What is a true Empath - 18th Oct 2013

What is a true Empath


Do you take on other people's energy - are you sensitive to smells etc -

Here is the test to check if you are a true Empath

1. have you been labled as oversensitive
2. do you replenish by going home alone
3. are you hypersensitive to smells and excessive noise and talking
4. do you take yr own car places so you don’t get trapped
5. do you replenish yourself by having own space
6. do you take on other peoples pain and stress in own body
7. do you go to fridge when around negative energy

“There is no coming to consciousness without pain. People will do anything, no matter how absurd, in order to avoid facing their own Soul. One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious.”

- C.G. Jung

We avoid the dark and just keep wanting the light and in this avoidance we are causing suffering for ourselves.  Are you ready to come and face the dark night of the soul and be free like a bird to fly again.
What we resist persists - do you need to have someone hold you hand to come home to your true self?

You can be free from these patterns and truly know how to deal with people and energies out there.


Paru believes that the enneagram numbers 2, 4 and 9 can be the empaths of the world.
There is strong boundaries needed to cope with the energy zappers, the drama queens and the narcissists of the world that the empaths seem to attract.

Come now to Shunyata and learn to take your power back and stop attracting these people into your life and know how to live in the world as a sensitive soul.  

Call Paru now 03 3294773

What to do with a Wake Up Call - 2nd Sep 2013

 View from Shunyata when the sun goes down  We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

The Ultimate Life Purpose is not to follow you own self will but to be of service to others.

You are not a victim, but a co-creator of your life with The Uni-verse.

Add value to other people’s lives and value will be added to your own. Being of service and taking the wounds of your life and turning them into lessons and sharing your experience with others will do more good to you and the planet than almost anything else.


What in your life have you made more important than your own approval? What in life have you made more important than living your purpose? What in your life have you made more important than being happy? Where have you settled and why?

What OUTER THING do you think is more important than trusting yourself? A person? A parent? A material possession?

Can you stop chasing on the outside and be the love and joy you are on the inside.


Life gives us not what we want but what we need and if we truly want to wake up in this lifetime some
of the lessons are tough.

Wake up calls come in different forms - some are illnesses such as cancer, some are relationship
breakdowns, some are deep betrayals by people, some can come in the financial realm such as
bankruptcy or retrenchment.

These times can be very special in our life if we learn what we need to learn and Shunyata opened
9 years ago to help people see what their true calling is when these disasters happen in our life.
Paru's came in the form of losing custody of her child and she fought and fought and suffered for
nearly 10 years until she really got what it was all about.   She then has dedicated her journey to 
helping people through these difficult times and to see what the soul  is trying to tell them.  
A wake up call is just your soul calling you home - taking you into what is truly more important and
what you are meant to be doing.


Whatever symptoms are showing up in your body is just your souls way of telling you to look
at your life and what isn't working, what ego patterns keep you stuck and what you need to wake up.
This video is amazing to listen to about the true epidemic that is here and why we need to 
come truly to retreat to find our higher selves.  Enjoy and Namaste


Spirituality - How to be Happy - 21st Jun 2013

Spirituality - How to be Happy

What is Happiness

I am so excited here looking at the snow and feeling the bubbling of my heart.  I realised these last
few weeks that I can't express what it is I want to share with you but today it is bubbling out of me.

I have been so blessed to have the time to listen to the Hay House Summit (publishing company
that releases books along health and spirituality) represents people like Wayne Dyer and many other
famous authors.  What I have realised that they have put into words what I want to share.  So here goes -


The world is crumbling around us, nothing on the outside is permanent and trustworthy.  People are losing their jobs, relationships are crumbling, the planet is giving us a shake up.  People are moving
at such a fast pace and it is saturated with knowledge and starved for wisdom.

Maybe your wake up call has come in the form of an illness, a loss or maybe it hasn't but if it does
celebrate it - cause nearly every talker on the summit had their story of rock bottom to tell.  Mine was
losing custody of my child and I had to be kicked into waking up - because was I a fighter.
We all have a choice to either keep in our patterns of mind, beliefs and ego or evolve to living from
our souls.  If you don't want this then maybe this article is not for you.  You have to want this more
than anything.

Life brings us the perfect things to help us evolve!How we handle these good and bad things are what either keeps us stuck or helps us to grow. When we talk about growing or spiritual work - what we are really saying is this means stripping back the thoughts, beliefs and ego to come to our innocence.  We all came in as a crystal diamond, untarnished, perfect and then owing to lifes challenges and betrayals and pains we have shut down to this crystal diamond.  It's not about becomming a better person, it's not about doing any work - it's about becomming aware of what is true and what is not.

