So you have been diagnosed with an Illness, Cancer or whatever - 1st Nov 2020

So you have been diagnosed with an Illness, Cancer or whatever

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Shunyata has been open for 17 years this summer and Paru has never stopped upgrading herself with the latest and best natural treatments for illness, emotional healing, trauma and the enneagram (patterns of unconcious behaviour).

The spiritual awakening that can come from an illness and the deepening of one’s soul and being is the gift that can be left and Paru deeply believes that after having a traumatic wake up call herself, which prompted her to come home and open Shunyata  Retreat and Day Spa, working
beyond the mind, which is fear doubt and judgement.

On listening to the experts from the USA this morning – she was prompted to write another blog listening to Rashid Buttar, a USA expert on immune and cancer.

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Why you should come to Shunyata if you have some sort of Illness or Breakdown

1. We do an amazing ayurveda cleanse, liver or colon or doterra cleanse & restore  – especially for your individual type or a cleanse and restore with doterra.

2. We have an ozone sauna for optimasation of oxygen & immunity, a chi machine and a vibration machine for lymph

3. We can help you repair your immunity with pure essential oils and protocols for different illnesses and alkalise the body.

4. Most importantly with the enneagram and the journey method, we can clear childhood trauma and teach you emotional intelligence and help you to meet unmet trauma, anger, sadness and grief – as per Gabor Mate – expert in addictions and illness – a huge part of people dying.

5. You are in a gorgeous, ocean view peaceful environment with birdsong and one of the only retreats in australasia where you are given one on one attention max of 2 people at a time and the best value for money.

6. We look at unconcious behaviours, the enneagram, which can be the main reset you need not to get cancer or an illness back – change your perception, see what is your flavour of ego or suffering and bring consciousness to it.

7. Fall in love with your being, not your doing, egoic nature, but your soul and feel a deep sense of peace and wellbeing.

8. Feel supported and empowered – you get to know the wisdom of your own body and get supported in whatever you chose to do but everyone needs inspiration

9.  When you raise your consciousness this increases your healing ability.

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If this sounds too woo woo for you, don’t worry – Paru has her feet on the ground and hates spiritual bullshit, this is real healing, real results.So you don’t need to leave home – NZ is the best country to do this work right now – move beyond fear into love (true unconditional love) and heal

call Paru for a free consult now 0272 777734 or email and you won’t regret it, I promise you.

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