Emotional Healing leads to Physical healing - 26th Dec 2015

Why Doterra Essential  Oils


Understanding that ALL physical illness begins as an energetic imbalance is important. Illness and disease begins in the energetic body and if not corrected in time, will eventually move into the physical body as symptoms of a disease or illness. Chinese medicine has known and addressed this for years, but identifying imbalances in the energetic body and addressing them BEFORE they become physical illness. Things always happen on an inner level, before they appear on the outer level. Issues even from childhood, stored trauma, fear, anxieties, anger and such can create energetic imbalances that have profound effects on health and wellbeing if left unchecked.

We spend a great deal of time immersing ourselves into work, TV, activities and staying busy, which often provides us with ample distractions that keep us from ever having to look inside and the emotional and energetic imbalances deep within. This is why so many individuals have difficulty with quiet time. Far too much on the mind and most prefer to not be left alone with their thoughts and when the mind is full of fear, doubt and judgement, then the emotions are not met and cleared from the body.

We are living from our lower self, ego The ego is ,which you think is you. It's unconscious. It's your separation from your true self. Undo the false you and the real you shines which is effortless. Undoing your ego gives you a way home.

Essential oils are vibrational medicine, which allows us to work on the inner being! There are different frequencies at which illnesses resonate, as well as at which essential oils and other natural remedies resonate. When the body is maintained at a higher frequency or vibration, it is scientifically proven it is no where near as susceptible to illness. Many foods and herbs, even though we know they are good for us, still have a frequency that is far below many illnesses. Essential oils however, resonate at some of the highest frequencies, far above where the human body and even the brain resonates.

If you use essential oils long enough, they will open the door to emotional and inner energetic healing, because they raise the overall frequency that allows you to do that. This is important, as we really can't do a lot of the heavy emotional work until our bodies are healthy enough to withstand it. DoTerra's high vibrational essential oils accelerate the work. If an individual is using essential oils and doing the inner work, their work will go 2 – 3 times more quickly than if they were not using them. The high vibration helps support the physical body, but also the energy body facilitating healing and release.

At Shunyata retreat we specialise in emotional healing with doterra essential oils, The Journey pioneered by Brandon Bays which addresses emotional blocks on a cellular level from childhood.
Paru has been working with people for over 15 years helping them to be with their emotions.
We were never taught at school how to do thi. Depending on our ego type,, some of us numb our emotions, some of us run from them and others use drugs, alcohol and food to push them down. The enneagram addresses which pattern and helps you with awarness to clear and come to live from your higher self.

OnGuard – on the physical level is a protective blend strengthening and protecting our immune system. On the energetic level, it also plays a protective role in shielding from negative energy, codependent relationships, and people that suck your energy! If the immune system is threatened or weakened in any way, we are also more susceptible on energetic and/or spiritual levels. Mind, body and spirit are intimately connected and cannot be separated.

Let's look at the 4 citrus oils and see what role they play in the emotional/energetic body:

Lemon is for the left, analytical brain. Lemon activates the left brain helping us to think, focus, and learn. Perfect for children having difficulty concentrating at school! It also increases memory and improves information recall. Left brain is also connected with our identity or ego, and is related to the stomach, and on a physical level is good for liver, stomach, digestion and alkalizing. On an emotional level, lemon helps support someone who has suffered a trauma and self-identity has been damaged and can help rebuild the self-image.

Bergamot is similar to lemon, but is actually more related to self worth.

Wild Orange is for the right, creative brain. It activates creative thought & spontaneity. It helps to connect us to your inner child and to be optimistic and hopeful. It's an oil of abundance.

Lemon and Wild Orange are great used together, to support both sides simultaneously. Since the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa, you would want to use Wild Orange on the left side of the body and Lemon on the right side to balance those hemispheres. You can even do them on your temples. They can be used over the stomach, on the bottoms of the feet, or simply inhaled or diffused.

Lime oil is for the heart. Lime helps us to cleanse the issues from the heart if there is grief, sadness, trauma, and/or depression in the heart, it can help dislodge that and facilitate movement and release. It also helps us to look at our inner motives, to see if our intentions are clear and pure. Lime also fills us with a zest for life!

Grapefruit is for the body. Grapefruit is fantastic for cravings of any kind. Many people use grapefruit to lose weight and help slim the body, but often misuse it in terms of judgment of their body to change it. They don't realize they could be using it to align with integrity in their bodies. Intention is important here. Grapefruit is really more about coming into integrity with the body and honoring the body, learning how to listen to its subtle messages. In doing this, we then can begin to have more
control over our weight, fitness and other areas we may have been seeking grapefruit to regulate. In our modern culture, we have not learned how to listen to our body when it's tired, when we're hungry, when we need certain nutrients. When dealing with addictions, place grapefruit directly on the forehead or brow for great results. The pineal and pituitary glands have easier access here, directly above the bridge of the nose (3rd eye), where as the hippocampus can be addressed better above the brows, and the hypothalamus covers the majority of the remainder of the top of the forehead. So when covering that whole forehead area, you are really better accessing all of the glands of the brain.

