Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa - for emotional healing, mind and body

Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa - for emotional healing, mind and body


Imagine after trying everything and still there is that thing that never shifts?
Well you have arrived at the right place - cause we will bring you home, home
to your true essence!

Paru has worked with the journey for nearly 20 years and could not find a more powerful tool to get to the core of a soul's block that is stopping you truly living
whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual.

This personal development tool is taking the world by storm and after trying
everything in Byron Bay in the area of workshops, this truly shifted my victim story and now have been working with this for 20 years and could not find a more powerful tool to get to the core of a soul's block whether it be physical, emotional or spiritual.   Even when my business takes a turn, I could never give this work up, it works, it works, it works.

See it for yourself

Emotions are your gateway to your soul! Uncover your own answers, realise your own deepest truth and experience profound emotional & physical healing at a cellular level.

 What is emotional intelligence

A healthy relationship with our emotions lays the foundations of Emotional Intelligence throughout life. It is the ability to acknowledge when we are feeling upsetting or downright disallowed emotions such as anger, fear, vulnerability or rejection. It is the willingness to feel our feelings truthfully without pushing them down, avoiding them, denying them, projecting or blaming another for them. 

How many illnesses don't heal because of emotional blocks?

Here is a great recent  video on the real cause of disease by Brandon Bays

My passion is to open awareness within you on a soul level so you can be empowered to take charge of your life from the heart

Combine this with the enneagram - patterns of unconcious behaviour that run
80% of our life and voila - home back to the heart.

You can try this work for a day - Ultimate Healing Day or in a 3 day Ultimate Bliss Retreat combining body work, yoga, meditation and ozone saunas and
delicious food.

Ultimate Healing Day -  Approx 4- 5hrs $300pp

This day is very powerful to really get to the core of blocks on a cellular level then pampering.
Start with The Journey and Enneagram, followed by a delightful ozone sauna overlooking the view.  After a delicious healthy lunch, fade away with a session either aromatouch pure essential oil massage or craniosacral balancing - discuss with Paru what will suit you best.

There are so many different paths to take you to truth, essence, freedom and clarity and after working for 20 years observing people in Shunyata - I can see what works.  It is very one on one - we look at unconcious behaviours (the enneagram) - we get clear what we truly want - then we do a guided meditation back to a block or trauma that keeps showing up  and stopping you for moving forward.  We do an emotional dropthough taking you to your higher self, your essence, then we do a forgiveness process around a campfire.  This takes care of any issue cellularly and have amazing results with so much especially sexual abuse.
It is with great honour and integrity that I offer this work my way that has become deeper in the last 15 years  and probably the only person working fulltime in this work in New Zealand, observing people and their healing and updating myself every year overseas and combined with the pure essential oils of doterra for emotional health - the sessions are profound  and anyone can do it - it is truly changing personal development in the world.
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Combine this with craniosacral balancing for the body and I believe this being one of the most amazing work you can do one on one not in a large group of people.

recent testimonial
Thank you so much for the most wonderful 5 days. You spoil all who come to you with your warmth and guidance. The work you do is wonderful and while it is bliss to have the massages and treatments you do, the emotional work has such a lasting effect. Although the emotional work seems daunting, it is no so hard and offers true freedom!
Thank you also for introducing me to doTerra oils xxx


Are you ready for the Journey - ask yourself if?
  •  Fearanxiety or stress is prevalent in your life
  •  Depression has overtaken your life
  • You’re feeling stuck or that there’s just got to be more to life
  • You have overwhelming sadness and grief
  • You’re facing ill health or ongoing physical issues
  • Unhealthy behaviours or circumstances leave you feeling depressed
  • You’re wanting more fulfillment in a relationship
  • You’re still searching for your infinite potential
  • You have been sexually abused and want to put this to rest with profound sexual healing
  • You've suffered trauma and tried everything to heal
  • You are truly wanting to be free from addiction 
“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ― Rumi

The Journey is a globally recognized and critically acclaimed healing and transformational modality to uncover and awaken your limitless potential, and to apply it in every area of your life. To date, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have experienced this simple, yet powerful step-by-step method of overcoming a wide variety of challenges, from physical ailments to emotional issues or shut down, in relationship problems and with career or performance issues.  Every practitioner brings their own wisdom and experience and uniqueness to the process and Paru has over 20 years deepening this work.  If you come on
a couples retreat you do this individually and then we come together after.


