Why I love Couples Retreats & Why You Should Do One - 8th Dec 2019

Why I love Couples Retreats & Why You Should Do One

1. First of all – I have done a masters on the world love and  left the lower part of romantic love and come to the service of bringing couples to a higher loving and this is my life's passion.

2. 2019 has been a shit year for myself and so many people – where we have had to look at what doesn't serve anymore - but if this work is done , then 2020 will be amazing.

3. If your relationship is not working – then life is not working

4. In 15 years 3 couples have gone on to be great friends in life, only 2 couples didn’t make it – one consicously uncoupled and the other one – split cause one didn't want to do the work.

5. I don’t help you to please the other (which never lasts) and don't counsel from the mind,  but help you individually to come to a place of wholeness and from this place you can truly meet the other.

6. Most men – who have the courage to come – get sometimes more out of it than the women

7.  By the time you finish with the 3 course romantic dinner, you would have done a lifetime of work that allows you to live more from your higher self and now the fun starts.

8.  Christchurch is buzzing and  if you do the 5 day you will have time to visit the amazing
city, do some day trips to Akaroa or Castle Hill and visit our beautiful volcanic beaches - 10 mins away.

9.  So to start your year off in style - all bookings made and deposited before 31 January will get a his and her’s PURFUME blend made by paru with pure essential oils – you can’t go back to chemicals again


book your place anytime now in 2020 by email info@journeyessence.com

or txt or tel 0272 777734

Illness - Listen to Diagnosis but not to Prognosis - 7th Dec 2019

Illness - Listen to Diagnosis but not to Prognosis

Don't Give Up Hope - Your Body is a Miracle

Our body’s natural state is homeostasis – balance.
Our emotional natural state is causeless joy

Many years ago when I was in a deep state of suffering after losing custody of my child and was listening to a healer at an ashram in India,  I had this amazing knowing inside that anything can be healed, and 30 years later after working at Shunyata I can truly say I have witnessed the truth of this statement.

There are 3 levels of genes – first is DNA , second is your microbiome – the bacteria that live within you. The third level is the epigenome – a sheath of protein surrounding the DNA that regulates the activity of your genes. All play an important part in health.

So, if only 5% of gene mutations (error in the genes) cannot be healed (like Angelina Jolly's breast cancer) then all cancers, autoimmune diseases, heart disease and inflammation problems in the body are formed by our experience of life and how we interpret our experiences in life. That leaves 95% of illnesses can be healed as per Dr Deepak Chopra . Dr Gabor Matte, another known expert in body, mind soul balance says "most illnesses are formed by childhood trauma, unmet anger, sadness and grief.

Empowerment Healing Retreat New Zealand

Our lifestyles, the daily choices we make along with sleep, how much we move, how nutiritious our diets are – all have an incredible influence over how the genes express themselves. If we change our conditioning, our conditioned mind (the enneagram), our belief patterns and how we experience our emotions – we can heal.

There is hope !
How much are you willing to use this as a wake up call?
How much are you worth fighting for?
So you’ve been told you have cancer or an autoimmune issue and how do you feel?
So many people give up there and believe the medical prognosis.
Listen to the diagnosis and maybe get a few opinions, but if you truly believe in the power of the body, don’t listen to the doctor’s prognosis – you have 3 months to live or you have to live with this for your whole life.  So many people give up here. This is a very powerful time in your life to wake up, to truly go in and to find out the truth of who you truly are and heal on a body, mind and soul level.

So you Have been Diagnosed with Cancer - The Truth About Cancer

How we are brought up with love or fear creates our conditioning. Our early childhood experiences have a great deal to do with why our body is out of balance. Our patterns of unconcious behavior usually are formed around 3 years old (the enneagram) then we collect series of beliefs ,which are truly cover ups for insecurity, from our upbringing. These create unconcious thoughts which can lead to disease, dis – ease in the body – away from wholeness.

