The True Secret on How to Live Pain Free Naturally - 9th Jun 2019

The True Secret on How to Live Pain Free Naturally

My deepest wound in teenage years was my eating disorder. I had no idea at the time that I could trace it back now to the tragedy of my parent’s divorce – I took to food as the feelings were overwhelming – I could never purge or stop eating, I loved food too much so I just ate and ate to keep the feelings of abandonment, sadness and separation down.

Fast forward a few years with my wake up call around 30 – losing custody of my child and I had to go in and do the work. It was amazing to go back and truly face the hate I had for my body, turn it up and finally feel free – was like coming off a cocaine addiction – I didn’t need to continue this yo yo of stuffing my face and dieting. I used colour puncture, and then went on to find dance therapy and yoga to fall totally in love with this amazing body of mine.

This began my incredible journey into the magic of healing the body and the soul. Luckily was living in Byron Bay at the time, the mega for this work and became the workshop junkie . Tried everything you can imagine,
including the most revered work I do today 30 years later which I studied in India - Craniosacral Balancing.  I picked the most profound and came home to put it into my retreat 15 years ago and Shunyata was formed. So researching people, watching bodies, working on bodies and updating myself solidly by overseas jaunts – I can truly pass on what I have learnt about

the wisdom of this incredible body.

Next chapter, 5 years ago, after asking what is stopping me waking up – I  came down with candida. Not an easy journey for a foodie, so enter Doterra Pure High Vibrancy Essential oils – took the symptoms away with wild orange and got real with eating and with the Cleanse and Restore and a few other things – became Candida free. My lesson here was physical pain and suffering, and having compassion  for people who had to live in pain permanently, as it wasn’t my issue in the past – most of my learnings were emotional.

The mind is full of fear, doubt and judgement, the body knows, it just wants to be listened to deeply and compassionately and this can lead us to soul’s advancement which is cellular and true.

How in touch are you with your body?
How empowered do you feel when you get sick to heal or do you go to the medical profession?

Don’t get me wrong – there is a place for the medical profession, they can repair bones and so many things – but so much can be dealt with by you truly listening. Your body is a miracle – this quote by Osho

The body is the greatest mystery in the whole of existence. This mystery needs to be loved – it’s mysteries and it’s functionings need to be inquired into.   OSHO

How do we do that? Well at Shunyata you will discover your enneagram type – either emotional, body or mind type – then we will address your relationship with your body and after doing the Journey process with the doterra high vibrancy oils that help you emotionally, you will see the wisdom that is shared, then we do a craniosacral session with these incredible  oils (even have one that works like medical marijuana) , Copaiba with the high content on cannabinoid but totally natural, that will address the issues, and listen more deeply to it’s functionings. The miracle of the plant knows, is done with an emotional aromatherapy energy session what is going on in the subconcious. Miracles can happen.

Yesterday -  got a call from a client who couldn't walk on her foot.  She was about to spend a lot of money
on special shoes, but we went into the foot, listened deeply with the oils, and did this a few times, she has
never had this pain back again.  It happens so often and my deepest prayer is no-one has to live with
permanent pain in their body, it can be cleared naturally.

Knees that are going to be operated on with yoga exercises is another amazing shift. Phobia cures of all sorts lifted for good with NLP. Pain in body that has been there for years – finally put to rest and things that you never thought could be addressed – uniquely dealt with depending on your enneagram type, the right oil on the right place and the compassionate listening and your longing for closure. Healing takes 2 – I can’t heal you alone, but if you and I work together we can create miracles.

So the cheapest, most empowering journey you can ever take is home to the wisdom of your body and this will save you thousands in later years.  You wake up with you every day - your body is worth listening to as it
speaks wisdom and truth.

Come to Shunyata and learn the true wisdom of this incredible body and soul and take it to help others, come for a day, or 3 days and learn emotionally and physically this tool to have for life.
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