True Healing in These Times - 9th Nov 2021

True Healing in These Times

Life sometimes closes the door on our true selves – would you love to open that door again to come home to your true self and start over even a better version of yourself – on purpose living your unique gift in the world

The journey is a sensory experience which takes you to the unknown -

What Happens in a Journey Process and Ultimate healing Day

Paru gets clear on what is happening right now in your life and what it is you truly want for yourself

She prepares you – gently teasing you into looking beyond which the mind can look at

She knows your unconcious patterns and hits the nail what has been troubling you with the enneagram – we call it “get the cells cooking” We establish a pattern or patterns that keep repeating themselves in your life

She then talks about your childhood, which most people don’t realise affects us in this lifetime.These are the patterns we pick up from our parents or because of our parents – the first 7 years of our life are crucial

After some deep listening beyond the words spoken – she prepares your mind for the journey emphasising the importance of being in the body where the truth is revealed, knowing your patterns should you sabotage

We then commence the Journey process which is the unknown, the soul take you there through the body. We go on a guided meditation taking you back to a memory that sets up what is blocking you in your life in this present moment. We establish a memory of importance which is usually in childhood where we feel the raw pure emotions by doing an emotional dropthrough – taking you to a place inside of you that is light, that is peace, that is love – in other words all that you truly are – your essence – where the mind goes quiet. We then do a campfire of unconditional love where you are held to forgive on a cellular level up to 3 people – truly forgive – this is where the issue leaves your body cellularly – this is where we forgive ourselves and reconnect with our inner child, then check that is has worked by doing a future pace.

Everyone is unique, everyone’s journey is unique but after doing this work for 25 years fulltime -Paru has found a magic potion that truly gets everyone to the core. No-one can fail, if you know there is something there – the soul will take you there. We could call it emotional expertise,but it is more than that – it is trauma work that Gabor Mate talks about, it is somational release,it is inner child work, it is an experience that is beyond words, beyond the mind, JUST IS.

You can be on a spiritual journey your whole life and never meet your true self, your essence.All you need is a longing inside, a bucket full of courage and the rest is taken care of. This truly addresses the core of whatever is happening for you in your life right now that is stopping you being the best version of yourself This work is a potent blend of cutting edge tools and access to the true realisation that human potential knows no bounds..

Paru has found incredible results after 20 years in

  • depression, anxiety and phobas
  • sexual, physical and emotional abuse
  • overwhelm and burnout
  • deep sadness and grief
  • unworthiness and self sabotage
  • finding your true life purpose
  • Combining either the purest of doterra essential oil massage to destress, detox, break down inflammation and bring the body back to balance or craniosacral balancing – the creme de la creme of body work to give you true deep inner peace by sensory touch – both of these complete the TRUEST SENSORY EXPERIENCE you have ever experienced that works that works that works

Paru often wonders how the website name resonates so clearly 20 years later,  – a real sensory experience

Nothing on the outside can give you anything, for you are already complete, already fulfilled. You are home

I noticed on walking the coastal walk, I could smell so clearly, I could truly watch the birds in slow motion – everything slowed down and the mind was so peaceful and still is.

Siva India
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Awakening Through Trauma - 23rd Sep 2021

Awakening Through Trauma

There is nothing more resilient than the human spirit!

No one can take away your worth from you!

It’s not what happens to us in life that defines who we are, we all have a story, it’s the decisions and choices we make that defines us!

Brandon Bays from the Journey says “Everything that comes to us is a gift from god if we use it in the right way and Paru says “Do we want to grow up or grow old”.

The Sufi poet Rumi says that “Humanity is asleep”  yet in every human being exists the potential to know the true self. Someone deeply connected to their essential self experiences life without filters, and is able to be in acceptance of what is. However, due to conditioning or difficult life experiences, it is possible to lose touch with our true nature.

People go on a spiritual search because they wish to relieve the suffering they feel, to assuage their sense that life is meaningless, to tap into their longing for a connection to something bigger, to the divine. Trauma can inhibit this spiritual growth because when people encounter an experience they can’t handle, they often resort to survival instinct of fight or flee. But the truth is that any suppressed feelings or disconnection from your true nature will return at a later stage. They will not go away on their own, and this is the biggest problem.