To keep healthy we need

1.Good deep sleep
2. Meditation for stress management – questioning beliefs, body awareness, awareness of emotions and thoughts. The importance of dealing with stress which comes most from your unconcious behaviours (enneagram) 
3. Movement with consciousness – yoga is the best for this and for grounding
4. Breathing with presence - the breath is so important for anxiety & fear
5. Healthy emotions such as love, joy, compassion & equanimity (feeling at one with universe)
and breaking unhealthy emotions by feeling them totally -The Journey Method
like guilt, shame, resentment, anger and hostility. So they no longer run us. Some of these we don’t feel comfortable in feeling so they stay in our consciousness and therefore add to the disease. 
6. Of course the diet we eat, plant based, alkaline, free of preservatives cutting out sugars, eating according to our body type - ayurveda
7.  The power of forgiveness and also gratefulness.

The other thing that is important to look at – is how we deal with pain.As Rumi said - The core of pain – is in the pain. A natural human response is to be angry with our bodies instead of going inside and truly listening with compassion  - then the pain can disappear. 

80% of Illnesses are Emotionally Related

Then there is emotional pain which brings suffering and this is caused by Not knowing who you are, grasping to things that are not permanent. Fear of impermanence, identifying self with ego and fear of death.

We need to look into the hurts and hatred you are holding, where you are being insensitive, your craving to be loved and to love, your inauthenticity (where you have been lying to yourself either in illusion or denial), your judgemental nature, your ingratitude and your story telling by the mind to bring you to true happiness, causeless joy.

The Journey Method & The Enneagram NZ

Most of our physical and emotional suffering comes from unconcious behaviours and at Shunyata we empower you to take this journey inside. To look at these patterns and deal with the childhood trauma on a cellular level, the unmet emotions and the understanding of why you avoid them.Ultimate healing brings you back to wholeness, to your creativity, to your essence or your higher self. We need to reconnect to hope, to prayer to a higher power and get to the truth of our soul. Our path is now a spiritual path of truth, oneness, self discovery and conscience which leads to power. Prayer will bring you home, it will make the impersonal intimate. As we heal ourselves, we heal the whole.As we start to listen to our inner voice we are no longer concerned about what people think of us. We let go of the pleaser, the helper & caretaker and we fall in love with our souls and connect to our power, our creativity, our essence our higher self. We become the climate change inside and go on to touch other people so the whole world can heal.

A client said the other day - Why didn't I know about this earlier?  Why did it take a suicide attempt to wake me up?  Who know's but I truly believe in timing.

Alternative Healing Therapies NZ

Paru works with The Journey Method, The Enneagram, Doterra high vibrancy essential oils and protocols for illness- Symphony of the cells balancing the body physically, emotionally & spiritually with high vibrancy oils,  yoga, meditation, craniosacral balancing (to get in touch with the body’s wisdom and truth) and ayurveda (the most ancient form of body mind soul balance). The true healing happens when you are empowered  when  you are a participant in your own healing.  

You are in charge of your own body and it is truly a miracle - if you have chosen this natural route and this speaks to you  and gives you the hope you need
call or text Paru now 0272 777734 or email info@journeyessence.com to
book your life claiming life changing retreat

The Enneagram Retreat New Zealand - 3rd Dec 2019

The Enneagram Retreat New Zealand Importance of the Enneagram in Relationships, Health & Wellness

Have you ever asked yourself the quintessential classic human question of identity, “Who am I?” Most of us spend a lifetime trying to figure out who we are and how we relate to others and the world in general.

Unfortunately, in the process of forming an identity, we succumb to building up lies and illusions around our sense of self that only lead us further away from who we truly are. The Enneagram offers a bright path to cutting through the internal clutter and to finding our way back to who we are created to be. It is
the best work you can do in mindfulness & awareness to be present.

Based on the nine classic archetypes of human character structure, the Enneagram exposes the nine ways we lie to ourselves about who we think we are, illustrates the nine ways we get lost, and reveals nine ways we find our way home to our True Self and to God. It explains the “why” of how we think, act, and feel, it helps us come to terms with our gifts and with the patterns that bind us to our greatest challenges.

What can the Enneagram do for me?
Many find the Enneagram takes self-awareness deeper than other profiles and assessments. The Enneagram reveals our best, truest self with its potential to heal a world in need. And as a tool for awareness, the Enneagram illuminates a path to developing our identity and spirituality.

