Wake up calls are the best thing your soul can go through - 8th Jun 2019

Wake up calls are the best thing your soul can go through

Benefits of a Wake Up Call


Who would think today that I could say – going rock bottom allows you to become a better person.

My story was 10 years of deep suffering when I lost custody of my child, 30 years ago – and at the time I wouldn’t have wished it on anyone but this is how much time I needed in my stubborn way to really wake up. I remember ending upside down in the river after the car skidded and hearing “Wake up – I’m going to show you this year out in style”.

Forward 15 years ago, finding the most amazing therapies in Byron Bay from being a workshop junkie and getting the push to come home and open a retreat, Shunyata was formed – a haven for people going through this wake up and wanting to get back to life. It’s been amazing, 15 years of helping people just like myself, growing with them, studying non stop in so many different ways and observing so much and learning from it. I feel blessed to help people find their true selves, their higher self.


What does this mean? Well we are all living in unconcious behaviour patterns formed in childhood  that cause us the most suffering in the world. They are repetitive, but somehow if you want to learn, and evolve, they get better, but never do they totally leave us, they just don’t run us so much. When we do the Journey session, you uncover these unconcious behaviours, you get it and see how it has run you and with courage and vulnerability – you meet your true self, your essence – who you truly are . It’s magic and I could never give this work up, cause my why, my purpose is to help eleviate suffering in this world.

Dr Gabor Mate, one of my mentors in body mind soul balance, says “Most addictions and illnesses are caused by childhood trauma, unmet sadness, grief and anger and this is the work done here at Shunyata. We uncover a memory that is stopping you living your true potential and it allows freedom after a forgiveness process around a campfire, not from the mind but from a soul and cellular prospective.

Amazing interview on the key to overcome tauma


Paru has been working fulltime with this work now for 15 years and has become an expert on the Enneagram – unconcious patterns and can truly help you get to the core of what is stopping you living your true potential..
The journey takes you on a guided meditation to clear out a block or trauma on a cellular level,, we do an emotional dropthrough (feeling the emotion totally) then we come to a forgiveness process around a campfire
and cellularly this issue leaves the body. Mydeepest prayer is that people live a total life and that means meeting their dark to have more light and be the best version of themselves.
Excellent work for depression, sexual & physical  abuse , low self esteem and unworthiness, addictions, unhealthy behaviours, relationship problems, procrastination and career underperformance.
The beauty here at Shunyata is it's not in a big group, it's uniquely one on one and works with YOUR SOUL
your awakening which is special to you.

Freedom is your birthright - May all beings be free and happy

Your deepest fear is your gift  or your nemisis -  it’s time to face it and be free

come for a day – Ultimate Healing Day or a 3 day retreat in gorgeous Banks Peninsular and come home to who you truly are

journeyessence.com or tel 0272 777734 or email info@journeyessence.com

space available now until 23 July then again from 22 September

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