A True Secret to Digestive Problems - 19th Dec 2016

A True Secret to Digestive Problems


Yesterday I got a message on facebook from a friend how he overcame deep gut pain and how for years this just got worse and worse. After trying many wholelistic practitioners he was told “that the Ileocecal valve, the joining between small and large intestine stopped functioning . He had blocked sinuses and his immune system was going downhill.He had been told by a healer it was due to an overload of pushing the body, constantly to the edge, especially through years of practising Yoga in such a way that created immense stress and tension in his belly and solar plexus. It also appeared that he held on a deep Sadness, personal and from the collective. She also spoke about absorbing energetic residues from participants in the group room, while he was holding the space (never thinking of protecting himself)…

The light went on in my head about the link of this illeocecal valve, the psoas muscle and craniosacral and digestion. So I spent a few days researching.

You can have a problem of an open valve which causes a regurgitation of colon contents and diarrehea.Sometimes a closed valve might be related intestinal yeast overgrowth (or candida), parasites, protozoa, bacterial and viral infections in the intestines. This can be the cause or result of insufficient “good” bacteria in the gut. Comes down to excessive sugar, refined carbohydrate, and/or fruit consumption; food contamination, and drinking chlorinated water, with gut flora problems.. Symptoms would be anything that accompanies constipation, such as bloating, abdominal cramps, flatulence, fatigue, general poor digestion, headaches, halitosis, low back pain, etc..

Then there is the psoas muscle known to hold emotions particulary fear.The psoas is the main muscle that responds to the sympathetic nervous system during the flight or fight response in the body.  When startled or under mental or emotional stress, the psoas contracts.Criticism from a friend, a close call in traffic, an ongoing disagreement with your partner, general anxiety—all of these elicit a contraction in the psoas muscle. This is felt as a tightening in the gut, a hunching of the shoulders and a collapsing in the chest and heart. These feelings if not expressed and thereby released, are held as a charge of energy by the nervous system inside the psoas muscle tissue.

A tight psoas can be the cause of back, hip or groin pain, digestive problems and breathing habits and feelings of exhaustion.  If this muscle is continually contracted it begins to shorten which can lead to sciatica, scoliosis, hip and knee pain and digestive issues.

The psoas muscle relates to four chakras: the root chakra, the creative center, the solar plexus or power center and it reaches up towards the heart center. A good mantra for this muscle is: I AM CREATIVE,  POWERFUL AND LOVING. When the body tightens up and is unwilling to walk forward, look to releasing the psoas muscle to regain your ability to step forward once more.

Liz Koch calls it the muscle of the soul which is why when I work on someones sacrum I feel this soul energy and it's all linked.The psoas is so intimately involved in such basic physical and emotional reactions, that a chronically tightened psoas continually signals your body that you’re in danger, eventually exhausting the adrenal glands and depleting the immune system.”

This could explain why many people are suffering from candida and other gut problems. So would recommend a release of psoas muscle with craniosacral and doterra essential oils for feeling trapped feelings, do some colonics and see if this issue can be resolved.

The sensitive empaths of this world take on other people's energy so easily so can often be found to suffering from either of these problems.The good news is that empaths are needed in this world to feel for all the people who can't feel and here is a great article on them – deep love to all us sensitive beings


Paru Clarke runs Shunyata Retreat & Day Spa and is passionate about emotional and physical healing journeyessence.com or contact her on info@journeyessence.com

Day Spa - Christchurch - 1st Dec 2016

 Day Spa - Christchurch

Unique Day Spa Near Christchurch

If you think of a spa - what comes to mind?

Shunyata has taken the word spa and made it into wellness and wholeness.  Okay we can't
say it's 5 star, but the views, the food and the treatments truly are and the energy and the sublime smell of doterra pure essential oils will take you to heaven.

Paru is always travelling picking up the best ideas for her retreat and day spa..Recently at a conference in Montreat - she heard about the benefits of Rosemary for memory, alzeimers and dementia from a chinese medicine practitioner and how this was used in old peoples homes  in USA to help our elderly.

What is the best treatment for hayfever - well we have the pure oils of peppermint, lemon
and lavender but what about shirodhara - the amazing ayurvedic technique she has had incredible results for years.


Maybe you have body pain and have tried everything to shift it - in comes craniosacral used with the deep blue oil on the reflexology points and longstanding pain lifts amazingly.  Her success with so many problems combining doterra and the body work is blowing her away.

Maybe you are totally stressed and need to relax deeper than you have ever relaxed -Aromatouch doterra essential oil massage with craniosacral will take you to a place you have never been before in relaxation.