Presence and gratefulness comes from an open heart and a present body and a clear conscise mind - your enneagram type at it's best.


The enneagram tells us what we do when we are not mindful.It’s a reminder to come back to self. You are not a type – it’s a form that our consciousness takes. It is the designed for  people interested in being awake and conscious and living the best part of themselves.The enneagram has to do with presence, being and loving the moment and the capacities we have living in the moment. It gives us the answers to why we don’t live in the moment.
Our greatest gifts are our qualities that come forward.  Paru calls it growing
up instead of growing old.

We are either in the body, heart or mind centre.
8/9/1 Embodiment
2/3/4 Heart Centred
5/6/7 Mind Centred

Here is a quick test freee of charge
The body centre has rigidity, stubborness and show us when we are not present in our body. When we reinhabit our body,we get a sensation and this is intelligence of the body. We feel in the body.

Heart centre or an emotional type can feel a shutdown, numbing out – we can feel distance from emotions. Or are Emotionally touchy, when buttons are pushed. We are in stories and need to come back to our heart where we feel this oneness and connection, kindness and patience.

Head centre can feel dull – I’ve abandoned me and proud of it – too much in the mind. When we come home to our head we are crisp, clear and present, attentive and quiet.

The Journey Method NZ

Paru works with these unconcious patterns to help you enter The Journey
method - an amazing guided meditation that takes you back to a memory
(usually childhood) when this first started or a trauma that stopped you moving
forward to your essence - your higher self.

After being a workshop junkie and studying with top leaders, teachers and  avatars in the field of awakening for the last 30 years - she believes
this is the best therapy for getting to the core of trauma, illness and unhealthy
behaviours.After observing people for 15 years at Shunyata - many blocks and illnesses address these patterns and The Journey brings people back home to their true selves.
Journeyessence means come home to your best self.

So don't delay - book either a one day
Ultimate Healing Day
a 3 or 5 day Couples Counselling retreat
or 3 days emotional retreat or
5 days detox and emotional retreat



The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Healing - 15th Nov 2019

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Healing

Emotional Intelligence Leads to Deep Healing

If you are in touch with what is happening on the planet - November is the month that all our old patterns are resurfacing, our shadow side (our lower self) is coming up to be dealt with - no better time to be doing this work -
reconnecting to our higher self where we are truly aligned.

1. Heal the physical body

The body is the gateway to the soul and the mind and the ego are full of fear doubt and judgement. Most people are living in this space of the ego/mind and this is where all the problems are. So getting in touch and listening to the body is a crucial part of getting in touch with emotions. Because the body never lies – it speaks the truth. Have you heard of that gut feeling and when we don’t listen to it – well there is many of those gut feelings showing through and if we don’t listen to them then we can end up with physical illness so we can truly listen. In the enneagram/journey work that we do here in Shunyata, we establish your pattern of ego/mind disruption that is causing you your breakdown, your physical illness, your block or whatever is happening and then we go back to maybe a time in your childhood where this was formed, and with a memory we come to a forgiveness process (not from the mind but from the soul) and then that issue is dealt with from a cellular level. We should be taught at school – true emotional intelligence, How it is to be with your emotions and feel them totally and then they disolve, but we use every strategy to avoid them, eating them down, drinking them down, running from them etc. If 80% of our illnesses are emotionally related , especially us emotional types,wouldn’t it make sense to get this sorted.

2. Heal the Heart and the Soul

Well this is what happens after a journey process. Our heart’s have been shut down from hurts, I call this the heart shaped wall. We are living in a constant state of shutdown that is taking our lifeforce and doesn’t allow us to be our true selves. You know that feeling and of course you remember that feeling when it was to be truly open. Think of a child, who has none of these walls, how innocent, alive and spontaneous they are. You too can have this back inside of you and then live more from your true self, the heart and the soul. This is your essence and your birthright.

