Shunyata Retreat & Day Spa News Feed Shunyata Retreat & Day Spa What is True Spirituality<p>Google says</p> <p><em><strong>the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things. </strong></em></p> <p><em><strong>Shunyata means empty pure mind</strong></em></p> <p>This was what I had committed to when I changed my name 30 years ago in India to Paru -Fire of Love &ndash; committed to dedicate my life to meditation and the watcher. Who would think what a fire I had to go through and still going through today, to discover my true self, and now live from that true self.</p> <h3><strong>Best Spiritual Retreat in New Zealand</strong></h3> <p>I can only talk about what Spirituality means to me on this 30 year journey and you may have had a different expeirence and that is fine &ndash; but mine has been down the path of the ego or not.What is the ego or the enneagram &ndash; it is unconcious behaviour that causes us the most suffering. What flavour of ego are you &ndash; so that when you are with a beloved master, like I am with Mooji today, you know your flavour. It might be a peacemaker or a drama queen or pride might run you or not showing up and numbing out &ndash; all these are patterns that run us. When you enter an ayahuasca journey and she works on your pride and arrogance, you know it is your egoic self. Would I recommend this path I went on, not for the light hearted, and truly could be done with a little less beat up on yourself, but yes I would recommend the freedom I feel today, the connection with the higher power and the movement beyond illusion into the truth of my being, living from the heart.</p> <p><strong>Spiritual Retreat New Zealand</strong></p> <p>Awakening to your true self &ndash; beyond egoic identity. What is this? Well this year my longing became deeper and deeper on my 3 month round the world trip. I did a silent retreat with Mooji in Holland in August and always wanted to live from this place, the heart, not go in and out of it, but truly be it and never felt it so deep within me. This place is effortless, connected, one, magic, pure and true. It&rsquo;s the place where true magic happens and it is gentle, loving and alive. It is your true self. Grace has helped you through your yearning to be there and everything that is not this will show up. This has happened on my return to the world. I know my higher self shows up in the heart. But what has also happened is my work has become more precise effortless and deep, helping others discover this place. I always remember saying after leaving Byron Bay, I was given so much, now I have to give back. So going into service is the best way to give your self-centredness up. But my heart feels it has been through the washing machine, bruised I would say as life has bought me so many challenges on this journey of the truth of my being.</p> <p>I got to ask Mooji in Massachusetts, what is the effect of consciousness on healing &ndash; and he told me &ndash; just keep doing what you are doing. What he meant was keep listening to The Invitation and comitting to this place in your heart and healing will be effortless also. WowI feel it, I know it and I love it even though I feel like I have been through the dark night of the soul. How can we be in the world and still have this commitment to truth?</p> <p>On observing my clients for 13 years here at Shunyata, all I can say is that with the awakening on the planet, my upgrading of consciousness, the shifts are happening so much faster. I was 10 years in suffering in Byron Bay after losing custody of my child, and felt stuck, but when people come in despair now, that stuckness can be moved so quickly. Maybe it&rsquo;s depression, they just need to feel the feelings they have been avoiding, Maybe addiction, meet the trauma they took the drugs for, or out of control anger, which a 17 year old met yesterday and was back to a trauma from childhood. It&rsquo;s effortless when the longing is so deep to be free &ndash; it&rsquo;s like existence is truly wanting this and somehow I have been given the tools to accelerate it.</p> <p>The Journey method is amazing, I feel so blessed to be given this process cause it can be done by anyone, not necessarily someone on a spiritual path. In fact the more innocent and deeper the suffering and despair, the more profound the process. Many people who have read all the books on spirituality have collected concepts, ideas of what is meant to be, not the actual experience of meeting the truth inside of your being. Their intention is great, their longing is great to be free, but they haven&rsquo;t actually had the experience. At Shunyata we give you the experience and as the 17 year old discovered yesterday, it is easy and it works.</p> <p><strong>Mid Life Crisis &ndash; Who Am I?</strong><br /> Most people who come to Shunyata have come to that question as they see the old patterns<br /> are not working. Who are you? Who are you really? Have you ever wanted to know something deeper within your being? Why are you here? What is your purpose? These questions we often ask when we get tired of living the old way of the ego.</p> <p>Meet the unmet sadness, grief or anger or deep childhood trauma or abuse and you will feel this freedom with the journey and then go on to truly be who you are &ndash; your essence, your higher self with The Invitation &ndash; Mooji Baba (beyond meditation) It works, it works.