Preventative Medicine and doTerra Essential oils New Zealand - 18th Apr 2016

Preventative Medicine and doTerra Essential oils New Zealand

DoTerra will change your life

I gave up a $75,000 income working for Flight Centre's to earn $25,000 for quality of life after watching my mother have a stroke at 50 and live in suffering for a further 25 years. I have never looked back. My wake up call in Byron Bay 30 years ago has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I sit here today nearly 60 years and feel so grateful for all the gifts bestowed upon me to empower people to take charge of their health and healing. Someone mentioned in the recent doTerra conference that they felt honoured that they could leave this earth knowing that their children will be looked after with these oils and this really touched me.

Shunyata retreat has been open for 12 years now and with my passion for emotional healing and ayurveda, I have witnessed nothing less than miracles in healing and the speed is amazing.Enter Doterra sublime essential oils and in the last year this healing has accelerated 10 fold. Imagine smelling this gorgeous fragrance that goes straight to your limbic area or emotional seat of the brain. This is why essential oils are the most pure and quickest way to heal emotions.Many clients who come to do the journey for emotional healing might be a type that runs from emotions, another that numbs emotions and with these oils all that patterning disappears and grief and sadness is finally met. I am in love, I now understand what wild orange (my always favourite) did for my candida. It allowed me to feel what was not being felt.
This is the secret ingredient to healing illness that we hear time and time again with people who use the oils.

Why wait till we get sick, why not prevent illness. Disease  is broken down to dis ease - smelling these oils brings ease to feel.  People who have been sick know that you can have all the money in the world and it means nothing if you are sick. I know that I asked for illness because I needed to have the compassion for people who live with daily pain. My heart goes out to you and this is why my mission statement is to help people to empower themselves to heal naturally.

Some of the costs of recent surgery in NZ
Hysterectomy between $12 and $20,000
Prostrate Removal $14 - $24,000
Total Knee Replacement $20-$29,000

Yes the medical profession are amazing when the bones have been broken and we need to get repaired. But what about doing yoga for a week of exercises that will fix knee issues and avoid operations. (Have 4 cases where this has worked) and even better with deep blue oil and deep blue rub wholesale price $38.50US and  $33 US 

The cost of these oils are minimum. One drop of peppermint is immediate enough to get rid of a headache,give you limitless energy for the day and oxygenate your cells and clear mental fog. Equal to 28 teabags. Wholesale price for 250 dropsUS $24.50 Wouldn't you love to have this in your handbag along with my other favourite Wild orange not only lightens your mood, but brings causeless joy, abundance and light energy wholesale price $13 US.

New to doterra are the emotional blends – wow wow wow. I have been smelling motivate with passion and lots and lots of amazing writing is happening. I have used console and people have shifted  deep grief and sadness  The forgiveness blend is beyond amazing. We all know the power of forgiveness – it frees you up to move on in life in freedom. Many people in the journey process are not ready to forgive, smell this oil and voila.

How could you not have these oils in your life.

Go to my website
 and either join and save 25% or under shop pay the retail price and if you want to know
more about these little gems email or telephone 03 3294773 and let me share my passion for life with you



Who Am I truly? My Story from the truth of who I am - 1st Apr 2016

Who Am I truly?  My Story from the truth of who I am



I have just finished my teachers book “Hidden Treasure “– Uncovering the truth of your life story by Gangaji and it has sent me on an even deeper level of self enquiry and given me the motivation and passion to speak my true story.

I feel so blessed sitting up in my kitchen overlooking the yachts bobbing in the harbour and watching the sunrise, listening to Peruquios singing and looking back over my life story and finding the grace and the truth in it all. The doterra oil of motivation and passion has helped me write this blog.

Have you ever sat in stillness and asked yourself these questions. Who am I truly? Why am I here? What is my gift or my purpose in life? What is the truth behind my story? Even sitting still is hard for most of us including myself.Are you living or just existing? There is so much more and have you let life take you to where you get the answers to these questions? Many people who come to Shunyata find out this answer just by sitting still and seeing who they are not – what has been running them – ego and then to go onto who they truly are and what a difference they can make in this world.

What is it that is blocking you? I realise a lot of my blocks were the addiction to drama, tragedyand unworthiness. This magic could happen to everyone else but not me! Hearing Gangaji's story of her life from a deeper prospective I realise that even though we have the same ego type and the same tendency to suffering and tragedy – her story is so different from mine in a truthful way.She found this place of peace and safety at a very early age in the form of an angel– I didn't even look there until 30 years old when I was forced on the path of intense suffering. A lot of my friends couldn't be around me at that time, they preferred the party girl full of highs and lows.

But grace or magic came in so many forms in the last 25 years with amazing teachers and teachingsand I feel so truly grateful to these teachers today and for my willingness and courage to keep on this path. Gratitude takes openness and the willingness to set your ego aside. Gratitude and humility (the 2 highest qualities in my eyes) send signals to all who meet us that we are all connected to something larger than life.