The gift and the healing can be found when someone realizes that their suffering is a gateway to their spiritual path. If they are able to face the pain they feel then they will know the truth that spiritual work gives a deeper meaning to the trauma.In times of our greatest difficulty and suffering can be found the seeds of  spiritual opening and discovery. Our pain does not have to be something to be “dealt with” on the path to spiritual awakening: the pain can become the path itself. It is common for people who embark on a spiritual journey to find themselves encountering difficult places in themselves, along with unresolved traumas which require attention and care. If these issues are not addressed skillfully and carefully, it can result in more “stuckness,”suffering, and confusion at a time when they are seeking the pathway to true connection to the essential self. This is why the work done at Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa is called is called Journeyessence, as it leads the human back to its true nature of Love.  

Using modalities such as the “Journey” and the Enneagram, Paru helps her clients reconnect to their source, bringing them back into alignment with their true nature. The process goes beyond  meditation, positive mindset and simply healthy lifestyle changes. Through various techniques Paru is able to guide you back to the  infinite intelligence inside you. This deep healing can free you from physical illness and emotional issues such as low self-esteem, stress, anger, guilt and shame, grief, depression, panic attacks, phobias, anxiety, shutdown, abuse of all types and childhood trauma, pain and lack of confidence.  Some people think trauma is like PTSD but trauma can appear from a parent's divorce as a child.

Using the Enneagram can help uncover patterns of unconscious behaviour that mask core wounds. With gentle yet powerful support, Paru is committed to helping people own their shadow aspects so that they do not fall into the trap of spiritual bypass. 

Paru has made it her life’s work to explore these essential topics:


  • Undoing patterns of pride and arrogance
  • Dealing with the self critic
  • Opening to the power of a compassionate heart
  • Healing guilt and shame
  • Accepting and working with sexual energy
  • Overcoming unworthiness
  • Dismantling Tragic/romantic notions about love
  • Understanding the core wound of addictive behaviour



  •           What is the ego and how we identify with it
  •           The power of presence for inner healing
  •           What it means to have the desire to be truly free 
  •           The path of endless enlightenment
  •           The many faces of shame
  •           The power of compassion in supporting inner opening
  •           How to cultivate a love of truth
  •           The ways we hide from our truth and true nature
  •           The meaning of true surrender
  •            How to build inner support and holding
  •            The theory of holes and how suffering can be a portal


Many top leaders in the field know about trauma or know about the enneagram and spiritual growth and have never pooled them, but Paru has spent 20 years using these two modalities that truly allow for freedom.Though her inner work, Paru has come to know herself as selfless love. She looks forward to sharing the tools she has developed to help you on the amazing journey of growing up.

This work truly addresses so many things and where Paru has had the most success in the last 17 years is:

  • depression
  • sexual abuse
  • fertility issues
  • shutdown after relationship breakups
  • phobias
  • addictions
  • low self worth

You could spend a year in counselling or come and address your issue in just 1-3 sessions
call Paru now 0272 777734 or email to book your ultimate healing day or 3  or 5 day retreat.


Healing Retreat NZ that addresses Emotional Issues - 29th Aug 2021

Healing Retreat NZ that addresses Emotional Issues

Why You Need to do a session of TheJourney with the Enneagram

Emotional Stress is more predictive of death from cancer or cardiovascular disease from smoking
British Journal of Psychology

Whether you are looking for a Health Retreat, a Wellness Retreat Shunyata offers it all and on top of this is the best Healing Retreat NZ

Importance of Emotional Health

Well you've heard of eft  or tapping  and don't get me wrong this is great, as emotional work is 80% important in all healing and all help is needed but TheJourney teaches you how to be with your emotions, your level of eq, something that should be taught in schools.

Who am I to talk about this – well it started back in the 90’s where I had this real knowing that you could heal anything – not to know that over 30 years later I would be on a path myself and 20 years helping others at Shunyata Retreat in New Zealand.

 Counselling Christchurch

Before this book comes through me" How to Grow Up instead of Growing Old" – observing people through the eyes of the enneagram test here is some amazing tips I have collected and in the 17 years  working full time at Shunyata.
You can't do true healing from the mind that is full of fear, doubt and judgement and it would take
you a year of counselling to come to the true benefits of one journey with the unconcious patterns of the enneagram. 