</p> <p>Our purpose changes and deepens as we go deeper within. At the recent Doterra conferenceI just got a message from my divine &ndash; saying you are in this world to help eleviate suffering. Funny cause suffering as been my journey and my mother&rsquo;s so your worst self can be reversed to be your best.&nbsp; Don&#39;t you want to live the best version of yourself.</p> <p>If you want to know more about the&nbsp;retreats at Shunyata and&nbsp;Thejourneymethod,The enneagram, Mooji and all my beloved teachers and of course the high vibrancy of Doterra Pure Essential Oils -Please go to be my website<br /></p> <h3><strong>Doterra New Zealand</strong></h3> <p>The oils I use for deepening my spiritual higher self and assisting on this awakening path are:</p> <p>Rose Touch - The Oil of Divine Love (to stay in the heart chakra)</p> <p>Arborivitae &ndash; The Oil of Divine Grace</p> <p>Bergamot &ndash; The Oil of Self acceptance</p> <p>Frankincense &ndash; The Oil of Truth</p> <p>Geranium &ndash; The Oil of Love &amp; Trust</p> <p>Hawaiian Sandalwood &ndash; The Oil of Sacred Devotion</p> <p>Melissa &ndash; The Oil of Light</p> <p>Spikenard &ndash; The Oil of Gratitude</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>If you want any of these oils &ndash; you can open a wholesale account with 25% discount</p> <p></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>or email me <a href=""></a> if you want to know more about getting free oils</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>1542366000 is True Spirituality Addiction in New Zealand - Getting to true cause<h3><strong>Unmet Childhood Trauma &amp; Emotions</strong></h3> <p>When it comes to cause of physical and mental health problems, most experts agree that unresolved emotional issues play a significant &ndash; if not primary &ndash; role in the vast majority of cases.&nbsp; In order for healing to occur fully at the cellular level, the underlying emotional issue needs to be addressed and resolved.&nbsp; Journey therapy &ndash; with the enneagram, used at Shunyata Retreat can truly get to the core.It&rsquo;s not the addiction &ndash; it&rsquo;s the person and usually trauma from childhood or unmet sadness, grief or anger. Shunyata has been working with addiction, depression, sexual abuse and anxiety for over 13 years now and Paru feels when people have tried everything else &ndash; then this truly works. Combining The Journey, The Enneagram (patterns of unconcious behaviour), Ayurveda (the most ancient form of body balance and healing, Doterra pure &nbsp;high vibrancy essential oils &ndash; we can get to the core of why it is in place.<br /> <br /> <strong>What is the Journeymethod?</strong></p> <p>Essentially, journey therapy consists of a gentle, guided introspective process that enables you to uncover and access painful emotions and memories &ndash; ones that have been trapped and stored in in the cells of your body over the years.&nbsp; These unresolved emotions came about in response to trauma and other painful experiences in your life.</p> <p>Once accessed, you and your therapist will work together to identify and understand how the current problems you&rsquo;re experiencing, such as troubling behaviors and other issues, are connected to these memories and the painful emotions associated with them.&nbsp;&nbsp; The purpose of journey therapy is to enable you to finally release these emotions.&nbsp; This emotional liberation is what facilitates healing and allows you to experience positive changes in all areas of your life.The goal of journey therapy is to help you find peace and clarity, and to open you up to your &ldquo;source&rdquo; &ndash; the essence of who you are.&nbsp; It enables you to break free from the limitations that have been holding you back.&nbsp; &nbsp;Journey work makes it possible for you to move towards reaching your full potential in life &ndash; the potential that had previously been hindered by emotional blocks. Paru also works very closely with the enneagram which gets individually to the core of each persons patterns of behaviour, unique to them, that stops them living their potential and caused the&nbsp; core of their suffering and then sets you up with The Invitation Home to your essence to keep up the truth of your soul..</p> <p><strong>Addiction &amp; Essential Oils in New Zealand</strong></p> <p>Doterra pure therapeutic oils are also amazing for addictions and used together with therapies at Shunyata. Paru will check out what&rsquo;s going on emotionally and also advise the right oils for the right addiction. Maybe it&rsquo;s the fuzzy feel with eucalyptus, or the anxiety with lavender peace, or grapefruit in the water, or energy with peppermint &ndash; there is an oil to help you.<br /> <br /> So if you are sick of rock bottom, full of despair and truly want to do the work, or know of anyone who truly is there, then Shunyata is the place to be. You will need to do the detox first and then you will be loved back to wholeness with great food, yoga, the purest of high vibrational essential oils, meditation, gorgeous views and peace for the soul. You will notice that the prices are very competitive ,if not cheaper than anything like it in Australasia.<br /> <br /> Call Paru today 0272 777734 or email <a href=""></a><br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <em><strong>May all beings be free and happy!!!!!!!</strong></em></p> <p>#thejourneymethodnz#enneagramnz#ayurvedaforaddition#doterraforaddition#retreatnz#</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>I</p>1542279600 in New Zealand - Getting to true cause Depression the Natural Way in New Zealand<strong>DEPRESSION NZ</strong> <h3><strong>Life is hard and the struggle is real and there are natural solutions!!!!!