Travelling Cairns to Brisbane 22 July-4 August Offering the Enneagram & The Journey - 29th Apr 2021

Travelling Cairns to Brisbane 22 July-4 August  Offering the Enneagram & The Journey When I first came to NZ this is what I did all around NZ and so so excited to be offering this
again in Australia this winter and NZ next summer.  Now 17 years doing this fulltime there
will be a book published and a deepening happening in this incredible work.

Are you ready for the Journey - ask yourself if?

  •  Fearanxiety or stress is prevalent in your life
  •  Depression has overtaken your life
  • You’re feeling stuck or that there’s just got to be more to life
  • You have overwhelming sadness and grief
  • You’re facing ill health or ongoing physical issues
  • Unhealthy behaviours or circumstances leave you feeling depressed
  • You’re wanting more fulfillment in a relationship
  • You’re still searching for your infinite potential
  • You have been sexually abused and want to put this to rest with profound sexual healing
  • You've suffered trauma-  childhood or later and tried everything to heal
  • You are truly wanting to be free from addiction 
  • You are starting a Hero's Journey from a wakeup call
  • You go to do something and a block comes up everytime and you have tried everything to shift it
“The wound is the place where the Light enters you.” ― Rumi

 I will come to your home and do your enneagram (unconcious behaviour patterns) then into
guided meditation to clear the block that is stopping you living your potential.
Shared lunch and either aromatherapy massage or craniosacral balancing session - sublime body work.

This ultimate healing day at Shunyata has been a life changer as I have been where you are -
I have come from being underdog and now spent 30 years helping other people and growing
at the same time.  I bring integrity, authenticity and pure love to your healing.

Check out the reviews from trip advisor and google for Shuyata Retreat NZ

if you or anyone you know between Top of Aus - Cape Tribulation
to Sunshine Coast or Brisbane wants to do this amazing day appro 4 hours. - cost $250

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