Winter News with Paru & Shunyata July 2021 - 7th Jul 2021

Winter News with Paru & Shunyata July 2021 I AM ON FIRE EXCITED

Namaste Beloveds

Just some quick news from my end of the cold winter here in Christchurch, which I didn’t
find so hard to bear last year but really finding it taxing this year.If the bubble opens today for NZ and Queensland I will be heading to northern Queensland to write a book that I have been delaying for so so long. It is exploding out of me and have been told by my enneagram teachers that no-one has addressed this subject in the enneagram world, so it will be some incredible wisdom I have amassed in both my own journey of 35 years of awakening and my clients for the last 17-18 here at Shunyata and some of the subject will be helpful for many.  No names will
be mentioned so total privacy maintained.

  1. Emotional intelligence and how to deal with emotions
  2. Trauma and the importance of putting it to bed
  3. Illusion for emotional types – lies we tell unconciously
  4. Control – how it runs body types in all different ways – neck cranio
  5. Fear – how this stops so many people in mind types and vatas and importance of grounding
  6. Anger my journey and the journey of 8’s 9’s and pitas
  7. How to deal with a bully and drama queens and tragic romantics
  8. Grief and deep sadness - my journey and how I overcame ancestral grief
  9. Abandonment and the running away from people before they abandon you, trust
  10. Power of forgiveness to get out of victim mentality – soul and cellular healing
  11. What is true love beyond tragic romantic and my meaning of unconditional love
  12. How do deal with depression and all the repercussions of covid
  13. Addictions – food, sex, work, drugs - how we can go from unhealthy to healthy
  14. Importance of truth – what is real truth beyond ego truth
  15. Growing up by living by consciousness not unconcious patterns
  16. Importance of Listening to your body – embodiement

In this time in Australia between 22 July and 6 August I will be slowly working my way down to the sunshine coast to catch up with some friends and know that the Ultimate Healing Day can work wonders for people wanting their soul or life purpose clarified  and clearing the blocks to get there, so available to come to you or someone you know that could benefit. Will be travelling NZ mid January till the end of February doing this work also south island to north at your homes like I first did when I arrived in NZ but will 20 years of wisdom under the belt.

just email

So keep warm and will be back doing sessions and retreats again from 15 August and our amazing Magical Menopause day on Saturday 4 Sep

I hope you are coping in these crazy times and being true to you and using this period to awaken.

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