Who are you Truly? Reflections on amazing book" Dying to be Me" - 10th Apr 2013

Who are you Truly?  Reflections on amazing book Just read an amazing book about a lady who had a near death experience (NDE )being riddled with cancer and came back with no cancer in her body and what she learnt about what the cancer was trying to teach her.  

She had a choice to pass or come back and knew if she came back she would have a gift to share.

We all need inspiration and was praying for something like this to come along in a quiet time here at Shunyata.  Her story touched deeply around some principles of life I would hope I was living and teaching.

1.  Be true to yourself - stop trying to please family, friends, lovers and everyone else - it will cause havoc in your life.  Work on your own worth.
2.  Know Yourself so you canTrust your own inner healer - there is so much controversy out there about the way to go if you come down with cancer or a serious illness- know whats right for you.
3.  Be Healthy but not Fanatical - have some fun, have a wine and something naughty sometimes - but follow a wellness honouring that's right for your body.
4.  Have some Quiet time and give the mind a rest- even if you can't meditate - go to nature and be still
5.  Come from Love not Fear - nearly every day we act from fears - face those fears and come to love - love has clarity - fear and the mind is in confusion
6.  Many Illnesses are actually Mental and Spriitual & Emotional Blocks- when seeking treatment make sure you do the emotional healing
7.  Self Love is the best Journey Home- You wake up with you every day - you can only love another as much as you love yourself - stop the war inside
8.  Live life Totally in the Present Moment - there's never a problem - only when we go into our minds which are past/furture - fear doubt and judgement - is there a problem
9.  Just Be Yourself - enjoy, laugh and do things that make you happy- celebrate uniqueness
10.  Know you have a purpose and find it -    We all have a gift  to offer - what's yours.

On reflection I feel her ego type was a 9 - the peacemaker - so come and find out what your ego type
that is running you and causing you the repeated pattgerns of suffering.

Live your life as if you are going to die tomorrow .

Thank you Anita Moorjani for your message

Addiction - When do we know that it is Out of Control - 12th Mar 2013


The best you tube I have found so far on addiction from a beautiful being

"Not all addictions are rooted in abuse or trauma, but I do believe they can all be traced to painful experience. A hurt is at the centre of all addictive behaviours. It is present in the gambler, the Internet addict, the compulsive shopper and the workaholic. The wound may not be as deep and the ache not as excruciating, and it may even be entirely hidden-but it's there. As we'll see, the effects of early stress or adverse experiences directly shape both the psychology and the neurobiology of addiction in the brain."


The most talked about film at the Sundance Film Festival  this year in Utah, USA was" Don Jon's Addiction ".

Let's face it most of us are fascinated about stories of addicts and how they overcome their addictions.
Some of us are asking ourselves - what does it take to have an addiction.  Some of us are denying we
have a problem until it becomes completely out of control and then we are still  in denial.

Besides the usual suspects - drugs, alcohol,food and sex - one can be addicted to work, sports, television, exercise, computer games, spiritual practice, negative attitudes and even thoughts.
It's a struggle with willpower and the absence of self control.  People who are either highly intellectual or emotional frequently have addiction problems because they struggle to balance these powers.
Needing a substance or practice or person so intensely or regularly that you compromise relationships, finances, integrity, character or emotional and psychological well-being, means you need to
truly look into whether you are a true addict.

It can start just as a habit and now you would agree that it's becomming more and more prevalent and recently someone I knew just couldn't get her son into a facility when he was truly ready to face his addiction. .  No-one can do this for anyone, the person has to be ready.  Like as someone once said, "One day the joint was my best friend, the next day was my worst enemy".
Two statements that have been proven watching addiction at Shunyata and how it can be helped.
" It's not the addiction, it's the person."  Also my teacher said "Addicts are just trying to find God through the bottle or drug" .

Do we need to go to AA or NA for the rest of our lives?
Can you break patterns and be free without help?
Is it in the DNA or passed on from families?

