Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa - for emotional healing, mind and body

Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa - for emotional healing, mind and body


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Have you tried many therapies and many self help techniques and meditation and spiritual practices  still to be stuck in the same old patterns of pain and confusion?

You have come to the right place - that I can assure you.

After working with people for 16 years at Shunyata I feel I have truly upgraded a combination of techniquesfor true freedom - I couldn't do the Enneagram without The Journey and I couldn't do The Journey without the Enneagram.  It makes sense ,the enneagram uncovers the shadow  of your particular type, the lower unconcious self and the journey takes you to your essence, your potential, your higher self.  90% of our behaviours  lie in thest patterns and are the underlying cause of many illnesses and suffering in this world.


Gabor Mate quotes -" most illnesses, blocks and addictions comes from childhood trauma and unmet anger, sadness and grief" and this is what we deal with at Shunyata through the enneagram.

The Enneagram

The word Enneagram derives from the Greek words ennea (“nine”) and gram (“something written or drawn”)
It is a  system of personality types situated around the enneagram symbol offers profound insights into the way people think, feel, and behave. It lays out nine distinct personality types and the adaptive habits, patterns of behavior, and strengths and gifts that characterize them. Its great power to create change lies in the accuracy and depth of the personality descriptions and the transformational path it offers those who wish to grow to reach their fullest potential and cultivate presence in their life.

What is your Enneagram Type?
  I recommend The Riso Hudson for a more in depth test, but if you just want a quick one here is a great link

I remember the day I read about my enneagram type and said to myself "This is me and my mother and to the day I die I will be working with this work" .30 years on I can say I experience freedom like never before and want this for everyone.

The Journey Method NZ

What is Emotional Intelligence?

Ability express one's emotions, and to handle interpersonal relationships judiciously and empathetically.
I often say they should have taught this in school, but here at Shunyata you will learn, through your typeto be healthy with your emotions.  Not wallowing or storytising  them but feeling totally them through your body so they no longer run you.

Are you ready for the Journey - ask yourself if?

  •  Fearanxiety or stress is prevalent in your life
  •  Depression has overtaken your life
  • You’re feeling stuck or that there’s just got to be more to life
  • You have overwhelming sadness and grief
  • You’re facing ill health or ongoing physical issues
  • Unhealthy behaviours or circumstances leave you feeling depressed
  • You’re wanting more fulfillment in a relationship
  • You’re still searching for your infinite potential
  • You have been sexually abused and want to put this to rest with profound sexual healing
  • You've suffered trauma-  childhood or later and tried everything to heal
  • You are truly wanting to be free from addiction 
  • You are starting a Hero's Journey from a wakeup call
“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ― Rumi

 The Journey is one of the world's most amazing transformation methods that has helped hundreds of thousands of people worldwide free themselves.  It is a guided meditation taking you back through the 
body and the soul to access a memory that has blocked you living your true potential.  It's a compassionate fast track to one's own truth.  It is the proof of the healing power that exists within every individual and Paru was instrumental in bringing it to New Zealand 18 years ago.

You can try this work for a day - Ultimate Healing Day or in 3 day Ultimate Bliss Retreat  combining body work, yoga, meditation and ozone saunas and delicious food and we also do this work in the Detox package and Couples retreats.


Emotional Issues – Low self esteem or self worth, anger, rage, hurt, fear, loneliness, grief, despair, depression, in fact any issues that you’ve not yet cleared, get to the root cause and open into lasting Freedom.
Emotional Healing leads to Physical healing

Depression -  The Journey is the true secret to shifting depression.  There is an alternative healthy way to deal with depression beyond drugs.
The True Secret of Depression today

Unresolved Trauma – Any stressful, hurtful or traumatic memories that still haunt you or affect your life. Free yourself by diffusing it’s potency, learning the real lesson inherent in any trauma. One of the  major cause of addiction & illness.  See work of Dr Gabor Mate

Stress – The feeling that you can’t cope or feel overwhelmed by life or circumstances and can’t seem to change it. Discover how easy it is to open into effortless being.

Behavioural patterns – Anything that is unhealthy or unsupportive, including addictions, overeating, nervous or automatic behaviours, panic attacks, procrastination or inaction, compulsive working and striving. Find the real Freedom to relax, open and be your highest self.

Relationship Issues – Discover how you can relate openly, honestly effectively and deeply bringing the awareness of unconditional love into your life and the lives of those you care about. Learn how to communicate deeply, genuinely, from an unguarded and openhearted place.
Relationship Coach - Couples Rekindling Retreat

Sexual Issues – Difficulties with intimacy, sexual expression or sexual orientation. Discover how to connect effortlessly and openly. Learn how to love the real you and to revel in all that life has to offer. Find true fulfillment in your sexual expression. This work is very special and Paru has continued training in the area of sexual blocks and why we are not truly living deep connection.  In the twelve years of working with people sexual abuse finally comes to an end.

Self-Motivation – Low energy levels, lack of enthusiasm. Increase your energy, vitality and joie de vivre, learn to live with passion, exuberance and deep appreciation.

Physical Illness- being cancer, autoimmune etc.

."Transformation, it’s a choice! Be the change you wish to see in the world!"

I don't know if i could put into words how much this retreat changed my life, my way of thinking, my approach to life.Paru is the most inviting warm amazing person i have ever met with a real true soul felt intent to help.
The room is lovely i loved opening the curtains in the morning and just watching the beautiful ocean. Or doing yoga on the deck. Beautiful views from everywhere. I have never done anything like this before but i was soooo comfortable.
The food is beyond amazing, each dish made with love! Words can't fully describe my experience and I am sending my whole family along individually as everyone can benefit in someway shape or form.

recent testimonial
Thank you so much for the most wonderful 5 days. You spoil all who come to you with your warmth and guidance. The work you do is wonderful and while it is bliss to have the massages and treatments you do, the emotional work has such a lasting effect. Although the emotional work seems daunting, it is no so hard and offers true freedom!
Thank you also for introducing me to doTerra oils xxx
Rebecca Mercep

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