Banish Depression for Good

How do we do that? 
1.First of all we don't follow our thoughts, the mind is full of fear, doubt and judgement.  We are not our thoughts, beliefs or emotions.
2. We find out who we truly are.  Have you ever really asked - who am I really?Not our roles as a mother, banker etc, that is not truly us.  Know what is our true gift to the world - our purpose.
3. We uncover deep seated beliefs - these are things passed on to us from our parents or conditioning
and pierce the lie of them.

4. Then we let go of our egoic self - these are the patterns that run us and cause us the most suffering and as suffering was deep within me, I continued with the enneagram,  the work I have been doing
for the last 15 years to come to the freedom I feel today.
5. We pray and ask for help.  We need to be aware that there is a higher power out there, the divine,
god whatever you want to call it that only wants the best for your higher self.   This is sometimes clouded
by life experiences with religion and people in general.  Do what needs to be done and surrender the rest to the universe.
6. We fall in love  or reconnect with our inner child - discover her innocence and make a comittment to love her and be with her or him and have some fun.
7. Feel feelings totally when they come up - no blocking, sensoring just the raw pure emotion.
8. Take some quiet time each day for your soul - meditation or contemplation.
9.  Let go of the addiction to impernanence - everything on the outside that is not true.
10.  Face your fear of death
11.Develop divine attitudes of empathy, compassion,equanimity, love and joy
12. Know that you have a choice in every moment - chose fear or love
13.  Whatever you want in this world - go give it and it will come back to you. 
14.  Find a mentor and then become an inspiration.

Spirituality Retreat NZ

I feel so blessed to have been exposed to THE JOURNEY which I have found to be the most specialwork to take us to this place the soul.    Combine this with The Enneagram  which identifies which area of the above 14 points  above need more work for you ,and you are on the road home to your essence, your true self, your higher self.  There is not many processes out there that do this in the world of healing, so  at Shunyata, we can at least get a taste of what's possible.  Then the prayer is to try and live from this place as much as possible. 

Call Paru now 3294773 to book your retreat now at Shunyata - there are still places till mid July

Weight loss from the Soul - 18th Jun 2013


Many people are eating unconciously and using food for Love are you one of them?
Kilos of weight gain are walls of protection and hurts accumulated from childhood and life in general
Food is an addiction and one that we can't hide like other addictions - it shows painfully.
Overeating is an act of spiritual starvation
Our addictions are driven by deep and forgotten emotions

We get the new diet, we stick it out, we lose weight and then within months the weight comes back on.
Do you know this one? Diets don't go to the root cause, we need to go deeper to past conditioning,
beliefs and emotions and clear them out for life.

Weight loss beyond diet

Well if you found your way to this page you have made the first step home back to your true self and here at Shunyata you will find that inspiration and guidance in a place of love instead of fear.

Paru also came from this background where her drug of choice was food and after many years on
her path can truly, sincerely and with love and integrity help you home to banish weight gain for life.
This is not a quick fix weight loss, this is a lifetime change done in a safe envioronment where you truly
chose love over fear and come home to the higher part of you that has been disconnected.

At Shunyata you will do more than a weight loss
  • You  will understand your emotional eating patterns and dissolve the walls that kept you trapped
  • You clear deep childhood wounds & reinhabit your body from dissociation
  • You refall in love with your body and inner child
  • You leave with a love of good wholesome nourishing eating
  • You will be inspired and held safely as you return to love
  • You will see discipline ruled by fear melt into love
Come for 5 days and do the emotional work and go home to drop the kilos
Come for 7 or 15 days and drop the kilos here while doing the emotional work

Depends on how many you have to lose - will it be 5kg or 35kg - all it takes is your participation
and desire and timing that you are truly sick of the old ways.  Everything else is magic
Call Paru now and discuss which programme will suit you  03 3294773

I don't feel guilty any more about spending money or time on myself, and I am less accepting of negative behavior by others.  I now find I have an Emotional resilience and more confidence and don't carry the childhood baggage that has been kilos for life.  I also got rid of relationships that
don't serve me   Thank you for helping me drop 30kg of stuck baggage
Julie Australia

Cancer Retreat & Benefits of Detox & Emotional Healing - 25th May 2013

Cancer Retreat & Benefits of Detox & Emotional Healing


In a progressive cancer clinic in Atlanta they quoted the many causes of cancer are a combination
of heavy metals, viruses, cellular oxygen deprivation, metabolic acidosis and emotional/spiritual issues.  

If you come down with cancer - maybe it's a soul's wake up call for you to change things in your life.  Wouldn't you like to know why you got the cancer so it didn't come back?