If we truly look back in our life – it was one miracle. My issue was mistrust. I was brought up acatholic and carried a lot of guilt and shame around my sexuality so I was angry with the catholic church. I thought spiritual people were real. I had to learn about the fact that we are all human.Therapists would teach such amazing teachings and then come into my travel agency and be true arseholes. I would shut down and then beat myself up for shutting down because David Deida said we should be open. Another incident came up on the same theme when one of my teachers has an affair with one of his students and thankfully was helped through this one to discover it was all about my self righteousness and we are humans having a spiritual experience and to leave myself some room for mistake and being human.On going to Osho – my master in Pune – I thought I was going to learn about free sex and love –I didn't need a master but what was really going on was my enquiry to What is true love? What is a higher love and what is surrender in the feminine form? Also unknown to me at the time, I got involved in dance therapy which took me to truly fall in love with my body and heal my eating disorders. A true miracle and when my mother died, the person closest to me in whole world, on reading her Eulogy, a priest truly saw my mother, so I healed with the catholic church.


 “If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro’ narrow chinks of his cavern.”  William Blake


We are either living from fear (false evidence appearing real) or love. The mind is full of fear, doubt and judgement and 95% of us live from this place. You can't get rid of the mind or fear you have to dive into the raw pure emotion of fear and make friends with your mind. Many people are scared of change and scared of death. If you really want to do this letting go of the ego – you have to die to the old ways and grow up. I was so attached to being sucessful(my ego pattern) to get my father's approval that when I decided to come back to New Zealand to open Shunyata Retreat to help people in suffering, I went into intense fear of the unknown. I had to literally shake with the deepest fear and have never been scared of the unknown since. I was so used to being sucessful as a travel agent, little did I know what Shunyata had to teach me. A deep trust in life.  Now success has been my gift from my father as what is success truly?


You cannot run from your emotions, if it's peace you seek, dive into the core of the emotion!

My feeling that most people who are scared of death haven't lived. This is two certain things in life, change and death so you can understand why so many people are living in fear. I simply love this poem The Invitation by Oriah

 I knew I had to trulyget ready for the first major death in my life, my mother and what was worse, we had to take her off liquids and food after 5 strokes. This was the hardest time of my life so I spent a year before preparing myself, listening to people's stories and reading lots .Brandon Bays had said grief shouldn't need to take more than 7 days if you go into it totally. I did , I let my emotions be out of control totally and it took 2 months but today I live the legacy of my mother – I live her passion not her suffering. !

Grief has to be felt, time has to be had and everyone grieves in different ways. It is out of control. Some people say get on with it, but society is the cult.

Trust that everything happens for a reason to serve you

In the 11 years I have worked with people many people have strong sabateurs that stop them living their potential.  This sabateur can come in the form of pride, unworthiness, numbness,
fear of confrontation and rage.  My sabateur was so strong when I first did the journey intensive 18 years ago when I came out and my mind doubted everything. But looking back on this memory release,  this journey has been the beginning of a souls learning with my sister.  We had so much sibling rivalry and today we serve each other on a deep level..



My other huge learning in life came to me from 2 of my major teachers – my father and my son.My ego type was so sensitive, I took everything personal and often felt hurt by people's comments.I would hold onto these comments and rehash and go over and over them and then devise a way to get back at them. Well the 2 people who hurt me most, were my son and my father. They taught me to not take it personal and get over the hurt, it was my hurt and I then came out of victim.


Life offers us challenges so we can expand our abilities and stretch our horizons and strengthen in ourselves.


In the 11 years I have been working with people, and in my own life, the other emotion which was often there was loneliness. I now realise I was always running from being alone and until I deeply fell in love with myself, that loneliness has become all oneness. Remember you wake up with you every day, wouldn't it be good to love your own company. This is the best investment you can ever make.

Which brings me to self love. No-one ever taught us to love ourselves. They said this was selfish.What about self caring? How can we be with or love another person if we are not full.? How can we be a carer, mother or any role unless we are there for ourselves?Everything else is coming from ego, either pleasing or trying to get their love ,and eventually you will burn out or crack cause it's exhausting keeping it up.
.My journey and ego pattern had been to get love on the outside,I would try try and try, sell my soul, achieve, do anything to get this love. Often I would burn out which many people are experiencing these days. My candida ,which I asked for a year ago, was this journey of burn out and learning to get my no stronger. It was showing me ways in which my ego was still running me. It also gave me deep compassion for people who had to experience pain in their bodies. I had never been through problems with my physical health and life taught me many things on this path. It was the hardest thing in the world for a foodie like myself, but an incredible learning. The body will tell you what you need to learn and how many times do we ignore it. Right now I have had a pain in my heart so deep, couldn't sleep last night and it has been there for 2 days and I couldn't get the message. On doing a reading it was about the oil of communication. It was telling me to stop, and do this article, and I was looking for who I wasn't being true to in communication and finally truly got this message. As I write right now this pain is slowly subsiding. To think I was nearly ready to go to the doctor.


Everything that happens to you in life is a gift for your soul to deepen – listen to your body!


Forgiveness is so important to clear your soul. It is not easy and can be more painful than the wound. But to have true peace we have to forgive the souls of the people who wronged us. Weare not forgiving their actions.

This was truly hard for me to forgive my ex husband who won custody of my child and harassed me for 10 years after from his pain of me leaving him. But when his soul appeared and communicated that he was devastated that I left him, I could understand why he was so bitter and angry with me. On forgiving his soul my victim story was over from that dayand life changed so deeply

. Often when I am doing the journey here at Shunyata the forgiveness isn't always easy for people, thank god for doterra and their new blend of forgivenss, they smell that and we break through authentically. This sets you free totally and you are supported.  You are forgiving for yourself to be free.

