teenage girls eventually, something I feel is vital in creating a world of wonderful young women that love themselves enough to choose happiness.
I am now having friends and family ask me what I am doing to have such health and happiness in my life, and 3 of my friends have started applying the Aryuvedic programme as their interest in it was so strong.
I just wanted to say a MASSIVE thank you to you. You really changed my whole world and without the retreat I know I wouldn't be where I am today. What you do is so important, and I like to think that somewhere in the not so distant future, GP's are recommending retreats like yours instead of pills and chemicals.
Thank you again,
Much Love and Gratitude,

Hannah Eason

Good morning lovely lady!! Well a few months have passed since last being in your amazing company!
Not a day goes past when I don't think about your love and skills you passed on, I have remained mrs positive even though life has been like a huge roller coaster since January!!
Thank you xxxxx


Christchurch, New Zealand

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“Shunyata - Enlightening experience”

Reviewed March 13, 2013 NEW

It was a wonderful experience at Shunyata. Paru gives of herself 110% and is a very wise and charismatic woman. I did the detox/liver cleanse and found that my mind was also 'detoxed' whilst spending time with Paru. Paru's passion and skill of passing on the best of what she has discovered on her own journey is very evident.

I highly recommend this unique experience, particularly in a world where time is money. It is completely the opposite at Shunyata and you leave feeling lighter in body and spirit. Do it!
Catherine Bos

Stayed March 2013, traveled solo

I needed a long awaited restful and healing timeout from being a workaholic &ventured to a hideaway surprise and the beautiful Paru!! I was in need of some emotional & physical body detoxification and I was given that in more ways than one. I experienced nurturing on a soul level and spiritually! I was most impressed with the first time experience of having a "Journey" - this released some childhood blocks of pain & abuse! Paru made me feel safe to relax,open up & face my fears with love & support from her kind heart!! The food was amazing, pure organic and healthy, and the creative presentation - devine!! I felt blessed and healed in the presence of the retreat and did not want to leave this healing, nurturing, loving environment. Thank you Paru, you will always be special to me, in guiding and helping me understand my soul's purpose and journey in this lifetime and how to create balance in my life. Love &Light.

My retreat with Paru at Shunyata in Diamond Harbour was amazing ! Paru gave me so much knowledge about myself that I can not thank her enough. I am a mother of 3 little kids and to have the opportunity to spend some "me" time in the company of Paru was absolutely amazing. I loved every minute of it.The place is magnificent, the food divine and the views breathtaking. I recommend it to anyone that wants to discover who they really are, what gifts they got to give the world and to start enjoying life to the full. I love you Paru ! Thank you my friend. Gabi
Gabi Michael

I have been many times to Shunyata and each time deepen inwisdom, sometimes for relationship, sometimes for myself and my own growth or just an amazing pampering experience.Thank you Paru for your love of good food, passion forwaking up and holding me to my best.
Kirsteen Britten Christchurch

I came here looking to find peace, love & happiness & tks to you ParuI found that and a lot more. I feel such gratitude for finally finding myself & life looks bright 
Christine Auckland

Namaste Paru you are a inspirational loving spirit. You have created an embrace of beauty here to nurture all guests & what a treat for a foodie to visit
Sue Alaska

Paru your love, inspiration & passion is a genuine reflection of “Walking the talk”. You are such a brilliant cook love always
Erin Adelaide

I knew when I got off the plane this would be a life changer. Tk you for your kindness, openness & humour and I can now come out of hiding
Milan UK

I really didn’t think we were going to make it in our relationship,but with your help & patience finally we could come to a deep heart connection. It’s like falling in love again & the 3 course Romantic dinner will stay with me forever
Jude & Eric Auckland

I never thought losing 6kg would be that easy and what a way to start the new year with the right way to eat for my ayurvedic type.  Thank u thank u thank u
Lisa Christchurch

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Josie Campbell

Josie Campbell19/7/2020
My wife booked the retreat and I was keen but uncertain of what it would be like. I found it to be one of the most peaceful and relaxing places I have visited. Paru encourages honesty but I never felt that I had exposed too much of myself and there is a sense of a burden lifted and a new sense of lightness. Our relationship needed to get back on track and after the weekend I felt that my wife and I had reconnected and had fallen in love all over again. The food was without exception delicious and Paru has a real interest and respect for her clients. I have seen counsellors before but have never gone so deep into childhood issues and lift with a new sense of respect for who I am and what I can achieve.

MC UK Inc.18/8/2020
I came across Shunyata Retreat whilst searching for an escape from the mental stress of every day life. I was hesitant at first, as I like to research deep before committing to SPA and Wellness retreats, especially one that I need to fly to! I chose the Ultimate Bliss - 3d/2n package after some lite reading and a brief conversation with Paru. I arrived at her peaceful retreat with an open mind with no expectations, and felt at ease from the moment I arrived. The Enneagram and The Journey are very powerful tools. Paru guides you through these sessions, not only making you feel at ease, but ensuring you are receiving all the benefits and value from doing them. The yoga, ozone sauna, oils, and massages, are all amazing touches to the overall experience. There is plenty of free time during the 3 days too. I chose to walk down to the bay, explore the peaceful surroundings and listen to the ocean. Paru's has a great selection of books in her library, for the guys I would recommend anything by David Deida. Paru is very knowledgeable and experienced in what she offers. Her hospitality, food and conversations are all 10/10! I would recommend Shunyata to anyone looking for a similar experience. I left the retreat knowing more about myself, a clearer mind, and references to further reading that will keep me on a clearer direction in life. Thank You Paru. - Mits


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