New Video released on Shunyata - 12th Apr 2020


Retreat NZ

People who know me or not , people who have been to Shunyata or not, from my heart to yours I have this video. I am so happy this was done before Lock Down and in the collaboration of doing it with my beautiful friend Monique and her boyfriend Alex – the most amazing camerman, who loves his creativity like I do,we had so much fun, laughter, healing and great food making it.It seems like a distant memory since all of this covid19 stuff going on, but it has kept me going and for this I feel so grateful. Ihope you enjoy this and share it
with your friends who could benefit with the work at Shunyata if they live in New Zealand after lockdown.

How are you all in this time? My heart is with you for whatever is going on but one thing I always remember is “Everything that comes to us is a gift from God” and we will see why this needed to happen for our gorgeous mother earth. Whether you believe the conspiracies or not, this  is not about beliefs, my work is for your growth and where you will go after this time. I hope from the deepest part of my heart that your soul is stretched and your heart muscle is also stretched, cause all there is is love. I hope you are ready for self enquiry and feel not too bad in the unknown.

Yes I feel blessed for all I have and for how I have been taken care of and grateful for the work I have done
continuously on myself that helps me in these testing times.. Maybe that is not where you are at, but I promise you if you don’t see it now, you will see the gift eventually. You will strengthen in your sovereignty and know what and who to trust. You will know the truth within your soul.

What is happening is 80% of the trauma that is coming up now is past trauma. 20% only is attributable to this COVID19..

Everything we do here at Shunyata will help this.
If it is physical, the ozone sauna which is proven – breaks viruses.
The stress it brings up with the body work - being essential oil massage or craniosacral balancing.
The emotional work with the enneagram and the journey for the past traumas and emotional balancing and for getting clear for the your next step.
Yoga for the breath and calming and of course meditation.
Our survival mechanisms are being triggered which are the enneagram types – so presence, self love and compassion are needed and this is what this work has given me.

My daily routine involves

1. Some form of exercise and connection with nature, the earth that loves you.  I love dancing wildly in the morning, yoga and walks.

2. A balance of doing with jobs to get done and being, just stopping and being still.

3. A form of giving back – I love cooking for the neighbours and blogs & posts on fb.

4. Some form of creativity – mine is updating website & cooking.and exploring new healthy recipes.

5. Following your passions and giving them to self – music, growth and food.I am doing Expand Your Ability to Love Through the Enneagram 

6. Healthy body, mind and soul – minimalise news feed – just enough to keep informed doing healthy eating plan.

7. Finding time to speak truth and sharing with loved ones from your heart, the vulnerable place, all that has not been dealt with in busyness of life. Increase connection for deeper intimacy. 
8.  Use essential oils to boost your immune, help in emotional states and just keep your environment pure
and clean and assist with self love  

9. Go into 10 qualities of a person who you want to be and start being that.

How can you get bored. If you are bored with self, what do other people think.

.“In some ways traumas are the keys to your life”. And, “Find a love that isn’t afraid of the trauma”.

On this Journey alone in my gorgeous retreat – I found this amazing video around The Hero’s Journey which will help you at this time and will spark something that you need to do for yourself and your life.  It is
a great watch for 1 hour 20mins that will trigger something inside.  Finding Joe 

Maybe you are wanting to start afresh.
Maybe you can’t go back to the life you were living.

Shunyata is the place where we will hold your hand in love and help you on your next step forward.If you are in New Zealand - very soon this could be your stayvacation for the year and believe me it will be the best one ever.    A vacation where you leave your baggage behind.
We will have the fire going, we will be cooking up a storm, we will meet you where you are at and take you forward to be the best version of you for the future.



1. What is truly happening in your life and what is your enneagram type so I can help you

2. The journey online to clear the block that doesn’t shift

3. How I can help you move forward in your life in your emotional and physical way.


ANOTHER HUGE NAMASTE - I greet the highest part of you and look forward to meeting you
or seeing you again

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Get the Juice Back in your Feminine Being with Shunyata & Doterra - 27th Feb 2020

Get the Juice Back in your Feminine Being with Shunyata & Doterra

Retreat NZ

We, as women, have become very masculinised. What does this mean ?we are competung with men in the workforce, Success is being revered and we are in the mode of doing all the time.We have become too busy in life and have no time to slow down and self nurture.