Enneagram test

1. The behaviour patterns in The Enneagram – get to the core of the blocks and suffering individually on a physical, emotional & spiritual way.

2. One of the  main causes of illnesses like , cancer autoimmune disorders  and addiction is childhood trauma stored in the cells and unmet anger, sadness and grief, deal with in The Journey with the Enneagram.

3. We need to let go of woundology and victim mentality which carries psychic weights and don’t allow us to move forward.

4. Getting to who who we truly are are and not our unconcious patterns – The enneagram cultivates self awareness,self knowlege.& Mindfulness

5. We need to let go of greed, fears & Phobias, vengeance, blame and entitlement. These times have been the best teacher in this one.

6. If the mind is full of fear, doubt and judgement – we need to bring awareness to negative vocabulary and become more body centred and ultimately takes us to soul healing.

7. Developing a loving relationship and true intimate connection with the wisdom of the body- it speaks truth.

8. The importance of forgiveness from the soul which we can’t always do on our own- continue bitter of better. Also done in the journey at a campfire.  You need someone to hold you to your
best so your forgiveness is authentic.

9. TheJourney method is amazing for this including uncovering memories of trauma in a safe place  and bringing you to your essence.

10. The importance of relationship with a higher power and moving from love of power to power of love through prayer.

11. Letting why we procrastiinate which causes bitterness and hatred towards self and others and embracing change – sometimes so hard to face.

12. Removing limited belief patterns and knowing real truth and helping us to speak truth beyond unconcious patterns.


Call Paru now 0272 777734 to either come for a retreat at Shunyata


Day Spa Christchurch with a difference - 26th Aug 2021

Day Spa Christchurch with a difference

Day Spa Christchurch with a difference


Banks Peninsula is one of the top places to visit in Christchurch and Diamond Harbour is easy to access from Christchurch , the opposite side to Akaroa– just 45 mins by car from Christchurch city and  airport and 10 min by ferry from Lyttelton where Paru will meet you off the ferry.

Shunyata is a peaceful ocean view paradise, in fact you can see out to South America from her place and everyone that arrives just relaxes straight away with the view .Paru has travelled the world and never been in a place that hasn’t developed hardly at all in 17 years – the untouched paradise. The peace, the smell of gorgeous essential oils takes you deeply into sublime stillness, which is the meaning of Shunyata.

Massage Christchurch

Massage therapist Paru, can take you to another level having done most of her training in Byron Bay and India, she promises a spa retreat day to remember. Her favourite sessions are the Aromatouch Essential Oil Massage to detress, detox, break down inflammation and bring the body back to balance and of course sacral cranial therapy that ensures a natural facelift as the body goes into complete relaxation and deep seated body pain melts away with the essential oils.But la creme de la creme if you truly want a shift is the Ultimate Healing Day.  All Day Spa
treatments include an ozone sauna, so needed in these times of viruses and immune boosting.

Do yourself a favour and get away from the city – with the best day spa christchurch which is beyond a massage spa.

Girls Day Out –3 hrs - incl ozone sauna (great for viruses) 2 bodywork sessions and lunch $200

or if it’s healing ,empowerment, direction & clarity you need in these crazy times, getting to the core of depression, trauma, addictions, illness, anxiety,grief, anger management and shutdown

then the Ultimate Healing Day = 5 hours – $300 inc enneagram, journey, sauna, lunch & body work

or if you are hunting for akaroa accommodation, you can’t go wrong with retreats nz coming and staying in our paradise where you leave your baggage behind at a healing retreat nz extraordinaire

tel: 0272 777734 or email for your true transformation







Essential Oils Used at Shunyata and Why we couldn't do without them - 24th Aug 2021

Essential Oils Used at Shunyata and Why we couldn't do without them Life is hard enough - why shouldn't we make it easier with something, pure and gorgeous smelling that lifts you into deliciousness to make your day easier?

Essential oils have been around since year dot and have been an amazing tool for both emotional and physical ailments but doterra oils have taken the world by storm and even though living in Byron Bay, Paru used many oils and had many of her clients at Flight Centre representing Essential Oil companies, she has never seen the profound effects & vibrancy of the doterra nz  in her retreat in the last 6 years.  The smell of pure essences at Shuyata helps you to let go and relax totally.