</strong></h3> <p>New Zealand has the highest teenage sucicide in the world. Why? We live in god&rsquo;s own country. Why are our youth taking their lives? What is happening with them emotionally, phisically and spiritually when they decide to end it?<br /> <br /> <em><strong>The real cause of depression is a pattern of emotional shutdown and blocking of emotions caused some form of hurt, trauma or unresolved pain.</strong></em></p> <p><strong>Who am I to talk about this?</strong></p> <p>My name is Paru and this subject is so dear to my heart as I also suffered a deep shutdown of 10 years when I lost custody of my child and the reason I came home after 27 years to help people.&nbsp;There is hope and after 13 years of running Shunyata Health and Healing retreat &ndash; I know that depression is an unconcious pattern of behaviour that includes deflation and collapse that drives us deeper into the black hole. It is not a mental illness,it is not an illness at all but goes back to an incident in childhood usually between3 and 8 that was a trauma and caused a shutdown in the cells which then continued an inflation in the personality that then was layered and layered with more shutdown and inflation.</p> <h3><strong>Depression in New Zealand</strong></h3> <p>I have worked with The Journey and the enneagram now for over 18 years, every winter travelling and doing more extensive work and offering talks on this work and doterra pure essential oils.&nbsp;I&nbsp;have been amazed ,if the person is willing and so sick of the shutdown, that there is hope, thereis a way to move beyond that fear of showing up in the world. There is a place out of the numbness and the darkness and a place that will set you free to be your amazing self.A place that is alive, scintillating and open. It is your birthright and with the awakening that is happening on the planet right now, it is a place that is happening more and more. It might take more than 1 journey to get there for some people, but sometimes all it takes is the willingness, the right timing and the feeling of despair that this cannot continue.&nbsp; At Shunyata you get the one on one attention as we are all unique and have different patterns of avoidance. and strategies of not showing up and being shutdown so we can get to the core of your unique one. If we learn to feel our emotions organically without a story, then we are free.<br /> <br /> <strong>Depression - The Journey Method New Zealand</strong></p> <p>There is hope, there is light and I would recommend you read this book <strong>Light in the Heart of </strong><strong>Darkness Kevin Billet</strong>&nbsp;is out and free as an ebook right now on Amazon</p> <p><strong></strong><br /> <br /> Get your copy free for a limited time.</p> <h3><strong>Depression and Essential Oils New Zealand</strong></h3> <p><br /> Paru also uses doterra pure essential oils that have such a high frequency to assist feeling thos emotions<br /> <br /> The oil of<strong> forgive touch</strong> is very powerful for forgiving both self and others<br /> The oil of <strong>Elevation&nbsp;</strong>to bring you out of the downs and lift you to bliss<br /> The oil of<strong> Balance</strong> to keep the emotions in balance<br /> The oil of <strong>Breathe or Easy Air&nbsp;</strong>to truly open up to those hurts<br /> The oil of <strong>Console Touch&nbsp;</strong>to help feel that grief that has shut you down<br /> <strong>Lifelong Vitality -&nbsp;</strong>the beyond vitamins - doterra&#39;s top selling product or you get your money back<br /> <br /> These oils can be bought on my website&nbsp; the wonderful wholesale price of&nbsp;25% discount<br /> <strong></strong>&nbsp; or email <a href=""></a> on how I can help you</p> <p>I simply love helping people move beyond depression and be free to live their true selves and then continue this, with an amazing technique that is beyond meditation.So if this calls you to come home to your true essence, your being and your true self to live a life of magic, abundance and pure unconditional love and aliveness, or if you know of someone that could<br /> really benefit email me <strong></strong></p> <p><strong><em>How to Continue this Work</em></strong><br /> &nbsp;</p> <em><strong>C</strong></em>ome to Shunyata for a day,&nbsp; 3&nbsp; or5 days.on retreat in a gorgeous ocean view property, doing the work one on one with yoga, meditation, gorgeous healthy food and love and compassion<br /> either on your own or as a couple. <p>&nbsp; &nbsp;or email <a href=""></a><br /> <br /> Also&nbsp; I am so excited that&nbsp; Brandon is a&nbsp;returning to Auckland 25-27 January 2019 Kevin and myself will be having a talk on depression around this time&nbsp; and your discount voucher is below. for the journey weekend.<br /> <br /> <strong></strong><br /> <br /> <em><strong>May all beings be free and happy</strong></em></p>1540724400 the Natural Way in New Zealand Causeless Joy<p><strong>What is causeless joy &ndash; do you want to taste it?</strong></p> <p><strong>Temporary happiness comes from the outside, permanent causeless joy comes from within, from your true self. How much do you want to live in this effortless peaceful loving state?