An awesome oil to use for this also is Imortelle. Highest vibrational oils on the planet all packed into one oil! It's incredible for brain function and all the glands.

If we use all of these citrus oils together, we can support each of these physical, emotional and energetic levels!

Another fantastic oil for emotional work is Cypress. Cypress is connected to the element of water. Cypress supports an individual who is either stuck, stagnant, or blocked in their emotional life and it's VERY powerful in this way. If you use it on a regular basis, you will notice a surge of emotions coming to the surface. Each individual has has experienced negative things in their life that become buried deep below the surface that to some degree are covered in a ring of amnesia, if you will.
Although we may not be aware of it, they effect us day to day on every level. It effects us physically, by not address our emotional issues. If effects us emotionally, if we don't feel the negative emotions that are trapped there, it creates a numbness that impacts our emotional range, which becomes increasingly narrow. Doing emotional work allows us to expand our emotional range, not just in
terms of vocabulary, but in terms of feeling and depth. In allowing ourselves to feel the negative sides of emotion, such as anger or pain, we also allow ourselves to then feel those opposites, such as
true joy and happiness, which many of us have never truly experienced. In our culture today, we actually numb, subdue and even medicate out our abilities to feel emotions such as joy and happiness. So unlike medications, essential oils do not make the problems go away, they do not fix you, THEY SUPPORT YOU in your emotional work! They don't, however, do your emotional work for you,
they support, supplement and quicken it, even 2 – 3 times as quickly. If you use essential oils and do not address your emotional issues, they will not make things any better. In fact, they may make
you more uncomfortable, as they invite emotional release. Put cypress on the kidneys, because the kidneys are responsible for the flow of water throughout the body. In Chinese medicine, the kidneys are also a meridian that is responsible for removing toxins and negative energy out of the system. You can also place cypress on the feet or simply inhale or diffuse it. Be mindful and careful not to project
what is coming up towards anyone else when using cypress. As the emotions come up, it is easier to become angry if you do not recognize the source of your current feeling state.

In emotional healing work, there is something called catharsis, where we re-experience something from the past that was once hurtful, traumatic, or painful. When we re-experience this in the present, it is able to release from the cellular memory of the body and from the energy or emotional body itself, bringing permanent healing to that issue, meaning NOT something that continues to come up again and again later. In this way, cypress oil causes emotional catharsis. This is not an oil to play around with, it's for those who mean business and want to get to the core issues that are keeping them stuck.

Lavender is an excellent oil for supporting the voicing of our emotions. It's also important as we
learn to deal with our emotions, that we learn how to put them into appropriate language, which happens in the throat chakra. We have a tendency to not speak what we feel, as our culture is not necessarily supporting of transparency, vulnerability and honesty about feelings.
It rather teaches us to mask and hide true feelings. When we are uncomfortable, our throat completely shuts down, not allowing us to verbally express our true feelings and emotions, especially when fear
is present. One of the greatest tools in emotional healing is to begin the process of writing, or journaling, which gives emotional voice to what you are feeling and begins to open the throat. Lavender supports this process. Lavender calms fears, it calms hypertension, hyperactivity, it's relaxing, but it is also specifically for opening the throat, and giving courage and strength to the individual who needs to voice what they feel. Put lavender on the throat for great results.

Geranium is often called the emotional healer because of its powerful resonance with the heart. Geranium is also called “poor man's rose”, as it is similar in properties to rose. Geranium is great for expecting mothers, in that is opens and prepares the heart for acceptance and love of the coming child. It's great also to use with infants and children, to keep the heart open and not effected by negative influences. Geranium is especially good though for opening and restoring a heart that has been injured or traumatized. It's one of the greatest facilitators of doing inner child work, or regression work. The heart is something that needs to be healed within each of us. Put geranium on the heart for great results.

There are often many people who ask about supporting issues such as addiction, depression and anxiety. While there are certainly oils that can support those issues, it's very important to realize that these issues are not the real problem, they are just symptoms of the problem that is much, much deeper. Much of what is medicated today are actually symptoms of much deeper emotional and spiritual imbalances that have remained unaddressed. If we would be willing to go to those deepest levels and heal those issues on the deeper levels, we would find those symptoms disappearing in almost every case. This is a continual process, and not a one-time venture! There are MANY physical issues that just cannot be healed in any other way. ALL (Yes I did say all!) physical issues are symptoms of deeper imbalances, when if addressed, we find those physical symptoms going away.

Here are just a few examples of how traumas in birth can effect our later lives. We often don't connect the behaviors we display throughout our lives as related necessarily to anything. Here are some specific examples that have been scientifically tied to birth traumas and issues in later life.

Children who were late, in other words born significantly after their due dates, will often find the behavior throughout their lives of running late for many things.

