Soul/Life Purpose Sessions Queensland 20 Jul-6 August - 26th May 2021

Soul/Life Purpose Sessions Queensland 20 Jul-6 August


Hello -my name is Paru and I would love to help you find your highest calling!


WHO ARE YOU – truly deeply from the body and the soul beyond the mind?

What are you meant to give, to be, to learn or to share?

What is your purpose in being here?


How many of you have dived deeply into this question?


I am so grateful to have had a wake up call 30 years ago in Byron Bay which led me on this path and feel honoured and humbled to have helped hundreds of people find their true calling and purpose at my gorgeous retreat, Shunyata, in New Zealand.

My work has got finer and finer in these covid times and now I am honoured to help you on this quest to get to the core block that is stopping you being the best version of yourself in these unprecedented times. There is nothing more powerful on this earth To know thy true self and purpose for being here. I discovered the Journey here in Australia over 20 years ago and brought Brandon Bays to NZ where I have been doing it fulltime ever since along with a deep growth and further studies with the enneagram, developing my own style.

People who have benefited deeply from this work have suffered from:

  1. Depression
  2. Suicidal thoughts
  3. Anxiety
  4. Stress
  5. Childhood trauma
  6. Emotional exhaustion & burnout
  7. Physical illnesses like cancer
  8. Addictions
  9. Phobias
  10. Worthlessness
  11. Resolving the Past
  12. Spiritual Awakening
  13. Abuse including sexual

Why This Powerful Therapy Can Work in One or Two Sessions – in place of one year counselling

This work is a combination of The Journey method like hypnotherapy through the lens of the enneagram – which is unconscious behaviours or ego patterns that cause the main suffering in life. It works with the body leading to the soul – not the mind which is full of fear, doubt and judgement. Unconsciously we are rejecting our higher self and the enneagram shows you what your lower self or ego patterns truly are. We believe we’re broken cause no-one wants to listen to us.

In a session I will listen with non-judgement – you will be heard deeply – then will establish the pattern that is keeping you stuck with some pertinent questions around your unconcious pattern. then we will get you embodied either with body work or meditation -then we will go on a guided meditation uncovering the soul’s block – usually from childhood -that is causing the problem right now in your life, a trauma that your soul reveals. You will then do what we call an emotional drop through understanding how to be with your emotions from your enneagram type. (emotional intelligence) you will then drop into your higher self – your essence – and from this place we will do a campfire of forgiveness for them and yourself, the most powerful cellular healing.

No-one fails – you truly discover your TRUE SELF.

“Birds make great sky-circles of their freedom.

How do they learn it?

They fall and falling,

they're given wings.” Rumi.

Some reviews from Shunyata

Paru is a wonderful ,carying and heartworming person.She has a gift to make you feel comfortable and safe to open up .Her food is delicious and I honoured her spontaneity and simplysity .I highly recommend her if you feel the need to dive deep into your traumas and find your own wisdom.Her knowledge is extensive and passionate for the job she's doing .
thank you Paru from my heart,
Rosanda Fajit

I’ve loved and benefitted from every minute of being in Paru’s home and in her warm, loving, funny, no BS, masterful, beautiful presence. The world needs your skills and your energy more than ever before. In the words of David Bowie, ‘Shine on you crazy Diamond.’
Thank You Paru. - with deepest love, respect and gratitude, Lizzie Valentine

Great Video from one of my mentors on how this work can help so much illness- Gabor Matte

What is your heart seeking – I feel I can help you find this with one of these life changing tools!

Cost $250 and 2 sessions $400 inc enneagram
includes  the journey, shared lunch & body work and I come to your place

email ; to book your space between 20 July and 6 August starting at Cairns and finishing on sunshine coast




Magical Menopause - 25th May 2021

Magical Menopause

Many woman look at the changes they experience at menopause as a hindrance, yet this time can be one of the most beautiful and empowered stages in a woman’s life if she allows the wisdom of this transformative process to guide her. We are offering a day-long retreat in stunning Diamond Harbour to share ways of supporting our physical and emotional bodies as we move beyond hot flushes, mood swings, sleep disturbances and memory loss. Give yourself a day of healing and nourishment!

When: SATURDAY 4 SEPTEMBER   9am-5pm

Where: Shunyata Retreat 10 Rawhiti Street Diamond Harbour

Cost: $150

Our two facilitators share their diverse work and life experience as it relates to the growth of the feminine spirit

Paru Clarke has been on a path of awakening years for over thirty years, which has taken her all around the world. For the past 17 years, she has been running Shunyata retreat centre in Diamond Harbour, specializing in emotional healing, ayurvedic traditions, cranio-sacral work, massage, and aromatherapy with pure essential oils. After watching her mother suffer deeply at menopause, Paru was determined not to have that same experience. She looks forward to sharing the wisdom of menopause she has gleaned over the years.


