Wake the f..........up - 7th May 2020

Wake the f..........up


COVID is a global meditation retreat which noone signed up for.

Are you sick of hearing how you shoul be!

Well one thing you would have noticed is that all the corruption is being exposed and the world isn't going to be the same.  I am not going to give you advice on how to be but tell you this is the chance to be the best version of yourself to show up in this new world and make a difference.

How did you use this time?
If you haven't already , you will bow down to COVID19 with gratitude for having this time and space and pause.  Stop, wait and listen.
Do you want your power back - your soverignty?
Are you sick of doing the same shit and living in the society that is the cult?
Your soul matters, your essence matters! 

When we stop and be still – we have to face the dark, our shadows, our ego – the parts of ourself we don’t love. So I am sure many unmet feelings are coming up at this time and you don’t know how to deal with them. Believe me – emotional intelligence was never taught in schools and should be on the curriculum, so you are not alone.


At Shunyata we will bring you to your soul, to your essence, your purpose so you can take this and make a difference. Yes you will need to go into the fire and burn what is not you – yes it takes courage,but here you are held in a safe embrace to do this – so what is beating inside of you comes out alive to the world. You will experience a freedom beyond ego and personality to show up as your true self. You will wake up a dormant fire in your belly and claim back your lifeforce and you will take back the power of your divinity.Yes you need to be vulnerable – but this is true power, and you will never look back.

What is Ego, Persona, Shadow, Lower Self

According to Jungian analyst Robert A. Johnson, “The persona–or ego–is what we would like to be and how we wish to be seen in the world….The ego is what we are and know about consciously. The shadow is that part of us we fail to see or know.”

While each type has strengths and strong points, each type also has a shadow—aspects of experience, thoughts, and feelings they remain unconscious to. As aproduct of ancient spiritual and wisdom traditions, the Enneagram is an “objective”map of both the patterns associated with waking consciousness—and shadow aspects we remain unconscious to. By helping us see, own, and develop our blind spots and disowned feelings, the Enneagram supports us in becoming conscious of all of who we are and manifesting our highest potentials.

Why We Should Meet Our Shadows or our Dark Sides or our Egos

1. Because they are loaded with treasures and gifts about self – when we meet the dark,we have more light.

2. It is a shadow so it is leaky, somehow it leaks out or spills out in reaction not response.

3. It wants to be seen, it wants our love, to be accepted and integrated by us – it is a part of us.

4. It takes a lot of our lifeforce – to keep it shutdown – we use so much energy –draining on energy

5. It's not bad, it had a very good reason it exist, to keep us safe and to get love and sustenance . It has been our persona and our mask but to truly grow up we need to bring awareness to it to let it go.

6. Often the dark side of ourselves – is the nemesis of the gifts and the purpose we could be living. So we can use it to truly know our life purpose.

7. It brings us back to our power and our authenticity

8. When someone says drop your ego, at least you know your flavour. We are not all like Donald Trump,
some of us are people pleasers and scared of confrontation.  Some of us are addicted to helping others.
and some of us are tragic romantics - living in deep lies of what love is.

These shadows or dark sides were formed early in life around 3 years old and they are defence mechanisms to feel safe. They are behaviours that we form in relation to our environment. Maybe,as our parents are our main caregivers at this time until we go to school, they are usually in reaction or similar to the parents. For myself in my family of 5 – there were 3 that ended up like my fatherand myself who ended up like my mother, but that does vary.

Emotional Release Work Helps Resilience

When trauma or crisis happens in life or in relationship we go into powerlessness (masculine reaction) and unloveability (feminine reaction). We then can react or respond. We need to unblock these emotions as they can cause illness and more addiction, shutdown and disassociation. I have often said, as per Gabor Mates work – the unmet sadness, grief and anger ,what he proved in the many years in his work, was the reason for illness and addiction.

I have just finished an online ISTA convention where  I too had to meet some blocks around my son. So 
yes this work never ends but it brings such a self compassion and aliveness and passion back that I 
truly can't wait to share it after lockdown.  I honour my humility  and courage to never knowing too much - to the love of this aliveness and juicyness of my own being,  so I can be a true inspiration to others.

When we remove the veils from our heart we become one with the world.


Emotional Release Work You can Do in Your Bubble

1. Put the person who you have an issue with in front of you in a pillow and dialogue

2. Put on music and shake through that emotion – move the body

3. If you have a scream inside put your both hands over your mouth and scream

4. Grab a large pillow and thump out anger on the pillow but be careful not to hurt yourself.

5. If there is grief – open our your heart, lean back and moan out the sadness and grief on your chest

6. If you have essential oils – use breathe and console for grief.

7. Use breath, sound, movement and awareness.

It is hard to do this work on your own and it is hard to do a journey on your own without being held to your highest, so either come to Shunyata on a retreat or ultimate healing day or  I will eventually do a zoom on emotional work at some stage.

The difference of doing the work at Shunyata, is it is very one on one, not in a big group and you truly matter, you are seen beyond your shadow and woken up.When you meet the heartbreak, the pain of where you have not lived and you crack this open – you come home to an aliveness that is the best addiction you could ever have. beyond healing – it is beyond personal development.

The Soul of the World is Whispering for us to Come Home

This is beyond the fear of survival - it is true awakening and if this speaks to your soul I hope to meet you on your journey  



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