The umbilical cord is only supposed to be cut AFTER it stops pulsing, after delivery. As long as the cord is still pulsing, there is still a need for that child to be attached to the mother. In infants whose cords were cut while still pulsing, there is often found a lacking mentality, such as “there's not enough for me” or “there's not enough nourishment”, which can then physically carry over to malnutrition issues and smaller frames. These are just 2 examples, but there are things that happen throughout our childhood that play a role in how we perceive and respond to things. Everything in our lives happens from what we experienced in childhood, as it creates a lens through which we view everything else that happens in our lives. So in essence, what we do in emotional work is re-confront those things and ask ourselves is it true. There are some views that are developed in childhood that do not serve us well in adulthood, otherwise we can become isolated. Even periods while in the womb, the baby is aware of environmental stressors and issues and will often take on many of the issues of the mother.

So many of you may be asking how we can help our children heal and not be impacted by these things that might effect them later in life in negative ways. The short answer is the best way to help your children is to do your work on yourself! Many parents are willing to pay thousands of dollars a month for supplements, interventions and therapies for their children, yet when they are asked to be a part of the emotional work and healing themselves, they will not comply. They are willing to pay for assistance for their children, but are not willing to change themselves to help their children, which is very sad, as those changes in the parents, as they do their own emotional work, will give way to helping their children in dealing with their own. The issue here is that these children can be treated in facilities that have the supportive environment to address their issues, but as soon as they are put back in the home, they will become just as sick again in most cases.

This is not to be said that there is guilt and/or blame for the parents, as that's not in any way helpful. What is helpful is to be able to look a the issues, acknowledge them, and then ask how we can make it different from here on out. How can we change in order to support our children? Parents will quickly find that as they begin to work on their own issues, they will begin to see changes happening in their children as well. Much of this has to do with the energetic shift that happens in an environment where people begin the process of true healing, and it does effect others in the same environment.

We can be supporting our children with essential oils though, which can nurture their hearts and spirits. Many times when the parents are numb and medicated, there is no “connection” with the child, and the child goes through life building a framework and a belief system that says “I'm all alone and I have to do everything alone and for myself”. You can even look at these children at an early age, and rather than looking vibrant and alive as a child should, they actually look sad and beaten up! This is the impact that these early belief systems have in their lives and are often carried into adulthood, because they are never recognized, addressed, healed and released. Essential oils can begin the healing process. They can nurture and support. It's a good thing to come out of the dark of denial on the emotional level, but WITHOUT judging or guilting ourselves about it, as that serves no one. Using oils on your children, or even other family members or friends, also provides physical contact and affection, that is significantly lacking in today's environment. But the oils themselves are also nurturing the mind, the heart, and the body.

Many children who were adopted from orphanages or foster homes that have issues with abuse, abandonment, and/or other self-identity and worth issues would be geranium. Geranium has the ability to connect individuals with their heart and begin nurturing and healing that heart. Much of this will also depend on some of the deeper root issues of course, but some of the other oils that come to mind would be Myrrh, which is all about connection to the earth and mothering energy, and for someone suffering from attachment issues. Marjoram is also incredible for individuals with some attachment issues and those who are a bit aloof and closed off in their heart in a way where they do not want to connect to people and seem a bit cold. It helps them to connect more fully with life and with other people.

** Please remember more is not better! Sometimes it's better to use a small amount of oil to go to the deeper levels than to use far too much and overwhelm the system!

In terms of oil placement, here are few things to think about. We have spoken already about placing oils on the forehead, heart, kidneys and stomach. Some of the other areas of placement, though this is in no way an exhaustive list (Use them where they make sense!) would be the back of the neck, which is tied to inflexibility, whether in thought, rigidity, holding onto ideas and only wanting to do things in one way, this shows up in stiff necks. A fluid and loose neck shows openness to new ideas. The front of the neck is more connected with communication. The feet are an incredible place to use the oils. They help with connecting us to our lower bodies, connecting us to the earth, but they also act on reflexology as well, so you can address every organ and gland in the body all through the feet.

TerraShield literally wards off pests! In the physical body, it's used for a bug repellant on our bodies, it is also emotionally a “bug repellant” and plays a role in protecting us, especially with people who are attaching to us.

There are certain personality types, sensitive and empathic, that feel really vulnerable and don't like public places, they don't really like being around people, TerraShield and OnGuard are excellent oils for them because of their protective nature.

Individuals who may have bi-polar or an aggressive or violent behavior are often judged, or put into therapy or centers where they are told “don't do that” or “that's bad behavior”. What serves them much better is recognizing that these behaviors are actually symbolic of other underlying issues and they are giving us information through their actions that can help us to help them address the underling problem on the deeper level. Often, to the degree people are violent, they often feel violated in one way or another. For instance, a child can love a parent dearly, and yet have another part of themselves that suffers from a trauma or negative incident that is still impacting them. These displays of violence are generally displays of anger and hurt. Anger is one of the most important issues to address when dealing with emotional issues. Rather than trying to shut the anger down, it's better to try and find a channel for it in a healthy outlet. Writing, communicating and learning how to let that out makes incredible strides. Depression is often linked to suppressed anger. Often when anger is thoroughly addressed, violence and depression will lift.