Essential Oils of NZ

First finding these beauties when she suffered candida symptoms and after spending thousands of dollars on naturopaths and people in the field she finally did the cleanse beyond all cleanses and was finally Candidiasis free.

Over the last 6 years she is a great believer that life is hard enough and doterra nz can purely and naturally deal with so many problems.

Where I Use My Essential Oils in my life and at Shunyata

I use them in cooking because they are so pure – from my wild orange fudge to chia pudding,the best chai in the world with health benefits and the sauce in my pasta dishes. And for a wicked mocktail instead of drinking alcohol. The oils not only lift the taste of the food but have huge health benefits as well and people who know Paru love her food.

For energy, pick up and also relaxation in the hydrotherapy bath, for yoga and meditation to come into the body, grounded and out of the mind.

In my massage sessions for deep seated pain and problems that have been longstanding and of course sacral cranial therapy  and reflexology with the oils, miracles happen. For sleeping at night – so crucial in these times, right down to How to get rid of hemorrhoids -when I overdo things, so fast these days I don’t even need to use my ozone sauna

For forgiveness in the Journey process and to help with anxious feelings As the Journey method and the enneagram test truly helps with depression – we also have an oil for supporting that.When I do the cleanse or detox with the clients,  there is a great oil to assist with inflammation and learn about anti inflamatory foods and of course best way to lose weight and the benefits of intermittent fasting. This oil works on metabolism and takes away the appetite.Stress ,which is the main problem for so many people and why they come for a retreat,
Paru has an amazing essential oil for that.

If you are empathic like Paru, we are drawn to smells and with the purity of these amazing oils – you are uplifted instantly, with the difusers, on the body, in the bath and helping the detox and weight loss, and finally for intimate connections in the romantic weekend gettaways we have sublime oils to help that in the hydrotherapy bath and the 3 course romantic dinner.
Occasionaly we might have a few too many wines - have a hangover cure that works amazingly
Headaches come up often when detoxing - there is an amazing oil and no need for panadol..
Hot flashes and energy boosting is amazing with peppermint oil.

Part of the retreat programmes  is an energy reading here at Shunyata that goes into the emotional component of what is going on with you in the subconscious and this relates so deeply to the clients beyond the enneagram.Finally there is a lot of illnesses supported with with these high frequency essential oils including autoimmune and cancer that have had amazing results so combined with all the other amazing healing techniques – these oils have taken Shunyata to another level with Symphony of the Cells which Paru has also been trained in.

There was some bad press a couple of years ago by a disgruntled aromatherapist,  but if you do your research, this company has over 11million people in the world using these amazing oils for everything pure and natural.  I love their co-impact sourcing initiatives where they give back and 
how they align  with my deepest values integrity, equanimity, equality and inspiring me constantly for the next step in life so I can keep inspiring my clients.

So all in all, Shunyata and the healng has risen to another level in the last 6 years with doterra oils
If you want to know more about Shunyata or doterra call Paru tel:0272777734 or go to her doterra page Pure High Vibrancy Essential Oils or email



Spring into Spring - Healthy Weight Loss Retreat - - 23rd Aug 2021

Spring into Spring - Healthy Weight Loss Retreat - Spring into Summer Loving Your Body the Healthy Way

Best Weight Loss Retreat NZ

 I have been on a huge journey myself as I age and tried so so many things - so we will find what works for you based on your ayurveda type.  At shunyata it is very much individual - one on one - so we address what will work for you.

Best Way to Lose Weight

Have you put on those extra kilos over covid and can’t seem to get motivated to shift them?
Are you, like me, lost some of your willpower when it comes to healthy foods?
Have you got to the stage where you don’t like yourself or your body?
Do you want to know How to lose belly fat ayurveda style?

Well Shunyata Retreat will do it for you – you will leave motivated, inspired and alive and on track for summer - guaranteed. In most other retreats you are just one of a crowd, but at Shunyata  not only will we do the healthy eating part, but we will address all emotional issues, blocks and it will be all about you and only you and you will have the best wellness retreat nz  where you leave your baggage behind.