The next topic I want to talk about is prayer and gratefulness. I was asked recently to speak about a prayer around gratefulness and realised that how can you describe this that is the same. You are genuinely grateful when your ego gets out of the way. You don't pray for a million $, you notice what amazingness you have in your life and give gratitude to this. This is prayer. You notice it is not you that has given this to you, it is all of your teachers, your family, your life, your loved ones and everything that has made you who you are today.

Recently on going to the oneness university in India, I named my higher power Sweet Laxmi Divine – sweet to soften me when I am hard on myself, Laxmi for the goddess of abundance as I have had to truly know what abundance is beyond money and divine for the feminine form. I give thanks to her everyday.


There are only 2 ways to live – you can live as if nothing is a miracle or everything is a miracle


My deepest prayer is that people come to get to know who they truly are, their essence, thei rhigher self and dedicate their life to this truth and drop the veils of illusion and denial, that is living from the mind and the ego and share their purpose or their gift with the world.


It is your birthright to be happy and my deepest prayer is  that all beings be free and live from causeless joy

Today I am living the life of my dreams after deeply transforming on the inside, doing the work I love, travelling the world and touching people with a deep love and would want this
for you too

If you want to come and experience a one on one retreat at Shunyata or contact Paru to do a talk in New Zealand please email



Goddesses Never Age - They just grow Wise & Radiant - 3rd Mar 2016

Goddesses Never Age - They just grow Wise & Radiant

Emotional and Spirtual Healing in New Zealand

Wow I was just walking down the beach on the gold coast and saw this blonde lady running towards me and she looked amazing, slim, blonde and fit but she wasn't smiling. She didn'tlook like she was enjoying this run and I knew that I wouldn't swap my body with hers ever.I realised that radiance comes from a smile within. Doesn't matter what your body shape is, how old you are but that radiance comes from the inside out. My smile means more to me than a perfect body.

“We are not held back by the love we didn't receive in the past, but by the love we're not extending in the present.” 
― Marianne Williamson

I see balance in all things. I am connected to the feminine. I create life Clary Sage

Next year I am 60 and friends keep reminding me to say this year 59 but I feel so blessed to
be arriving at 60 knowing that I regret nothing. I know I have outlived my mother by 10 years,
as she lived till 75 but had her first stroke at 50 and stopped really living. She suffered for 25 years and left me a legacy to live her passion and not her suffering.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, 'Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?' Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”  Marianne Williamson

How old do you truly feel? Do you feel like a goddess? Do you sometimes wake up feeling fat,
old and wrinkly? My advice to you is change mirrors. Some mirrors lie like google sometimes

I am valued just as I am, I speak my worth . I am cherished Myrrh

Wouldn't you like to be more happy, connected and empowered in your life?

It has been a year now since I discovered doterra essential oils and everyday this is deepening.
There is an oil for everything and their new emotional blends are to die for.
Motivate to promote feelings of confidence when working on a project.
Cheer to promote feelings of optimism.
Passion to connect you to your creativity
Forgive to help you to move on renew and start again
Console to help you with grief and sadness

now tell me you never feel these feelings. Imagine this beautiful natural plant delicious oil
by your side to help you in everyday life. Yum – how can you live without them.

“The practice of forgiveness is our most important contribution to the healing of the world.” 
― Marianne Williamson

Doterra CPTG certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils represent the safest and most beneficial oils available in the world today. For an oil to be so pure they have to be
Pure and natural, free from fillers or artiifical ingredients, no dilution.
Free of contaminants, pesticides or chemical residues and rigorously tested for standards of chemical composition.
Sourced by global network of oil chemists and gowers to grow in ideal environments and harvested at the right time.

Wouldn't you like to be more happy, connected and empowered in your life?

Most of us are living in our lower selves and in fear not love. This I call is our ego patterns and keep repeating the same stuff.This is not energising, empowering or helping our radiance and wisdom. This is not helping us to wake up in the morning in awe of another day. This is not helping us to be grateful for an incredible life. How much do you truly love yourself? Are
you still holding on to the martyr syndrome and taking care of everyone else? Do you feel exhausted, burnt out and tired. So many of my clients have shut down on life and this is taking
their life force.

My body functions at its greatest potential, I see myself clearly, I claim the brilliance of who I am

Are you living the hours of a yogi to feel energised and happy. These hours are early to bed and early to rise. Do you know yourself truly, what are your high energy times to get things done.
Do you have a connection with a higher power to ask for help when things don't go right.
What do you truly want for yourself in this life?
If you got that what would it give you?
What are you avoiding?

My inner strength is revealed in me. I feel expansive passion for life. I am renewed
Cinnamon Bark

Most woman are going to get a reading to decide what to do with their lives. They trust the
psychic more than they trust their own knowing. If you don't wake up every day loving your
job, leave it. If you are sick of being there for everyone else stop and start self caring. If you
don't feel happy in your relationship – leave and start over. Stop lying to yourself – 90% of the lies are lies we tell ourselves. Get out of the illusion and get real. Life is too short to be repeating the
same shit different day.

If you want abundance in your life – start living from your higher self and connecting to a higher
power and create magic. Open up to receive if all you do is give. Ego is edging god out,
surrender is letting god or magic in. You chose.

I am alert and aware of all around me. I am focused, I recall information easily Peppermint

Learn from your parents mistakes. Realise that what you hated in them you are repeating in life
and stop the cycle before you pass it on to your own children. Take up a passion like salsa or tango and bring back the joy. Play with children and be childlike.