Elizabeth Gould is a teacher, writer, and activist who is passionate about ritual and rites of passage for girls and women. For several years, she was the Executive director of The Red Web Foundation, a non-profit that encourages positive menstrual/menopausal health and wellbeing. Elizabeth looks forward to sharing her insights on the menopausal journey.


Our time together will include: ritual, storytelling, practical wisdom (drawing from Ayurveda and the Enneagram), massage, movement, and a delicious vegetarian meal and luscious treats. By the end of the day, you will have more tools and knowledge of how to care for yourself during this major life transition. Get in quick – limited space


Contact Paru to book your space or tel/txt 0272 777734
pickup from 9.50am ferry available


This will be a natural healing day for anyone who is heading into menopause or feeling the changes and wants to do it well.

True Emotional Healing in Covid Times - 10th May 2021

True Emotional Healing in Covid Times

Why You Need to do a session of the Journey with the Enneagram


Who am I to talk about this – well it started back in the 90’s where I had this real knowing that you could heal anything – not to know that over 30 years later I would be on a path myself and 20 years helping others at Shunyata Retreat in New Zealand.

Childhood Trauma Counselling Christchurch

Before this book comes through me – observing people and seeing so much – here is some amazing tips I have collected and observed in the 17 years working full time at Shunyata.
You can't do true healing from the mind that is full of fear, doubt and judgement and it would take
you a year of counselling to come to the true benefits of one journey with the unconcious patterns of the enneagram.  A client confirmed this the other day when her friend shared how long it had
taken in counselling and quickly she had come to peace.

Emotional Intelligence New Zealand


1. The behaviour patterns in The Enneagram – get to the core of the blocks and suffering individually and the blocks we cary.

2. The main causes of illness and addiction is childhood trauma stored in the cells and unmet anger, sadness and grief. The Journey with the Enneagram.

3. We need to let go of woundology and victimhood which carry psychic weights and don’t allow us to move forward.

4. Getting to who who we truly are are and not our unconcious patterns – The enneagram brings self awareness and self knowlege.

5. We need to let go of greed, fear, vengeance, blame and entitlement. Covid has been the best teacher in this one.

6. If the mind is full of fear, doubt and judgement – we need to bring awareness to negative vocabulary and become more body centred.

7. Developing a loving relationship and true intimacy with the wisdom of the body- it speaks truth.

8. The importance of forgiveness from the soul which we can’t always do on our own- continue bitter of better. Also done in the journey at a campfire.

9. The need for emotional intelligence which is not taught in schools – how to be with our emotions – The Journey method is amazing for this including memories of trauma and bringing you to your essence.

10. The importance of relationship with a higher power and moving from love of power to power of love through prayer.

11. Letting go of procrastination which causes bitterness and hatred towards self and others and embracing change – sometimes so hard to face.

12. Removing limited belief patterns and knowing real truth beyond unconcious patterns.


Call Paru now 0272 777734 to either come for a retreat at Shunyata or in July/August Queensland coming to you.

Travelling Cairns to Brisbane 13 July-9 August Offering the Enneagram & The Journey - 29th Apr 2021

Travelling Cairns to Brisbane 13 July-9 August  Offering the Enneagram & The Journey When I first came to NZ this is what I did all around NZ and so so excited to be offering this
again in Australia this winter and NZ next summer.  Now 17 years doing this fulltime there
will be a book published and a deepening happening in this incredible work.

Are you ready for the Journey - ask yourself if?

  •  Fearanxiety or stress is prevalent in your life
  •  Depression has overtaken your life
  • You’re feeling stuck or that there’s just got to be more to life
  • You have overwhelming sadness and grief
  • You’re facing ill health or ongoing physical issues
  • Unhealthy behaviours or circumstances leave you feeling depressed
  • You’re wanting more fulfillment in a relationship
  • You’re still searching for your infinite potential
  • You have been sexually abused and want to put this to rest with profound sexual healing
  • You've suffered trauma-  childhood or later and tried everything to heal
  • You are truly wanting to be free from addiction 
  • You are starting a Hero's Journey from a wakeup call
  • You go to do something and a block comes up everytime and you have tried everything to shift it
“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ― Rumi

 I will come to your home and do your enneagram (unconcious behaviour patterns) then into
guided meditation to clear the block that is stopping you living your potential.
Shared lunch and either aromatherapy massage or craniosacral balancing session - sublime body work.

