Mums and Bubs - the ultimate Retreat - 15th Feb 2013

Recently a mum came with a major issue she had been wanting to deal with.
She had been to doctors, naturopaths and numerous care specialists trying to get
to the bottom of her issue and someone suggested it might be emotionally related.

So she came across some ideas but nothing suited her timing or that she could take
her 4 month old baby.  She called Shunyata and of course the baby was welcome and
not only did we clear her issue and give her a holiday and break from the grind but
bubs had collic and cranio-sacral balancing  really helped insettling he collic.

So are you finding it hard to cope?   I called it like a new career - things are challenging.
Maybe it's time for time out to investigate how well you are truly doing and get perspective.
The earthquakes have been challenging for many people, so give it to yourself.

Counselling That Works - 29th Jan 2013

Counselling That Works

Couples counselling save $100 in Feb

Recently on the radio they said Men want to be admired and women want love!
Is this really true.  Well I will have to agree with this strong statement whatever it brings up
with you, but I will go on further to add that a woman truly needs to be devotional when her man is on  and in integrity and truly being a great man, and when he is off,  she is to show him through the body as woman can sense when her man is off before she does.

Men are generally full of fear and this has been installed into them as a child  to be brave and strong and so they are in denial of this fear and women sit in illusion of a man coming to save her.  When the honeymoon is over in a relationship all the patterns from childhood and ego patterns emerge and this causes distance.  Cover up happens and when a woman stops trusting her man, she shuts her heart down and then he has nowhere to go.
For a woman she needs to be able to trust her man's integrity for her to truly open in love and offer him her heart.  She needs him to be truthful and not in denial. 

At Shunyata maybe the love is still there between a couple but owing to a break down of their ego's they disconnect.  Somehow owning your own part without blaming the other
the love reconnects in trust and deepness.

Valentines Day

Give your relationship or someone you know this gift-
It has never been a better time to rekindle the love that  brought you together

Lose Weight Fast - The Healthy Way - 2nd Jan 2013

Lose Weight Fast - The Healthy Way What a beautiful way to start the new year. The last 2 clients not only lost 5 and 6 kg respectively without even trying but their hair,their skin and their eyes were shining and new year's resolutions completed without even trying.


The ayruvedic detox , liver cleanse in particular, is the true healthy weight loss and it puts
you onto a new healthier way of living according to your type.  We all know how hard it is
to do it alone - so come and have it done for you and start 2013 with energy, vitality and
radiance from the inside out.


Emotional issues can come forward when we detox, at Shunyata we have the most amazing process called The Journey which clears them all out at a cellular level.
Even the US medical profession declares that 80%  of all illnesses are caused by
emotional blocks.

Do it for yourself now - come and detox and enter 2013 pure, clean, motivated and 5kg ligher.

Shunyata is taking to the Road - Healing Angel comes to You - 23rd Dec 2012

Shunyata is taking to the Road - Healing Angel comes to You When Paru first arrived in New Zealand, she had a motor home and travelled around NZ giving journeys.  This satisfied her love of travel and the possibility of looking for where she wanted to live after 27 years overseas.

Well after an illness of a dear friend with a brain tumour, which she visited and tended with all the tidbits of ayurveda, beautiful foot massages and her cooking - she came up with the idea of hitting the road again.

Australia April- August - and New Zealand February - April.   So if you know of anyone who can't come to Shunyata butwould love Shunyata to come to them - Healing Angel Comes to You or call Paru 03 3294773

Retreat NZ for 2013 and the new dawn - 23rd Dec 2012

Retreat NZ for 2013 and the new dawn The new dawn has arisen and world hasn't ended just a deepening of consciousness and
compassion for 2013.  

Ask yourself what are the qualities you most admire in your mentors?  Aren't these the qualities we want to live ourselves.  My highest are humility and compassion.  The 9 ego type finds compassion easy for others,they just need to give this same compassion to themselves.  But if we all gave ourself more compassion we would find it easier to give to others.


Brandon Bays went live from Adelaide yesterday for the new dawn and talked about being
a victim and a victimiser (perpetrator).  We have all been both at some time in our lives
so it's time for a deep compassion for our inner child and all that is happening on the planet.

To also know who you truly are and who you are not helps the world cause you live effortlessly your gifts.  My family know that I am a natural nurturer.  I find this effortless,
it's who I am so people can all benefit from some nurturing.

So if you need to lose weight fast, overcome depression or anxiety, deal with anger management, detox or have a couples retreat  that will open your hearts beyond
counselling,give yourself a huge gift in 2013 and come and be nurtured at Shunyata and discover your true gifts that you can share with the world.  Step off the wheel of life and be nourished,
pampered and opened body mind and soul.

Merry xmas & a happy new dawn to all of you.

Sounds True Festival Colorado August 2013 - 19th Dec 2012

Sounds True Festival Colorado August 2013

Exciting news for 2013 - there will be a group from New Zealand attending the most
exciting spiritual and healing festival in Colorado in August 2013 the
Evolve Festival in Nelson  23-24 Feb will be having a sounds true
tent showcasing all the amazing talks and details of the forthcoming tour.

If you are interested in this tour contact

Shunyata Launches New Website - 17th Dec 2012

Shunyata Launches New Website Not only has Shunyata launched a new website,  working with a company in New Zealand to have a more clean and professional image, but thanks to EQC  has a new roof and new paint job.  Paru also decided that her love of cooking and food could not come from an older kitchen so she now has a brand new german kitchen. The place has never looked better.


Along with all the physical changes - the last trip to USA allowed her to pick up new
recipes, new dvd's and cd's from Sounds True Conference in Colorado.

It has never been a better time to come to Shunyata .With all the planetary changes
going on don't you want to be on purpose and know who you are to go into 2013!!!!!

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