Weight Loss, Health & Wellness Retreat - 9th Jan 2021

Weight Loss, Health & Wellness Retreat

Fasting Weight Loss

Shunyata  health and wellness retreat in New Zealand has been open now for 17 years andevery year it just gets better.  The beauty of this retreat is you are seen individually with a maximum of just 2 people at a time.

It deals with the best way to lose weight then we address everything that might cause this holding on of weight from thyroid issues, emotional or abuse issues and we use  the liver cleansing diet, ayurveda panchakarma and without even trying, the weight falls off and most importantly people leave inspired to eat healthy according to their ayurveda type.  We even add hypnotherapy gastric band 
which Paru has had huge results with.

The retreat opened with emotional healing being the priority with what Paru believes if the most amazing tool for freedom and awakening, The enneagram test and combining this with The Journey method of Brandon Bays, you couldn't get a more powerful combination to deal with the major block of your life.

We use mindfulness meditation and learn about intermittent fasting right for your ayurveda type to lose weight

Just some of the issues we address where you have tried everything
stress, fear & anxiety
abuse sexual or physical
shut down
relationship blocks

We work beyond the mind with the body and soul that speak truth and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Relationship Counselling ChristchurchShunyata Retreat and Day S ... t and relationship counselling

Couples counselling and relationships are her deepest love as she herself has learnt the  highest form of love beyond romantic love studying personally  with David Deida  in Byron Bay who is renown for relationships higher loving, how to be truly intimate,openess and masculine feminine polarity.

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You will leave here knowing your life  purpose and have met your higher self with
a quiet mind ready to hit 2021, having had a holiday where you leave your baggage behind.
You will be inspired to eat delicious healthy food and be pampered and nurtured and have a great break and relax.  The body work with essential oils and craniosacral is the natural facelift
and your body and soul will be singing.

Take a look at the video done on Shunyata before lock down 


and call 0272777734 or email info@journeyessence.com to book your space for a 
special retreat just for you.
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