Why I love Couples Retreats & Why You Should Do One - 8th Dec 2019

Why I love Couples Retreats & Why You Should Do One

1. First of all – I have done a masters on the world love and  left the lower part of romantic love and come to the service of bringing couples to a higher loving and this is my life's passion.

2. 2019 has been a shit year for myself and so many people – where we have had to look at what doesn't serve anymore - but if this work is done , then 2020 will be amazing.

3. If your relationship is not working – then life is not working

4. In 15 years 3 couples have gone on to be great friends in life, only 2 couples didn’t make it – one consicously uncoupled and the other one – split cause one didn't want to do the work.

5. I don’t help you to please the other (which never lasts) and don't counsel from the mind,  but help you individually to come to a place of wholeness and from this place you can truly meet the other.

6. Most men – who have the courage to come – get sometimes more out of it than the women

7.  By the time you finish with the 3 course romantic dinner, you would have done a lifetime of work that allows you to live more from your higher self and now the fun starts.

8.  Christchurch is buzzing and  if you do the 5 day you will have time to visit the amazing
city, do some day trips to Akaroa or Castle Hill and visit our beautiful volcanic beaches - 10 mins away.

9.  So to start your year off in style - all bookings made and deposited before 31 January will get a his and her’s PURFUME blend made by paru with pure essential oils – you can’t go back to chemicals again


review from recent couple

Can’t stop referring Shunyata
We didn’t know what to expect but knew we needed something. We signed up for a 5 night couples retreat. We arrived with open minds and ready for anything.
We found Paru amazing, so tentative, we weren’t to lift a finger. The meals she prepared were amazing and has awoken our love of good healthy food, as for the romantic dinner on out last night, wow! Just beautiful and soo delicious❤️ Not to forget the surprise entertainment Shunyata is based in Paru’s home with a gorgeous view and we were made to feel welcome and at home.
Although our time at Shunyata had rough guidelines, Paru was soo accommodating to change as to where we were atand what we wanted.The emotional healing that we both did individually was pretty mind blowing.
As a couples retreat, we didn’t do any work or counselling together it was all individual journeys they we shared with each other later that day.It allowed us to see where patterns were formed and why, and as a result we have a greater understanding and more appreciative of each other ❤️❤️
We thank you Paru for your retreat and can honestly say that this retreat saved our marriage and has taken our relationship to a deeper level
Date of stay: November 2019Trip type: Travelled as a couple

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