Shunyata and Doterra February Newsletter - 11th Feb 2018

Shunyata and Doterra February Newsletter Hope you all had a lovely xmas break and feel refreshed for 2018 the year of flow and ease.

I am passionate about leading a healthy life and education and supporting others to do so and I am also passionate about bringing people beyond fear of survival issues to live a beautiful abundant and free life.  My health has never been better.

My heart is on fire, I feel so blessed for my life and it's about to get better. I love the healing I am doing here at Shunyata for people who are suffering physically or emotionally and combining this with the most beautiful fast acting essential oils.Arthritis, long term pain, spinal injuries, thyroid issues, candida, energy levels,knee and hip issues and so so much more. When people leave Shunyata they have a huge shift, but lets be real ,life out there is not always easy and these oils make life easy andthey truly work. . When I first joined Doterra I wanted to ring the aromatouch massage to every household cause we have lost the sense of touch with everyone and I am on fire to advance ranks to do this in February and I am asking for your help.

I am about to head south to do some Essential Oil Presentations if you know of anyone

Wanaka Mon 12 February

Alexandra Tue 13 February

Southland Thur 14 February

Diamond Harbour Sun 18 Feb here at Shunyata at 11am a talk on how to live your life with abundance and essential oils (combine with Live at the point with the best musician in the world Carmel Courtenay and bring a picnic) What a day out

Auckland and New Plymouth 12-20 March   will be at womad and hope to see you there


I would love you to  host a small group from 3-8 people – it's truly easy.I bring everything and run the share.I bring a gift for enrollees and a mystery gift for you also.You will earn commission from the people that enrol to spend on oils (you get free oils)If you have friends or family who would like to experience these beauties – let me know.  You just have to enroll in a wholesale account to get up to 55% off retail with no strings attached and February is a great month to do it.


New enrollees for the month of February – if they order a minimum of 100 points in Feb and March

(approx $150-$200 of oils) – they will get a 100 points free in April.
I will also give you a wild orange and my recipes for sugar free goodies and mini home essentials book etc and be there to guide you.

2 amazing packs to start with no membership fee is 
Home essentials  $365 NZ - 10 of our most popular oils - with difuser with 150 uses
or you can chose your own worth min 100 points.

Some ideas of oils that are amazing

Balance for balancing emotions on the feet daily
Lemon for cooking and cleansing daily in water
Serenity or Lavender Peace for chilling with self and sleep at night
Rose, Jasmine, Passion, Ylang Ylang, Geranium & Whisper for Valentines and love
Terashield for those pesty sandflies (really works and natural)
Frankincence, geranium, blue tansy and ylang ylang to put in your face creams
Deep or Ice blue combined with Copaiba or frankincence for pain in body (incredible & fast)
Arthritis – franki, marjoram and peppermint

Please email me to join this month or txt 0272 777734

Last but not least 
Vietnam Foodies Adventure in June

and my gorgeous retreat will be for rent 25 June till 29 September for only  $300 per week furnished if you know of anyone.

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