Stan Walker on Sunday and Childhood Violence and Trauma - 29th Sep 2020

Stan Walker on Sunday and Childhood Violence and Trauma

Childhood Trauma - Shadow Work

Did anyone see the amazing life story of Stan Walker and the abuse he had in childhood and the  courage he has had to get through it. For me it brought back the memory of  the movie  "Once Were Warriors" which I saw in Australia where a friend shared,” at least NZ has the guts to share a worldwide problem.”  Not everyone can do this on their own - there is help.

It is a worldwide problem and it is the reason I came home to work with people in my own country rather than in Australia after 27 years overseas. Yes it is in maori families but it is also in pakeha families and is rife and causes unconcious behaviour and a pattern that continues unless it is stopped. I too had a violent father and a dramatic mother who fueled the fire for him, so I witnessed until 12 years old that violent behaviour, had a food addiction , and would have continued on in my life copying that behaviour, had I not had a wake up call 32 years ago and
had to get real on how much it was affecting my life.. 

Best Wellness Retreat NZ 

Gabor Matte, the famous doctor and drug addiction expert quotes - The Main cause of
illness and addiction is unmet sadness, grief and anger and childhood trauma.

Sexual or Physical Childhood Trauma
The first seven years of our life we take in what we see in our parents. Some of it bad and some of it good and some of us go on and despite watching the bad, makesome good of it. But many continue the pattern or it gets worse. Some of us have the courage to do the work on our own, but we don’t see the hidden and unconcious behaviours that are running us in our everyday life. One day it catches up with you in an illness, depression, addiction or social problem etc.
I ask if the stomach cancer was inherited or was what he couldn't stomach.

Shadow Work and the Enneagram

At Shunyata we go back to a childhood memory and the behaviour and patterns appearing
and clear it out on a cellular leve with The Journey Method and The Enneagram - clearing
out the shadow for good.   We come to a place of forgiveness from the soul, and in this part for me my whole victim story stopped and I knew I had to work with this work.This is not from the mind, it is the body leading to the soul so it is permanent.  I feel so honoured and blessed to see people truly know who they are deeply as peace, as love as freedom.I have been working with this enneagram work for over 30 years and 17 of it in Shunyata retreat and believe truly covid is bringing this all up right now.I am passionate about helping others find their way toward consciously creating more fulfilling relationship, work, and life experiences. I believe that the only way we can make our own individual lives better and that of humanity as a whole is for each of us to work to wake up and become more conscious, present, and alive and along   This works, it works it works.

comment from client
Best decision I made in 2017 to come to Shunyata. I came here to rebalance, relax and recharge not really knowing what The Journey was - but wow, it was a powerful experience that has had quite significant impacts on parts of my life that were weighing me down. It's indescribable really and an experience and place I will never forget.I arrived feeling overwhelmed, defeated and deflated. I left feeling vibrant, hopeful, loved, excited and with a whole new appreciation for myself, others and life in general. Thanks Paru x

Faith is chosing to believe that all is good and hope is there, there is a purpose to your life.

From my violent childhood, to my wake up call and beyond – I feel so grateful for my courage, my teachers and my freedom and now it’s your turn.   Let me take you by the hand with gentleness and love and set you free. You can come for a day – Ultimate Healing Day, a 3 day retreat or a 5 day detox and or weight loss retreat –  or a gorgeous couples retreat 3 or 5 days where you do the work individually then meet as love.


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