I am grounded – I am connected to my body. I have my feet planted firmly in my purpose Vertiver

Paru will be running goddess days throughout New Zealand to empower women to start over using doterra pure essential oils -email  and if you want to order these oils
go to


Relationship Coach - Couples Rekindling Retreat - 7th Feb 2016

Relationship Coach - Couples Rekindling Retreat


Do your love your partner but feel something is blocking this love?
Do you long to come back to when you first met and resparkle that intimacy?
Are you needing some clear, integral, honest relationship counselling suited only for you?
Are you sick and tired of the same old patterns in intimacy and willing to change and therefore deepen in your ability to love?
Are you wanting to leave the relationship in a conscious unconditional loving way that nurtures
both of you and your children?
Maybe you're going through menopause or mid life crisis & needing to get clear on your needs
at this time?
Which way do you deal with conflict in the relationship, fight, flight or freeze?


Then Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa is the place for you.

Here you will learn to love yourself so you can overflow with love for another This is
true unconditional love.

“ Self love is an ocean and your heart is a vessel. Make it full and any excess will spill over to the people you hold dear.  But you must come first"

No-one ever told us how to self care and be authentic.  But as my teacher said
"Society is the cult".

Imagine leaving the stresses of life behind and being nurtured and cared for in a gorgeous
ocean view setting and fed delicious food and not lifting a finger. Being seen and
listened to with non judgement and nourished body, mind and soul back to love.

We will be doing yoga and meditation daily, looking at ego patterns that keep repeating
in our lives and coming home to our hearts and our higher selves in between beautiful
body work sessions and ozone saunas drinking in the views.

Relationship Coach in New Zealand

Paru is deeply passionate about re-invigorating relationshps that have lost their spark.
She brings a fresh approach to nurturing intimacy between individuals that works
deeper than the mind. Taking you to a deep heart and soul connection, back to your
authentic self.  We cannot be in relationship while ego is running us. It works for a short
while (honeymoon) then eventually you crash and all the pain of the childhood wounds
come up when your partner is not meeting your needs.   Sound familiar!!!!!!!!!!!
Find your authentic self and love from there and you will rise in love instead of falling.

Paru has worked for 11 years with couples from all over the world and whether you
want to deepen the love or consciously uncouple – your unique needs are accommodated
in a one on one retreat basis.

Her background includes 30 years in development
  • Training with David Deida in Byron Bay
  • Full time accredited Journey Practitioner
  • Cranio-sacral and Aromatouch trained practitioner
  • Yoga teacher trained in India
  • Sexuality & Tantra counseller

Some people charge $2,000 per day for this coaching

5 days not $5,000 but $2,500 for 2 people

  • Journey work (cellular healing)
  • Ozone Saunas
  • Aromatherapy Massage and cranio sacral balancing
  • Yoga and Meditation daily
  • Delicious but healthy food cooked with love
  • Aromatherapy emotional reading for subconscious blocks
  • Decadent 3 course romantic dinner to finish (special food needs catered with love)

All set overlooking the ocean in gorgeous Diamond Harbour (the untouched paradise)
in Banks Peninsular with great coastal walks

Some Trip Advisor Comments from Couples
  • Blissfully Relaxing & Inspiring
  • Words cannot express - We are talking
  • A unique &  utterly unforgettable Retreat
  • Amazing couples retreat with a personal touch

Paru will soon be a celebrant to offer this work with entering into a commitment

Email to book your spot before  or call Paru 
03 3294773


On Holiday - Need for doterra essential oils - 1st Feb 2016

On Holiday  - Need for doterra essential oils

Best Essential Oils in New Zealand

Just returned from a gorgeous week up north and was so so happy to have taken my oils with me.

To start the journey driving 7hours north I put some peppermint in my drinking water and balance
on my feet to keep my emotions in bay. Peppermint can be cooling for anger and when it is very hot. Also deep blue rub to cool you down I cannot stress enough how amazing balance has been
to keep me grounded and emotions at bay (being a very high and low person). This oil is amazing.


On the way up there our fellow passenger had adult chickenpox so I dosed her up with On Guard
to build her immune and put some lavender on her skin. Go to the our latest facebook page
xfactor essential oils for wellness and if you have not asked to be joined let me know.
This will tell you the breakdown of this amazing blend and what it does for our immune. My
immune was always low and now with frankincense on the roof of the mouth every day my
immune rocks. Won't be picking up those viruses going around. What can we say about lavender – well stops itches, helps all skin issues and the amazing oil for relax and sleep.

On arrival in Nelson after the festival and with all the noise – Serenity helped me go off to a lovely

On Saturday at the festival a little boy had a fall and hurt his back so amazing I had brought the
deep blue rub so rubbed this in with the deep blue oil and in 10 mins he was up and running around.

Off to Abel Tasman and one of the children couldn't sleep so helped her with serenity and lavender.
Another little girl started to get scared after a movie and the beautiful console emotional oil calmed
her and lavender helped her sleep.

On the way back on the west coast was always getting eaten alive with sandflies so put on terrashield and was amazed that I wasn't hardly bitten.

On the return I couldn't understand what had happened with my knee when I got up for my walk (real pain deep into the bone) and so rubbed in the deep blue and gone then a friend was going through painful arthritis in the ankle so left him some deep blue.