There is an oil for that - whatever you have - we can address it naturally along with the beautiful natural products used at Shunyata.

Spa Christchurch

Have you tried the ozone sauna, looking out over the bay, ozone and oxygen is poured into your cells as you steam - they used it for HIV and AIDS in USA and is amazing for immune boosting.

Ayurveda treatments, reflexology, many massage techniques including Aromatouch,  cranio-sacral balancing, body scrubs, cellulite and weight loss wraps, gorgeous facials, and of course if you come on retreat - there is yoga overlooking the deck and meditation.

Then there's the food - sugar free and delicious chocolate treats that are all pure and good for you, gorgeous healthy and delicious salads and low carb and gluten free, paleo, you name it,
we can provide.

So looking forward to meeting you off the ferry from Lytellton for a day you will truly remember

call now to book your place this xmas break 03 3294773 or email info@journeyessence.com

Paru Clarke runs Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa  www. journeyessence.com


Shunyata is looking beautiful for the summer - 27th Nov 2016

Shunyata is looking beautiful for the summer Hello my lovelies

How's our stress levels leading up to Christmas.

We are clearing out all the overgrowth and putting in new energy into this paradise.I love getting french woofers cause like me they love good food and when you are travelling and  can get gorgeous healthy food, go to camp bay for a sunbathe and have the peace and tranquility of this beautiful place, you want to work - so shunyata is looking gorgeous.

I have written two recent blogs - first one is on sexual healing as this is why I came home
to offer it to New Zealand and each time I do a journey I know how precious it is, so if you know someone who could benefit from either coming on retreat or doing a journey by skype get them to contact me

and then one on grief.


The doterra oils are blowing me away day by day with their intricate properties on how to make  my life and people'  lives easier and  I am feeling kind today and offering 2 free oils if you like my facebook page now and share.  

I hope you and your loved ones have a gorgeous xmas and new years breaks and remember 
how challenging it can be to return to families who want to keep you as the energy you had as a child and how hard it is not to react.  You can contact me and do a journey by skype as these are amazing and get to the core.There is also space over the xmas holidays owing to cancellations  if you know of anyone who would truly benefit from some amazing clearing.

I love you all and hope to see soon

love and light always

Paru Clarke runs shunyata Retreat and Day Spa  www.journeyessence.com

Want More Spark in your Love Life? - 25th Nov 2016

Want More Spark in your Love Life?



Do you feel there is always a block there when you go to make love?

Sometimes it is truly hard to recognise if sexual abuse has happened but something doesn't feel right and there is often fear in the body and you can't truly open totally. Each time you enter another relationship – something comes up in the lovemaking. Are you sick and tired of this happening. Do you want to put this to bed for good.

Enter Shunyata, The Journey and Doterra essential oils

Why Paru

Life guides you if you are open to the guidance and maybe you don't see it till years later.My path began in Byron Bay after losing custody of my child and I was the travel agent sending thousands of Sanyassins to Osho Ashram in Pune and loved their peace inside and wanted a little for myself. So took long service leave and went off to this amazing place. I laughed and said, I thought I came for free sex and love, did I miss the boat, but unbeknowing to me I was on a journey to clear out all the guilt and shame I had picked up from a catholic upbringing around sexuality. I don't think I was abused but there was fear in my body when doing craniosacral balancing. So from that day onward my journey began “Finding god through sex”.


Soon after David Deida arrived and revolutionised our community with sexual polarity. It was all about openenss and as I was shutting down a lot at this time, kept following his work and truly found my feminine side at 40.

At this time knew I had to work with The Journey so decided to come home as there was somuch sexual abuse that was pushed under the table – the very english way and wanted to work with people in my own country. Shunyata has been open 12 years now and one of my specialties has been openenss and healing abuse and blocks from sexual trauma.

There is so much more to just sex. The orgasm just lasts a few seconds. When the feminine is open, trusting and in surrender – the masculine consciousness enters her and her whole body is in full orgasm. This can be available to all of us if we want enough.
Enter Tantra – slowing down the whole process and bringing meditation and consciousness to lovemaking.In tantra you learn how to relate to your partner, with honesty, openness and vulnerability. My partner once said to be me," Your loving melts my fears", this is true intimacyand It's only from that place that you can have really beautiful lovemaking. It is a totally different approach to sex.Tantra enables you to become more conscious, mindful and aware on a moment-to-moment basis, and helps you to say yes to the parts of life that inspire, excite and interest you.