Your sexual energy, if alive, is your life force, your kundalini your health and vitality.  If this is healthy then making love is the sacred union between two souls, where when you orgasim, you lose yourself, your ego and connect with the one.  Why wouldn't you want this for  yourself.
There is so much more to sex than people are experiencing.and when we are own our rightful core, then we can experience the wonder of this.

The qualities of the feminine are needed back into our lives nd bodies for us to truly radiate as light and feminine beings

they are

trust, surrender, patience, receptivity, being instead of doing.

A beautiful woman who is rested, feels pleasure in her body, has a balance in life of work and pleasure can radiate light to the world and heal the world with her love and heart. So what is stopping you living this juicy feminine in your life?

Relationships are breaking down and many woman are ending up with feminine parts being damaged by such things as endometriosis, cysts on ovaries and women are not having pleasure in their sexuality owing to:

1. accumulated hurts and shutdown
2. Sexual trauma
3. Shame around their sexuality
4. Lack of body love
5. Disconnection from their feminine parts.

Which of these are keeping you from living a juicy feminine life?

It’s time to come home to the radiance  of you as a woman to share love with the world!


I am post menopausal and felt that my journey began with the catholic upbringing of shame.I felt sexual and felt bad about it. I didn’t realise going to Osho, when he had left his body,in the 90’s that I was deconstructing that shame into lifeforce, kundalini and went on a mad journey of finding god through sex. Living in Byron at the time, I was blessed to have David Deida shift our community from hardened woman and wimpy men, and after 4 years in a  feminine group doing  integrity work – I came home to open Shunyata. I found this gorgeous feminine side and felt blessed.

So for 13 years now I have been helping couples in their relationships and single women own back their feminine core, through the enneagram and thejourneymethod (the most powerful therapy  for sexual abuse) and recently the most gorgeous pure essential oils with doterra.

So if you can't make A Return to Love retreat with your beloved or Ultimate Bliss on your own
at Shunyata before the end of June when I will leave for the summer, do yourself a favour and get the book DEAR LOVER from David Deida and get these amazing oils wholesale on my
website or email me @

Cinnamon – The oil of sexual harmony – supports body love and sexual abuse

Rose/Neroli/Jasmine – the delicious feminine oils for the heart (especially rose touch) - watch this amazing video on feminine juicyness and doterra Dr Zia Nix only she is the best.

Passion – say no more to rekindle feelings of excitement, passion and joy.

Whisper –  divine feminine. This oil will replace your perfume and I guarantee you won’t go back. It is the blend for femininity, and wearing it will help you balance your masculine and feminine energy. If you’ve been rejecting your femininity and not accepting that beautiful, natural, creative part of yourself – than this is your oil to start to embrace and awaken it.

 ClaryCalm – This oil is amazing.l! Our very own women’s blend for women experiencing irregular or lack of cycle, hormonal breakouts, extra heavy flow or ridiculous cramping/bloating/gas. known as ‘The Oil of Vulnerability’ because it supports us during our most sensitive and emotional time of the month, and through our transition into menopause.

Geranium – This beauty in a bottle helps stimulate the adrenal cortex – which assists with balancing and regulating our hormones, as well as relieving anxiety and stress relief. This is a gentle oil that can be used with bubba’s too. Geranium helps us trust, forgive, open  up, and is a Queen oil for healing the heart.

 Ylang Ylang – “Oil of the Inner Child” Encourages freedom, playfulness, heart-healing and joy. Helps you drop into your playful, light-hearted self and assists in connecting you to your intuition and your ‘hearts knowing’.






Happy Valentines Day - Win 2 Tickets to Banks Peninsula Festival - 14th Feb 2020

Happy Valentines Day - Win 2 Tickets to Banks Peninsula Festival

Want to join us in gorgeous Orton Bradley Park

Just post your experience of Shunyata Retreat/Day Spa facebook page

Hope to see you there - will be doing a great talk about Empowerment and Resilience at 11.30am

and be in the draw to win a GIRLS DAY OUT when you come by our stall - so excited as Orton Bradley is such a beautiful setting

love the peninsula - love shunyata - love life - love cacao with maca for causeless joy

ADDICTION - - Where to next after the 12 Step Programme and the detox - 12th Feb 2020

ADDICTION -  - Where to next after the 12 Step Programme and the detox


one of the best you tube interviews but anything with Gabor Mate is true


The recent client came for addiction in February 2020

We went back to discover that it was her sexual abuse that was the main cause of addiction and her soul told her that in the Journey

If Nigella Lawson took drugs, maybe  it was to dull the pain of her husbands death and the control of her new husband.  We are all addicts to hide unmet pain. 