It's been a year now and how did I ever survive without my oils. Life happens and we never
know what it is going to bring – so such a relief to know there is an oil for everything and this
is just the physical side. The emotional healing and balance of emotions that I feel are beyond

I simply love love love these oils and hopefully you can try them too

email to find out how you can get them or tel 03 3294773

Emotional Healing leads to Physical healing - 26th Dec 2015

Why Doterra Essential  Oils


Understanding that ALL physical illness begins as an energetic imbalance is important. Illness and disease begins in the energetic body and if not corrected in time, will eventually move into the physical body as symptoms of a disease or illness. Chinese medicine has known and addressed this for years, but identifying imbalances in the energetic body and addressing them BEFORE they become physical illness. Things always happen on an inner level, before they appear on the outer level. Issues even from childhood, stored trauma, fear, anxieties, anger and such can create energetic imbalances that have profound effects on health and wellbeing if left unchecked.

We spend a great deal of time immersing ourselves into work, TV, activities and staying busy, which often provides us with ample distractions that keep us from ever having to look inside and the emotional and energetic imbalances deep within. This is why so many individuals have difficulty with quiet time. Far too much on the mind and most prefer to not be left alone with their thoughts and when the mind is full of fear, doubt and judgement, then the emotions are not met and cleared from the body.

We are living from our lower self, ego The ego is ,which you think is you. It's unconscious. It's your separation from your true self. Undo the false you and the real you shines which is effortless. Undoing your ego gives you a way home.

Essential oils are vibrational medicine, which allows us to work on the inner being! There are different frequencies at which illnesses resonate, as well as at which essential oils and other natural remedies resonate. When the body is maintained at a higher frequency or vibration, it is scientifically proven it is no where near as susceptible to illness. Many foods and herbs, even though we know they are good for us, still have a frequency that is far below many illnesses. Essential oils however, resonate at some of the highest frequencies, far above where the human body and even the brain resonates.

If you use essential oils long enough, they will open the door to emotional and inner energetic healing, because they raise the overall frequency that allows you to do that. This is important, as we really can't do a lot of the heavy emotional work until our bodies are healthy enough to withstand it. DoTerra's high vibrational essential oils accelerate the work. If an individual is using essential oils and doing the inner work, their work will go 2 – 3 times more quickly than if they were not using them. The high vibration helps support the physical body, but also the energy body facilitating healing and release.

At Shunyata retreat we specialise in emotional healing with doterra essential oils, The Journey pioneered by Brandon Bays which addresses emotional blocks on a cellular level from childhood.
Paru has been working with people for over 15 years helping them to be with their emotions.
We were never taught at school how to do thi. Depending on our ego type,, some of us numb our emotions, some of us run from them and others use drugs, alcohol and food to push them down. The enneagram addresses which pattern and helps you with awarness to clear and come to live from your higher self.

OnGuard – on the physical level is a protective blend strengthening and protecting our immune system. On the energetic level, it also plays a protective role in shielding from negative energy, codependent relationships, and people that suck your energy! If the immune system is threatened or weakened in any way, we are also more susceptible on energetic and/or spiritual levels. Mind, body and spirit are intimately connected and cannot be separated.

Let's look at the 4 citrus oils and see what role they play in the emotional/energetic body:

Lemon is for the left, analytical brain. Lemon activates the left brain helping us to think, focus, and learn. Perfect for children having difficulty concentrating at school! It also increases memory and improves information recall. Left brain is also connected with our identity or ego, and is related to the stomach, and on a physical level is good for liver, stomach, digestion and alkalizing. On an emotional level, lemon helps support someone who has suffered a trauma and self-identity has been damaged and can help rebuild the self-image.

Bergamot is similar to lemon, but is actually more related to self worth.

Wild Orange is for the right, creative brain. It activates creative thought & spontaneity. It helps to connect us to your inner child and to be optimistic and hopeful. It's an oil of abundance.

Lemon and Wild Orange are great used together, to support both sides simultaneously. Since the right side of the brain controls the left side of the body and vice versa, you would want to use Wild Orange on the left side of the body and Lemon on the right side to balance those hemispheres. You can even do them on your temples. They can be used over the stomach, on the bottoms of the feet, or simply inhaled or diffused.

Lime oil is for the heart. Lime helps us to cleanse the issues from the heart if there is grief, sadness, trauma, and/or depression in the heart, it can help dislodge that and facilitate movement and release. It also helps us to look at our inner motives, to see if our intentions are clear and pure. Lime also fills us with a zest for life!

Grapefruit is for the body. Grapefruit is fantastic for cravings of any kind. Many people use grapefruit to lose weight and help slim the body, but often misuse it in terms of judgment of their body to change it. They don't realize they could be using it to align with integrity in their bodies. Intention is important here. Grapefruit is really more about coming into integrity with the body and honoring the body, learning how to listen to its subtle messages. In doing this, we then can begin to have more
control over our weight, fitness and other areas we may have been seeking grapefruit to regulate. In our modern culture, we have not learned how to listen to our body when it's tired, when we're hungry, when we need certain nutrients. When dealing with addictions, place grapefruit directly on the forehead or brow for great results. The pineal and pituitary glands have easier access here, directly above the bridge of the nose (3rd eye), where as the hippocampus can be addressed better above the brows, and the hypothalamus covers the majority of the remainder of the top of the forehead. So when covering that whole forehead area, you are really better accessing all of the glands of the brain.

An awesome oil to use for this also is Imortelle. Highest vibrational oils on the planet all packed into one oil! It's incredible for brain function and all the glands.

If we use all of these citrus oils together, we can support each of these physical, emotional and energetic levels!