</strong></p> <p>There must be something more than going to work, paying the bills, having children and existing, but not really living.Most humans are living in a shallow place of the mind, the conditioning, the ego - existing but not truly living,and many people do not even fathom there is another place to live which is pure freedom, connected to the one, free of problems and full of pure love an causeless joy.</p> <p>Sometimes if you are lucky or grace enters, either in a wake up call, an illness, a death of a loved one or something happens in order to wake up this part of us, our soul. We can say after this is a gift. The journey, the search for home, the awakening to our true self happens. The time is now, many beings are awakening to the truth of their selves, why not you. Is your heart yearning for this peace, this love, this truth?</p> <p>Who are you? Have you truly asked yourself deeply this question? Who are you beyond your role as mother, your work, your role in society. There is nothing more precious, more peaceful, more alive than knowing your true self. What does this mean? Knowing who you are not, your patterns of suffering and ego (the enneagram), and who you truly are beyond the superficial way of living. This place can be called truth, stillness, silence, being, heart, limitless, unboundless, source,essence, openness, grace, soul, oneness. If your soul is calling you to something bigger in this lifetime then Shunyata is the place to come. You can truly see what has been blocking this perfection inside and come to your pure essence.</p> <p>Paru also had her wake up call 30 years ago in losing custody of her child and every year travels overseas meeting the most amazing teachers and deepening this truth inside. This winter, it truly happened, so deeply with the help of her beloved master mooji and she is so excited to be coming home to help you discover yourself. For her it has been a feeling that hardly ever leaves in the heart, a recognition that is so profound. She had prayed not to come in and out of this place, but to truly live from it.</p> <p>The enneagram will show you what you are not, The Journey will show you who you truly are and then The Invitation with Mooji , and doterra essential oils, will help to solidify it in your life. The time is ripe, taste the sweetness of your being,dance in joy and the peace and purity of your true self and then go out and touch others from this place of effortlessness.This is the sweetest nectar you will ever taste in this lifetime and it is the only thing that doesn&#39;t come and go - it is trustable.</p> <p>3 day retreats with emotional healing and 5 day ayurveda detoxes available from October.<br /> <strong></strong></p> <p>Email <a href=""></a> to book your place.</p>1536926400 Joy Awakening to the Truth of your Being - Coming Home<h3><br /> <strong>AWAKENING TO THE TRUTH OF YOUR BEING - COMING HOME</strong></h3> &nbsp; <p>Who are you truly? Beyond your beliefs, your conditioning, your ego and your</p> <p>mind. Who are you in essence, in being, in connection, in truth?Have you ever had a<br /> yearning in your heart for true peace, happiness,causeless joy, lifeforce, pure<br /> unconditonal love- then you have come to the right place, and it has never been a better time on this planet right now and it is truly simple. It&rsquo;s what most people truly want beyond all the little wants when they come to Shunyata.</p> <h3><strong>Spiritual Retreat New Zealand</strong></h3> <p>There is so many people on this planet awakening right now to the truth of their being. It is truly simple, it just takes a deep longing inside, a timing where you are so sick of your own suffering or a wake up call of some sort in the form of an illness or emotional trauma.</p> <p>Shunyata was formed 13 years ago from my own wake up call in Byron Bay, when I lost custody of my child. Who would have known that today, not only have I found this place inside of myself, but after this winter trip overseas, am living it more and more from the heart and am excited to share the ease of it all.&nbsp; If feel so blessed to be able to travel every winter and meet the world&#39;s best masters and workshops and retreats on healing.&nbsp;The journey work always took people to this place inside of themselves, but my prayer 2 years ago was to deepen it and live in it and this year my prayer has come to fruition.&nbsp; You can only share from your own experience.</p> <p>This place could be called stillness, silence, being, limitless, heart, unconditional love,boundless freedom, trust, innocence, humility, grace, soul, oneness, gratefulness or god and if you have been on a search or freedom, then you would be familiar with these words. Also at this place is&nbsp;magic,connection,&nbsp; abundance and pure causeless joy and don&#39;t you want more of this n&nbsp;<br /> your life?</p> <h3>The Journey Brandon Bays&nbsp; New Zealand</h3> <p>To get there we have to let go of the mind, the ego patterns of suffering and allow our longing from the heart and the help of grace to be that. For the continued connection, The Invitation will help.This place has always been here, we just haven&rsquo;t been connected. So when we connect we can truly live in effortless non doing, magic and freedom and love itself.</p> <h3><strong>The Invitation - Mooji NZ</strong></h3> <p>If your heart is calling for truth of your being, peace, pure love and freedom then the time is now. Email <a href=""></a> to book your place this spring or summer at Shunyata where you will be guided gently home to the truth of your being. We will take you to who you are not with the enneagram, (ego patterns of suffering) and bringyou home with The Journey and The Invitation.