Obviously lavender is incredibly in helping individuals to learn to communicate their anger and feelings. In terms of bringing it forward and allowing the body to begin cleansing it, lemongrass is a highly cleansing oil. It really helps placing these over the liver, as the liver is the anger center of the body. Supporting the liver can really help in releasing these kinds of issues.

Stress and Happiness - 6th Oct 2015

Stress and Happiness

  "Why am I not Happy?" Why I should come on Retreat and find who I truly Am.

There are many possible answers to your question: "Why am I not happy?", here are some of the most common ones:
1) You are not living the life that you would really like to live. You are running away from who you really are. You are living in your lower self not your higher self.As soon as you have to sit down and be quiet with yourself, you have to do something. Ever have that feeling?
2) You are doing rather than being. You have forgotten how to just be. Running round stressed and not taking time out for yourself.
3) You are not listening to your heart. You have shut yourself down from your true nature, from your heart. Most of us are living from the mind which is fear, doubt and judgement.?Does it seem selfish to take time out for yourself? To self care is the most important thing and society has said it is selfish.
4) You are trying to please everybody else, but yourself.You may not even realize it, but everybody else is more important than you. Are people telling you that?
5) You don't believe in yourself. You may think you are a failure and you always have a negative self talk going on. You may even be a perfectionist (without even knowing it). You are just never good enough for yourself and the other people just know so much more than you. How can you be happy when you are never good enough?
6) You are blaming yourself for something.
7) You are blaming somebody else for something.
8) You have a hidden, deep down anger about something, somebody. 
All of these things cause stress in our bodies and there is then work stress, money stress, toxic stress and how can our bodies truly function.
So How Do I Get Happy, You May Ask?
First, you have to be able to quiet yourself down, be completely honest with yourself to actually find the exact answer for yourself. You already know. The answer is inside you. Can you quiet yourself down enough to hear it?
The other part of the answer is quite straightforward. Just be with yourself. Be with your pain, be with your anger -- cry, yell, write, run, whatever you need to do, but please let go off old emotions, old anger, old blame, anything old. Also let go off imperfections. Start to live a new life. Every day is a wonderful opportunity to start a new. Nobody has ever told us how to be with our emotions, they are screaming to be heard.

You may as well start liking yourself, you wake up with yourself every day. You can change jobs, friends, partners, cities, towns, etc, but not yourself, sorry.
I believe the most important love affair of your life should be one with yourself.
Love yourself, appreciate yourself, be grateful for everything that you have. Focus on what is good and working in your life and not on what isn't.
Daily Practices

Be grateful.
Practice yoga or your chosen exercise
Be kind to Yourself.
Spend some time with children (to remind us of our innocence)
Follow your 3 passions in life and get balance

If you need help with getting back on track – this moment is all there is
email info@journeyessence.com

Wake up and Make a Difference - 6th Sep 2015

Wake up and Make a Difference


Today is father's day and because I have met the pain I felt from my father in childhood I can celebrate him and feel so grateful for his teaching.  He taught me success and I truly love him deeply even though I felt deep pain from his actions.  If anyone has seen the movie of Amy Whitehouse you will see her deepest wound was also abandonement from her father and if she had done the work on that wound she wouldn't have ended up a tragic drug addict and had such a tragic life and could have lived her truly amazing potential as a jazz singer and given back to the world.   Most addicts covering the deep wound. but  we are all sitting with that deep wound usually from childhood and you can be set free and have a second chance to start over with The Journey


Don't you want to live your highest potential in this life?
Are you sick of doing the same old same old and getting the same results?
Do you know that you have help to get rid of these repetitive patterns from childhood?

You can chose – stay living in your shadow, your lower or egoic self or come home to
your deepest potential. Many people who start a search or a spiritual journey might dabble in
yoga and mindfulness but never really jump off the cafe on the edge beyond their fears into a love that is beyond romantic love, a love that brings true peace, a love that is not dependent on
anything on the outside.