Addiction Retreat

It fascinated me to watch a centre in Holland where an ex addict who was with my master, worked with
people for a minimum of 3 mths,  taking them back to childhood and with awareness and maturity ,get them to use the energy they were using against themselves and pointing into the direction that made them feel good.     He has  72% success rate  of drug free in the last 20 years.  When I saw these people at a conference they were alive and vibrant and promised my brother I would take him there one day.  He wasn't ready and only heard - could drink again.

I came from a family of alchoholism and my drug of choice was food, starting at 12 years when my parents divorced and only when I did the deep work on this addiction could I eat normally again.  For an addict - just to be normal is so freeing as the drug or substance has the control.   Discovering the empowerment that comes with perseverance has a lifelong impact.  In other words "if I can give up
drinking, I can do anything" .
 I have seen how the 12 step programme can truly work in people's lives  and helps them to get real and have read numerous books on going beyond the 12 step ,also into a more spiritual awakening.
I have watched people come to Shunyata with habits like drinking a bottle of wine a night and do a liver cleanse and see huge changes. I would never take on someone that needs to go cold turkey, this is not my speciality.  But if the person truly wants to give up the addiction and needs some help - I have seen numerous people let go of ciggarettes and alcohol by a wake up call of some sort.  It's true, it's not the addiction - it is truly the person and when that self hatred is nourished  and deepens into self love,they come home to their true selves with The Journey, the habit gives them up.  We all need inspiration and non-judgement and that help is truly available at Shunyata.

When the person is ready the teacher appears - so if you or someone you know is ready tell them
to call Paru 3294773 and see if Shunyata is right for them

Why do we need to Retreat - 1st Mar 2013

Retreat in New Zealand

Retreat NZ

Life sometimes can be very challenging and we need to get down off the wheel to regroup.

We are spiritual beings having a physical experience.

When was the last time you were self caring and gave to yourself?

There is a thirst in everyone to find that place of wellbeing. When body mind and soul are in tune we are retuned to hear the exquisite music of life.Sometimes it''s our bodies that need to detox, sometimes our minds need to unplug and sometimes our soul needs to open it's wings and fly. Life is in need of continuous balance. The earthquakes in Christchurch have disturbed that  balance for many Cantabrians and  people are finding that illnesses are not healing and everything seems a struggle.

Has anyone told you the mind is full of fear, doubt and judgement and yet 90% of us are living there.
We can't just go running to get out of our heads because this becomes another addiction and can become unhealthy We can't just change our diet, on top of this we need to raise our consciousness so we don't become ill. We find it hard in everyday life to do a cleanse or detox because life is challenging and it's hard to do it without help. We need to reach out and ask to have that balance back.

Paru from Shunyata quotes - Brandon Bays ended up with a tumour the size of a basketball because
she was healing other people and her pride wouldn't allow her to think it would happen to her.
Our egos are running us and when something like an earthquake happens - that's where we go
back to, for survival.  But is it working ? - no - things just don't seem to be the same.

At Shunyata we offer:
  •  A physical detox with ayurveda
  •  An emotional healing retreat or couples return to love with The Journey
  •  Exercise with yoga and body awareness overlooking the deck and gorgeous coastal walks
  •  Many types of meditation to help deep breathing & silencing the mind
  • The library has some amazing books to read and afternoon is the you time to process the amazing shifts that happen for you to put you back on track in the world.
  • The dvd's in the evening from all over the world are very inspirational
Call now for your no obligation 20 min consult to see if Shunyata is for your

03 3294773

Depression, Anxiety & Trauma from Christchurch Earthquake - 19th Feb 2013

Depression, Anxiety & Trauma from Christchurch Earthquake


The Trauma from the NZ quake has been stored  in the cells of people and after having
dealt with the financial blow and the survival of where to live - this is now showing in
their health.

Do you feel like you are pushing uphill all the time?
Do you feel distant  in your relationships with your loved ones?
Have you put on extra kilos that you can't shift?
Are your energy  levels low?
Do you have fears and phobias that you never had before?


