Spirituality - How to be Happy - 21st Jun 2013

Spirituality - How to be Happy

What is Happiness

I am so excited here looking at the snow and feeling the bubbling of my heart.  I realised these last
few weeks that I can't express what it is I want to share with you but today it is bubbling out of me.

I have been so blessed to have the time to listen to the Hay House Summit (publishing company
that releases books along health and spirituality) represents people like Wayne Dyer and many other
famous authors.  What I have realised that they have put into words what I want to share.  So here goes -


The world is crumbling around us, nothing on the outside is permanent and trustworthy.  People are losing their jobs, relationships are crumbling, the planet is giving us a shake up.  People are moving
at such a fast pace and it is saturated with knowledge and starved for wisdom.

Maybe your wake up call has come in the form of an illness, a loss or maybe it hasn't but if it does
celebrate it - cause nearly every talker on the summit had their story of rock bottom to tell.  Mine was
losing custody of my child and I had to be kicked into waking up - because was I a fighter.
We all have a choice to either keep in our patterns of mind, beliefs and ego or evolve to living from
our souls.  If you don't want this then maybe this article is not for you.  You have to want this more
than anything.

Life brings us the perfect things to help us evolve!How we handle these good and bad things are what either keeps us stuck or helps us to grow. When we talk about growing or spiritual work - what we are really saying is this means stripping back the thoughts, beliefs and ego to come to our innocence.  We all came in as a crystal diamond, untarnished, perfect and then owing to lifes challenges and betrayals and pains we have shut down to this crystal diamond.  It's not about becomming a better person, it's not about doing any work - it's about becomming aware of what is true and what is not.

Banish Depression for Good

How do we do that? 
1.First of all we don't follow our thoughts, the mind is full of fear, doubt and judgement.  We are not our thoughts, beliefs or emotions.
2. We find out who we truly are.  Have you ever really asked - who am I really?Not our roles as a mother, banker etc, that is not truly us.  Know what is our true gift to the world - our purpose.
3. We uncover deep seated beliefs - these are things passed on to us from our parents or conditioning
and pierce the lie of them.

4. Then we let go of our egoic self - these are the patterns that run us and cause us the most suffering and as suffering was deep within me, I continued with the enneagram,  the work I have been doing
for the last 15 years to come to the freedom I feel today.
5. We pray and ask for help.  We need to be aware that there is a higher power out there, the divine,
god whatever you want to call it that only wants the best for your higher self.   This is sometimes clouded
by life experiences with religion and people in general.  Do what needs to be done and surrender the rest to the universe.
6. We fall in love  or reconnect with our inner child - discover her innocence and make a comittment to love her and be with her or him and have some fun.
7. Feel feelings totally when they come up - no blocking, sensoring just the raw pure emotion.
8. Take some quiet time each day for your soul - meditation or contemplation.
9.  Let go of the addiction to impernanence - everything on the outside that is not true.
10.  Face your fear of death
11.Develop divine attitudes of empathy, compassion,equanimity, love and joy
12. Know that you have a choice in every moment - chose fear or love
13.  Whatever you want in this world - go give it and it will come back to you. 
14.  Find a mentor and then become an inspiration.

Spirituality Retreat NZ

I feel so blessed to have been exposed to THE JOURNEY which I have found to be the most specialwork to take us to this place the soul.    Combine this with The Enneagram  which identifies which area of the above 14 points  above need more work for you ,and you are on the road home to your essence, your true self, your higher self.  There is not many processes out there that do this in the world of healing, so  at Shunyata, we can at least get a taste of what's possible.  Then the prayer is to try and live from this place as much as possible. 

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