Great Article by a friend on arousal for women - thank you Elle


Don't you long to experience something more than the quickie?
Do you want to bring your relationship and lovemaking to a higher level of consciousness? Sometimes in a group situation "You can feel a bit daft, embarrassed and self-conscious, so this is why Shunyata offers one on one couples retreats where it's all about you.
Paru has adapted an  amazing ability to meet you where you are at and take you just a little deeper..Some people pay $2000 per day for this one on one coaching – you can have 5 days for $2,500 a couple in this little untouched ocean view paradise and people will always remember the 3 course romantic dinner at the end.

If you can't make it on retreat – then you can do a journey on skype ParuClarke journeyessence@hotmail.com

Doterra Essentail Oils NZ for Intimacy

To help you in this new way of being enter Doterra essential oils – the new(Whisper essential oil blend) contains patchouli, bergamott, sandalwood, rose, jasmine, cinnamon bark, vetiver, ylang ylang, geranium, and cocoa and vanilla bean extracts and can be used to enhance sensual feelings and help you to connect to your feminine qualities.

Some girls love the floral scents, such as ylang ylang, jasmine or rose.  Some love being energized by spicy scents, like cinnamon, or energizing scents, like lemon or orange.  Some women may consider a relaxing scent to be sensual, while others may find that an invigorating scent increases their sexual energy.Some blends that are gorgeous we use here at Shunyata are:

Ylang ylang + wild orange,
Patchouli and wild orange

Bergamot + ylang ylang
Clary sage & Cinnamon
Sandalwood & Arborivitae

of course jasmine and rose but these oils need so much to make them so pure up to doterras standards – so not available for sale only on competition.

If you want to obtain these oils retail on my site mydoterra.com/shunyata or join up to get 25% off wholesale email info@journeyessence.com

Paru Clarke runs Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa   www. journeyessence.com

Grief and how to deal with it healthily on retreat - 23rd Nov 2016


It is the time when many of us are losing our parents. This is a truly deep time and we want to share in their passing in a healthy beneficial way.

In comes THE JOURNEY . My mother died around september the 11th just after the towers went down and the whole world was in grief. I flew from Byron to Melbourne to see her for the 5th time and she died while I was in the air. I had been doing so much preparation for her passing and felt devastated I wasn't there to witness her soul leaving. To add to this at this time I was on the last ansett flight in Australia and they were blaming Air New Zealand for their bankruptcy. Wow did I feel it that night – listening to the news, it came to me“The war is deeper than the rugby between New Zealand and Australia.”

Brandon Bays had told us that grief shouldn't take more than 7 days if we go into it completely.Well the travel industry was quiet so I did just that. I took a homeopathic called ignatia, to let all the feelings come up and if you haven't been through grief, it will knock you for a six. One minute you are crying, the next laughing and it's out of control – so you let it go out of control. It took 2 months but I can truly tell you by allowing these feelings to come totally, I felt my mother left me with an amazing legacy. She suffered so much in this lifetime but I made a decision to live her passion, which she had from time to time in her memory. To this day I feel truly blessed.  I made a healthy vow and a vow has a lifeforce of its own.

Many years later on seeing people here at Shunyata, we truly feel these trapped feelings with The Journey, we clear out the blocks and come to a new beginning from the soul. We take the legacy our parents have left us and we go live it for them and for ourselves.

I also use this amazing doterra essential oil of Console – which is like having mum's arms wrapped around you telling you it will be alright and this helps people to truly feel hidden


How to Deal with Grief

If people haven't been through grief they can't be there for you. They don't know how to bewith their own emotions let along your out of control ones. You need people who understand and who can hold your hand through the grief so you can get on with life. Most people just tell you to get over it and this  doesn't work. It needs to be felt totally to move.on.

Many clients have left Shunyata with their grief dealt with in a healthy way – so reach out You are not alone. Come and be nurtured and pampered back to wholeness. Give this gift to yourself for you and your loved ones. Call now 03 3294773 or txt 0272 777734 or email info@journeyessence.com

Paru Clarke runs Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa   www.journeyessence.com

Journey Now Available on Skype - 19th Nov 2016

Journey Now Available on Skype



“Your self is inherently liberated, it is the ideas that have been imposed on that self which must be set free”. My darling teacher Gangaji

Come come come to the edge, come to the edge, he pushed – she flew!!!!!

I am so excited to now be able to offer you this amazing process by skype as many peopledo not have time to come here on retreat but may have been here before and come up withsome challenges or blocks in their life they want to clear. Coming up to christmas and meetingfamily who still want to hold you in the child – it's time to stop reacting and feel the power and the freedom of who you truly are.

How easy is it for you

Set up a time to set aside 2 hours to really get to the core of the blocks you are having on a soul level that are limiting you from moving forward in your life. Establish what journey you feel you need to address or discuss with Paru which is best.