Shunyata has been open for 10 years now specialising in emotional Healing with The Journey & Detox with Ayurveda.  Combine this with The enneagram - which is ego types and patterns that keep us stuck,  cranio-sacral where you access the wisdom of the body which speaks truth, ozone therapies and
alkalising and diet in general, Paru the owner feels that healing is imminent.

One ayurveda type should do raw food, another alkalising is more important and another warming
foods is more nourishing.  Some ego types need to learn to feel again after shutting down anger
and numbing out on emotions and another needs to stop letting emotions run them.  We are all
individuals and what works for one is not necessarily for the other.

One lady came with a throat tumour and she needed to speak her truth - so realising this - the tumour disappeared.  Recently the well known author Wayne Dyor had leukemia and had cranio sacral sessions twice a week and went on to encourage the author to write about how  the mystery of cranio-sacral works.


We all get a wake up call of some sort in life, whether it be physical and emotional and it's the soul
calling us back to ourselves.  If we can see beyond the mind and the fear doubt and judgement,
we can access our souls teaching.  Here at Shunyata Paru provides this amazing tranquil
environment for this journey inwards.  She doesn't proclaim to cure cancer, but she believes
that if the client and her work together - miracles happen.

Read Dying to be Me and see the miracle that is possible

She would love to help you to connect with your higher self and what you need to learn from this cancer in a beautiful peaceful loving environment with food that nourishes the soul.  Whether you do the
5 day or 7 day detox or the 3 day emotional healing retreat - you will leave here revitalised and on the road to healing.

I challenge you to find a better value for money retreat in Australasia. 
CALL PARU NOW  03 3294773 and discuss what's right for you

Read what other clients have to say about shunyata


Top 5 Benefits of a Yoga Retreat - 1st May 2013

Top 5 Benefits of a Yoga Retreat


Yoga is fast becomming one of the top ways of entering old age because of all its benefits as per the  multi award winning  video that you can view at Shunyata called Yoga Woman

  1.  The overall feeling of inner peace,tranquility  & clarity to take into your day
  2.  The falling in love of your body and the infinite intelligence it has -  The mind is full of fear doubt & judgement, the body speaks truth
  3.  The lubricating  & strenghtening of the joints which start to squeak as we get older
  4.  The amazing posture that yoga gives you to open your heart to life so more rounded shoulders.
  5.  To locate your deepest source of empowerment, creativity & happiness and shift depression.


Imagine doing yoga on a gorgeous deck overlooking an ocean that sparkles like diamonds - much better than a yoga studio with sweaty bodies.  "This setting is amazing for yoga and you should
offer this to other yoga teachers said a recent yoga teacher who came to Shunyata for a retreat"
The peace and quiet of the birdsong with the breeze on your face.

 Shunyata opened 9 years ago and Paru wanted people who had never taken up yoga to takeit up or if they had let it go ,to restart.  She is happy to say this is happening. It can be intimidating going to a class full of flexible yoginis - she well knows from doing one of those classes every morning at 6am in Byron Bay - so here at Shunyata you feel at home wherever you are at.

Why Romantic Love Doesn't Work - 1st May 2013

Why Romantic Love Doesn't Work

Living a Conscious Healthy Love

Recently in Christchurch a woman's daughter was murdered by a guy she fell in love with, not knowing that he had murdered before.  Also another lady in her 50's was caught in Argentina with cocaine carried by her for a man she met on the internet.  We could go on and on about how woman are blinded when
they fall in love.   We are addicted to what we think love is - does Romantic love work?


If you have managed to cruise through life without a betrayal and without problems in your love life
then maybe this is not for you but  after 9 years of working with people ,I realised that most of us really have had many hurt hearts that have shutdown  and painful times around love so if you are ready to hear the truth - then keep reading.  I understand if you want to stop here now, I also resisted it for years and kept suffering.

Who am I to be writing about this subject - I call myself Acharya - which means educated through the depths of personal experience.  My ego type was the Tragic Romantic, Drama queen and I have had
50 odd  years of living in this illusion and hopefully moving beyond it.   I decided after one too many
broken love affair, that I would do a masters  on this word love. My deepest intention for this lifetime is to live a more conscious, unconditional, freeing love which comes from being that love myself
and ultimately help other woman to unchain their illusion of love and empower them to serve a more real love.  Don't get me wrong - I still love romantic love  and the tear jerking movie, but not when it is running me and where I am lying to myself.  Falling in love is an unconscious pattern, being in love makes us feel safe and secure.