This ultimate healing day at Shunyata has been a life changer as I have been where you are -
I have come from being underdog and now spent 30 years helping other people and growing
at the same time.  I bring integrity, authenticity and pure love to your healing.

Check out the reviews from trip advisor and google for Shuyata Retreat NZ

if you or anyone you know between Top of Aus - Cape Tribulation
to Sunshine Coast or Brisbane wants to do this amazing day appro 4 hours. - cost $250

Don’t Give Up on Love – A Healthy Relationship is your Birthright - 15th Mar 2021

Don’t Give Up on Love – A Healthy Relationship is your Birthright

Relationship Coach New Zealand

It breaks my heart to observe many people who come to Shunyata have given up on relationships and love in general and are adamant that love does not work for them.They shut down their heart and continue living a half life.Love is the most important thing on this planet and when we shut down on just a very narrow prospective of the huge power of love we never get to taste the nectar of the highest form of love inside of ourselves.

This topic is on how you can grow with a partner to rise in love for your relationship but also for the higher good. If you haven’t heard this before, we are in relationship to heal our childhood wounds or wounds collected in life from previous relationships and until we feel these wounds, expose these wounds, we will keep moving from one relationship to another collecting more wounds and protecting ourselves again and again adding to a wall around our heart called the heart shaped wall. When we live behind this wall we are doing a great disservice to ourselves,life and our purpose, cause it takes all your lifeforece to keep this wall up.

This shutdown happened to me 30 years ago in Byron Bay. I had a my deepest wakeup call and the most painful experience ever and I feel I gave up on life for nearly 10 years. Something in me didn’t want to give up on love – so after a group in India called Path of Love and the Journey method where I forgave my ex husband ,in came David Deida to town,  who is and was the world relationship guru specialising in openeness in relationships. I finally met this deep wound and opened and learnt the importance of openenss in life in general.

To have a meaningful and deep relationship with someone – we need to honest with our feelings and be vulnerable and to expose these wounds is very painful. The only way to do this is to feel in a safe place and to be truly kind to ourselves, to our inner child and to be honest. But the payback is worth it, with this courage we can come home to ourselves and clear that wound for good by feeling it and exposing it. This is emotional intelligence which is taught in The Journey method. Vulnerability and truth creates TRUE INTIMACY. We then RISE IN LOVE.

Embracing our vulnerability is very risky, but owning it with courage is the only way to come back home to ourselves. Allow yourselves to show up and let yourself be seen in this vulnerability. Vulnerability is true strength and yet we have patterns that are stopping this. When you really expose your wounds you feel this oneness and connection with the other. Unless we deal with the pain, we carry it into the next relationship and are more guarded and test the other person. We become controlling so it won’t happen again.

Ask yourself where is my deepest woundedness inside?
Do you feel rejected, abandoned or someone died and a huge hole is left inside?
Maybe in childhood you were not seen or accepted for who you truly were?
Maybe everyone was too busy for you?

These wounds come up in all relating with all people not only in relationships.

Recently I had my ex parnter’s grandson to stay and he was reactive and angry and abusive when I asked him to do something for me. When he became this way – I was triggered and on reflection and meditation I discovered that my whole childhood was fraught with violence and anger and I had made a vow not to have this in my life. I noticed in my life I would hang out with peaceful people who also hated confrontation and when that anger would rise, I would react back with anger or shut down. On going inside and being very kind to my inner child, I opened and cleared this wound and was so grateful for him bringing it up.

How do you defend against your vulnerability?
Do you become mistrustful, critical, attacking or do you disappear ?

We build our protection this heart shaped wall around our heart not to let anyone in again and it takes all our energy to keep it in place. Relationships are the mirror so why avoid them if we truly want to evolve in this lifetime?

At Shunyata we go back and give kindness and compassion to that inner child to the one that truly needs it and she feels safe to come back out of hiding. She can be that love so she doesn’t need to keep seeking on the outside.

If this resonates with your being either come for a Ultimate Healing Day if in Christchurch or a retreat at Shunyata alone or with your partner.  Go to my website and chose which path you want to take on this journey of love.

Paru has just started up a free fb group and would love you to join us.

Healing that truly Works - 3rd Mar 2021

Healing that truly Works


Tired of your health and wellness issues being treated as a one size fits all?

Would you like a tailored program that addresses the root cause to your physical, emotional, and spiritual issues?