Sometimes we are truly lucky and get a wake up call. But really we have to be sick of living
in mediocrity. Yes I feel for the Syrian refugees and feel that as a one nation we should all do
our bit and living in a country like New Zealand we can take them and give them a chance.
But reading the sunday paper this morning – more alarming to me is the number of children in our country still being born to addicts, still being beaten by parents following the childhood that they had and using violence with innocent little beings. The journey work I do works with childhood traumas and I know all too well the damage done to my inner child growing up in an alcoholic household but luckily I had a wake up call to clear it out and start helping other people. Are you just going to stand back and continue living a life in mediocrity? I feel on fire with passion for us all to do something to clear out our shit and get on and make a difference. Yes I do it with love and who is to say that love can't have the energy of kali and the energy of impatience. We live in paradise and yet people are at war in their heads. Do they know that the mind is full of fear, doubt and suffering and yet 90% of us live from that place. Do people realise that 90% of the lies we tell are what we tell to ourselves owing to a life of illusion and denial. This is all the lower egoic self and we all have this ego and some of it can be healthy to survive but have you ever questioned your flavour of it and how it is affecting the people around you. It is an automatic pilot running you and causing you deep suffering and you deny also that you suffer.

Bene Brown has hit the spotlight in America for uncovering how much of us are living in shame. What about abandonment, guilt, repressed anger, la la land and all that is not real. How is that
affecting our children? We are passing on what we learnt unless we bring awareness to it what is
not our true selves and what is. Imagine if we were all living from our purpose, our true selves,
we would be serving humanity. We wouldn't feel alone and separate, we would know our life purpose and we would step up and make sure New Zealand take more refugees if we have our own back yards cleaned up.

How much longer are we going to live in the grit and not uncover the pearl of our hearts and souls and make a difference in this world. I always loved The Invitation but know that the gift of my ego is to dynamically deliver hopefully inspiration and can't hold back. At the Oneness university last year where 2 million people have awakened – Bhagavan wants us all to form our higher powers and have this amazing connection. Mine is called
sweet (for softness),
laxmi (for an abundance that is beyond money)
divine (for the feminine form of god)

What would yours be called? What is your pearl and how are you going to live it?

I have had at least 5 people I know in my field of my age just die in their sleep of late – tomorrow
might be too late for you to go to your death and made a difference.

Come come come to the edge – come to the edge – he pushed she flew!

It's time to be the best you can possibly be and touch that higher self inside of you. You are held,
you are loved, loving and lovable and when we touch this place the world benefits. Jump beyond your doubting mind, your fears and fall into a love that you will never forget.

If you  want to jump call Paru 03 3294773 or email info@journeyessence.com

Why Relationships fail - 21st Aug 2015

Why Relationships fail In each human being there is a meeting with the divine, that intersection is the heart!

Most people go into a relationship blind.  They know that physical attraction won't last but they still go there.  They have made  so many mistakes in the past but they don't want to learn from them and change.

You need to have true compatibility with each other's true nature so you need to know who you truly are and who you are not (ego patterns). You need to have similar values and each be able to cope with change.

How many people ask themselves these questions?

Why do you want a relationship?
What purpose is the relationship for you and are you ready?
Who and what do you want to serve in this relationship?

This means do you want to come and act an adult relationship or a fairy tale.  Do you want to
grow up because for sure you are going to face childhood wounds.  Are you ready to do this
together with love and respect and patience for each other?
How mature and vulnerable are you willing to be?

Many people do not do this at the beginning of a relationship and it why so many relationships fail.

1.  They expect their partner to meet all or a lot of their emotional needs.
2.  They expect their partner to be a certain way so they feel comfortable.
3.  They depend on them to read their emotional state.
4.  They don't really listen and act like a child when they are not getting their own way.
5.  Workaholism is ok as an excuse to not be present.

Does any of this sound familiar.

Relationship Counselling

When the honeymoon is over the work begins and this is when most people want to opt out.
90% of your inner child ,ego or unconcious mind  and beliefs are running the relationship.
No wonder things go wrong.

Do you want a spiritually centred relationship or an ego centred one?

Wants and needs are different for men and women.  Women put their needs last and don't ask for affection etc and then get pissed when they don't get it.  The relationship is the most important for us.  Men put sex, money, sport and fast cars first and if they are not on purpose in life they are lost.  They need to find their purpose.

 When a couple have come to complacency and a type of giving up and shut down has happened,  but they both still love each other.  There is a second chance and there are many practices you can do to bring back this openness, connection, communication and truth and realness back to a dead relationship.

Paru at Shunyata retreat specialises in rekindling a more spiritual truthful love.  

Don't give up on your relationship or your future relationship dreams.  Come and find out the
true meaning of intimacy and how to get it back in your lives.

Come for 3 or 5 days.Shunyata Retreat and Day S ... t and relationship counselling  and celebrate why you first got together.

email info@journeyessence.com

Happiness - the ever ending search for! - 16th Aug 2015

What is Happiness?

We were born as pristine innocent beings of light so perfect and then life happened and somehow through something we don't realise, but was a life changer, a decision was made that the world wasn't safe and we shut down. We then formed an ego (a protective shell) at an early age that was an automatic pilot of operating in this world that was a false self, that was a false protection but wasn't our true peal our true light and we got covered in grit. This grit is what causes us the unhappiness and the suffering of this life.

What is True Love? 

We then look on the outside for someone to fill this hole we feel through lovers, partners, family and relationships and then one day we realise this hole cannot be filled by anything or anyone  on the outside.  We have to go back and see what disconnected us from our light.