What our pattern in love and relationships usually comes clear in the enneagram -  www.enneagraminstitute.com  (basically a study of ego types)  This study of character fixation, deeper than personality is what I have been working with in the last 15 years.  It is the core of each and everyones patterns of suffering and there are 9 different types.
The 2,3 & 4  - the emotional types will do everything they can to get love and until they know they are this love they will self betray, feel lonely and constantly feel an abandonment that they try to fill with love.  The 9 will please for love and not speak how they truly feel and then when the relationship is over will be so angry.  The  8 will bully there way to get what they want.  These are all unconscious patterns that run is - true unconditional love is an adjective, a feeling - everything else is trying to get it from the outside.  Woman love to stay in the illusion that a prince on a white horse will come and rescue her and she will never have to worry again.  Admit it ladies, it's hard to let go.

How sick of this story are you, when do you truly want to grow up and break this pattern.  I don't mean
shutting down your heart to the world, but getting real with yourself on how you have been blinded by love.

 We are trying to get love from the outside to fill our lonliness, our unworthiness and our illusion, but has it ever worked.  How can a man love us if we don't truly love ourselves.  It  will always bring emotional abuse and betrayal..  It is not about blaming the other for our feeling of separation. We need to let go of  our conditioning i.e to what we learnt from our parents and come from less of a mind centred ego wanting ,to a heart longing which feeds the soul.  This can be accessed through The Journey.  Here we remove the blockages that stop us from knowing we are love.

Love is a continuous state of being, no rules, becoming what you want.  It is about  self acceptance and self love.  It takes a lot of courage to be emotionally honest with self.  Love is freedom itself, the other is a mirror to see what you don't like about your loving.  When we truly spend time alone after a relationship break up and our intention is to grow up, we can see where we lied to ourself in romantic love.  I saw layers and layers of this after my last relationship breakup that I thought was the most conscious & growing relationship I had ever been in.  I had put him up on a pedestal - he was my god.  This is not true.  We are all equal.

Can you be that love, that joy,on your own - or are you going to constantly seek it outside of yourself.
It takes courage to truly be alone and be honest with yourself but it also takes honest friendships that will hold us to our illusions.  If you don't want this - this is your choice but I promise you will keep suffering in relationship.  We owe it to ourselves and  all of our sisters to move beyond the illusion of romantic love and serve the masculine from more of a healthy loving.  From this goddess  place we will serve men to love in integrity. 

Women need to live their joy, follow their passion and open their heart and then we are serving the weary warrior of the masculine and the world in general.

“The way of love is not
a subtle argument.

The door there
is devastation.

Birds make great sky-circles
of their freedom.
How do they learn it?

They fall, and falling,
they're given wings.”

― Rumi

If you are ready to break your pattern around unhealthy unconcious love  and become empowered again as a goddess call Paru 3294773
or email info@journeyessence.com


Who are you Truly? Reflections on amazing book" Dying to be Me" - 10th Apr 2013

Who are you Truly?  Reflections on amazing book Just read an amazing book about a lady who had a near death experience (NDE )being riddled with cancer and came back with no cancer in her body and what she learnt about what the cancer was trying to teach her.  

She had a choice to pass or come back and knew if she came back she would have a gift to share.

We all need inspiration and was praying for something like this to come along in a quiet time here at Shunyata.  Her story touched deeply around some principles of life I would hope I was living and teaching.

1.  Be true to yourself - stop trying to please family, friends, lovers and everyone else - it will cause havoc in your life.  Work on your own worth.
2.  Know Yourself so you canTrust your own inner healer - there is so much controversy out there about the way to go if you come down with cancer or a serious illness- know whats right for you.
3.  Be Healthy but not Fanatical - have some fun, have a wine and something naughty sometimes - but follow a wellness honouring that's right for your body.
4.  Have some Quiet time and give the mind a rest- even if you can't meditate - go to nature and be still
5.  Come from Love not Fear - nearly every day we act from fears - face those fears and come to love - love has clarity - fear and the mind is in confusion
6.  Many Illnesses are actually Mental and Spriitual & Emotional Blocks- when seeking treatment make sure you do the emotional healing
7.  Self Love is the best Journey Home- You wake up with you every day - you can only love another as much as you love yourself - stop the war inside
8.  Live life Totally in the Present Moment - there's never a problem - only when we go into our minds which are past/furture - fear doubt and judgement - is there a problem
9.  Just Be Yourself - enjoy, laugh and do things that make you happy- celebrate uniqueness
10.  Know you have a purpose and find it -    We all have a gift  to offer - what's yours.

On reflection I feel her ego type was a 9 - the peacemaker - so come and find out what your ego type
that is running you and causing you the repeated pattgerns of suffering.

Live your life as if you are going to die tomorrow .

Thank you Anita Moorjani for your message

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