What is True Spirituality - 17th Nov 2018

What is True Spirituality

Google says

the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things.

Shunyata means empty pure mind

This was what I had committed to when I changed my name 30 years ago in India to Paru -Fire of Love – committed to dedicate my life to meditation and the watcher. Who would think what a fire I had to go through and still going through today, to discover my true self, and now live from that true self.

Best Spiritual Retreat in New Zealand

I can only talk about what Spirituality means to me on this 30 year journey and you may have had a different expeirence and that is fine – but mine has been down the path of the ego or not.What is the ego or the enneagram – it is unconcious behaviour that causes us the most suffering. What flavour of ego are you – so that when you are with a beloved master, like I am with Mooji today, you know your flavour. It might be a peacemaker or a drama queen or pride might run you or not showing up and numbing out – all these are patterns that run us. When you enter an ayahuasca journey and she works on your pride and arrogance, you know it is your egoic self. Would I recommend this path I went on, not for the light hearted, and truly could be done with a little less beat up on yourself, but yes I would recommend the freedom I feel today, the connection with the higher power and the movement beyond illusion into the truth of my being, living from the heart.

Spiritual Retreat New Zealand

Awakening to your true self – beyond egoic identity. What is this? Well this year my longing became deeper and deeper on my 3 month round the world trip. I did a silent retreat with Mooji in Holland in August and always wanted to live from this place, the heart, not go in and out of it, but truly be it and never felt it so deep within me. This place is effortless, connected, one, magic, pure and true. It’s the place where true magic happens and it is gentle, loving and alive. It is your true self. Grace has helped you through your yearning to be there and everything that is not this will show up. This has happened on my return to the world. I know my higher self shows up in the heart. But what has also happened is my work has become more precise effortless and deep, helping others discover this place. I always remember saying after leaving Byron Bay, I was given so much, now I have to give back. So going into service is the best way to give your self-centredness up. But my heart feels it has been through the washing machine, bruised I would say as life has bought me so many challenges on this journey of the truth of my being.

I got to ask Mooji in Massachusetts, what is the effect of consciousness on healing – and he told me – just keep doing what you are doing. What he meant was keep listening to The Invitation and comitting to this place in your heart and healing will be effortless also. WowI feel it, I know it and I love it even though I feel like I have been through the dark night of the soul. How can we be in the world and still have this commitment to truth?

On observing my clients for 13 years here at Shunyata, all I can say is that with the awakening on the planet, my upgrading of consciousness, the shifts are happening so much faster. I was 10 years in suffering in Byron Bay after losing custody of my child, and felt stuck, but when people come in despair now, that stuckness can be moved so quickly. Maybe it’s depression, they just need to feel the feelings they have been avoiding, Maybe addiction, meet the trauma they took the drugs for, or out of control anger, which a 17 year old met yesterday and was back to a trauma from childhood. It’s effortless when the longing is so deep to be free – it’s like existence is truly wanting this and somehow I have been given the tools to accelerate it.

The Journey method is amazing, I feel so blessed to be given this process cause it can be done by anyone, not necessarily someone on a spiritual path. In fact the more innocent and deeper the suffering and despair, the more profound the process. Many people who have read all the books on spirituality have collected concepts, ideas of what is meant to be, not the actual experience of meeting the truth inside of your being. Their intention is great, their longing is great to be free, but they haven’t actually had the experience. At Shunyata we give you the experience and as the 17 year old discovered yesterday, it is easy and it works.

Mid Life Crisis – Who Am I?
Most people who come to Shunyata have come to that question as they see the old patterns
are not working. Who are you? Who are you really? Have you ever wanted to know something deeper within your being? Why are you here? What is your purpose? These questions we often ask when we get tired of living the old way of the ego.

Meet the unmet sadness, grief or anger or deep childhood trauma or abuse and you will feel this freedom with the journey and then go on to truly be who you are – your essence, your higher self with The Invitation – Mooji Baba (beyond meditation) It works, it works.

Our purpose changes and deepens as we go deeper within. At the recent Doterra conferenceI just got a message from my divine – saying you are in this world to help eleviate suffering. Funny cause suffering as been my journey and my mother’s so your worst self can be reversed to be your best.  Don't you want to live the best version of yourself.

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The oils I use for deepening my spiritual higher self and assisting on this awakening path are:

Rose Touch - The Oil of Divine Love (to stay in the heart chakra)

Arborivitae – The Oil of Divine Grace

Bergamot – The Oil of Self acceptance

Frankincense – The Oil of Truth

Geranium – The Oil of Love & Trust

Hawaiian Sandalwood – The Oil of Sacred Devotion

Melissa – The Oil of Light

Spikenard – The Oil of Gratitude


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