This Xmas Newsletter you are going to want to read - 1st Dec 2017

This Xmas Newsletter you are going to want to read

Shunyata and Doterra Love you in this silly season

Friendly reminder –

That doing your best doesn't mean working yourself to point of breakdown.

I hope you all are not drinking too much, partying too much or generally going too far with xmas presents and pressure on yourselves, and letting those unconcious patterns of guilt, duty,blame, responsibility and victim take over. This time of the year for me is quiet and I love it that way, I love the peace and decide to be true to that peace and self care and enjoy the beautiful sunshine. It is is a choice and it is with awareness that we can disconnect from the madness. My tip that works for myself and clients – chose 3 of your favourite Passions and make sure that you live them equally to have a balance in life which is true success.Maybe you will have a break after xmas, maybe this is the time for you to rejuvenate and self care but don't leave it too late. Life is too beautiful to overdo things and cause stress to your beautiful being. I have been doing an amazing meditation of late that just takes 15 minutes in the morning or evening called soul sync and would really recommend it for regrouping and anchoring in your true selves and put on your favourite oil. - I hope you love this meditation.

They even have some yoga and meditation blends released.  If you want to know how to get a free FRANKINCENSE this month email and get these amazing oils wholesale with a possibility of getting 55% off retail down the track.  We have an oil that deals with pain better than medical marijuana and has helped me with kidney and bladder issues and so much more - so this month is the month to get these beauties.  I have to confess, this is my new addiction through and through and I don't know how I lived without them.  and like my fbpage and share and be in to win free wild orange

The next most exciting news for all you couples out there, is David Deida has released a new video after over a decade, being the last one done by a friend in Byron Bay.  It's so so exciting and is available for $67US with a 1/3 discount.  Not only do they send you the video but you can go on his new website and listen to it in stages.  What a xmas present for yourselves over the holiday period, add it with a beautiful ylang ylang or my new blend for the heart 7 drops of
citrus bliss with 1 drop of geranium.

I love the warm weather and have been swimming at camp bay already so it's going to be a warm summer. 2018 will be an amazing year for all who are truly wanting to wake up and be real. People are doing amazing quick shifts here that blow me away and I am sure it is the essential oils and the awakening on the planet right now. I feel truly blessed witnessing breakthroughs I have never seen before, so quick and longlasting. Deep love to all you amazing clients I have seen recently and keep up the self love and care, cause you don't know truly the effect you are having on other people.  Touching hearts one step at a time and one drop at a time with doterra.

As you who know me – one of my amazing passions which I am always upgrading iscooking with love. Since using doterra oils – my food is getting better and better. I got put off with the savoury oils cause they are so strong,but now have all the tips for cooking and have been adding so much. Last night made lavender, thyme and lemon chicken, to die for, then my tapenade with figs and lemon oil – wow. So another reasonto try these amazing oils – I promise you, your food with upgrade 100%. or email me for more details and the cookbook.

3rd most amazing news for 2018 I will be taking a group to Vietnam 26 June for 12days approx. Having been a travel agent for 20 years and loving great food, this is a bargain place for great food, pampering and will be doing yoga daily, talks on abundance, happiness and freedom and why people don't heal,cooking with essential oils and time to reset, reclaim and renew as you explore aspects of yourself you have never discovered. It will be an amazing adventure ,as for most of us, the war was in our time and the musuem and places truly touched me and I don't normally do tourist things. Also I have an incredible dentist in Ho Chi Minh, cheap & excellent.  It's like doing a group version of Shunyata in the sunshine overseas.We will be venturing into Hoi An to do the workshops and yoga and cooking school. This will be an adventure of a lifetime and doing itinerary and costings this month hopefully. Will be under $3,000 (earlier you get in cheaper airfare). Spread the word to all soul adventurers – will be limited numbers and will be done with lots of laughter and joy.  email

I have an amazing massage therapist coming to help in January from Europe so there is some
spaces from 28 December through till 25 January if you want to come out for the day. I promise you a special day to remember and so so look forward to seeing you in this paradise.

XMAS vouchers are also available and will be throwing in a free emotional oil reading with every voucher bought. 
$100 for body work and sauna,
$200 for girls day out 2 sessions,sauna and lunch
 $300 for ultimate healing day including journey, sauna, lunch & body work. 

email or tel 03 3294773 or 0272 777734

Remember self care, integrity and being true to self is so important at this time of the year.Give up the shoulds……..take time out… yourself more not less and for anyone who has been so lucky to get these incredible oils do an aromatic dressing all over your body in self love towards your heart – 3 drops of your favourite blends and some coconut oil or non-scented body lotion and touch all parts of your gorgeous body with love and honour. I look forward to meeting you again in 2018 and merry xmas and a happy new year to all.

Doterra is now part of my life and part of so many of your lives as over 5million families worldwide are now empowered to take charge of their health naturally and they truly work.
NZ has grown so much that in 4 days we have our own warehouse opening.  So come on board, get your free Frankincense and you will never look back There is an oil for everything.

Namaste and deep deep love for xmas from the bottom of my heart




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