Another fantastic oil for emotional work is Cypress. Cypress is connected to the element of water. Cypress supports an individual who is either stuck, stagnant, or blocked in their emotional life and it's VERY powerful in this way. If you use it on a regular basis, you will notice a surge of emotions coming to the surface. Each individual has has experienced negative things in their life that become buried deep below the surface that to some degree are covered in a ring of amnesia, if you will.
Although we may not be aware of it, they effect us day to day on every level. It effects us physically, by not address our emotional issues. If effects us emotionally, if we don't feel the negative emotions that are trapped there, it creates a numbness that impacts our emotional range, which becomes increasingly narrow. Doing emotional work allows us to expand our emotional range, not just in
terms of vocabulary, but in terms of feeling and depth. In allowing ourselves to feel the negative sides of emotion, such as anger or pain, we also allow ourselves to then feel those opposites, such as
true joy and happiness, which many of us have never truly experienced. In our culture today, we actually numb, subdue and even medicate out our abilities to feel emotions such as joy and happiness. So unlike medications, essential oils do not make the problems go away, they do not fix you, THEY SUPPORT YOU in your emotional work! They don't, however, do your emotional work for you,
they support, supplement and quicken it, even 2 – 3 times as quickly. If you use essential oils and do not address your emotional issues, they will not make things any better. In fact, they may make
you more uncomfortable, as they invite emotional release. Put cypress on the kidneys, because the kidneys are responsible for the flow of water throughout the body. In Chinese medicine, the kidneys are also a meridian that is responsible for removing toxins and negative energy out of the system. You can also place cypress on the feet or simply inhale or diffuse it. Be mindful and careful not to project
what is coming up towards anyone else when using cypress. As the emotions come up, it is easier to become angry if you do not recognize the source of your current feeling state.

In emotional healing work, there is something called catharsis, where we re-experience something from the past that was once hurtful, traumatic, or painful. When we re-experience this in the present, it is able to release from the cellular memory of the body and from the energy or emotional body itself, bringing permanent healing to that issue, meaning NOT something that continues to come up again and again later. In this way, cypress oil causes emotional catharsis. This is not an oil to play around with, it's for those who mean business and want to get to the core issues that are keeping them stuck.

Lavender is an excellent oil for supporting the voicing of our emotions. It's also important as we
learn to deal with our emotions, that we learn how to put them into appropriate language, which happens in the throat chakra. We have a tendency to not speak what we feel, as our culture is not necessarily supporting of transparency, vulnerability and honesty about feelings.
It rather teaches us to mask and hide true feelings. When we are uncomfortable, our throat completely shuts down, not allowing us to verbally express our true feelings and emotions, especially when fear
is present. One of the greatest tools in emotional healing is to begin the process of writing, or journaling, which gives emotional voice to what you are feeling and begins to open the throat. Lavender supports this process. Lavender calms fears, it calms hypertension, hyperactivity, it's relaxing, but it is also specifically for opening the throat, and giving courage and strength to the individual who needs to voice what they feel. Put lavender on the throat for great results.

Geranium is often called the emotional healer because of its powerful resonance with the heart. Geranium is also called “poor man's rose”, as it is similar in properties to rose. Geranium is great for expecting mothers, in that is opens and prepares the heart for acceptance and love of the coming child. It's great also to use with infants and children, to keep the heart open and not effected by negative influences. Geranium is especially good though for opening and restoring a heart that has been injured or traumatized. It's one of the greatest facilitators of doing inner child work, or regression work. The heart is something that needs to be healed within each of us. Put geranium on the heart for great results.

There are often many people who ask about supporting issues such as addiction, depression and anxiety. While there are certainly oils that can support those issues, it's very important to realize that these issues are not the real problem, they are just symptoms of the problem that is much, much deeper. Much of what is medicated today are actually symptoms of much deeper emotional and spiritual imbalances that have remained unaddressed. If we would be willing to go to those deepest levels and heal those issues on the deeper levels, we would find those symptoms disappearing in almost every case. This is a continual process, and not a one-time venture! There are MANY physical issues that just cannot be healed in any other way. ALL (Yes I did say all!) physical issues are symptoms of deeper imbalances, when if addressed, we find those physical symptoms going away.

Here are just a few examples of how traumas in birth can effect our later lives. We often don't connect the behaviors we display throughout our lives as related necessarily to anything. Here are some specific examples that have been scientifically tied to birth traumas and issues in later life.

Children who were late, in other words born significantly after their due dates, will often find the behavior throughout their lives of running late for many things.

The umbilical cord is only supposed to be cut AFTER it stops pulsing, after delivery. As long as the cord is still pulsing, there is still a need for that child to be attached to the mother. In infants whose cords were cut while still pulsing, there is often found a lacking mentality, such as “there's not enough for me” or “there's not enough nourishment”, which can then physically carry over to malnutrition issues and smaller frames. These are just 2 examples, but there are things that happen throughout our childhood that play a role in how we perceive and respond to things. Everything in our lives happens from what we experienced in childhood, as it creates a lens through which we view everything else that happens in our lives. So in essence, what we do in emotional work is re-confront those things and ask ourselves is it true. There are some views that are developed in childhood that do not serve us well in adulthood, otherwise we can become isolated. Even periods while in the womb, the baby is aware of environmental stressors and issues and will often take on many of the issues of the mother.