<br /> <br /> So either a 3 day or 5 day detox retreat or couples counselling, where you do the work<br /> individually then come together from this place.<br /> <br /> Space available from October 2018</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <br /> &nbsp;1536148800 to the Truth of your Being - Coming Home Why Emotional Healing is so Important with Doterra Pure Essential Oils<p>Hi my name is Paru and I have been running Shunyata retreat for 13 years now each year the healing of the client gets more rapid and more precise for exactly what&rsquo;s going on for each individual. Research in the USA states that 85% of the illnesses are emotionally based.</p> <p><strong>Emotional shutdown and health problems</strong></p> <p>This research strongly suggests that in the long run, suppressing or avoiding our instinctive emotional responses to life&rsquo;s challenges adversely affects our health. To put things very simply, when an emotion is triggered in us, releasing a natural biochemistry into our bodies and we allow ourselves to fully feel the emotion, then it along with the associated chemicals washes through our body, usually quite quickly, leaving no residue.</p> <p>But when we are emotionally triggered and we shut down, suppress or avoid the experience and our true feelings the result is very different. The released chemicals associated with the emotion remains into our bloodstream and subsequently the residue gets stored inside our bodies. Over time, if illness is going to happen, it will likely occur in these places where the chemical residues are stored.</p> <p>Numerous scientists and medical doctors have studied and subsequently verified research supporting this. US scientist Candace B. Pert, Ph.D., in particular, has compellingly shown that suppressing emotions can lead to specific cell receptors in our bodies becoming blocked.These blocks then compromise the normal healthy communications between cells, impairing many bodily functions, weakening our normal immune responses and potentially creating illness.&nbsp;</p> <p>I have been working with the journey(profound cellular healing) and the enneagram (unconcious behaviours that cause the most suffering) and &ndash; and yet more recently Doterra CPTG pure essential oils which tell me what is going on within the pattern and what oil will work on a cellular and emotional level to help that person heal.</p> <p>Doterra is 10 years old and New Zealand is the largest growing country because what is important to us is</p> <p>1. Freedom/ Rights/Peace</p> <p>2. Environment</p> <p>3. People</p> <p>Even though we have an image of green, our teenage suicide rates are the highest in the world and my belief is many reasons<br /> 1. Life is not challenging and yet we are still stressed and over self medicated</p> <p>2. Pride is not allowing us to reach out</p> <p>3 . Childhood trauma is not addressed and one of the main causes of addiction</p> <p>4. People are not meeting deep seated sadness, grief and anger</p> <p>5. People are not taught to feel organically</p> <p>Enter plant based medicine overtaking the world in wellness and challenging the broken downUS medical system. These oils are changing lives just one drop at a time. There is an oils for everything and they work deeply at the cellular and emotional level. We don&rsquo;t talk about disease, dis-ease &ndash; we talk about wellness and what oil will support you body, mind and soul to get back to balance.</p> <p>My own first experience started with having candida and after spending thousands of $ and going to many naturapaths, who all said they could fix it, I found doterra, lightened up with wild orange,got serious about being super strict on diet for a month and used the cleanse and restore pack and healed my candida for good. This also took into account the emotional component on getting my no strong with clients (boundaries)</p> <p>It is not the illness, we need to look at the whole person, just like it&rsquo;s not the addiction, it&rsquo;s the person. I am heading to Montreal to talk at a conference at why people don&rsquo;t heal and from 13 years with Shunyata and close to 4 years with doterra, I have collected some amazing results of true healing. We are all individuals, 3 cases of chronic fatigue and each person needed a different oil. What your pattern is needs to be looked at, then the block that is causing your soul&rsquo;s awakening, then the subconscious blocks with doterra essential oils.</p> <p>I feel humbled, blessed and grateful to help people truly come back to their true selves and couldn&rsquo;t do it fully without the help of doterra.</p> <p>Essential Oils Assist in Healing the Physical Body.</p> <p>Essential Oils Assist in Healing the Heart.</p> <p>Essential Oils assist in releasing limiting beliefs.</p> <p>Essential Oils increase spiritual awareness and connection.