Soul/Life Purpose Sessions - Ikigai - 26th May 2021

Soul/Life Purpose Sessions - Ikigai


Hello -my name is Paru and I would love to help you find your highest calling!
WHO ARE YOU – truly deeply from the body and the soul beyond the mind?
What are you meant to give, to be, to learn or to share?
What is your purpose in being here?

How many of you have dived deeply into this question?
How many of you are living the best version of yourself?
How many of you have even considered you have a lower self and a higher self?

Our Ikigai is a concept referring to having a direction and finding joy in life through purpose

I am so grateful to have had a wake up call 30 years ago in Byron Bay which led me on this path and feel honoured and humbled to have helped hundreds of people find their true calling and purpose at my gorgeous retreat, Shunyata, in New Zealand.

My work has got finer and finer in these troubling times and now I am honoured to help you on this quest to get to the core block that is stopping you being the best version of yourself in these unprecedented times. There is nothing more powerful on this earth To know thy true self and purpose for being here. I discovered the Journey here in Australia over 20 years ago and brought Brandon Bays to NZ where I have been doing it fulltime ever since along with a deep growth and further studies with the enneagram, developing my own style.

People who have benefited deeply from this work have suffered from:

  1. Depression
  2. Suicidal thoughts
  3. Anxiety
  4. Stress
  5. Childhood trauma
  6. Emotional exhaustion & burnout
  7. Physical illnesses like cancer and autoimmune disorders
  8. Addictions
  9. Phobias
  10. Worthlessness
  11. Resolving the Past
  12. Spiritual Wellbeing
  13. Abuse including sexual

Why This Powerful Therapy Can Work in One or Two Sessions – in place of one year counselling

This work is a combination of TheJourney method like hypnotherapy through the lens of the enneagram test – which is unconscious behaviours or ego patterns that cause the main suffering in life. It works with the body leading to the soul – not the mind which is full of fear, doubt and judgement. Unconsciously we are rejecting our higher self and the enneagram shows you what your lower self or ego patterns truly are. We believe we’re broken cause no-one wants to listen to us.

In a session I will listen with non-judgement – you will be heard deeply – then will establish the pattern that is keeping you stuck with some pertinent questions around your unconcious pattern. then we will get you embodied either with body work or meditation -then we will go on a guided meditation uncovering the soul’s block – usually from childhood -that is causing the problem right now in your life, a trauma that your soul reveals. You will then do what we call an emotional drop through understanding how to be with your emotions from your enneagram type. (emotional intelligence) you will then drop into your higher self – your essence – and from this place we will do a campfire of forgiveness for them and yourself, the most powerful cellular healing.

No-one fails – you truly discover your TRUE SELF.

“Birds make great sky-circles of their freedom.How do they learn it?

They fall and falling, they're given wings.” Rumi.

Some reviews from Shunyata

Paru is a wonderful ,carying and heartworming person.She has a gift to make you feel comfortable and safe to open up .Her food is delicious and I honoured her spontaneity and simplysity .I highly recommend her if you feel the need to dive deep into your traumas and find your own wisdom.Her knowledge is extensive and passionate for the job she's doing .
thank you Paru from my heart,
Rosanda Fajit

I’ve loved and benefitted from every minute of being in Paru’s home and in her warm, loving, funny, no BS, masterful, beautiful presence. The world needs your skills and your energy more than ever before. In the words of David Bowie, ‘Shine on you crazy Diamond.’
Thank You Paru. - with deepest love, respect and gratitude, Lizzie Valentine

Great Video from one of my mentors on how this work can help so much illness- Gabor Matte

What is your heart seeking – I feel I can help you find this with one of these life changing tools!

Cost $250 and 2 sessions $400 inc enneagram
includes  the journey, shared lunch & body work and I come to your place

email ; to book your space 




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