If you answered Yes! Then Paru and Shunyata Retreat is your answer.

Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa was founded by Paru Clarke in 2005. It is situated in an untouched paradise called Diamond Harbour on Banks Peninsula, only 45 mins from Christchurch, New Zealand. Shunyata is different from most retreats and unique in its offering. First, it is very one to one, no big groups: just you looked after individually with a maximum two people. Secondly, the retreat offers you a true wellness holiday. You will find uninterrupted vistas endless ocean views, holistic harmonizing rituals aimed at reducing stress including mood-enhancing aromatherapy. Thirdly, the menu is packed full of delicious and conscious cuisine with seasonal ingredients sourced from the garden and the local grower’s markets which are then prepared and cooked with love.

Best Wellness Retreat in New Zealand

see reviews

Shunyata was birthed as Paru’s passion is helping people through a personal journey of self-restoration by means of love and nurturing. In fact, Paru’s dream was to create a safe and holistic place that she wished was available while she was on her journey of inner healing. The services and treatments offered at Shunyata are a result of Paru’s experience, training, and personal journey.

Paru is not her birth name but it was the name given by her master in India in the late 1990’s. With the emphasis on the Pa means Fire of Love (and not the Maori meaning of the name). Like most people she had a dysfunctional childhood with an alcoholic father. She was a girl with a sensitive soul, and she had blocked out her childhood memories. When she was old enough, she took off overseas to get away and did not return home for another 27 years. Paru, like many people tried to run away from her emotions; some stuff them down with an addiction of sorts, some try to numb them, but eventually life catches upon you.

Her wakeup call came when she was in Byron Bay over 30 years ago. This was the beginning of her ten-year journey of healing the inside. It was time to get real, uncover and face the memories that she had blocked. Over the ten years she sought and did everything she could to bring inner healing and wellness to her life. It was not long before I know that I was being called to do something more significant. This journey was not just about my healing and wellness. I was being trained to help others. Finally, thanks to a teacher who pushed me – it was time to come home to help other people and establish Shunyata.

On her return to New Zealand, Paru introduced the program The Journey by Brandon Bays and has been working with developing her own style, ever since. The Journey, is a cutting-edge international healing method used to uncover, retrieve, and restore lost or trapped memories or emotions. She also uses the Enneagram which is a system of personality types and offers profound insights into the way people think, feel, and behave. Whatever illness you are dealing with, Paru will get to the core on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level using the journey, the enneagram, craniosacral therapy, and high vibrancy essential oils. All facets of the mind-body approach are experienced to help rediscover your spark you both mentally and physically. This enables you to recentre yourself from your low-level instincts driven by survival (the enneagram) to your higher instincts driven by the power of love.

Covid-19 and lockdowns are impacting on our physical and mental health globally, due to the added stress, anxiety, and fear due to living in an uncertain world. Paru will be travelling throughout New Zealand later this year and will be offering her services in the comfort of your own home. For those who cannot take advantage of her house visits or attend the retreat, she is available to work with you via skype. To take advantage of Paru’s services contact her via mobile on 0272 777734 or email

Feel free to connect with Paru in her FREE private Facebook group called Paru’s Empowering Wisdom for True Wellness. Paru covers topic relating to physical, emotional, spiritual wellness

on a deeper level. Everyone is welcome to join to interact and share your wisdom as well as collaboration is the new way to go.


To learn more about Shunyata Retreat and Paru visit





Best Therapy Ever for Sexual Abuse New Zealand - 27th Feb 2021

Best Therapy Ever for Sexual Abuse New Zealand


The papers are full again this weekend of the amount of sexual abuse that is prevalent in NewZealand and working with people for over 17 years now I thought it was time to truly speak up.Over the past 3 years the commission has estimated as many as a quarter of a million children were likely to be abused between 1950 and 1999.  These statistics are mindblowing
for a so called amazing country like New Zealand.
Sexual abuse is one of the key social problems undermining the health and wellbeing of our population today.  It has a wide prevalence and can have a high impact.

  • 1 out of 3 girls may be sexually abused before she turns 16 years old. Most of this abuse (90%) will be done by someone she knows and 70% will involve genital contact. For maori women the statistics might be up to twice this.

  • 1 in 7 boys may be sexually abused by adulthood.

    New Zealand is  placed the country third highest, alongside Australia. for sexual abuse and only approx 9% is reported.  What does that mean for people trying to heal?

