What is Pure Love - 30th May 2020

What is Pure Love The True Meaning of the Purest Love

I had no idea when I went to an Ashram in India in the 90's that my search for love was so
intense ,and on going back several times over 10 years I truly saw a lot of the catholic guilt
and shame being released from me around sexuality and then continued this masters of the
true meaning of love for the past 20 years.

Somehow along that path I discovered the enneagram and became fascinated with the
suffering my mother went through in her life and the similarity we shared and decided  to
live her legacy and be the best version of her and myself in this area of love.  so when the course came up with Love and the Enneagram, there was no way I could not do it.


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Be the Change you want to see in the world - Ghandi

It’s possible to have love become YOUR way of being... in all your  relationships, in your vocation, and in all your actions in the world. When Gandhi was serving as a force of love in the world, for example, he understood that love is a spiritual path, a practice, a way of life — and that love is our only true identity.

What is LOVE? Most of us assume we know the answer...From the moment we’re born, though, society actually gives us many  wrong ideas about love.For instance, that love is an overwhelming powerful feeling... often sweeping and dramatic... or perhaps mushy and sentimental...And so fear, attachment issues, wounds, and emotions are actually what many of us mistakenly describe as love.

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What if you redefined LOVE as something you become — rather than something you feel or receive?What if we all cultivated a deeper understanding of what real love is?Not only would our lives change for the better — the world would change,too.

The ancient, multidimensional wisdom of the Enneagram, which I have been addicted to for the
last 20 years, the healthiest addiction I have,  helps to guide you to understand what love is — and what it’s not.It reveals the nine ways each of us (unconsciously) distorts love, depending on our Enneagram type — usually from a fear-driven place of ego or separation.

The Enneagram shows you the way out of your delusions and helps you leave behind the suffering of isolation...... and move into relaxed, abundant, creative, and authentic love, intimacy, and connection with ourselves — and with everyone. Imagine exploring the power of embodied love and relatedness and what it can do in your life — and for life on earth.

the 3 Stages of Love:

  • The journey towards love (searching for love as if it’s outside of ourselves)

  • The journey with love (seeing love as a guide in all your relationships)

  • The journey as love (developing a way of being that’s living from love in every moment)

Love isn’t just from the heart, it operates in the 3 centres of the body, head, heart and body and generated from intelligence, clarity, action and presence in the body.The miracle of love is self acceptance and a mirror of non-judgement,.  The power of  forgiveness can release us from our fixations and love gives us the best chance to become the person you most want to be in the

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On my journey with the Enneagram at the beginning ,on bringing awareness to my patterns and
fixation, I did a not of judgement of self and always looked to the negative traits and now 20
years on, I am realising that we do have a human side, we are not perfect but truly heading
towards this best version of what we want to be.  Over the months of this course, something
deep inside has changed in my version of love.  Being an emotional type, I always related to
heart and love but am discovering so many gorgeous traits of each and everyone's uniqueness.
I have been blessed to be around children and bringing out their best as their patterns are established at such an early age, and coming to forgiveness with my siblings cause their way
of experessing love isn't the same as mine.

This has prompted me to write this article, and if you feel moved then come and do a retreat combinng this amazing ancient wisdom of The Enneagram with The Journey method - which is a guided meditation to take you back toa block or trauma in childhood and coming to a soul's forgiveness, will be the best thing you can ever do for yourself in this lifetime.  Lets face , proven over and over these are the top 5 regrets of the dyng

  1. I wish I'd had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me. ...always caring what people think
  2. I wish I hadn't worked so hard. ...  and was more present with my loved ones 
  3. I wish I'd had the courage to express my feelings. ...and ultimately create more love & intimacy
  4. I wish I had stayed in touch with my friends.- and realised who was important 
  5.  I wish that I had let myself be happier. - and found causeless joy inside

Covid has brought up a semi death of the ego and these patterns of survival and now is the time to set yourself free.and come home to the love that you truly are.Come on a 3 day Ultimate Bliss retreat and a tour of presence after, or a 5 day detox or a Couples Return to Love 3 or 5 days

journeyessence.com or tel or txt 0272 777734  as space is filling fast

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