3. Release Limiting Belief Systems

With life knocks we develop limiting beliefs and from childhood we carry these even back to the womb where we absorb our parents. We then hold on to these beliefs and they stop all other possibilities. Another disempowering one is vows, vow’s have a lifeforce of their own and they shut down all possibilities and have noticed this in the 15 years of doing this work. It’s why when you make a vow in marriage – it’s hard to break. We need to uncover these and reword them into healthy beliefs and vows in the cells. The good news is we can change these, they may have served us in the past but for true freedom they are holding us back.

4. Increase Spiritual Awareness & Connection

Consciousness, awareness and a connection with a higher power is needed on the journey. Consciousness heals, consciousness is manifestation on steroids, consciousness is effortless – it comes when you have become aware of all the beliefs, vows, enneagram and ego patterns (unconcious behaviours). It comes when we stop being the pleaser, the helper, the unique one, the strong one by being aware of these patterns. We then awaken our spiritual connection with the higher power. We can’t do this alone, we need help – so drop the pride and reach out.

5. Inspire the Fulfillment of your Life’s Purpose

We all have a reason to be here. This why, this purpose is our life’s mission. When we truly are in service to something bigger, to our passions, to what makes us on fire – we are living our purpose. My purpose is to live the highest version of unconditional love in this lifetime and to inspire people to truly know their true selves. Their true selves is their essence, their soul – their higher self and my deepest prayer is everyone gets to know this in this lifetime – cause this is true fulfillment, this is true love, this is true wonder and beauty and everything. When we touch this part of you in the Journey – I feel such a gratefulness, I bring in the gorgeous sugar free wild orange fudge, and know my work and my life has a meaning.

What it means to live from the Higher Self - Conscious Being
You are at peace
You cannot be shaken from your centre
You have self knowledge
You empathize without judgement
You see yourself as part of the whole
You are not in the world. The world is in you
Your actions spontaneously benefit you
Your desires manifest easily, without friction or struggle
You can perform intense action with detachment
You are not personally invested in any outcome
You know how to surrender
The reality of God is visible everywhere
The best possible time is in the present

It's great to talk about this, but to really feel this has been my life's path.
You too can have this awakening.

At Shunyata we use the high vibrancy of doterra essential oils to help with this healing. Some people have blocked deeply their hurts on their heart, so easy air helps to bring them up. Some people are buried in a deep grief and sadness, so console helps them to let it out. Some people have buried anger and it’s stuck in the gut which can cause all types of gut problems. Some people have completely numbIed all emotion and don’t know who they are.The enneagram with the essential oils, helps to know the particular strategy and for 15 years Paru has been refining this.What I notice is that it comes to a time in life where these patterns of unconcious behaviour are not working anymore – so people either end up in a breakdown, an illness or something of a wake up call and then they come. But why wait till then, I watched my mother suffer for 25 years with stroke – I don’t want to waste this life – do you?

You can come for a day on an Ultimate Healing Day, 3 Days on Ultimate Bliss retreat or a 5 day detox, body mind and soul.

Go to Journeyessence.com or email info@ourneyessence.com

or tel 03 3294773 or 0272 777734









Feminine Power for Manifestation - 18th Aug 2019

Feminine Power for Manifestation

How to Unlock this Huge Power Within

Have you had a deep longing in your heart to live a more authentic, effortless,purposeful life following your passions and living the life of your dreams in your work, your love life and your health?

Are you going to live the legacy of your mother which she could not live  or follow in her unconcious behaviours?

The way of the old paradym doesn’t work anymore. Women competing with men, the corporate world is full of it – the new way is the way of the feminine. The energy of the feminine is truly the way of the future and has a power so much bigger than anything you have ever experienced. She is the ocean - so vast.

We each have masculine and feminine power within us but if we are a woman our rightful core is feminine and owing to upbringing and patterns of unconcious behaviour, the enneagram (ego patterns)we have blocked this power within and it is time to reclaim it for manifesting the life of our dreams in our work, our love life and our health.

Ok sisters, what is it you truly want?
If you got that what would it give you?
What are you avoiding?

Really go deep into this question – the first step is to be clear.

