Who Are You and What is your Life Purpose - 10th Apr 2018

Who Are You and What is your Life Purpose

“The most important thing in life 
is to wake up to who you truly are. 
You are not merely a personal being. 
You are the living spirit of Truth.”
~ Mooji 

Have you ever truly asked yourself this question – Who am I and why did I come on this planet?This question is so important in the journey of self discovery to help you truly know whatyou have been chosen to do and what your gifts or your purpose is.

This is the main purpose of Shunyata and why Paru first opened 13 years ago. This wasthe journey of self discovery she was forced into going on when she lost custody of her child. So a wake up call helps and this can come in the form of an illness, a marriage break up, a giving up of an addiction or other many ways. But why be forced – it is the best journey you can ever go on.

So first we have to discover who you are not? What patterns of behaviour in the subconciousare running you and causing you the most suffering. This is done with , the Enneagram, 9 different patterns of behaviour that are the main reason for illness, suffering and so many other blocks. Then we need to establish what is going on in the subconcious within that pattern right now with an Emotional Oil Reading and what pure high vibrational oil will assist you and support you. Then we go on The Journey a guided meditation that usually goes back to a trauma in childhood that has set that block in place and set you free in your essence, your true self with clarity, openness and pure love.

Paru has been helping people for over 20 years discover their true self and 13 of it here at Shunyata. Shunyata is a beautiful humble ocean view home, that is set in a beautiful part of New Zealand,peaceful and nourishing for the soul, perfect for doing this work. Whether it be summer and frolicking at the beach in between or winter where the fire is burning and perfect for this journey inwards. We start with early morning satsang, meeting in truth, what is truly going on for you and then move the body with gorgeous yoga, maybe a walk, then a body work session that truly assists leaving the mind and coming into the truth of the body. The aromatouch massage with the doterra pure essential oils is sublime and craniosacral even more so, bringing the mind to rest. Shunyata means quiet mind and why wouldn’t you like it quiet when it is full of fear, doubt and judgement.

Don't you want to be living the best part of yourself. None of us are truly living our highest potential and my deepest prayer is to help people reach that place. Let go of ego, pride, numbness, deperession, deep seated sadness and grief that has truly stopped you moving forward. Feel into your fears and move into a place inside of yourself that you will never forget. It is the only true thing you can trust, your essence, your higher self. Everything else changes, thoughts and feelings cone and go.

When people leave Shunyata they usually take with them some amazing doterra pure essential oils that aretruly going to help them for a month to live more from this place.

Shunyata is a truly unique retreat where, yes we detox, body mind and soul, yes we counsel on relationship problems and reconnect you to a healthy love but really it’s about the soul and living your true potential. I challenge you to find a more value for money retreat in New Zealand or Australia, as it is very one on one and you are nurtured and cared for so beautifully.

So don’t delay – come for a beautiful winter retreat in gorgeous peaceful diamond harbouroverlooking the ocean - 

Call Paru 03 3294773 or text 0272 777734 or email info@journeyessence.com


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