Lose Weight Fast the Healthy Way

We will look at the liver cleansing diet which is the best way to lose weight ayurveda style  intermittent fasting, which is fasting weight loss extrodainare  that truly works to keep weight off  You will cleanse without feeling deprived and we will also address hypnotherapy
for weight loss and best of all we have an ozone sauna which burns 600 calories and many machines to help with BMR & Metabolism. Gut Health is also addressed. But most of all it is all done for you, you just have to sit back, do yoga in the morning and  gorgeous coastal walks, receive sublime massage, have a little courage to do thejourney which gets to the core of the emotional issues and read, meditate and write in your journal the outstanding discoveries of wellness tailored uniquely for you.

Beautiful location and delicious food
I was in Shunyata for a detox retreat and it was a most wonderful experience. Paru was so caring, and cooked the most delicious and nutricious meals.Her Journey session and treatments were life changing! She introduced me to the Enneagram types and I felt so empowered to know my type and to know how powerful and truly unique I am! I can't want to go back! :  Pow Sydney

5 day mind and body retreat, reinforce and refresh
When I signed up to Shunyata I was nervous, vulnerable and had expectations of what I thought I needed. It took me several months to find somewhere that I felt was right for me. Once I locked in Shunyata I was determined. I was emailed beforehand by Paru asking me lots of information about myself; my lifestyle and my habits (good and bad). I arrived at Diamond Harbour and was greeted with a massive HUG and a big smile by Paru and I immediately knew that I would be in good hands (literally). Each day brought physical and mental challenges and raised my self awareness. It wasn't easy, it shouldn't be! It wasn't someone telling my what to do and how to do it! It was about lifting my awareness and belief in myself. After 5 days I felt amazing; light, clear, appreciation, forgiveness and appreciation. I lost 6kg in 8 days and I left with a love for food in moderation, forgiveness in infancy and love in abundance. Thank you Paru.  Marin Napier

Abour Paru - I was a food addict

I have to admit that food is my life and even after many years of therapy and learning to love
my body, don't get me wrong - I look back and have come a long way , but I’m 64 now and finding that my metabolism has slowed down incredibly and knowing all I know and trying so many things that could have been wrong, just couldn’t shift the weight that used to be easy.  I am not suffering from Hypothyroidism, but have discovered my thyroid health is important. Combined with covid and the stresses that add to it which increase emotional eating – I am finally on the way down to that new, loved and cherished body that has energy, lifeforce and juice for life again for spring.   I hadn't eaten badly, just too much and used it as a reward and crutch in life.The belly fat had to go.  I am so so excited to share these tips of years and years of healthy weight loss.Not only will you love your body. It  will prevent diabetes, reduce the risk of dementia and obesity, power up your brain,elimate toxins, boost your mood and motivation and clear inflammation in the body and boost your immune.

 For 17 years I have been helping people physically, emotionally and spiritually to be the best version of themselves. I have noticed over covid that so many online courses lose the personal touch and you just become one in a wheel of names, and want to offer a weight loss that combines back touch, personal attention and inspiration and love.   Latest video on shunyata

My promise to you:

  • Address you, your particular constitution and your uniqueness (not one boot fits all)

  • Give up sugar cravings and have gorgeous sugar free treat recipes to take home

  • South Island based – no need for flights or cancellation with covid

  • Emotional Healing Retreat  benefits second to none with the journey and the enneagram

  • Gut  health reset where health begins and ends

  • Ayurveda Liver cleanse to start  where people have dropped up to 5kg in 5 days.

  • Say goodbye to diets and have a new way of living
  • Boost your immune in these volatile times with ozone therapy
  • Healthy and come from ayurveda prospective (ancient wisdom) body mind soul
  • Long Term weight loss that stays off– after leaving you will be inspired  to keep going and lots of tips to help.

  • Combines all of emotional, physical and spiritual health– your addictions & behaviours addressed

  • You will have a holiday where everything is done for you - every woman needs this
 I will call myself the expert on healthy weight loss after all I have researched. I love food but now I am loving my body and food more and more each day and so will you.

so don't delay call or text now 0272 777734 or email to
book your space - remember to get your deposit in to get your freebies



Don’t Give Up on Love – A Healthy Relationship is your Birthright - 15th Aug 2021

Don’t Give Up on Love – A Healthy Relationship is your Birthright

Couples Counselling

It breaks my heart to observe many people who come to Shunyata have given up on relationships and love in general and are adamant that love does not work for them.They shut down their heart and continue living a half life.Love is the most important thing on this planet and when we shut down on just a very narrow prospective of the huge power of love we never get to taste the nectar of the highest form of love inside of ourselves.

