Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa - for yoga retreats

Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa - for yoga retreats


The philosophy of yoga points to  begin the journey of discovery. And that is within the body.  The mind is full of fear, doubt and judgement and the body is truth taking you to the soul.

Yoga is not a religion. The goal is to get connected to our higher Self, our inner wisdom; to free us from the trap of our chatter-filled mind and see beyond the illusions of our day-to-day drama. Not
only from a spiritual prospective does it enhance us but physically yoga benefits us in so many ways 

  1. Calms the nervous system
  2. Lubricates your joints
  3. Works with your posture - open heart
  4. Connects you with mother earth - grounding
  5. Helps you to enter old age free of aches and pains
  6. Strengthens the body to take on life
  7. Just takes you out of the mind into the stillness & wisdom of your body 
  8. Used for addictions as a true method for wholeness

Yoga classes can be very intimidating, but here at Shunyata you will find the privacy and tranquility to fully appreciate each position, and really feel each breath. Usually done on the deck overlooking the ocean, you will be stretched, corrected and opened with a combination of Iyengar and feminine opening and as the days progress you will experience increased flexibility and feel any aches and pains melt away.

Meditation & NZ Yoga Retreat

Paru was trained in India by an amazing teacher who worked with Iyengar's daughter and whose yoga book was underwritten by the Indian Government, specialising in using yoga to heal body issues like sore knees and backs. When Paru first opened Shunyata 17 years ago, she just wanted to get people to start or restart yoga again for the health benefits as we go into old age - and nearly everyone is taking up yoga.

NZ Yoga Reteat

Yoga helps us to grow old gracefully, and Paru feels the best exercise to take up for this.  str. Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa offers a fantastic NZ yoga retreat, whether you are trying yoga for the first time, start back again, or have a specific aim to heal aches and pains that have been with you for life.

There is nothing as beautiful as doing yoga on the deck overlooking the ocean with the breeze touching the skin - sheer bliss  Even the yoga teachers want to run a retreat here.

I have found that the week doing a yoga retreat with you Paru has truly addressed, like never before, my knee issue and I don't feel I need a cartilage operation anymore. Thank you for the exercises I will keep them up ~ Carolyn Auckland

Yoga Woman tells us how it is taking the world by storm – the most amazing DVD to inspire you to make yoga your lifestyle.


Shunyata means quiet mind and this is what truly happens here. We question the mind as per
Byron Katie and then with the enneagram and The Journey method - we get a true quiet mind 
with meditation in the evening and satsang (meeting in truth) in the mornings.

Many people feel they can’t meditate; the western mind finds it hard to be still. Paru started with active meditations, dynamic in the morning, kundalini shaking in the afternoon and went on to do many dance meditations.

The most important part of meditation is that the mind has some stillness in order to gain clarity. Here at Shunyata, most evenings we will sit with a beautiful guided meditation that truly teaches the mind to be still. Maybe we need to dance before, maybe you need to let go of all that stuck energy in the body and be dynamic – whatever your needs, we will address them. Recently, Paru returned from USA and India  with amazing news meditations from world renown teachers. Osho always said - life can become a meditation when we are present.

There is nothing more peaceful and nourishing than sitting with the birdsong as the sun melts on the mountain behind, Paru cooking a delicious feast in the kitchen as you come to a blissful stillness after a day of true opening.

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Thank you for the amazing variety of meditations and DVD's I have experienced this week. I had given up the idea of ever meditating again but will now take this quiet time on a regular basis ~ June Coramandel

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