Could you imagine what it would be like to come back to a taste of that pearl.  A taste of your
light and innocence!  Well this is truly possible again.  We get a second chance in life.  This
second chance usually comes in the form of a wake up call, an illness, a knowing that this
unhappiness and suffering cannot continue.  This is when it's time to come to Shunyata and come home.

I have always believed to be whole again we need to reconnect to our inner child and refall in love with ourselves,  but recently having returned from a workshop in Greece called ZOE - eternal life - I have realised there are 4 parts of us that need to be balanced to really feel this wholeness.  Dark and light masculine, dark and light feminine and then we are truly whole and not chasing it on the outside.  Most relationships are not even aware of what they are seeking, the filling of another, until the honeymoon is over.  Then they might be required to do the soul work.

 Don't get me wrong - we can truly love from this place, not expecting the other to fill the holes that we have created, some part of ouselves  we are not embracing.  I now know truly what it means to have more light you truly need to meet the dark.  It's not so scary but truly liberating.
We can stay on the cafe on the edge or we can jump and I know I love my courage to truly jump.  I have trust in my higher self, my beloved sweet laxmi divine and when I feel scared,
I say "This grit too will pass, trust in love".

Women will always take the path of relationship to feel full and the man escapes to feel his emptyness.  If we balance all the 4 parts of ourself then no longer we need to depend on another.  We can truly love from this wholeness.  This is true love.  Don't you want this for yourself in this lifetime?  Don't you want to be living at your highest vibration.

Calling all gods and godesses, feel the compassion for each other, allow that longing of true love to bring you home.  Jump from the cafe of the edge and come back to your true selves.  You will glow in the fullness of your own being.  

I feel truly graced and honoured to be offering this incredible work at Shunyata and help beings come home to their true selves.  Please email me if you feel called to come and relax and jump at shunyata, either on your own or as a couple to deepen your love- info@journeyessence.com

Natural and Alternative Ways of Healing in New Zealand - 7th Jul 2015

Natural and Alternative Ways of Healing in New Zealand

Natural Ways of Healing NZ

Illness is often related to toxic thoughts and feelings.!
What is a spiritual path. It is the pursuit of truth, the breaking of illusions of the lower self. It is
truly listening to source, divine, the body and the soul beyond the mind which is full of fear doubt and judgement.

Why would you come to Shunyata Health & Healing Retreat? Maybe you trust there is something bigger than yourself to help with your healing. You might have given up on yourself and life, had an illness that has been disagnosed as terminal – what do you do. Some of us through unworthiness would give up, put our affairs in order and go to die. Others of us know that this illness is there to teach the soul – to be a wake up call and everything that comes to us is a gift from god.

You might not like this word god, cause your background was maybe catholic and you felt that
god was judgemental and it was never there for you or you may have carried a lot of guilt and
shame. No this is not the god I am talking about – it is one who only wants the best for you.

Caroline Myss says “Pride is one of the number 1 reasons for illness”. Wow this really rang home
after seeing many of the very proud ego types come with their recent illnesses. One had emphysema and just kept going till she could hardly breathe going down the stairs. Another couldn't feel pain and just continued doing, working and following the motions.

The enneagram that I work with – is an automatic pilot that runs us. This is our lower self and
usually causes us the most suffering. Mine was the martyr, victim and drama queen like my mother and watching her have a stroke at 50 from being a superwoman made we stop and think that this suffering for 20 years was not what I was going to go through. I decided to put health as a priority and started getting ready for menopause. Menopause is a time where whatever you haven't dealt with in your emotions, ego patterns and body will come up and hit you deeply. But if you can do the work and change your diet and up your exercise you can sail through it – as I just did.

We all need a spiritual coach – a person who is going to speak truth and not support your lower self. It has to be done with non judgement and love – gentleness and sometimes tough love depending on your ego patterns. Whem I had my wake up call by losing custody of my child – I was truly stuck, I was in deep suffering and no-one could help me – I had to work it out for myself. I was sabotaging my own higher self and waiting for someone to catch me. No one was tough love enough and I just kept doing it. I was also so shutdown from the pain in my heart – I desperately needed help but was pushing it away cause no-one stood up to me. What a journey and what a learning that time of my life has given me. I suffered for 10 years in Byron Bay, a paradise.