</p> <p>Essential Oils inspire the fulfillment of our life&rsquo;s purpose</p> <p>Here is a list of most of the essential oils and their true emotional meaning</p> <p>Basil- The Oil of Renewal</p> <p>Bergamot- The Oil of Self-Acceptance</p> <p>Birch-The Oil of Support</p> <p>Black Pepper- The Oil of Unmasking</p> <p>Cassia- The Oil of Self-Assurance</p> <p>Cedarwood- The Oil of Community</p> <p>Cilantro- The Oil of Releasing Control</p> <p>Cinnamon- The Oil of Sexual Harmony</p> <p>Clary Sage- The Oil of Clarity and Vision</p> <p>Clove- The Oil of Boundaries</p> <p>Coriander- The Oil of Loyalty</p> <p>Cypress- The Oil of Motion and Flow</p> <p>Eucalyptus- The Oil of Wellness</p> <p>Fennel- The Oil of Responsibility</p> <p>Frankincense- The Oil of Truth</p> <p>Geranium- The Oil of Love and Trust</p> <p>Ginger- The Oil of Empowerment</p> <p>Grapefruit- The Oil of Honoring the Body</p> <p>Helichrysum- The Oil for Pain</p> <p>Juniper Berry- The Oil of Night</p> <p>Lavender- The Oil of Communication</p> <p>Lemon- The Oil of Focus</p> <p>Lemongrass- The Oil of Cleansing</p> <p>Lime- The Oil of Zest for Life</p> <p>Marjoram- The Oil of Connection</p> <p>Melaleuca- The Oil of Energetic Boundaries</p> <p>Melissa- The Oil of Light</p> <p>Myrrh- The Oil of Mother Earth</p> <p>Oregano- The Oil of Humility and Non-Attachment</p> <p>Patchouli- The Oil of Physicality</p> <p>Peppermint- The Oil of a Buoyant Heart</p> <p>Roman Chamomile- The Oil of Spiritual Purpose</p> <p>Rose- The Oil of Divine Love</p> <p>Rosemary- The Oil of Knowledge and Transition</p> <p>Sandalwood- The Oil of Sacred Devotion</p> <p>Tangerine- The Oil of Cheer and Creativity</p> <p>Thyme- The Oil of Releasing and Forgiving</p> <p>Vetiver- The Oil of Centering and Descent</p> <p>White Fir- The Oil of Generational Healing</p> <p>Wild Orange- The Oil of Abundance</p> <p>Wintergreen- The Oil of Surrender</p> <p>Ylang Ylang- The Oil of the Inner Child</p> <p>and there is also so many blends that doterra have come up with that also have emotional meanings</p> <p>If you want to get started on this emotional journey of healing I would love to speak to you. I am available by email <a href=""></a> until October then back at Shunyata. Would love to get you started with these amazing oils and July has the special of their lifelong vitality for coming on board.<br /> doterranz#emotionalhealingwithdoterra#howtohealemotionallywithdoterra#</p> <p><br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>1530792000 Emotional Healing is so Important with Doterra Pure Essential Oils Get the Juice Back in your Feminine Being with Shunyata & Doterra<p>We, as women, have become very masculinised. What does this mean ?we are competung with men in the workforce, Success is being revered and we are in the mode of doing all the time.We have become too busy in life and have no time to slow down and self nurture.<br /> <br /> Your sexual energy, if alive, is your life force, your kundalini your health and vitality.&nbsp; If this is healthy then making love is the sacred union between two souls, where when you orgasim, you lose yourself, your ego and connect with the one.&nbsp; Why wouldn&#39;t you want this for&nbsp; yourself.<br /> There is so much more to sex than people are experiencing.and when we are own our rightful core, then we can experience the wonder of this.</p> <p>The qualities of the feminine are needed back into our lives nd bodies for us to truly radiate as light and feminine beings</p> <p>they are</p> <p><strong>trust, surrender, patience, receptivity, being instead of doing.</strong></p> <p>A beautiful woman who is rested, feels pleasure in her body, has a balance in life of work and pleasure can radiate light to the world and heal the world with her love and heart. So what is stopping you living this juicy feminine in your life?</p> <p>Relationships are breaking down and many woman are ending up with feminine parts being damaged by such things as endometriosis, cysts on ovaries and women are not having pleasure in their sexuality owing to:</p> <p>1. accumulated hurts and shutdown<br /> 2. Sexual trauma<br /> 3. Shame around their sexuality<br /> 4. Lack of body love<br /> 5. Disconnection from their feminine parts.<br /> <br /> Which of these are keeping you from living a juicy feminine life?</p> <p><em>It&rsquo;s time to come home to the radiance &nbsp;of you as a woman to share love with the world!</em><br /> <br /> I am post menopausal and felt that my journey began with the catholic upbringing of shame.I felt sexual and felt bad about it. I didn&rsquo;t realise going to Osho, when he had left his body,in the 90&rsquo;s that I was deconstructing that shame into lifeforce, kundalini and went on a mad journey of finding god through sex. Living in Byron at the time, I was blessed to have David Deida shift our community from hardened woman and wimpy men, and after 4 years in a&nbsp; feminine group doing&nbsp; integrity work &ndash; I came home to open Shunyata. I found this gorgeous feminine side and felt blessed.</p> <p>So for 13 years now I have been helping couples in their relationships and single women own back their feminine core, through the enneagram and thejourneymethod&nbsp;(the most powerful therapy&nbsp;&nbsp;for sexual abuse) and recently the most gorgeous pure essential oils with doterra.</p> <p>So if you can&#39;t make<strong> A Return to Love</strong> retreat with your beloved or <strong>Ultimate Bliss</strong> on your own<br /> at Shunyata before the end of June when I will leave for the summer, do yourself a favour and get the book <strong>DEAR LOVER</strong> from <strong>David Deida</strong> and get these amazing oils wholesale on my<br /> website<br /> or email me @</p> <p><strong>Cinnamon </strong>&ndash; The oil of sexual harmony &ndash; supports body love and sexual abuse</p> <p><strong>Rose/Neroli/Jasmine</strong> &ndash; the delicious feminine oils for the heart (especially rose touch) - watch this amazing video on feminine juicyness and doterra</p> <p> Dr Zia Nix only she is the best.</p> <p><strong><strong>Passion &ndash; </strong></strong>say no more to rekindle feelings of excitement, passion and joy.