What's stopping me – Fear journey?
Abundance Journey – what is stopping me truly living an abundant life?  3 sessions only
Feminine quality journey – how am I not living my feminine core?
Ego patterns?
Life Purpose journey?

Get really clear on what it is you want to address?
What is it I truly want for myself?
If I got that what would it give me?
What am I avoiding?

Make sure you are set up on skype my address is Paru Clarke journeyessence@hotmail.com
Set up a time by email with Paru when you are available info@journeyessence.com

What I can promise you in this session

Every year for the last 25 years I have been passionate in my own awakening and of recent with doterra essential oils and some amazing trips overseas with some of the best teachers in gratitude, spirituality and wisdom, have hit into a life of abundance and want to share this with you.I am excited to share my wisdom, nurturing nature, authenticity and fierce lover of truth totruly help you clear whatever is stopping you living from your true higher self/essence. If youknow me you will know that true wisdom comes from life's knocks, and I trust whatever knocks you have had, you will see the souls gift underneath. I will motivate, inspire and lead you to true abundance in your life, to live the life of your dreams and be the best version of yourself.Don't we all want to be this in this lifetime?

Are you ready? Email info@journeyessence.com or txt 0272 777734 to arrange a time.


Special Cost to You until 31 December 2017

Nomally $300 your cost only $250 or 3 sessions over 6 months for $600 with followup

Thank you from the bottom of my heart, I feel so light and free at long last Anthea Nelson

Paru Clarke runs Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa www.journeyessence.com

Getting Your Mojo Back - 7th Nov 2016

Getting Your Mojo Back

Getting your Mojo Back and Powering through Life

There is so much disconnection, depression and suicide happening in this country that has been named number 1 in the best country in the world to live. What is going wrong?

Most people who come to Shunyata have been through some tough times and have lost track, feel disconnected from their loved ones, feel something is not right anymore and finally reach out for some help. They have done the right thing – they have reached despair, their ego patterns can't work anymore and they are disconnected from their soul or their true self but don't realise it, just something doesn't seem right anymore.


I opened Shunyata for this very reason, I too lost myself, felt depressed, shut down and mistrusting of people in life when I lost custody of my child in Byron Bay 30 years ago and what a journey I have been on ever since and what a true privilege to offer a place that I would have loved to have come to, to get my mojo back. You can't trust people because most of them are living from their ego patterns, but you can trust in a higher power.

What is it to feel alive, open, motivated, inspired, on fire? When was the last time you felt this?Don't we deserve this, doesn't everyone want to live their best of themselves and then offer it to the world.

How do we do that – how do we get our Mojo back?

Well Paru has been working with people for 12 years now and has noticed a theme that is slightly different for each person and is tailored accordingly but generally follows this sequence. Each year she travels over the world to research the most advanced healing and consciousness teachers and this year discovered she was on the right track here in New Zealand and up to date.
First we have to disconnect from the world and come on retreat to give up doing and just be and take time to go inside and discover what we have missed being in the cogwheel of life.

Next we have to know who we are and who we are not The enneagram (unconcious patterns of behaviour )and what is our life purpose or gift to the world.

Next we have to know what foods work for nourishing our body, our temple to work at it's optimum.It is different for everyone and there is so many diets and food fads out there that people are confused. The one that is all encompassing and balances you body mind and soul is your ayurvedic type http://www.holisticonline.com/ayurveda/w_ayurveda-dtest1.htm.One lady came off a P Addiction just doing this ayurveda detox programme

Next we have to come to forgiveness of all the people that have hurt us and who we are shut down from, because our shut down is taking our life force. We can do this with The Journey at Shunyata which not only helps with forgiveness, but takes you to your source and opens you toclarity from a soul prospective. or if you can't come to shunyata the doterra forgiveness oil is amazing

Next we have to know what is happening emotionally if there is some physical challenge and this we can do with a zyto reading and then provide the right essential oil to help you overcome this challenge. Most physical illnesses have an emotional component and if you have tried everything else, this usually works because it addresses the unconcious blocks. Many people have overcome chronic fatigue with a different oil.

If it is pain you are dealing with, combining the deep blue doterra essential oil or the oils in the zyto reading with craniosacral and reflexology – pain disappears and you can get on with living totally.

Next you have to establish your part in your separation with your loved ones. No more blame game, what we want – give it 10 fold and it will come back to you. Open up and be humble and in truth and this will bring back true intimacy. Forgive.

Self love is such an important part of our journey of awakening and most people are not gentle with themselves as they grow, Love Whatever arises. Fall deeply in love with your inner child and your body, your sacred temple.