I was away from New Zealand for 27 years and after helping people in Byron Bay decided
to come home and do this work in my own country.  NZ is very english, stiff upper lip, and
do not talk about it,and I have seen again and again people I have worked with, not believed
so they bury it down and it is never dealt with.  The guilt and the shame they carry in their

Sexual Abuse in New Zealand

I truly believe no matter how long people are in counselling, this can never be dealt with
the mind, which is full of fear doubt and judgement.  I have seen numerous clients finally put it to bed when they have experienced the  cellular healing in the journeymethod,  the forgiveness and the craniosacral balancing (somational release) then this is moved out of the cells.  Recently have had a few men also with great results - finally the story is finished. Weight drops off them and body illnesses are finally dealt with

An End to Sexual Abuse for good

You can continue in the courts and this will help but truly the healing lies in dealing with
it from the body and soul.  In the 17 years I have been operating Shunyata, I would say
there has been at least 20-30 people finally finished with this abuse and gone on to live
healthy wellbeing.  This purity, this innocence is your birthright and it's time to take it back.


 Caroline Myss recently said in her video on “Why Some People Don't Heal.Iif we keep the story open, we become the story", in survivors of rape.

Sexual Abuse and the Journey Method 

Do you want to open your heart and love again in a healthy way?
Do you truly want to put to bed what happened to you and start over, second chance, new beginnings?
Do you want final  true freedom in your life, in your body, heart and soul?
Do you want to put this abuse to bed for good?

Claim back your purity & innocence guaranteed!

 Contact Paru txt 0272 777734 
or email


and if you are not in New Zealand you can contact me to do a journeyover skype


New Closed fb group Paru's Empowering Wisdom for True Wellness - 24th Feb 2021

New Closed fb group Paru's Empowering Wisdom for True Wellness


Hello beloveds

I hope you are all well in this ascension time on the planet and rising in love.

My big news for 2021 is I am starting a closed fb group to eventually take over Shunyata called Paru’s Empowering Wisdom for True Wellness.My work is changing slowly and a fb group is the first step to those changes.

For people who know me - I am a no bullshit type of person and can honestly say that life has taught me so much, as I have never stopped learning and growing since my wake up call over 30 years ago.  So wisdom comes from life experience and looking around at other empowerment sites, I can truly say that I do share wisdom.  I have studied Ayurveda in India, Yoga in India,
Craniosacral with a meditative approach in India, The Journey training at least 3 times in Australia and overseas which encompasses NLP and The Enneagram (a huge passion) in depth with so many different courses , and the list goes on , as well as learning from my clients at Shunyata.  The last year with covid has been a true ascension in my being,  and for this want to share it more and will be travelling more in New Zealand in the future as I will not be having any innoculation.

This will be an interactive sharing group as collaboration is the only way to go. We are all wise in our own ways and if we put that wisdom together we can truly grow.

I will use topics including

  1. Importance of self love
  2. Importance of prayer and a higher power
  3. Ayurveda and tips
  4. Emotional Healing & The Journey method
  5. Menopause & Perimenopause
  6. Hormones and how to deal with it and the endocrine system
  7. Candida and autoimmune
  8. What is epigenitics
  9. Benefits of natural over taking drugs
  10. Best exercise for aging
  11. How NLP and hypnotherapy can help for phobias & Weight loss for your type
  12. Benefits of yoga going into old age
  13. Allergies and some tips
  14. Relationships – how to do it better - using the enneagram
  15. Masculine/ feminine energies
  16. True weight loss and what diet right for you
  17. What is abundance and how to manifest
  18. Thyroid and the importance of balancing
  19. How to deal with grief and using parents as legacy
  20. Ozone therapy & hydrogen peroxide uses
  21. Parenting in this age of wise children - what works and interviews
  22. How to prevent dementia and alzheimers
  23. Benefits to making life easy with high vibrancy esential oils
  24. Ascension and awakening in these times
  25. Relationship with death and ancestral clearing

There will be many more topics with interviews, good research tips and some live from me (letting go of image ego).I would love you to join us and to tell your friends -we will have fun, grow and share wisdom together.  

I will run a competition to get the group started - anyone who joins this group before the end of March will go into a draw to win a girls day out at Shunyata and if you are not in Christchurch, will be a session when I travel next summer or a pack of oils for doing the Aromatouch massage
with guidance on how to do it.  Wooppee spread the word.

Also if you share with your friends - February you can win Paru's ebook on recipes that
she uses at Shunyata.

Here is the link and hope you can join us for some juicy wisdom on TRUE WELLNESS covering so many topics from experimentation and wisdom of having been there and looking at all

Call Us

03 329 4773

027 277 7734

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