Who am I to  talk about addictions, coming from a family of alcoholism, going out with 2 ex drug addicts and being saved from addiction myself I now run and Health & Healing Retreat in Diamond Harbour, Christchurch New Zealand where we work with the person not the addiction. I have great respect for the 12 step programme but there is the next step beyond – the spiritual awakening, the coming home to yourself,the work after rehab.
The body mind soul detox.

"Not all addictions are rooted in abuse or trauma, but I do believe they can all be traced to painful experience. A hurt is at the centre of all addictive behaviours. It is present in the gambler, the Internet addict, the compulsive shopper and the workaholic and the food addict and in the sex addict as we saw in "Thank you for Sharing".The wound may not be as deep and the ache not as excruciating, and it may even be entirely hidden-but it's there. As we'll see, the effects of early stress or adverse experiences directly shape both the psychology and the neurobiology of addiction in the brain."

Addiction in New Zealand is widespread not only in alcohol, drugs but in food and recently even sugar addiction is common.  What makes an addict?  The most recent amazing book on addiction I have ever read Chasing the Scream by Johann Hari confirmed all my theories on why some people end up addicts and others don't.  It's to do with the childhood wounds and if these are dealt with then the addiction gives them up.

There are so many people addicted to methanphetomine in NZ or P and so far have had amazing success with dealing with the after work .of detox.  Combing Ayurveda, the most ancient form of balancing body, mind and soul, mediation, the journey to deal with childhood trauma or letting go of beliefs and phobias and depression and anxiety and doterra pure essential oils that go beyond the blood brain barrier into the limbic system, there is a lasting shift happening

In the 16 years Shunyata has been open – I have seen many people go into the wounds and the
trauma from childhood.  In the addiction convention, there is an irish lady dealing with ayurveda
balancing the dhoshas and a few people have come off meth after doing this panchakarma.
Combine this with the journey and the enneagram - dealing with the trauma and voila -
I believe that the addiction can leave you.  You can be free and for me this is the most amazing
thing in the world- true freedom.  The beauty of Shunyata is it's very one on one - max 2 people
at a time, so you are met where you are at and not just part of a large group.  Everyone is unique
and their story unique and for this - you matter.

Nobody grows with judgement - we grow with love but it has to be tough love which an addict needs.They need to hear the truth and someone to love them, nurture them but not be sucked in thw lies and the bullshit.   The enneagram work helps to see the patterns of unconcious behaviour. 90% of the lies are the lies we tell ourself and trust me - addicts are great liars.
Combine this with meditation and one of the best NZ Yoga Retreat's and we will get to the core.

There are many parts to addiction Psychological, social, spiritual, physical and biological and it’s important to address each one.
Biological – Detox the liver  or colon with Ayurvedic Detox 
Physical – Can show up as depressed – depression can me unmet feelings 
Socially – marriage falling apart – Return to Love
Spiritual – hole – void – something missing
Emotional sobriety – when you have tried everything on outside – the job shifting the addiction - very important part and this is done at Shunyata with The Journey
Under most addicts there is a great deal self hatred, shame & guilt - the lowest calibre of consciousness so it’s important to meet that. This can be then continued with meditation, mindfulness & prayer.

As Tony Robbins says there are 6 human needs
4 basic
2 spiritual
If 3 or more needs aren’t met – then often addiction will form

1. certaintity comfort survival – god is my rock
2. uncertainty and variety – (need to risk unknown) associate death
3. need for significance or need important or special – always someone more – balance – need to share
4. love and connection – give up love too scary – connection is easier – important


2. Contribution - doing for others.

An addiction with trauma can also be stored in the body and then body cellular healing is important with Cranio Sacral Balancing .When we are disconnected from our true self, our joy – we become addicts to get that. Take away medicine (drug) replace with other tools.

When you leave the addiction & you start turning your gunk into gold you become a recovery alchemist. You have control and miracles start happening. I have met many addicts who then go on to help other addicts and are amazing therapists.

Book your one on one retreat today by calling 0272 777734 or email


How can You Explain the Unexplainable - 7th Feb 2020

How can You Explain the Unexplainable

When I look back over the past 30 years - I believe life gave me a gift of awakening and I feel incredibly grateful to be able to help others with this amazing gift.

