The Hidden Key to Reducing Pain and Releasing Stress from the Body - 1st Feb 2020

The Hidden Key to Reducing Pain and Releasing Stress from the Body


Society is more mind based than ever. If the mind is full of fear, doubt and judgement -wouldn’t you like to know of another place to trust – this is your body. So many people now have lost touch with the wisdom of the body and this is where you can be empowered to truly be your authentic self.

My story with my body started with an eating disorder. No it wasn’t bulimia or anorexia (I loved food too much for that) – it was yo yo dieting and using food for love. When myparents split at 13 I rose  to nearly 100 kilos and really hated myself. When I got my mum back emotionally, when she was truly there for me, I was able to lose a lot of weight but never did deal with the issues under it so had many problems eating normally. Thank god I was in Byron Bay and went to an ashram in India and through dance and in the 90’s was colour puncture, I went back to childhood hatred of the body and then I could eat normally. It was like coming off a cocaine addiction – so hence my love of the wisdom of the body began. I studied craniosacral balancing in India cause it brought me to a relaxation I had never experienced and from there could release cellular memory out of the body.

30 years on and 15 years working with people’s bodies at Shunyata – I can truly vouch for this listening and wisdom that is kept inside the fascia – which is the matrix under the skin and around the muscles and organs. It is the sheath of the body, it is where we hold our chi – our life force and where so much pain can be released. It was first discovered in the 60’s and validated by the medical profession in 2007. It has also the lymph nodes inside where our garbage and toxicity is disposed of in the body. Craniosacral balancing and doterra pure essential oils, combined with reflexology used here at Shunyata has been miracle release of pain and emotional holding. Combine that with the enneagram (Patterns of unconcious behaviour that govern how we feel our emotions) – The Journey Method – a guided meditation to take you back to childhood or life trauma and miracle after miracle is happening.

We have 5 Energy Centres in the body which give us our power and when these are compromised in any way, pain can appear and general lack of life force with this holding. Craniosacral releases these energy centres to give the body back it’s energy and lifeforce.

1. Pelvic floor -the seat of the body, the tail and seat bones – releasing this we get back our power.

2. Gut – so much is said about the gut brain relationship these days and how important this is.

3. Diaphram & Lungs – it’s our metabolism, our personal power centre and with deep breathing so much can happen including losing weight.

4. Heart and Shoulders – this is where we carry our hurts and I call it the heart shaped wall. It’s an armour and it is our way to give and receive love so when we are shut down we are using our lifeforce and opening this can truly bring us back to life.

5. Head Neck and Jaw – Here we release the cerebral spinal fluid from the sutras (the bones in the head) to have a flow of energy up and down the spine.

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When we start to get back in touch with this body wisdom – we get truth and knowing that is real from the body. I have watched the emotional relationship with pain in the body and when addressed from the enneagram patterns and the craniosacral balancing brings people to the stillness to listen to their bodies, coupled with the most highest frequency essential oils from doterra, lifetimes of pain have been disappearing. We look at illnesses and see the body mind connection – the mind quietens and wisdom and empowerment appear for the clients.  The best healing is when you are empowered to listen to your body.

If we truly started to listen to the body so much we would gain from the wisdom and truth.


  • Listening AND following what your body is communicating

  • Honoring the wisdom in your cells vs. discounting your body’s voice and objectifying yourself

  • Relating to your body in a kind way vs. allowing inner critic to lead

  • Nourishing yourself well through daily needs (food, water, rest, quiet space, activity, connection, etc.)

  • Trusting your body wisdom to guide your decisions with different people, places, and circumstances

  • Valuing your inside voice first before the authoritative, acculturated outside voice

  • owning your authority– being your own authority by living from that inner truth that’s beyond the rational mind

  • knowing how to presence yourself– feelings/ sensations–and knowing how to centre, breathe fully, and open your body regardless of who you are around or where you are

  • allowing and enjoying positive and pleasurable sensations to circulate through you vs. holding back or tightening your breath as soon as you feel really good

Get out of this crazy world of the mind for 2020 and start a new millenium with intelligence. Come and experience SHUNYATA – means quiet mind and get in touch with your body’s wisdom – either for a day ULTIMATE HEALING DAY, or 3 DAYS EMOTIONAL HEALING or 5 DAYS DETOX & EMOTIONAL HEALING – mention this article and get your own special aromatherapy blend and bring a friend before 31 Mar and save $100 per person off retreats.

The body is the greatest mystery in the whole of existence. This mystery needs to be loved – it’s mysteries and it’s functionings need to be inquired into.   OSHO or tel 0272 777734 or email

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