Alternative methods of healing in NZ

I opened Shunyata for this reason and after 10 years it just gets deeper. After the recent client
who had given up on himself with a brain tumour and was about to tell the kids and leave the family, I saw so many traits of my history and with deep prayer, his willingness and trust to
open and change – the love and the hope has come back, his relationship has healed and he is
on a path to healing. I now remember again why I opened and feel so truly humbled and grateful.
No-one can do this healing for you, you have to partake in your own healing journey, but you are
guided, held gently to clear what is stopping you living in your higer self and opening to this

The doTerra oils can assist greatly, frankincense in this instance was an ancient oil that works
with tumours and cancers and the emotional reading establishes what is in the subconscious.
We work on the patterns that have been running you and even recently at the oneness university
I learnt that from the time of conception to birth is also important. The body needs to be relaxed
so we can listen to the truth and the messages. Meditating and giving the mind a rest, cleansing
with the ozone sauna, gorgeous cranio-sacral balancing and many other modalities to get to the core. Neuro Linguistic Programming can work with anxiety attacks and of course the Journey takes you back to where it all started, this shut down.

We all get wake up calls in different forms. Could be a relationship break up – to teach us to leave romantic love and go deeper. An illness to see what the soul wants to reveal for you to learn.
A knock of some sort calling you home to your true self. When you grow you feel empowered and
enthusiastic. When you open after a shutdown and bitterness surrounding the heart by coming to a forgiveness process you have hope again.

You are free to chose what path of healing you want to take. Maybe you want to go down the traditional route – you will be supported in that. But if you want to look at some other healthy natural ways of dealing with illness – then Shunyata has it covered. It's different for everyone.
Alkaline your diet, find alternative recipes to eliminate refind sugars, an eating programme that will most benefit you. But most important to learn to treat this body as a temple so it can heal.
When you empower yourself to take charge of your healing journey you feel so much better and
that in itself can aid healing. It's not just about the physical – the emotional component is so important.

Shunyata is here to help you go inside and find out why this wake up call came and what you
can learn from it. It will help you discover your higher self and reconnect with the love inside.
We use ayurveda detoxing, emotional healing with The Journey and the enneagram. Doterra pure essential oils and zyto emotional readings, an ozone sauna to oxygenate the cells, advice on diet that would suit your constitution and illness and yoga and meditation to go inside.

Why would you trust and open your heart and soul to Paru. I feel that my journey has been from
experience. I would call myself a spiritual coach. I know the pain of suffering both emotionally and recently physically when I asked for an illness to help me have compassion for people with physical illness because I had never been through this. I have dedicated my life to waking up and spend every spare cent on my journey, to enable me to let go and be there for you.

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” ― Rumi

I recently have attended the oneness university for awakening and in this journey have developed an even faster and deeper connection with my higher power. What happens here at Shunyata is we are helped – this divine energy steps in – it is like a miracle and with this people can truly heal. My deepest prayer is that people connect to their higher selves, the pain and suffering that people are going through changes and we are all living a pure, joyful, passionate life on purpose and with awareness. No matter what you are going through at this time – there is hope, there is light and if you are willing to take part in this journey – you will never look back. May all beings be free and happy. I feel so grateful to be able to show you your god like self and look forward to meeting you – I can be contacted @ info@journeyessence.com or text 0272 777734 and back in September 2015 for the spring.
love and light always

New Changes in Shunyata with Delicious, decadent and simply life changing Oils - Doterra - 23rd Mar 2015

New Changes in Shunyata with Delicious, decadent and simply life changing Oils - Doterra

Essential Oils of NZ

Hello my beloveds

Hope everyone had a beautiful summer. Autumn is in the air and with the most amazing shift this weekend in the planets - was the time to ask for everything you want and clear out all the negative stuff that is holding you back living from your highest.

Well, all of you would have known about my everending boring journey with candida. I have now become an expert on the subject and 30-70% of people have some sort of candida imbalance in their bodies and if they are suffering with these illnesses - often it can be linked to candida and it is becoming an epidemic.

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
Chronic Sinusitis
Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Fibromyalgia
Eczema, or Atopic Dermatitis
Leaky Gut Syndrome/Crohn’s/Ulcerative Colitis
Interstitial Cystitis (IC)

Doterra Oils

Well, finally the day has come where I have got serious and stuck to strict diet and  thanks to www.doterra.com/#/en it is on the way out. These oils are truly changing my life and the lives of my clients and friends right now so if you haven't heard of them please do yourself a favour and go along to a free introduction oil evening held throughout New Zealand on a regular basis which I will keep you updated. It is my intention to come south and teach the aromatouch method to people to share with friends and family and guess what - you don't have to be a massage therapist. Contact me @ info@journeyessence.com if you can get a group together. Also, I am using them to enhance my cooking and know my specialty will be with delectable food and sensuality. The pure chocolate orange balls are my new delectable treat for everyone but me right now.  

