The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Healing - 15th Nov 2019

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence in Healing

Emotional Intelligence Leads to Deep Healing

If you are in touch with what is happening on the planet - November is the month that all our old patterns are resurfacing, our shadow side (our lower self) is coming up to be dealt with - no better time to be doing this work -
reconnecting to our higher self where we are truly aligned.

1. Heal the physical body

The body is the gateway to the soul and the mind and the ego are full of fear doubt and judgement. Most people are living in this space of the ego/mind and this is where all the problems are. So getting in touch and listening to the body is a crucial part of getting in touch with emotions. Because the body never lies – it speaks the truth. Have you heard of that gut feeling and when we don’t listen to it – well there is many of those gut feelings showing through and if we don’t listen to them then we can end up with physical illness so we can truly listen. In the enneagram/journey work that we do here in Shunyata, we establish your pattern of ego/mind disruption that is causing you your breakdown, your physical illness, your block or whatever is happening and then we go back to maybe a time in your childhood where this was formed, and with a memory we come to a forgiveness process (not from the mind but from the soul) and then that issue is dealt with from a cellular level. We should be taught at school – true emotional intelligence, How it is to be with your emotions and feel them totally and then they disolve, but we use every strategy to avoid them, eating them down, drinking them down, running from them etc. If 80% of our illnesses are emotionally related , especially us emotional types,wouldn’t it make sense to get this sorted.

2. Heal the Heart and the Soul

Well this is what happens after a journey process. Our heart’s have been shut down from hurts, I call this the heart shaped wall. We are living in a constant state of shutdown that is taking our lifeforce and doesn’t allow us to be our true selves. You know that feeling and of course you remember that feeling when it was to be truly open. Think of a child, who has none of these walls, how innocent, alive and spontaneous they are. You too can have this back inside of you and then live more from your true self, the heart and the soul. This is your essence and your birthright.

3. Release Limiting Belief Systems

With life knocks we develop limiting beliefs and from childhood we carry these even back to the womb where we absorb our parents. We then hold on to these beliefs and they stop all other possibilities. Another disempowering one is vows, vow’s have a lifeforce of their own and they shut down all possibilities and have noticed this in the 15 years of doing this work. It’s why when you make a vow in marriage – it’s hard to break. We need to uncover these and reword them into healthy beliefs and vows in the cells. The good news is we can change these, they may have served us in the past but for true freedom they are holding us back.

4. Increase Spiritual Awareness & Connection

Consciousness, awareness and a connection with a higher power is needed on the journey. Consciousness heals, consciousness is manifestation on steroids, consciousness is effortless – it comes when you have become aware of all the beliefs, vows, enneagram and ego patterns (unconcious behaviours). It comes when we stop being the pleaser, the helper, the unique one, the strong one by being aware of these patterns. We then awaken our spiritual connection with the higher power. We can’t do this alone, we need help – so drop the pride and reach out.

5. Inspire the Fulfillment of your Life’s Purpose

We all have a reason to be here. This why, this purpose is our life’s mission. When we truly are in service to something bigger, to our passions, to what makes us on fire – we are living our purpose. My purpose is to live the highest version of unconditional love in this lifetime and to inspire people to truly know their true selves. Their true selves is their essence, their soul – their higher self and my deepest prayer is everyone gets to know this in this lifetime – cause this is true fulfillment, this is true love, this is true wonder and beauty and everything. When we touch this part of you in the Journey – I feel such a gratefulness, I bring in the gorgeous sugar free wild orange fudge, and know my work and my life has a meaning.

What it means to live from the Higher Self - Conscious Being
You are at peace
You cannot be shaken from your centre
You have self knowledge
You empathize without judgement
You see yourself as part of the whole
You are not in the world. The world is in you
Your actions spontaneously benefit you
Your desires manifest easily, without friction or struggle
You can perform intense action with detachment
You are not personally invested in any outcome
You know how to surrender
The reality of God is visible everywhere
The best possible time is in the present

It's great to talk about this, but to really feel this has been my life's path.
You too can have this awakening.

At Shunyata we use the high vibrancy of doterra essential oils to help with this healing. Some people have blocked deeply their hurts on their heart, so easy air helps to bring them up. Some people are buried in a deep grief and sadness, so console helps them to let it out. Some people have buried anger and it’s stuck in the gut which can cause all types of gut problems. Some people have completely numbIed all emotion and don’t know who they are.The enneagram with the essential oils, helps to know the particular strategy and for 15 years Paru has been refining this.What I notice is that it comes to a time in life where these patterns of unconcious behaviour are not working anymore – so people either end up in a breakdown, an illness or something of a wake up call and then they come. But why wait till then, I watched my mother suffer for 25 years with stroke – I don’t want to waste this life – do you?

You can come for a day on an Ultimate Healing Day, 3 Days on Ultimate Bliss retreat or a 5 day detox, body mind and soul.

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