What happens at Shunyata cannot be put into words cause it is different for every person. The person is met where they are at , as it's one on one, then we look at what is blocking them with shadow work or unconcious behaviour, and then we go on a guided meditation back to where it first started, maybe i childhood and it is cleared out from the cells.

We are not working with the mind,  which is full of fear doubt and judgement, we are working with the truth of the body – which leads us to the soul. Therefore it is in the cells – it has to be experienced. The mind cannot comprehend and this is why when you do workshops or big retreats, this personal individual work cannot be done.

Would we call it a spiritual  retreat nz yes but many spiritual people have not done the shadow work which is talked about with Ken Wilber – they are not aware of their major issues around their unconcious behaviour and lots of abuse can happen and power issues come up. Also a lot of people have not done childhood trauma work or met feelings like deep sadness, grief and anger – which Dr Gabor Matte talks about.

Paru has been both a workshop junkie, based in Byron Bay, has visited and stayed and studied in Indian ashrams, has continued her upgrading of her body work and consicousness for 30 years now – visiting the best in the world and truly feels that she can help you wherever you are at.  She is a public speaker in both New Zealand and Canada.If it’s body pain or health issues, depression, anxiety, unworthiness,sexual or emotional abuse,addiction,deep grief and sadness,numbness in the body, powerlessness, overwhelm, relationship issues and the list goes on – we can get to the core and find out where it first started and why it is coming up.

For 16 years now Paru  been observing the most amazing shifts in people and as I keep growing myself and consciousness on the planet awakens, people are getting to the core so quickly.

Affordable Retreat

So you are worth it, in fact if you compare what you get here to any retreats in Australasia – you will find this individual attention amazing value for money. I challenge you to find a better priced retreat for what you get.

Recent comments from Integrative Doctor in Melbourne

Dear Paru  Thank you for being nurturing, kind and empowering.  You are so very precious and your
retreat sacred and holy.  You have helped me cross over to the age of aquarius, so much gratitude,
returning to my natural self, endless love, divine feminine, namaste   Jiin


Come for a day – Ultimate Healing Day, 3 days on Emotional retreat or 5 days on an ayurveda detox and feel like you have been here your whole life as we cover every aspect.

I love my work and would love to help you so call now 0272 777734 or email





The Hidden Key to Reducing Pain and Releasing Stress from the Body - 1st Feb 2020

The Hidden Key to Reducing Pain and Releasing Stress from the Body


Society is more mind based than ever. If the mind is full of fear, doubt and judgement -wouldn’t you like to know of another place to trust – this is your body. So many people now have lost touch with the wisdom of the body and this is where you can be empowered to truly be your authentic self.

My story with my body started with an eating disorder. No it wasn’t bulimia or anorexia (I loved food too much for that) – it was yo yo dieting and using food for love. When myparents split at 13 I rose  to nearly 100 kilos and really hated myself. When I got my mum back emotionally, when she was truly there for me, I was able to lose a lot of weight but never did deal with the issues under it so had many problems eating normally. Thank god I was in Byron Bay and went to an ashram in India and through dance and in the 90’s was colour puncture, I went back to childhood hatred of the body and then I could eat normally. It was like coming off a cocaine addiction – so hence my love of the wisdom of the body began. I studied craniosacral balancing in India cause it brought me to a relaxation I had never experienced and from there could release cellular memory out of the body.

30 years on and 15 years working with people’s bodies at Shunyata – I can truly vouch for this listening and wisdom that is kept inside the fascia – which is the matrix under the skin and around the muscles and organs. It is the sheath of the body, it is where we hold our chi – our life force and where so much pain can be released. It was first discovered in the 60’s and validated by the medical profession in 2007. It has also the lymph nodes inside where our garbage and toxicity is disposed of in the body. Craniosacral balancing and doterra pure essential oils, combined with reflexology used here at Shunyata has been miracle release of pain and emotional holding. Combine that with the enneagram (Patterns of unconcious behaviour that govern how we feel our emotions) – The Journey Method – a guided meditation to take you back to childhood or life trauma and miracle after miracle is happening.

We have 5 Energy Centres in the body which give us our power and when these are compromised in any way, pain can appear and general lack of life force with this holding. Craniosacral releases these energy centres to give the body back it’s energy and lifeforce.

1. Pelvic floor -the seat of the body, the tail and seat bones – releasing this we get back our power.

2. Gut – so much is said about the gut brain relationship these days and how important this is.

3. Diaphram & Lungs – it’s our metabolism, our personal power centre and with deep breathing so much can happen including losing weight.