What is the Journey Process

During the Journey process Paru will first help you to become aware of patterns of suffering then relax and guide you down through several layers of powerful emotions - to find an inner place of calm and spiritual awareness known as "source". There is nothing complicated about this - it is simply a place where you are really in touch with your inner wisdom. You have been there before: like when you've stood on top of a large hill after a long walk or when you've 'disappeared' when painting or drawing.

From the perspective of your source you are guided back up through the emotional layers you encountered earlier. This time you are encouraged to address any issues that come up. A forgiveness process is used to allow you neutralize these harmful memories and finally let go of the old patterns. In the process learning new and resourceful ways of living.
The process allows you to access the suppressed memories and then resolve them. This in turn unblocks the cell receptors and allows the body to start healing itself. The results are both profound and lasting. This is called cellular healing.

Why with Paru

Paru was trained personally by Brandon Bays back in 2002 living in Byron Bay at the time and was instrumental in bringing Brandon to New Zealand. She  has been the only person working full time with the journey for over 15 years and each year travels overseas to update herself with world leaders in the field of healing and spirituality.  She feesl truly honoured to help people to come home to their true selves and after searching for many years can guarantee this work truly gets to the core of an issue.  She specialises in the Enneagram (ego patterns) which enhances your journey further. If you can't make it here on retreat you can now do this process by skype amazing - email

Emotional Issues – Low self esteem or self worth, anger, rage, hurt, fear, loneliness, grief, despair, depression, in fact any issues that you’ve not yet cleared, get to the root cause and open into lasting Freedom.
Emotional Healing leads to Physical healing

Depression -  The Journey is the true secret to shifting depression.  There is an alternative healthy way to deal with depression beyond drugs.
The True Secret of Depression today

Unresolved Trauma – Any stressful, hurtful or traumatic memories that still haunt you or affect your life. Free yourself by diffusing it’s potency, learning the real lesson inherent in any trauma.

Stress – The feeling that you can’t cope or feel overwhelmed by life or circumstances and can’t seem to change it. Discover how easy it is to open into effortless being.

Behavioural patterns – Anything that is unhealthy or unsupportive, including addictions, overeating, nervous or automatic behaviours, panic attacks, procrastination or inaction, compulsive working and striving. Find the real Freedom to relax, open and be your highest self.
ADDICTION - Thank you for Shar ... here to next after the 12 Step

Relationship Issues – Discover how you can relate openly, honestly effectively and deeply bringing the awareness of unconditional love into your life and the lives of those you care about. Learn how to communicate deeply, genuinely, from an unguarded and openhearted place.
Relationship Coach - Couples Rekindling Retreat

Sexual Issues – Difficulties with intimacy, sexual expression or sexual orientation. Discover how to connect effortlessly and openly. Learn how to love the real you and to revel in all that life has to offer. Find true fulfillment in your sexual expression. This work is very special and Paru has continued training in the area of sexual blocks and why we are not truly living deep connection.  In the twelve years of working with people sexual abuse finally comes to an end.

Self-Motivation – Low energy levels, lack of enthusiasm. Increase your energy, vitality and joie de vivre, learn to live with passion, exuberance and deep appreciation.

."Transformation, it’s a choice! Be the change you wish to see in the world!"

Paru also uses Doterra oils compass Zyto reading working with unconscious patterns, Neuro Linguistic Programming for phobias and unhealthy patterns, belief system changes and powerful processes to break down addictions and sabotages.  She has been on her own journey deepening in this amazing tool and now brings her own essence and wisdom to this work.

This retreat is programmed specially for you!  

So what are you waiting for? Come and be free today!

Call Paru now under  03 3294773 or email

Click here to see for yourself how The Journey can make a difference in your life.


The enneagram is a dynamic pathway for psychological and spiritual growth
It is a cultivation of presence by observing unconcious behaviours that block us from the essence of wholeness of who we truly are.

The enneagram describes the three centres of intelligence, nine personality type structures, a cycle of transformation plus more. It is a way to understand yourself, others and relationships through self observation and reflection.

Paru works closely with your enneagram type to help free you home to your authentic essence

I don't know if i could put into words how much this retreat changed my life, my way of thinking, my approach to life.
Paru is the most inviting warm amazing person i have ever met with a real true soul felt intent to help.
The room is lovely i loved opening the curtains in the morning and just watching the beautiful ocean. Or doing yoga on the deck. Beautiful views from everywhere.
I have never done anything like this before but i was soooo comfortable.
The food is beyond amazing, each dish made with love! Words can't fully describe my experience and I am sending my whole family along individually as everyone can benefit in someway shape or form.

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