Special Price Healthy Weight Loss Retreat - 18 November - 28th Aug 2020

Special  Price Healthy Weight Loss Retreat - 18 November Spring into Summer Loving Your Body the Healthy Way

Best Weight Loss Retreat NZ

This retreat is ongoing for you to come anytime.  I have been on a huge journey myself
and tried so so many things - so we will find what works for you based on your ayurveda
type.  At shunyata it is very much individual - one on one - so we address what will work
for you.
No bullshit weightloss

next date available 19 November

Have you put on those extra kilos over covid and can’t seem to get motivated to shift them?
Are you, like me, lost some of your willpower when it comes to food and drink?
Have you got to the stage where you don’t like yourself or your body?
Are you carrying that belly fat that you know is unhealthy and can't seem to do it alone?

Well Shunyata Retreat will do it for you – you will be motivated, inspired and alive and on track for summer - guaranteed.  Most other retreats you are just one of a crowd, but at Shunyata  not only will we do the eating part, but we will address all emotional issues, blocks and it will be all about you and only you and you will have the best holiday where you leave your baggage behind.

The dates are 19-23 SEP and 12-16 OCT and the price is discounted to $1650 pp and you get free for the first 2 deposited bookings

*Amazing incredible metabolism appetite suppressant essential oil
*The fast 800 recipe book for intermittent fasting – that truly works to keep weight off

Beautiful location and delicious food
I was in Shunyata for a detox retreat and it was a most wonderful experience. Paru was so caring, and cooked the most delicious and nutricious meals.Her Journey session and treatments were life changing! She introduced me to the Enneagram types and I felt so empowered to know my type and to know how powerful and truly unique I am! I can't want to go back! :  Pow Sydney

5 day mind and body retreat, reinforce and refresh
When I signed up to Shunyata I was nervous, vulnerable and had expectations of what I thought I needed. It took me several months to find somewhere that I felt was right for me. Once I locked in Shunyata I was determined. I was emailed beforehand by Paru asking me lots of information about myself; my lifestyle and my habits (good and bad). I arrived at Diamond Harbour and was greeted with a massive HUG and a big smile by Paru and I immediately knew that I would be in good hands (literally). Each day brought physical and mental challenges and raised my self awareness. It wasn't easy, it shouldn't be! It wasn't someone telling my what to do and how to do it! It was about lifting my awareness and belief in myself. After 5 days I felt amazing; light, clear, appreciation, forgiveness and appreciation. I lost 6kg in 8 days and I left with a love for food in moderation, forgiveness in infancy and love in abundance. Thank you Paru.  Marin Napier

Abour Paru - I was a food addict

I have to admit that food is my life and even after many years of therapy and learning to love
my body, don't get me wrong - I look back and have come a long way , but I’m 63 now and finding that my metabolism has slowed down incredibly and knowing all I know and trying so many things that could have been wrong, just couldn’t shift the weight that used to be easy. Combined with covid and the stresses that add to it which increase emotional eating – I am finally on the way down to that new, loved and cherished body that has energy, lifeforce and juice for life again for spring.   I hadn't eaten badly, just too much and used it as a reward and crutch in life.The belly fat had to go.  I am so so excited to share these tips of years and years of healthy weight loss.Not only will you love your body. It  will prevent diabetes, reduce the risk of dementia and obesity, power up your brain, boost your mood and motivation and clear inflammation in the body.  For 16 years I have been helping people physically, emotionally and spiritually to be the best version of themselves. I have noticed over covid that so many online courses lose the personal touch and you just become one in a wheel of names, and want to offer a weight loss that combines back touch, personal attention and inspiration and love. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwIdMEwiBik&t=73s   Latest video on shunyata


My promise to you:

  • Address you, your particular constitution and your uniqueness (not one boot fits all)

  • Give up sugar cravings and have gorgeous sugar free treat recipes to take home

  • South Island based – no need for flights or cancellation with covid

  • Emotional benefits second to none with the journey and the enneagram

  • Gut reset where health begins and ends

  • Ayurveda Liver cleanse to start  where people have dropped up to 5kg in 5 days.

  • Say goodbye to diets and have a new way of living
  • Boost your immune in these volatile times
  • Healthy and come from ayurveda prospective (ancient wisdom) body mind soul
  • Long Term weight loss that stays off– after leaving you will have inspiration to keep going and things to help

  • Combines all of emotional, physical and spiritually – your blocks & behaviours addressed

  • You will have a holiday where everything is done for you - every woman needs this
 I will call myself the expert on healthy weight loss after all I have researched. I love food but now I am loving my body and food more and more each day and so will you.


so don't delay call or text now 0272 777734 or email info@journeyessence.com to
book your space - remember to get your deposit in to get your freebies



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