<strong><strong> </strong></strong></p> <p><strong><strong>Whisper &ndash;&nbsp;</strong></strong><strong>&nbsp;</strong>divine feminine. This oil will replace your perfume and I guarantee you won&rsquo;t go back. It is the blend for femininity, and wearing it will help you balance your masculine and feminine energy. If you&rsquo;ve been rejecting your femininity and not accepting that beautiful, natural, creative part of yourself &ndash; than this is your oil to start to embrace and awaken it.</p> <p><strong><strong>&nbsp;ClaryCalm&nbsp;</strong></strong>&ndash;&nbsp;This oil is amazing.l! Our very own women&rsquo;s blend for women experiencing irregular or lack of cycle, hormonal breakouts, extra heavy flow or ridiculous cramping/bloating/gas. known as &lsquo;The Oil of Vulnerability&rsquo; because it supports us during our most sensitive and emotional time of the month, and through our transition into menopause.</p> <p><strong><strong>Geranium &ndash;</strong></strong>&nbsp;This beauty in a bottle helps stimulate the adrenal cortex &ndash; which assists with balancing and regulating our hormones, as well as relieving anxiety and stress relief. This is a gentle oil that can be used with bubba&rsquo;s too. Geranium helps us trust, forgive, open &nbsp;up, and is a Queen oil for healing the heart.</p> <p><strong><strong>&nbsp;Ylang Ylang &ndash;</strong></strong>&nbsp;&ldquo;Oil of the Inner Child&rdquo; Encourages freedom, playfulness, heart-healing and&nbsp;joy. Helps you drop into your playful, light-hearted self and assists in connecting you to your intuition and your &lsquo;hearts knowing&rsquo;.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>1524744000 the Juice Back in your Feminine Being with Shunyata & Doterra Who Are You and What is your Life Purpose<p>&ldquo;The most important thing in life&nbsp;<br /> is to wake up to who you truly are.&nbsp;<br /> You are not merely a personal being.&nbsp;<br /> You are the living spirit of Truth.&rdquo;<br /> ~ Mooji&nbsp;<br /> <br /> Have you ever truly asked yourself this question &ndash; Who am I and why did I come on this planet?This question is so important in the journey of self discovery to help you truly know whatyou have been chosen to do and what your gifts or your purpose is.</p> <p>This is the main purpose of Shunyata and why Paru first opened 13 years ago. This wasthe journey of self discovery she was forced into going on when she lost custody of her child. So a wake up call helps and this can come in the form of an illness, a marriage break up, a giving up of an addiction or other many ways. But why be forced &ndash; it is the best journey you can ever go on.</p> <p>So first we have to discover who you are not? What patterns of behaviour in the subconciousare running you and causing you the most suffering. This is done with <strong>, <a href="/emotional-healing-and-the-enneagram" data-object-ref="scm_sub_page_content:2">the Enneagram,</a></strong> 9 different patterns of behaviour that are the main reason for illness, suffering and so many other blocks. Then we need to establish what is going on in the subconcious within that pattern right now with an<a href="/doterra-essential-oils-new-zealand" data-object-ref="scm_sub_page_content:20"><strong> </strong><strong>Emotional Oil</strong></a><strong><a href="/doterra-essential-oils-new-zealand" data-object-ref="scm_sub_page_content:20"> Reading</a> </strong>and what pure high vibrational oil will assist you and support you. Then we go on <a href="/emotional-healing-and-the-enneagram" data-object-ref="scm_sub_page_content:2"><strong>The Journey </strong></a>a guided meditation that usually goes back to a trauma in childhood that has set that block in place and set you free in your essence, your true self with clarity, openness and pure love.</p> <p>Paru has been helping people for over 20 years discover their true self and 13 of it here at Shunyata. Shunyata is a beautiful humble ocean view home, that is set in a beautiful part of New Zealand,peaceful and nourishing for the soul, perfect for doing this work. Whether it be summer and frolicking at the beach in between or winter where the fire is burning and perfect for this journey inwards. We start with early morning satsang, meeting in truth, what is truly going on for you and then move the body with gorgeous yoga, maybe a walk, then a body work session that truly assists leaving the mind and coming into the truth of the body. The aromatouch massage with the doterra pure essential oils is sublime and craniosacral even more so, bringing the mind to rest. Shunyata means quiet mind and why wouldn&rsquo;t you like it quiet when it is full of fear, doubt and judgement.</p> <p>Don&#39;t you want to be living the best part of yourself. None of us are truly living our highest potential and my deepest prayer is to help people reach that place. Let go of ego, pride, numbness, deperession, deep seated sadness and grief that has truly stopped you moving forward. Feel into your fears and move into a place inside of yourself that you will never forget. It is the only true thing you can trust, your essence, your higher self. Everything else changes, thoughts and feelings cone and go.</p> <p>When people leave Shunyata they usually take with them some amazing <a href="/doterra-essential-oils-new-zealand" data-object-ref="scm_sub_page_content:20">doterra pure&nbsp;essential </a>oils that aretruly going to help them for a month to live more from this place.