Notice our underlying fears. We are either living in fear of love. Feel the fears and behonest about them which helps us to be free. What we resist persists. The journey helpsus to be true to our emotions and the amazing doterra essential oils also help us unblock feelings that we are not feeling.

Are we living our life in authenticity. 90% of the lies are the lies we tell ourselves and it'sour illusion, generally women, or denial generally men, that is blocking the truth.Truth will set you free.

Are we grateful everyday for what we have. We can't force it – it comes out of an open heart.But gratefulness brings so much more magic and godliness to our lives. The new spikenard doterra essential oils helps us with gratefulness

Have we got our life in balance, following our 3 passions in life and giving equal time to them all.This is true success.  I put balance oil on my feet every day to keep emotions balanced and my life in balance.

Have we surrendered to a higher power and asked that higher power for help or are we still proud and independent and feeling separate. Oneness is the only way the world is going forward.Live in abundance which means oneness, connection and wholeness. - there is enough for all of us.

Look at your life and ask yourself if you want to get off the cogwheel of madness in the world, chasing the dollar, temporary success, disconnection and suffering and make a difference bycoming home to your true self and getting true clarity from a soul's prospective. The only true and lasting joy comes from going in. Live causeless joy not dependent on anything or anyone and touch your loved ones with connection, true intimacy and depth and wisdom.

Call Paru today to book your retreat or day spa or how to obtain wholesale prices on these amazing therapeutic oils 03 3294773 or email info@journeyessence.com

Watch" You are Not my Guru" Tony Robbins on Netflix to give you an idea of the
breakthrough you will have one on one at Shunyata




A True Breakthrough or Soul Convergence- Womens Awakening - 25th Aug 2016

How many of us are living our true soul's calling?

When you enter this journey life just gets better and better

I have just finished an amazing soul convergence in Portland Oregon clearing out blocks that
are restricting us to show up as the most pure version of ourselves - beyond ego, beyond mind and beyond personality so we can fulfill our souls mission or life purpose on this planet.

As we evolve we need inspiration to take us deeper and this man, Matt Kahn , truly lived up
to this with me.  He held us in source which is that space of emptyness of the mind, that space
called source, that space of essence or our true selves that nothing matters where we have a break from ourselves.  This place which is more heart centred has more truth, more love and more relaxation and is more accessible to me now.  In this place healing and manifestation happens easily.

When we feel safe our nervous system unravels and we relax more into this place inside of ourselves beyond ego.  Ego is our defence mechanism to survive in the world but we want to move beyond survival.    I realised why I loved to chant, this disolves the ego and opens the heart and will be doing more of this at Shunyata.

I learnt that experiences and desires  will never truly fulfill us, we will just move on to the next one.
He really took the micky out of the false spiritual which I loved and how important life is to really teach you what you need and evolve your life purpose.

There was a lot of reclaiming our power which really applys to a lot of us.  We play small and 
the difference between confidence and arrogance.    How the courage to live life on the edge
keeps us alive and many of us are half in and half out of life and relationship.

How we use distractions and excuses for not showing up in life and how checking facebook, emails etc diminishes our pure self.  How fear blocks us
What am I afraid to lose, to face or to gain?

How life brings us so much irony.  How we need to meet people, our lovers, our friends as if
we are just meeting them for the first time, to stop holding people in a box of how you remembered them- we are all evolving at a rapid pace.

I know that ego and the enneagram pinpoints the blocks of different people but understanding other  versions of ego being
spiritual ego
shadow (dark side or sabateur)
masks from parents and ancestors

A reminder that life is mapped out for us - we just need to go for the ride which I had read in
"From Onions to Pearls".
and how we just need to move forward and stop over analysing and self obsessing like so
many of us do on this spiritual journey.

The true gift from this man is the title of his book
"Whatever arises, love that"  Matt Kahn
and there are layers and layers of self love to uncover and to help in our healing we have to give
ourselves a break and truly love ourselves back to wholeness.

I feel so honoured and blessed to have been part of this soul covergence in Portland Oregon and as we all upgraded our consciousness we can now touch others in this amazing journey of awakening and uncovering the pure beingness of ourselves.
"Om shanti  shanti he
I am happy I am free"

May all beings find this state of causeless joy and happiness and I feel honoured to help you
discover this.  Please come to Shunyata this spring/ summer in a gorgeous ocean view peaceful sancturary and celebrate your uniqueness and true gift to the world of your beingness .  The ocean heals my soul and I'm sure it will heal yours
email info@journeyessence.com

Also to see more of what happens in breakthrough watch

"I am not your Guru"  Tony Robbins on netflix

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