Maybe it’s authentic confidence
maybe to be a loving relationship that supports growth
to be accepted for who you truly are
to live a prosperous life within your values so you can give back to what you
truly believe in
to express your creativity
to have abundant energy, vitality and health
to do the work that supports your deepest passions in life
To experience true freedom
to really access the yearning from the heart that has been covered over

It’s yours for the taking but we have to do some work first. We have to clear the blocks that are stopping you truly living this life of your dreams. This is
not airy fairy stuff, it's getting down to the roots of these blocks, it takes courage, perseverance and inspired action.

The qualities of the feminine are

1. Trust
2. Receptivity
3. Patience
4. Being
5. Surrender

How many of these are you living sisters? It’s not about being pretty, being sweet,about how feminine you dress cause she has all energies. She is Kali, the destructor who will kill for love, she is the angelic angel, she is shakti dancing but she shows up in all forms.  She is strong but soft.

We, as women, have become very masculinised. What does this mean ? Success is being revered and we are in the mode of doing all the time.We have become too busy in life and have no time to slow down and self nurture.
Your sexual energy, if alive,  it is your life force, your kundalini your health and vitality. When we are in the doing mode all the time, this gets blocked. There is a true power deep within that can manifest anything. This consciousness, this presence is manifestation on steroids and it’s time to reclaim it for ourselves.

So what story are you telling yourself?

I feel alone, I’m not enough, I’m too much, I’m not wanted,I'm too fat, I have nothing to give.

The qualities of the feminine are needed back into our lives and bodies for us to truly radiate as light and feminine beings.A beautiful woman who is rested, feels pleasure in her body, has a balance in life of work and pleasure can radiate light to the world and heal the world with her love and heart. So what is stopping you living this juicy feminine in your life?

If you’re like most conscious, smart women, you don’t want to just achieve success… you want to realize your highest destiny.

Imagine A future where:

  • Your unique gifts are unleashed and impacting others…

  • You have greater prosperity and purpose in your career…

  • Your relationships are deeply intimate, loving and supportive…

  • You’re connected to a higher power and feel energized and radically alive every day…

2020 is the year of feminine energy and Paru will be hosting workshops that help you
reclaim your power for effortless non doing and living the life of unconditional love
email info@journeyessence.com to claim your place

This is for goddesses who:a

Are  sick of being in the corporate world which is not always aligned with your true values and not living in truth?

 Long to be part of something that is truly working with oneness & connection?

Who want to know the true laws of manifestation and how it works so you can live an easy effortless life, work smarter not harder?

Who want to work for home and do the work that serves your purpose and your passion?

Who want to make a difference in this world that sometimes feels like it’s going backwards but be part of an evolution of consciousness that is going forwards?
Who want to be empowered to take charge of their health naturally with plant based medicine?

Who want to know the true secret of abundance and manifestation how to connect to it beyond The Secret?

Who want to know the want true happiness beyond mind games?


“If there ever comes a time when the women of the world come together purely and simply for the benefit of mankind, it will be a force such as the world has never known.”
― Matthew Arnold

Register your place for these amazing days as space will be limited
by emailing info@journeyessence.com  and following will be a 
mastermind on living feminine power in your daily lives group

The Importance of Preventative Medicine - 12th Jun 2019

The Importance of Preventative Medicine

How to Avoid Cancers and Many Illnesses

Just had news of 2 deaths of parents and a client die of cancer. My heart breaks for the people left and the determination to give up myself and my little problems and get educating people more how to love the body, understand it’s functionings and listen to it, connect with the soul, let go of the mind, learn to eat healthily per your ayurveda type learn how to grieve and to how to embrace death. This is all since my wake up call and watching my mother suffer for 25 years with stroke.

It makes me go back to my blog about the truth about cancer and add to it I am not going to tell you I know all, but in the 15 years of observing and being passionate about teachings and observing clients, I have learnt a lot.