4. Heart and Shoulders – this is where we carry our hurts and I call it the heart shaped wall. It’s an armour and it is our way to give and receive love so when we are shut down we are using our lifeforce and opening this can truly bring us back to life.

5. Head Neck and Jaw – Here we release the cerebral spinal fluid from the sutras (the bones in the head) to have a flow of energy up and down the spine.

Retreat NZ

When we start to get back in touch with this body wisdom – we get truth and knowing that is real from the body. I have watched the emotional relationship with pain in the body and when addressed from the enneagram patterns and the craniosacral balancing brings people to the stillness to listen to their bodies, coupled with the most highest frequency essential oils from doterra, lifetimes of pain have been disappearing. We look at illnesses and see the body mind connection – the mind quietens and wisdom and empowerment appear for the clients.  The best healing is when you are empowered to listen to your body.

If we truly started to listen to the body so much we would gain from the wisdom and truth.


  • Listening AND following what your body is communicating

  • Honoring the wisdom in your cells vs. discounting your body’s voice and objectifying yourself

  • Relating to your body in a kind way vs. allowing inner critic to lead

  • Nourishing yourself well through daily needs (food, water, rest, quiet space, activity, connection, etc.)

  • Trusting your body wisdom to guide your decisions with different people, places, and circumstances

  • Valuing your inside voice first before the authoritative, acculturated outside voice

  • owning your authority– being your own authority by living from that inner truth that’s beyond the rational mind

  • knowing how to presence yourself– feelings/ sensations–and knowing how to centre, breathe fully, and open your body regardless of who you are around or where you are

  • allowing and enjoying positive and pleasurable sensations to circulate through you vs. holding back or tightening your breath as soon as you feel really good

Get out of this crazy world of the mind for 2020 and start a new millenium with intelligence. Come and experience SHUNYATA – means quiet mind and get in touch with your body’s wisdom – either for a day ULTIMATE HEALING DAY, or 3 DAYS EMOTIONAL HEALING or 5 DAYS DETOX & EMOTIONAL HEALING – mention this article and get your own special aromatherapy blend and bring a friend before 31 Mar and save $100 per person off retreats.

The body is the greatest mystery in the whole of existence. This mystery needs to be loved – it’s mysteries and it’s functionings need to be inquired into.   OSHO or tel 0272 777734 or email

Feminine Power for Manifestation - 29th Jan 2020

Feminine Power for Manifestation

How to Unlock this Huge Power Within

Have you had a deep longing in your heart to live a more authentic, effortless,purposeful life following your passions and living the life of your dreams in your work, your love life and your health?

Are you going to live the legacy of your mother which she could not live  or follow in her unconcious behaviours?

The way of the old paradym doesn’t work anymore. Women competing with men, the corporate world is full of it – the new way is the way of the feminine. The energy of the feminine is truly the way of the future and has a power so much bigger than anything you have ever experienced. She is the ocean - so vast.

We each have masculine and feminine power within us but if we are a woman our rightful core is feminine and owing to upbringing and patterns of unconcious behaviour, the enneagram (ego patterns)we have blocked this power within and it is time to reclaim it for manifesting the life of our dreams in our work, our love life and our health.

Ok sisters, what is it you truly want?
If you got that what would it give you?
What are you avoiding?

Really go deep into this question – the first step is to be clear.

Maybe it’s authentic confidence
maybe to be a loving relationship that supports growth
to be accepted for who you truly are
to live a prosperous life within your values so you can give back to what you
truly believe in
to express your creativity
to have abundant energy, vitality and health
to do the work that supports your deepest passions in life
To experience true freedom
to really access the yearning from the heart that has been covered over

It’s yours for the taking but we have to do some work first. We have to clear the blocks that are stopping you truly living this life of your dreams. This is
not airy fairy stuff, it's getting down to the roots of these blocks, it takes courage, perseverance and inspired action.

The qualities of the feminine are

1. Trust
2. Receptivity
3. Patience
4. Being
5. Surrender

How many of these are you living sisters? It’s not about being pretty, being sweet,about how feminine you dress cause she has all energies. She is Kali, the destructor who will kill for love, she is the angelic angel, she is shakti dancing but she shows up in all forms.  She is strong but soft.

We, as women, have become very masculinised. What does this mean ? Success is being revered and we are in the mode of doing all the time.We have become too busy in life and have no time to slow down and self nurture.
Your sexual energy, if alive,  it is your life force, your kundalini your health and vitality. When we are in the doing mode all the time, this gets blocked. There is a true power deep within that can manifest anything. This consciousness, this presence is manifestation on steroids and it’s time to reclaim it for ourselves.