So many of you may be asking how we can help our children heal and not be impacted by these things that might effect them later in life in negative ways. The short answer is the best way to help your children is to do your work on yourself! Many parents are willing to pay thousands of dollars a month for supplements, interventions and therapies for their children, yet when they are asked to be a part of the emotional work and healing themselves, they will not comply. They are willing to pay for assistance for their children, but are not willing to change themselves to help their children, which is very sad, as those changes in the parents, as they do their own emotional work, will give way to helping their children in dealing with their own. The issue here is that these children can be treated in facilities that have the supportive environment to address their issues, but as soon as they are put back in the home, they will become just as sick again in most cases.

This is not to be said that there is guilt and/or blame for the parents, as that's not in any way helpful. What is helpful is to be able to look a the issues, acknowledge them, and then ask how we can make it different from here on out. How can we change in order to support our children? Parents will quickly find that as they begin to work on their own issues, they will begin to see changes happening in their children as well. Much of this has to do with the energetic shift that happens in an environment where people begin the process of true healing, and it does effect others in the same environment.

We can be supporting our children with essential oils though, which can nurture their hearts and spirits. Many times when the parents are numb and medicated, there is no “connection” with the child, and the child goes through life building a framework and a belief system that says “I'm all alone and I have to do everything alone and for myself”. You can even look at these children at an early age, and rather than looking vibrant and alive as a child should, they actually look sad and beaten up! This is the impact that these early belief systems have in their lives and are often carried into adulthood, because they are never recognized, addressed, healed and released. Essential oils can begin the healing process. They can nurture and support. It's a good thing to come out of the dark of denial on the emotional level, but WITHOUT judging or guilting ourselves about it, as that serves no one. Using oils on your children, or even other family members or friends, also provides physical contact and affection, that is significantly lacking in today's environment. But the oils themselves are also nurturing the mind, the heart, and the body.

Many children who were adopted from orphanages or foster homes that have issues with abuse, abandonment, and/or other self-identity and worth issues would be geranium. Geranium has the ability to connect individuals with their heart and begin nurturing and healing that heart. Much of this will also depend on some of the deeper root issues of course, but some of the other oils that come to mind would be Myrrh, which is all about connection to the earth and mothering energy, and for someone suffering from attachment issues. Marjoram is also incredible for individuals with some attachment issues and those who are a bit aloof and closed off in their heart in a way where they do not want to connect to people and seem a bit cold. It helps them to connect more fully with life and with other people.

** Please remember more is not better! Sometimes it's better to use a small amount of oil to go to the deeper levels than to use far too much and overwhelm the system!

In terms of oil placement, here are few things to think about. We have spoken already about placing oils on the forehead, heart, kidneys and stomach. Some of the other areas of placement, though this is in no way an exhaustive list (Use them where they make sense!) would be the back of the neck, which is tied to inflexibility, whether in thought, rigidity, holding onto ideas and only wanting to do things in one way, this shows up in stiff necks. A fluid and loose neck shows openness to new ideas. The front of the neck is more connected with communication. The feet are an incredible place to use the oils. They help with connecting us to our lower bodies, connecting us to the earth, but they also act on reflexology as well, so you can address every organ and gland in the body all through the feet.

TerraShield literally wards off pests! In the physical body, it's used for a bug repellant on our bodies, it is also emotionally a “bug repellant” and plays a role in protecting us, especially with people who are attaching to us.

There are certain personality types, sensitive and empathic, that feel really vulnerable and don't like public places, they don't really like being around people, TerraShield and OnGuard are excellent oils for them because of their protective nature.

Individuals who may have bi-polar or an aggressive or violent behavior are often judged, or put into therapy or centers where they are told “don't do that” or “that's bad behavior”. What serves them much better is recognizing that these behaviors are actually symbolic of other underlying issues and they are giving us information through their actions that can help us to help them address the underling problem on the deeper level. Often, to the degree people are violent, they often feel violated in one way or another. For instance, a child can love a parent dearly, and yet have another part of themselves that suffers from a trauma or negative incident that is still impacting them. These displays of violence are generally displays of anger and hurt. Anger is one of the most important issues to address when dealing with emotional issues. Rather than trying to shut the anger down, it's better to try and find a channel for it in a healthy outlet. Writing, communicating and learning how to let that out makes incredible strides. Depression is often linked to suppressed anger. Often when anger is thoroughly addressed, violence and depression will lift.

Obviously lavender is incredibly in helping individuals to learn to communicate their anger and feelings. In terms of bringing it forward and allowing the body to begin cleansing it, lemongrass is a highly cleansing oil. It really helps placing these over the liver, as the liver is the anger center of the body. Supporting the liver can really help in releasing these kinds of issues.

Stress and Happiness - 6th Oct 2015

Stress and Happiness

  "Why am I not Happy?" Why I should come on Retreat and find who I truly Am.