The Truth About Cancer


  1. 48% of cancers are environmental and only 5% -10% are genetic – get your home chemical free and what you put on your skin

  2. Let food be thy medicine – alkaline, address ayurvedic type, cut out sugar and add more greens and cut down on red meat

  3. Detox- liver or colon – doterra does an amazing cleanse & restore that cleared my candida

  4. heal emotional wounds – 80% of illnesses are emotionally related – main cause of illnesses

    are childhood trauma, unmet sadness, grief and anger – all addressed with the journey and

    the eneagram (unconcious behaviour patterns) – get emotionally intelligent & forgive

  5. Bring in plant matter with doterra high vibrancy pure essential oils - frankincense & DDR prime and Lifelong vitality a must and then other ones according to the cancer

  6. I will add some other tips beyond that blog, take time to be – meditation and learn to be present out of the mind, fall in love with the body with yoga – to truly listen, do some craniosacral balancing sessions with doterra cbd oil -copaiba to truly listen, meet your inner child and develop relationship, go back to anyone in your life who you haven’t forgiven and come to a true soul forgiveness, take stress out of your life (so easy when you understand enneagram type which creates stress), develop a relationship around death so you can surender and not fight, discover your soul, your essence your true self and stay true to it,find a way to take away money worries so you can truly concentrate on you – abundance is needed when you are ill. Sell what you need to and stop working.Make you as a no. 1 priority and understand through the enneagram what patterns have run you and caused this cancer. So many things are attributable to being ill so I have just covered some of what I have learnt, surround yourself that believe, that trust that have beaten 4th stage cancer and know that it is possible for you

For the people who are left, believe me as per many people who have had near death experiences, the light they go to is amazing. They don’t want you to suffer, they want you to learn from them and go live totally. If you have done the soul’s work in this lifetime, your transition is smooth and you go straight to the light, so don’t stop waking up and discovering your true self. Use these beautiful beings as your teachers, go do what they didn’t do and live for them and then you are doing yourself and them a huge service.


The True Secret on How to Live Pain Free Naturally - 9th Jun 2019

The True Secret on How to Live Pain Free Naturally

My deepest wound in teenage years was my eating disorder. I had no idea at the time that I could trace it back now to the tragedy of my parent’s divorce – I took to food as the feelings were overwhelming – I could never purge or stop eating, I loved food too much so I just ate and ate to keep the feelings of abandonment, sadness and separation down.

Fast forward a few years with my wake up call around 30 – losing custody of my child and I had to go in and do the work. It was amazing to go back and truly face the hate I had for my body, turn it up and finally feel free – was like coming off a cocaine addiction – I didn’t need to continue this yo yo of stuffing my face and dieting. I used colour puncture, and then went on to find dance therapy and yoga to fall totally in love with this amazing body of mine.

This began my incredible journey into the magic of healing the body and the soul. Luckily was living in Byron Bay at the time, the mega for this work and became the workshop junkie . Tried everything you can imagine,
including the most revered work I do today 30 years later which I studied in India - Craniosacral Balancing.  I picked the most profound and came home to put it into my retreat 15 years ago and Shunyata was formed. So researching people, watching bodies, working on bodies and updating myself solidly by overseas jaunts – I can truly pass on what I have learnt about

the wisdom of this incredible body.

Next chapter, 5 years ago, after asking what is stopping me waking up – I  came down with candida. Not an easy journey for a foodie, so enter Doterra Pure High Vibrancy Essential oils – took the symptoms away with wild orange and got real with eating and with the Cleanse and Restore and a few other things – became Candida free. My lesson here was physical pain and suffering, and having compassion  for people who had to live in pain permanently, as it wasn’t my issue in the past – most of my learnings were emotional.

The mind is full of fear, doubt and judgement, the body knows, it just wants to be listened to deeply and compassionately and this can lead us to soul’s advancement which is cellular and true.

How in touch are you with your body?
How empowered do you feel when you get sick to heal or do you go to the medical profession?

Don’t get me wrong – there is a place for the medical profession, they can repair bones and so many things – but so much can be dealt with by you truly listening. Your body is a miracle – this quote by Osho

The body is the greatest mystery in the whole of existence. This mystery needs to be loved – it’s mysteries and it’s functionings need to be inquired into.   OSHO

How do we do that? Well at Shunyata you will discover your enneagram type – either emotional, body or mind type – then we will address your relationship with your body and after doing the Journey process with the doterra high vibrancy oils that help you emotionally, you will see the wisdom that is shared, then we do a craniosacral session with these incredible  oils (even have one that works like medical marijuana) , Copaiba with the high content on cannabinoid but totally natural, that will address the issues, and listen more deeply to it’s functionings. The miracle of the plant knows, is done with an emotional aromatherapy energy session what is going on in the subconcious. Miracles can happen.

