The Importance of Preventative Medicine - 12th Jun 2019

The Importance of Preventative Medicine

How to Avoid Cancers and Many Illnesses

Just had news of 2 deaths of parents and a client die of cancer. My heart breaks for the people left and the determination to give up myself and my little problems and get educating people more how to love the body, understand it’s functionings and listen to it, connect with the soul, let go of the mind, learn to eat healthily per your ayurveda type learn how to grieve and to how to embrace death. This is all since my wake up call and watching my mother suffer for 25 years with stroke.

It makes me go back to my blog about the truth about cancer and add to it I am not going to tell you I know all, but in the 15 years of observing and being passionate about teachings and observing clients, I have learnt a lot.

The Truth About Cancer


  1. 48% of cancers are environmental and only 5% -10% are genetic – get your home chemical free and what you put on your skin

  2. Let food be thy medicine – alkaline, address ayurvedic type, cut out sugar and add more greens and cut down on red meat

  3. Detox- liver or colon – doterra does an amazing cleanse & restore that cleared my candida

  4. heal emotional wounds – 80% of illnesses are emotionally related – main cause of illnesses

    are childhood trauma, unmet sadness, grief and anger – all addressed with the journey and

    the eneagram (unconcious behaviour patterns) – get emotionally intelligent & forgive

  5. Bring in plant matter with doterra high vibrancy pure essential oils - frankincense & DDR prime and Lifelong vitality a must and then other ones according to the cancer

  6. I will add some other tips beyond that blog, take time to be – meditation and learn to be present out of the mind, fall in love with the body with yoga – to truly listen, do some craniosacral balancing sessions with doterra cbd oil -copaiba to truly listen, meet your inner child and develop relationship, go back to anyone in your life who you haven’t forgiven and come to a true soul forgiveness, take stress out of your life (so easy when you understand enneagram type which creates stress), develop a relationship around death so you can surender and not fight, discover your soul, your essence your true self and stay true to it,find a way to take away money worries so you can truly concentrate on you – abundance is needed when you are ill. Sell what you need to and stop working.Make you as a no. 1 priority and understand through the enneagram what patterns have run you and caused this cancer. So many things are attributable to being ill so I have just covered some of what I have learnt, surround yourself that believe, that trust that have beaten 4th stage cancer and know that it is possible for you

For the people who are left, believe me as per many people who have had near death experiences, the light they go to is amazing. They don’t want you to suffer, they want you to learn from them and go live totally. If you have done the soul’s work in this lifetime, your transition is smooth and you go straight to the light, so don’t stop waking up and discovering your true self. Use these beautiful beings as your teachers, go do what they didn’t do and live for them and then you are doing yourself and them a huge service.


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