Why You Need to do a session of the Journey with the Enneagram


Who am I to talk about this – well it started back in the 90’s where I had this real knowing that you could heal anything – not to know that over 30 years later I would be on a path myself and 20 years helping others at Shunyata Retreat in New Zealand.

Before this book comes through me – observing people and seeing so much – here is some amazing tips I have collected and observed in the 17 years working full time at Shunyata.


1. The behaviour patterns in The Enneagram – get to the core of the blocks and suffering individually and the blocks we cary.

2. The main causes of illness and addiction is childhood trauma stored in the cells and unmet anger, sadness and grief. The Journey with the Enneagram.

3. We need to let go of woundology and victimhood which carry psychic weights and don’t allow us to move forward.

 4. Getting to who who we truly are are and not our unconcious patterns – The enneagram brings self awareness and self knowlege.

5. We need to let go of greed, fear, vengeance, blame and entitlement. Covid has been the best teacher in this one.

6. If the mind is full of fear, doubt and judgement – we need to bring awareness to negative vocabulary and become more body centred.

7. Developing a loving relationship and true intimacy with the wisdom of the body- it speaks truth.

8. The importance of forgiveness from the soul which we can’t always do on our own- continue bitter of better. Also done in the journey at a campfire.

9. The need for emotional intelligence which is not taught in schools – how to be with our emotions – The Journey method is amazing for this including memories of trauma and bringing you to your essence.

10. The importance of relationship with a higher power and moving from love of power to power of love through prayer.

11. Letting go of procrastination which causes bitterness and hatred towards self and others and embracing change – sometimes so hard to face.

12. Removing limited belief patterns and knowing real truth beyond unconcious patterns.


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