So here's the dates for the free intro evenings:

Wednesday 25th March, 6.30pm
WELLINGTON - Copthorne Hotel, 100 Oriental Bay

Thursday 26th March, 6.30pm
BLENHEIM - Scenic Circle Hotel, cnr Alfred & Henry Streets

Friday 27th March, 11am
NELSON - venue to be advised, please contact me

Monday 30th March, 6.30pm
CHRISTCHURCH - Avebury House, 9 Eveleyn Couzins Ave, Richmond  (will be at this one)

Tuesday 31st March, 1pm and 6.30pm
CHRISTCHURCH - venues to be advised, please contact me

Cooks Beach & Whitianga - personal consultations & meetups available, please contact me

Tuesday 7th April, 6.30pm
AUCKLAND - X-factor Organic Spa, 161a Marua Rd, Ellerslie

Wednesday 8th April, 6.30pm
HAMILTON - venue to be advised, please contact me

The person to contact is xfactorjocelyn@gmail.com

Tell Jocelyn that Paru sent you and you will love love love these oils. If you wanted more information or could get a group together to learn the special massage and try foods with the oils contact me  @info@journeyessence.com
or you can  order them by going to my website  www.mydoterra.com/shunyata/
So if you are like me and smell is important to you then look into it.

Enough of doterra - the views are still amazing, the food is getting better and more pure and 
life and love is flowering.  Hope your life is also and hope to see you here soon.  Everyone
who comes to Shunyata now gets to benefit from these oils and get an oil emotonal reading
on the xyto compass

Shunyata will be closed July - Sep approx so if you want to try an even deeper day spa or retreat
call now 03 3294773

May your autumn be ever changing with the beautiful leaves and hope you get to go out and frolic in our beautiful land.


Summer 2015 Newsletter - 10th Feb 2015

Summer 2015 Newsletter

 Summer in Diamond Harbour is sublime

Wow what a summer.  We have been swimming in camp bay, listening to music at Godley
House on a Sunday, jumping into the ocean down at the wharf, catching the dolphins on the way back from a latin jamming session at Freemans on a Sunday evening as well as doing deep therapy for couples and singles. It has never been a better time to come and get your mojo back on track. Want to get your relationship into the next stage of a deep love?

On a recent trip to Nelson I have been very impressed with the depth of the clearing and amazing accuracy of the subconscious in DOTERRA OILS - so Shunyata has taken them on board to use here.  Yes, we have all the oils and received a massage with them the other day and wow - what a massage. I have used lavender for years on my pillow to sleep but this one knocks you out for the whole night. For everyone who knows my candida story after doing a reading - I needed wild orange which was about abundance and child like playfulness. Well, the symptoms disappeared and I played and came back booked out in February. Another colleague from the journey  had already approached about these oils and some other friends in Byron Bay and now I
know how deep they work on the subconscious. So, am studying aroma touch in Australia at the end of the month and will be doing readings here along with using them on each individual client.
Unfortunately, this means that in April prices will have to increase for only the 3rd time in 10 years. Anyone thinking of coming to Shunyata to play with us in March will avoid this increase.
Bookings available from 11 March.  Call Paru now 03 3294773 or email info@journeyessence.com

The most amazing and inspiring conference on addiction has been my deep love  of late and 
after reading the much publicised and talked about book Chasing the Scream which highlights the true reason why some people become addicted and other don't - I now know with the work that is happening here is on target for an addict who has been clean and wants to evolve.  Ayurveda and yoga features highly in the world to help people come back to their centre, along with clearing trauma from childhood and helping people connect where they often feel alone.  This book highlights the disconnection people feel and often the cause of addiction being the trauma in childhood.  When you are on purpose and serving the higher humanity your life feels worthwhile.

Where is everyone at for 2015?  Resolutions don't usually work, but being on purpose does.
Have you looked at your health, wellbeing and relationships lately? For health the sugar addiction is the new talk out there and Shunyata is forever collecting new recipes where you can cook,bake and eat sugar free.  In the addiction conference the main addictions mentioned these days are
of course alcohol and drugs, food,  people (sex addiction and co-dependency), money and gambling and the new one being technology. Nearly all of us can be guilty of one of these.

Raw Peppermint Slice
Put walnuts, almonds and cashews or brazil nuts for selenium dates, raisons and cranberries with little coconut oil in food processor and press down into dish and put in freezer
Add layer of peppermint with coconut oil being 6 drops of peppermint 1/2 cup coc oil, 2 tablespoons on agarve and maple syrup 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence and beat thorougly
(put back in freezer to set)
Then do same layer without peppermint but add in raw cacao powder for choc topping
dress with nuts on top and put back in the freezer. This is good for at least a month.

Many clients are now joining the oneness chambers on their retreat and getting so much from this connection and learning to ask for help from a higher power. I try and offer this for most retreats if it fits in with the timing. Day spas are relaxing and fun and you can get together a group of girls and come and frolic amongst beautiful views, peaceful birdsong, amazing massages with best essential oils on the planet and of course ozone saunas and delicious healthy but decadent food.

I am heading off to the Sexuality & Consciousness Conference in Byron at the end of the month for new inspiration and tips. So in March I will be on fire. I hope to see you here soon or anyone you know that could do with a makeover for 2015, spread the word and just get people to check out trip advisor if they are scared.  It's time to move out of mediocrity and live our true purpose in life.  

Love to all and happy summer

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