Why Chose Shunyata - 20th Mar 2019

Why Chose Shunyata

1. Individual very one on one – let’s face it we are all unique and each person’s issue is different. Each person has a pattern of unconcious behaviour running them and fits into a different ayurveda prakruti – type.

2. Whatever is happening with your life right now – is somehow a wake up call for you to go deeper, to learn what your soul wants for you.  How are you out of balance?  What is
it costing you..  Are you serious about change right now?

3. Paru is an earth mother, grounded, calls herself spiritual but not airy fairy. Real life,
real tools, real healing.  She is a change agent.

4. Beautiful views, comfortable surroundings conjusive to healing. Not 5 star but nourishing and healing.

5. Whatever is going on with you – we get to the core. Whether is be a physical, emotional or a block of some sort – this is the fastest most effective form of healing getting straight to the issue.

6. Love, sometimes tough love, kindness, nourishment and support is what you need for healing. You are so special and that is how you feel here.

7. Over 30 years of being a workshop junkie and upgrading herself every year – allows Paru to get to the core of whatever issue is blocking you from truly living your potential.

8. Life is hard, but there are natural solutions and if you want to go the natural way then Shunyata is for you.

9. Specialising in shutdown, abuse being physical, emotional or sexual, depression, anxiety and relationships.

10.  Deal with the being of the person and bring back to wholeness body, mind and soul.

11. Are you sick of mediocrity in life and want to live a full life, then Shunyata is for you.

12.  The power of forgiveness en with the journeymethod and it's not just words, it's an energy that is powerful- it will shift the energy in your life to create magic

You will find most of these practices used here at Shunyata

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