So what story are you telling yourself?

I feel alone, I’m not enough, I’m too much, I’m not wanted,I'm too fat, I have nothing to give.

The qualities of the feminine are needed back into our lives and bodies for us to truly radiate as light and feminine beings.A beautiful woman who is rested, feels pleasure in her body, has a balance in life of work and pleasure can radiate light to the world and heal the world with her love and heart. So what is stopping you living this juicy feminine in your life?

If you’re like most conscious, smart women, you don’t want to just achieve success… you want to realize your highest destiny.

Imagine A future where:

  • Your unique gifts are unleashed and impacting others…

  • You have greater prosperity and purpose in your career…

  • Your relationships are deeply intimate, loving and supportive…

  • You’re connected to a higher power and feel energized and radically alive every day…

2020 is the year of feminine energy and Paru will be hosting workshops that help you
reclaim your power for effortless non doing and living the life of unconditional love
email to claim your place

This is for goddesses who:a

Are  sick of being in the corporate world which is not always aligned with your true values and not living in truth?

 Long to be part of something that is truly working with oneness & connection?

Who want to know the true laws of manifestation and how it works so you can live an easy effortless life, work smarter not harder?

Who want to work for home and do the work that serves your purpose and your passion?

Who want to make a difference in this world that sometimes feels like it’s going backwards but be part of an evolution of consciousness that is going forwards?
Who want to be empowered to take charge of their health naturally with plant based medicine?

Who want to know the true secret of abundance and manifestation how to connect to it beyond The Secret?

Who want to know the want true happiness beyond mind games?


“If there ever comes a time when the women of the world come together purely and simply for the benefit of mankind, it will be a force such as the world has never known.”
― Matthew Arnold

Register your place for these amazing days as space will be limited
by emailing  and following will be a 
mastermind on living feminine power in your daily lives group

Why I love Couples Retreats & Why You Should Do One - 8th Dec 2019

Why I love Couples Retreats & Why You Should Do One

1. First of all – I have done a masters on the world love and  left the lower part of romantic love and come to the service of bringing couples to a higher loving and this is my life's passion.

2. 2019 has been a shit year for myself and so many people – where we have had to look at what doesn't serve anymore - but if this work is done , then 2020 will be amazing.

3. If your relationship is not working – then life is not working

4. In 15 years 3 couples have gone on to be great friends in life, only 2 couples didn’t make it – one consicously uncoupled and the other one – split cause one didn't want to do the work.

5. I don’t help you to please the other (which never lasts) and don't counsel from the mind,  but help you individually to come to a place of wholeness and from this place you can truly meet the other.

6. Most men – who have the courage to come – get sometimes more out of it than the women

7.  By the time you finish with the 3 course romantic dinner, you would have done a lifetime of work that allows you to live more from your higher self and now the fun starts.

8.  Christchurch is buzzing and  if you do the 5 day you will have time to visit the amazing
city, do some day trips to Akaroa or Castle Hill and visit our beautiful volcanic beaches - 10 mins away.

9.  So to start your year off in style - all bookings made and deposited before 31 January will get a his and her’s PURFUME blend made by paru with pure essential oils – you can’t go back to chemicals again

review from recent couple

Can’t stop referring Shunyata
We didn’t know what to expect but knew we needed something. We signed up for a 5 night couples retreat. We arrived with open minds and ready for anything.
We found Paru amazing, so tentative, we weren’t to lift a finger. The meals she prepared were amazing and has awoken our love of good healthy food, as for the romantic dinner on out last night, wow! Just beautiful and soo delicious❤️ Not to forget the surprise entertainment Shunyata is based in Paru’s home with a gorgeous view and we were made to feel welcome and at home.
Although our time at Shunyata had rough guidelines, Paru was soo accommodating to change as to where we were atand what we wanted.The emotional healing that we both did individually was pretty mind blowing.
As a couples retreat, we didn’t do any work or counselling together it was all individual journeys they we shared with each other later that day.It allowed us to see where patterns were formed and why, and as a result we have a greater understanding and more appreciative of each other ❤️❤️
We thank you Paru for your retreat and can honestly say that this retreat saved our marriage and has taken our relationship to a deeper level
Date of stay: November 2019Trip type: Travelled as a couple

book your place anytime now in 2020 by email

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