</p> <p>Shunyata is a truly unique retreat where, yes we detox, body mind and soul, yes we counsel on relationship problems and reconnect you to a healthy love but really it&rsquo;s about the soul and living your true potential. I challenge you to find a more value for money retreat in New Zealand or Australia, as it is very one on one and you are nurtured and cared for so beautifully.</p> <p>So don&rsquo;t delay &ndash; come for a<strong> beautiful </strong>w<strong>inter retreat in gorgeous peaceful diamond harbouroverlooking the ocean -&nbsp;</strong></p> <p>Call Paru 03 3294773 or text 0272 777734 or email <a href=""></a><br /> <br /> <strong><em>SHUNYATA WILL BE CLOSED 25 JUNE - 30 SEP</em></strong></p>1523275200 Are You and What is your Life Purpose Best Therapy Ever for Sexual Abuse New Zealand<h2><strong>SEXUAL HEALING IN NEW ZEALAND#thejourneymethod</strong></h2> <p>The papers are full again this weekend of the amount of sexual abuse that is prevalent in NewZealand and working with people for over 15 years now I thought it was time to truly speak up.<br /> As per the statistics in page</p> Sexual abuse is one of the key social problems undermining the health and wellbeing of our population today.&nbsp; It has a wide prevalence and can have a high impact. <ul> <li> <p><strong>1 out of 3 girls&nbsp;</strong>may be sexually abused before she turns 16 years old. Most of this abuse (90%) will be done by someone she knows and 70% will involve genital contact. For maori women the statistics might be up to twice this.</p> </li> </ul> <ul> <li> <p><strong>1 in 7 boys</strong>&nbsp;may be sexually<strong>&nbsp;</strong>abused by adulthood.<br /> <br /> New Zealand is &nbsp;placed the country third highest, alongside Australia. for sexual abuse and only approx 9% is reported. &nbsp;What does that mean for people trying to heal?<br /> &nbsp;</p> </li> </ul> <p>I was away from New Zealand for 27 years and living in Byron Bay and was fortunate to meet many Sanyassins from Osho in my travel agency&nbsp;and ended up going to the ashram in Pune, India myself after losing custody of my child. I was brought up a catholic and always had a lot of guilt and shame around my sexuality and often wondered if my alcoholic father ever abused me. But the Osho Asram in Pune was perfect for this healing.I didn&#39;t know what was going on at the time but I turned this completely around and learnt to love my body with dance therapy beyond eating disorders and sexual shame. Coming home to New Zealand on many occasions I noticed the amount of sexual abuse that was going on here with the proper english way (don&#39;t talk about it) and decided to come home to share The Journey Brandon Bays work in my own country.</p> <h3>The Journey For Sexual Abuse NZ</h3> <p>12&nbsp;years ago,after studying The Journey Brandon Bays, I opened Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa in beautiful Diamond Harbour and have been working with a lot of people who have been abused sexually. A lot of the time they were told not to talk about it, it was a family shame and was kept quiet. This always comes out later on in life and is still stored in the cells and despite rehab after addictions, many years of counselling, they are still not complete in their healing. They still carry this shame in their cells and feel impure and this is where the Journey comes in. There is a need for forgiveness, there is need for reconnecting with the little girl inside and falling in love with the body, there is a compassion that comes in and a completion when the soul does the work. I see time and time again, completion, not acceptance but true completion of an issue that has been in the cells for years. &nbsp;Just recently worked with two women who had done years of counselling, been in rehab and followd the 12 step and yet still had cellular memory stored. &nbsp; Time and time again people come and truly after many years of therapy find<br /> they have a closure with the journey method and this deeply touches my heart that they can<br /> heal the traumas and come back to their true sexual self in wholeness.</p> <p>Cellular healing has always been my passion, so much I left Brazil to continue my trainingin craniosacal with somational release (verbalising as cellular memory is released out of the body).It happened if the body was ready, not always but in the journey it nearly always happens so the two combined therapies work hand in hand.</p> <p>You can go into counselling but as the mind is full of fear, doubt and judgement, the true healing never happens. Caroline Myss recently said in her video on &ldquo;Why Some People Don&#39;t Heal.Iif we keep the story open, we become the story&quot;, in survivors of rape.</p> <h3><strong>Sexual Abuse and the Journey Brandon Bays</strong></h3> <p>Do you want to open your heart and love again in a healthy way?<br /> Do you truly want to put to bed what happened to you and start over, second chance, new beginnings?<br /> Do you want final &nbsp;true freedom in your life, in your body, heart and soul?<br /> Do you want to put this abuse to bed for good?<br /> Come back to your open sensual gorgeous self now<br /> <br /> and &nbsp;contact Paru 03 3294773 or txt 0272 777734 or come to Shunyata<br /> or email</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><a href=""></a></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>and if you are not in New Zealand you can contact me to do a journeyover skype <strong></strong></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>1522843200 Therapy Ever for Sexual Abuse New Zealand