Yesterday -  got a call from a client who couldn't walk on her foot.  She was about to spend a lot of money
on special shoes, but we went into the foot, listened deeply with the oils, and did this a few times, she has
never had this pain back again.  It happens so often and my deepest prayer is no-one has to live with
permanent pain in their body, it can be cleared naturally.

Knees that are going to be operated on with yoga exercises is another amazing shift. Phobia cures of all sorts lifted for good with NLP. Pain in body that has been there for years – finally put to rest and things that you never thought could be addressed – uniquely dealt with depending on your enneagram type, the right oil on the right place and the compassionate listening and your longing for closure. Healing takes 2 – I can’t heal you alone, but if you and I work together we can create miracles.

So the cheapest, most empowering journey you can ever take is home to the wisdom of your body and this will save you thousands in later years.  You wake up with you every day - your body is worth listening to as it
speaks wisdom and truth.

Come to Shunyata and learn the true wisdom of this incredible body and soul and take it to help others, come for a day, or 3 days and learn emotionally and physically this tool to have for life.

or info@journeyessence.com or 0272 777734




Wake up calls are the best thing your soul can go through - 8th Jun 2019

Wake up calls are the best thing your soul can go through

Benefits of a Wake Up Call


Who would think today that I could say – going rock bottom allows you to become a better person.

My story was 10 years of deep suffering when I lost custody of my child, 30 years ago – and at the time I wouldn’t have wished it on anyone but this is how much time I needed in my stubborn way to really wake up. I remember ending upside down in the river after the car skidded and hearing “Wake up – I’m going to show you this year out in style”.

Forward 15 years ago, finding the most amazing therapies in Byron Bay from being a workshop junkie and getting the push to come home and open a retreat, Shunyata was formed – a haven for people going through this wake up and wanting to get back to life. It’s been amazing, 15 years of helping people just like myself, growing with them, studying non stop in so many different ways and observing so much and learning from it. I feel blessed to help people find their true selves, their higher self.


What does this mean? Well we are all living in unconcious behaviour patterns formed in childhood  that cause us the most suffering in the world. They are repetitive, but somehow if you want to learn, and evolve, they get better, but never do they totally leave us, they just don’t run us so much. When we do the Journey session, you uncover these unconcious behaviours, you get it and see how it has run you and with courage and vulnerability – you meet your true self, your essence – who you truly are . It’s magic and I could never give this work up, cause my why, my purpose is to help eleviate suffering in this world.

Dr Gabor Mate, one of my mentors in body mind soul balance, says “Most addictions and illnesses are caused by childhood trauma, unmet sadness, grief and anger and this is the work done here at Shunyata. We uncover a memory that is stopping you living your true potential and it allows freedom after a forgiveness process around a campfire, not from the mind but from a soul and cellular prospective.

Amazing interview on the key to overcome tauma


Paru has been working fulltime with this work now for 15 years and has become an expert on the Enneagram – unconcious patterns and can truly help you get to the core of what is stopping you living your true potential..
The journey takes you on a guided meditation to clear out a block or trauma on a cellular level,, we do an emotional dropthrough (feeling the emotion totally) then we come to a forgiveness process around a campfire
and cellularly this issue leaves the body. Mydeepest prayer is that people live a total life and that means meeting their dark to have more light and be the best version of themselves.
Excellent work for depression, sexual & physical  abuse , low self esteem and unworthiness, addictions, unhealthy behaviours, relationship problems, procrastination and career underperformance.
The beauty here at Shunyata is it's not in a big group, it's uniquely one on one and works with YOUR SOUL
your awakening which is special to you.

Freedom is your birthright - May all beings be free and happy

Your deepest fear is your gift  or your nemisis -  it’s time to face it and be free

come for a day – Ultimate Healing Day or a 3 day retreat in gorgeous Banks Peninsular and come home to who you truly are

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space available now until 23 July then again from 22 September

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