Trauma Meaning - 17th Jun 2021

Trauma Meaning

Trauma Meaning - most people don't know they have trauma which was my story
as 30 years ago when I had my wake up call I was top of my career, spoke 3 languages
and had travelled the world - so I thought life was good.  Thank god I got on this journey.

Are you sick of doing online courses where you just become one of a million?
Are you sick of trying everything to get to the core of an issue?
Are you longing to be seen, heard and addressed in your dilema or block that is  prevalent right now in these times?
Will you even admit that it is trauma that is stopping you - what is trauma meaning?

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The statistics say that 67% of people have had some sort of childhood trauma event in their past like physical, emotional and alcohol and substance abuse which ultimately causes problems later on in life with 7 out of 10 causes of death, as per the“ACE survey ‘adverse childhood experience done in the 1990’s.  Many people who come to Shunyata know there is something
wrong but don't realise it goes back to the childhood trauma, as I did 30 years ago.  When we
go back and address this and clear it cellularly - then life is worth living again!

Trauma Meaning
This can be

        *  Parents separating or divorce,

  • Physical, sexual, or emotional abuse,

  • Physical and emotional neglect,

  • Domestic violence,

  • Mental illness in the family,

  • Substance abuse,

  • Incarceration by a related family member.

Right now this is having a huge effect on your immune ,your gut health and can lead to increased risk of diseases, like hepatitis, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. dementia, ,autoimmune diseases, chronic fatigue,fybromyalgia and eating disorders.

Different Types of Trauma

PTSD – response to specific event – car accident, sexual assault etc but today I am going to talk about
Developmental & Attachment trauma

This sets up your relationship with yourself and people, the ability to feel safe and helps you with adult stresses. More than 50% of people have been affected before 4 years old.

1. Emotional neglect- This one is not so obvious as it is not remembered, we were never asked how we felt so we didn’t develop emotional intelligence. This should be taught in schools and is now at epidemic levels. We feel empty and hold a  wall around our emotions.

2. Integenerational trauma – inherited from grandparents, epigenetics- what happens in utero.
This I can truly confirm in myself with my immune.

3. Things happen before age 4 – most critical time – in early attachment trauma, separation in early life, insecure attachment, earlier makes more crucial..Our experiences in childhood that impact our biology, personality, our immune behaviour as drives or survival mechanisms of over achiever perfectionist, low self worth, feeling deficient, sabotage, workalcholishm, depression, bi-polar and many mental disorders.This is where the enneagram comes in – patterns of unconcious behaviour that take starts around 4 years old.

Stress & Meaning of Anxiety

We cannot blame the outside for stress anymore, it is all about perception and how we are wired.
 It is a crisis of disconnection syndrome from being connected to our essence or true self, our level of groundedness , calm and heart connection.. It takes courage and awareness to face emotions and do the deep work, but ultimately it is life changing. We cannot do the spiritual bypass anymore but go back and dig deep so we can live this human life which can be traumatic in itself.

Nervous Response

When we are anxious  we have triggered fight/flight response which can cause inflammation or a dorsal or freeze response where the vagus nerve is in a shutdown or flat mode state which can cause chronic fatigue, depression or bipolar where we are too overwhelmed to deal with things at the time and then burnout symptoms appear

Counselling Christchurch

Great video on importance of emotional work on your immune response

Here at shunyata when we do the Journey and the enneagram work we go back with a guided meditation where we establish the trauma known or unknown, then allowing us to reparent our inner child, come to a forgiveness on a cellular level which quietens the mind, brings you back to presence and love and helps you to reset boundaries and re-energise your life force. This ultimately boosts your immune and helps with your stress responses.

We also practice vagus nerve stimulators such as meditation, yoga, high vibrational essential oils, gratitude, rest, compassion, self love and groundedness which ultimately lead to more joy and openess for life. We also address circadia rythms and sleep and food preferences through ayurveda and essential oils.  It's all about you!

Relationship Counselling

Where we have had the best success has been shutdown and heartbreak from relationship breakup, depression, low energy, phobias, eating disorders, anxiety, addictions, sexual abuse, and so many more in the17 years of helping people at a deep cellular level. It is your birthright to reclaim your essence - your innocence and this can be possible on
retreat in NZ.  Give it to yourself and leave with a holiday where you leave your baggage behind.

Recent testimonial
MC UK Inc.5 days ago
I came across Shunyata Retreat whilst searching for an escape from the mental stress of every day life. I was hesitant at first, as I like to research deep before committing to SPA and Wellness retreats, especially one that I need to fly to! I chose the Ultimate Bliss - 3d/2n package after some lite reading and a brief conversation with Paru. I arrived at her peaceful retreat with an open mind with no expectations, and felt at ease from the moment I arrived. The Enneagram and The Journey are very powerful tools. Paru guides you through these sessions, not only making you feel at ease, but ensuring you are receiving all the benefits and value from doing them. The yoga, ozone sauna, oils, and massages, are all amazing touches to the overall experience. There is plenty of free time during the 3 days too. I chose to walk down to the bay, explore the peaceful surroundings and listen to the ocean. Paru's has a great selection of books in her library, for the guys I would recommend anything by David Deida. Paru is very knowledgeable and experienced in what she offers. Her hospitality, food and conversations are all 10/10! I would recommend Shunyata to anyone looking for a similar experience. I left the retreat knowing more about myself, a clearer mind, and references to further reading that will keep me on a clearer direction in life. Thank You Paru. - Mits

Come for a 5 day detox ayurveda style
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or if in Christchurch come for an ultimate healing day - the choice is yours and know that
you are getting the best value for money retreat in Australasia.
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