Another deep effect of the quakes is depression.  Everything that hadn't been met has come to the
fore.  The Journey is one of the best tools for depression - so book the Ultimate Bliss and say
goodbye to this heaviness.
Well the good news is  it's not too late.  Come and do a liver detox to clear out all the buildup and deal with the emotional trauma with The Journey on a cellular level.  Clear fears and
phobias with NLP, get your energy back with yoga and go inside with meditation and just be nurtured and brought back to start over for 2013

Call Paru now 03 3294773 and book your place or email info@journeyessence.com

Mums and Bubs - the ultimate Retreat - 15th Feb 2013

Recently a mum came with a major issue she had been wanting to deal with.
She had been to doctors, naturopaths and numerous care specialists trying to get
to the bottom of her issue and someone suggested it might be emotionally related.

So she came across some ideas but nothing suited her timing or that she could take
her 4 month old baby.  She called Shunyata and of course the baby was welcome and
not only did we clear her issue and give her a holiday and break from the grind but
bubs had collic and cranio-sacral balancing  really helped insettling he collic.

So are you finding it hard to cope?   I called it like a new career - things are challenging.
Maybe it's time for time out to investigate how well you are truly doing and get perspective.
The earthquakes have been challenging for many people, so give it to yourself.

Counselling That Works - 29th Jan 2013

Counselling That Works

Couples counselling save $100 in Feb

Recently on the radio they said Men want to be admired and women want love!
Is this really true.  Well I will have to agree with this strong statement whatever it brings up
with you, but I will go on further to add that a woman truly needs to be devotional when her man is on  and in integrity and truly being a great man, and when he is off,  she is to show him through the body as woman can sense when her man is off before she does.

Men are generally full of fear and this has been installed into them as a child  to be brave and strong and so they are in denial of this fear and women sit in illusion of a man coming to save her.  When the honeymoon is over in a relationship all the patterns from childhood and ego patterns emerge and this causes distance.  Cover up happens and when a woman stops trusting her man, she shuts her heart down and then he has nowhere to go.
For a woman she needs to be able to trust her man's integrity for her to truly open in love and offer him her heart.  She needs him to be truthful and not in denial. 

At Shunyata maybe the love is still there between a couple but owing to a break down of their ego's they disconnect.  Somehow owning your own part without blaming the other
the love reconnects in trust and deepness.

Valentines Day

Give your relationship or someone you know this gift-
It has never been a better time to rekindle the love that  brought you together

Lose Weight Fast - The Healthy Way - 2nd Jan 2013

Lose Weight Fast - The Healthy Way What a beautiful way to start the new year. The last 2 clients not only lost 5 and 6 kg respectively without even trying but their hair,their skin and their eyes were shining and new year's resolutions completed without even trying.


The ayruvedic detox , liver cleanse in particular, is the true healthy weight loss and it puts
you onto a new healthier way of living according to your type.  We all know how hard it is
to do it alone - so come and have it done for you and start 2013 with energy, vitality and
radiance from the inside out.


Emotional issues can come forward when we detox, at Shunyata we have the most amazing process called The Journey which clears them all out at a cellular level.
Even the US medical profession declares that 80%  of all illnesses are caused by
emotional blocks.

Do it for yourself now - come and detox and enter 2013 pure, clean, motivated and 5kg ligher.

Shunyata is taking to the Road - Healing Angel comes to You - 23rd Dec 2012

Shunyata is taking to the Road - Healing Angel comes to You When Paru first arrived in New Zealand, she had a motor home and travelled around NZ giving journeys.  This satisfied her love of travel and the possibility of looking for where she wanted to live after 27 years overseas.

Well after an illness of a dear friend with a brain tumour, which she visited and tended with all the tidbits of ayurveda, beautiful foot massages and her cooking - she came up with the idea of hitting the road again.

Australia April- August - and New Zealand February - April.   So if you know of anyone who can't come to Shunyata butwould love Shunyata to come to them - Healing Angel Comes to You or call Paru 03 3294773

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