Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa - couples retreat and relationship counselling

Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa - couples retreat and relationship counselling

Couples Spiritual Retreat

Nothing is more important in our lives than our relationships. A great relationship opens your heart and boosts your immune system  When our relationship doesn't work - our life doesn't work.

Recent comment from happy couple

My wife booked the retreat and I was keen but uncertain of what it would be like. I found it to be one of the most peaceful and relaxing places I have visited. Paru encourages honesty but I never felt that I had exposed too much of myself and there is a sense of a burden lifted and a new sense of lightness. Our relationship needed to get back on track and after the weekend I felt that my wife and I had reconnected and had fallen in love all over again. The food was without exception delicious and Paru has a real interest and respect for her clients. I have seen counsellors before but have never gone so deep into childhood issues and lift with a new sense of respect for who I am and what I can achieve.   video on shunyata

i Challenge you to find a better relationship retreat in NZ with real people, real value,
ocean view room and place to yourselves with whatever happens in the moment with both of you.

Has your relationship lost it's spark?
Have you shutdown on each other and feel a deadness?
Have you got mistrust and jealousy issues affecting your relationship?
Are you carrying hurts that cannot allow your heart to flower?
Are you being really honest with yourself and your partner in this relationship?Have you lost intimacy?
Have you dreamed of living a more tantric  and conscious relationship?
Do you dream of finding the love and passion again?
Are you sick and tired of the same stuff coming up relationship after relationship?
Have you tried counselling and it didn't work?

Most relationship counselling comes from the mind, and if the mind is full of fear doubt and judgement then it will never work.  Also most counselling helps you to please the other and betray yourself  and this too will never work.  Shunyata works on the individual first, your blocks or beliefs maybe from childhood and from a soul prospective with the journey and the enneagram - you are then  whole - to come to a more true love, from wholeness.

Imagine time out for the 2 of you, catching up, eating beautiful prepared food looking out over the ocean, reaching a depth of intimacy that you never imagined.  Imagine not carrying those hurts anymore and being truly open and honest with each other.  Imagine speaking to each other, My beloved I feel your fear........ Sitting together in a 3 course romantic dinner in sheer bliss, then after laughing together from an amazing video on true love, retiring into the gorgeous hydrotherapy bath.  Your relationship deserves this..........

conscious relationship is a romantic liaison where both people feel dedicated to a sense of commitment towards growth.Most relationships are run from unconcious patterns, based on romantic pursuits, full of fear and seeking to please the other and asking the other unconciously to provide happiness.  The normal scenario when the honeymoon is over and the relationship goes downhill. When you become concious you become aware of habitual, addictive, thinking and ego patterning  and make a decision  to take responsibility and not blame the other.

Life's stresses of making money, raising your children kills chemistry between couples. Everyone is living in the masculine domain of life of achievement  and no wonder relationships are failing.  Come and find out what the true secrets are for being sexy for your man or woman on a deeper and more sustaining level


Man cannot find his reason for being by himself, and he hates to be alone. On the other hand, a woman must discover her nature by herself. If she waits for a man to discover her, she will find herself through his reflection only, and will never be happy. A woman is a whole being without a man, but a man is only half a person without a woman. It is the woman who chooses her mate, as her instinct is much sharper than ours, for a man`s judgement is always clouded by desire.”~Don Manuel, Q'ero elder and medicine man

Relationships can break down  when the men will leave from fear but won't admit their fear and the woman will stay longing for something to change but is too scared to leave the relationship because she is addicted to love even if it's an untrue love.  Hence no-one is serving the other to rise in love and not fall.  There is so much more beyond the romantic love and at Shunyata we help you discover this.

Imagine a relationship where in her open heart and his consiciousness  all her jealousy, anger, pain, hurt and sadness get burnt  and a woman brings him present by cultivating his masculine not emasculating him with her incredible intuition and energy and feeling pleasure. Imagine him living his true masculine force, being present, trustable and in truth and her living her powerful feminine force with an open heart, showing him when is off and opening in pure devotion when he is on.   When  these two energies meet, you get a real sense of shiva and shakti dancing and the world truly needs this love.

This is my deepest prayer for all to live this higher love and if you truly want to stop the old patterning - it is available to you right now.  


 Best Relationship Counselling in New Zealand

You know you want to work it out so you've come to the right place otherwise you'll just carrythe baggage to the next relationship.  Give your relationship that break to truly come home and start a new way of loving.


Spend a romantic weekend getaway or a more deeper 5 days that you will never forget!  When it comes to a couples retreat Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa will guarantee a true heart opening. Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa is the place to come and be nurtured in a safe, healing and neutral environment. The work is first done on your own with The Journey and the enneagram (ego patterns)  and then when you have resolved your own patterns individually we then counsel from this place.

We have recently added some amazing doterra  blends of oils and of course pure cacao chocolates that will send you wild.  So it's decadence, delightful and delicious to open in this love - The 3 course romantic dinner usually is the highlight of the retreat served on the deck overlooking the ocean.


Paru first of all studied with David Deida and his partner, acknowledged as one of the most insightful and provocative spiritual teachers of our time in the area of sacred intimacy. She has done many workshops on tantra and sexual healing  She has over 15 years of healing sexual blocks with cranio sacral and  she is deeply passionate in bringing couples to a place of deeper, unconditional love in relationship.


"We have been to various counsellers trying to mend our marriage. On spending a couples retreat with you here at Shunyata – we have mended the deep love that had become tarnished and recently celebrated our 20th anniverary Thank you from the bottom of our hearts." ~ Feebie & Kevin, Christchurch

"We are both therapists and we thank you from the bottom of our heart to help physically, emotionally (The Amazing Journey) and spiritually to truly open to our potential to help others and I will never forget when Chris broke down in gratitude at the three course dinner on the deck." ~ Chris & Trudy, UK

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