There are many possible answers to your question: "Why am I not happy?", here are some of the most common ones:
1) You are not living the life that you would really like to live. You are running away from who you really are. You are living in your lower self not your higher self.As soon as you have to sit down and be quiet with yourself, you have to do something. Ever have that feeling?
2) You are doing rather than being. You have forgotten how to just be. Running round stressed and not taking time out for yourself.
3) You are not listening to your heart. You have shut yourself down from your true nature, from your heart. Most of us are living from the mind which is fear, doubt and judgement.?Does it seem selfish to take time out for yourself? To self care is the most important thing and society has said it is selfish.
4) You are trying to please everybody else, but yourself.You may not even realize it, but everybody else is more important than you. Are people telling you that?
5) You don't believe in yourself. You may think you are a failure and you always have a negative self talk going on. You may even be a perfectionist (without even knowing it). You are just never good enough for yourself and the other people just know so much more than you. How can you be happy when you are never good enough?
6) You are blaming yourself for something.
7) You are blaming somebody else for something.
8) You have a hidden, deep down anger about something, somebody. 
All of these things cause stress in our bodies and there is then work stress, money stress, toxic stress and how can our bodies truly function.
So How Do I Get Happy, You May Ask?
First, you have to be able to quiet yourself down, be completely honest with yourself to actually find the exact answer for yourself. You already know. The answer is inside you. Can you quiet yourself down enough to hear it?
The other part of the answer is quite straightforward. Just be with yourself. Be with your pain, be with your anger -- cry, yell, write, run, whatever you need to do, but please let go off old emotions, old anger, old blame, anything old. Also let go off imperfections. Start to live a new life. Every day is a wonderful opportunity to start a new. Nobody has ever told us how to be with our emotions, they are screaming to be heard.

You may as well start liking yourself, you wake up with yourself every day. You can change jobs, friends, partners, cities, towns, etc, but not yourself, sorry.
I believe the most important love affair of your life should be one with yourself.
Love yourself, appreciate yourself, be grateful for everything that you have. Focus on what is good and working in your life and not on what isn't.
Daily Practices

Be grateful.
Practice yoga or your chosen exercise
Be kind to Yourself.
Spend some time with children (to remind us of our innocence)
Follow your 3 passions in life and get balance

If you need help with getting back on track – this moment is all there is

Wake up and Make a Difference - 6th Sep 2015

Wake up and Make a Difference


Today is father's day and because I have met the pain I felt from my father in childhood I can celebrate him and feel so grateful for his teaching.  He taught me success and I truly love him deeply even though I felt deep pain from his actions.  If anyone has seen the movie of Amy Whitehouse you will see her deepest wound was also abandonement from her father and if she had done the work on that wound she wouldn't have ended up a tragic drug addict and had such a tragic life and could have lived her truly amazing potential as a jazz singer and given back to the world.   Most addicts covering the deep wound. but  we are all sitting with that deep wound usually from childhood and you can be set free and have a second chance to start over with The Journey


Don't you want to live your highest potential in this life?
Are you sick of doing the same old same old and getting the same results?
Do you know that you have help to get rid of these repetitive patterns from childhood?

You can chose – stay living in your shadow, your lower or egoic self or come home to
your deepest potential. Many people who start a search or a spiritual journey might dabble in
yoga and mindfulness but never really jump off the cafe on the edge beyond their fears into a love that is beyond romantic love, a love that brings true peace, a love that is not dependent on
anything on the outside.

Sometimes we are truly lucky and get a wake up call. But really we have to be sick of living
in mediocrity. Yes I feel for the Syrian refugees and feel that as a one nation we should all do
our bit and living in a country like New Zealand we can take them and give them a chance.
But reading the sunday paper this morning – more alarming to me is the number of children in our country still being born to addicts, still being beaten by parents following the childhood that they had and using violence with innocent little beings. The journey work I do works with childhood traumas and I know all too well the damage done to my inner child growing up in an alcoholic household but luckily I had a wake up call to clear it out and start helping other people. Are you just going to stand back and continue living a life in mediocrity? I feel on fire with passion for us all to do something to clear out our shit and get on and make a difference. Yes I do it with love and who is to say that love can't have the energy of kali and the energy of impatience. We live in paradise and yet people are at war in their heads. Do they know that the mind is full of fear, doubt and suffering and yet 90% of us live from that place. Do people realise that 90% of the lies we tell are what we tell to ourselves owing to a life of illusion and denial. This is all the lower egoic self and we all have this ego and some of it can be healthy to survive but have you ever questioned your flavour of it and how it is affecting the people around you. It is an automatic pilot running you and causing you deep suffering and you deny also that you suffer.

Bene Brown has hit the spotlight in America for uncovering how much of us are living in shame. What about abandonment, guilt, repressed anger, la la land and all that is not real. How is that
affecting our children? We are passing on what we learnt unless we bring awareness to it what is
not our true selves and what is. Imagine if we were all living from our purpose, our true selves,
we would be serving humanity. We wouldn't feel alone and separate, we would know our life purpose and we would step up and make sure New Zealand take more refugees if we have our own back yards cleaned up.

How much longer are we going to live in the grit and not uncover the pearl of our hearts and souls and make a difference in this world. I always loved The Invitation but know that the gift of my ego is to dynamically deliver hopefully inspiration and can't hold back. At the Oneness university last year where 2 million people have awakened – Bhagavan wants us all to form our higher powers and have this amazing connection. Mine is called
sweet (for softness),
laxmi (for an abundance that is beyond money)
divine (for the feminine form of god)

What would yours be called? What is your pearl and how are you going to live it?

I have had at least 5 people I know in my field of my age just die in their sleep of late – tomorrow
might be too late for you to go to your death and made a difference.

Come come come to the edge – come to the edge – he pushed she flew!

It's time to be the best you can possibly be and touch that higher self inside of you. You are held,
you are loved, loving and lovable and when we touch this place the world benefits. Jump beyond your doubting mind, your fears and fall into a love that you will never forget.

If you  want to jump call Paru 03 3294773 or email

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