Intimate Relation Ship

This topic is on how you can grow with a partner to rise in love for your relation ship but also for the higher good. If you haven’t heard this before, we are in relationship to heal our childhood wounds or wounds collected in life from previous relationships and until we feel these wounds, expose these wounds, we will keep moving from one relationship to another collecting more wounds and protecting ourselves again and again adding to a wall around our heart called the heart shaped wall. When we live behind this wall we are doing a great disservice to ourselves,life and our purpose, cause it takes all your lifeforece to keep this wall up.

Marriage Counselling

This shutdown happened to me 30 years ago in Byron Bay. I had a my deepest wakeup call and the most painful experience ever and I feel I gave up on life for nearly 10 years. Something in me didn’t want to give up on love – so after a group in India called Path of Love and the Journey method where I forgave my ex husband ,in came David Deida to town,  who is and was the world relationship guru specialising in openeness in relationships. I finally met this deep wound and opened and learnt the importance of openenss in life in general.

To have a meaningful and deep relationship with someone – we need to honest with our feelings and be vulnerable  and to expose these wounds is very painful. The only way to do this is to feel in a safe place and to be truly kind to ourselves, to our inner child and to be honest. But the payback is worth it, with this courage we can come home to ourselves and clear that wound for good by feeling it and exposing it. This is emotional intelligence which is taught in The Journey method. Vulnerability and truth creates TRUE INTIMACY. We then RISE IN LOVE.

Most people are either triggered by JAB -
Jealousy, Abandonement and Betrayal and this is where the childhood wounds are addressed
and we go back to where it first started so it doesn't come up in the next relationship.

best talk on not to take it personal when we break up

Romantic Holidays NZ

Embracing our vulnerability is very risky, but vulnerable meaning as per Bene Brown has been spoken extensively recently  and owning it with courage is the only way to come back home to ourselves. Allow yourselves to show up and let yourself be seen in this vulnerability. To be vulnerable is true strength and yet we have patterns that are stopping this. When you really expose your wounds you feel this oneness and connection with the other. Unless we deal with the pain, we carry it into the next relationship and are more guarded and test the other person. We become controlling so it won’t happen again.

Ask yourself where is my deepest woundedness inside?
Do you feel rejected, abandoned or someone died and a huge hole is left inside?
Maybe in childhood you were not seen or accepted for who you truly were?
Maybe everyone was too busy for you?

These wounds come up in all relating with all people not only in relation ships.

Recently I had my ex parnter’s grandson to stay and he was reactive and angry and abusive when I asked him to do something for me. When he became this way – I was triggered and on reflection and meditation I discovered that my whole childhood was fraught with violence and anger and I had made a vow not to have this in my life. I noticed in my life I would hang out with peaceful people who also hated confrontation and when that anger would rise, I would react back with anger or shut down. On going inside and being very kind to my inner child, I opened and cleared this wound and was so grateful for him bringing it up.

How do you defend against your vulnerability?
Do you become mistrustful, critical, attacking or do you disappear ?

We build our protection this heart shaped wall around our heart not to let anyone in again and it takes all our energy to keep it in place. Relationships are the mirror so why avoid them if we truly want to evolve in this lifetime?

At Shunyata we go back and give kindness and compassion to that inner child to the one that truly needs it and she feels safe to come back out of hiding. She can be that love so she doesn’t need to keep seeking on the outside.

If this resonates with your being either come for a Ultimate Healing Day if in Christchurch or a retreat at Shunyata alone or with your partner.  Go to my website and chose which path you want to take on thejourney of love.

tel: 0272 777734 to get your relationship back on track now or email

My gift to you all in these crazy times when we need hope - 13th Aug 2021

My gift to you all in these crazy times when we need hope


Are you tired of feeling like a wounded version of the past? Are you ready to recover fragments of self from painful memories? Isn’t it time to transmute the conditioning of your family dynamic instead of playing it out throughout your life?

If you don't want to get down and get your hands dirty - I offer you this beautiful movie, my favourite of all times to watch in your own time on you tube - it will inspire you, it will give you hope, it will return you to love and the passion for your creativity in this lifetime

Once - my all time favourite and hope you truly enjoy and have a gorgeous weekend

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