Preventative Medicine and doTerra Essential oils New Zealand - 18th Apr 2016

Preventative Medicine and doTerra Essential oils New Zealand

DoTerra will change your life

I gave up a $75,000 income working for Flight Centre's to earn $25,000 for quality of life after watching my mother have a stroke at 50 and live in suffering for a further 25 years. I have never looked back. My wake up call in Byron Bay 30 years ago has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. I sit here today nearly 60 years and feel so grateful for all the gifts bestowed upon me to empower people to take charge of their health and healing. Someone mentioned in the recent doTerra conference that they felt honoured that they could leave this earth knowing that their children will be looked after with these oils and this really touched me.

Shunyata retreat has been open for 12 years now and with my passion for emotional healing and ayurveda, I have witnessed nothing less than miracles in healing and the speed is amazing.Enter Doterra sublime essential oils and in the last year this healing has accelerated 10 fold. Imagine smelling this gorgeous fragrance that goes straight to your limbic area or emotional seat of the brain. This is why essential oils are the most pure and quickest way to heal emotions.Many clients who come to do the journey for emotional healing might be a type that runs from emotions, another that numbs emotions and with these oils all that patterning disappears and grief and sadness is finally met. I am in love, I now understand what wild orange (my always favourite) did for my candida. It allowed me to feel what was not being felt.
This is the secret ingredient to healing illness that we hear time and time again with people who use the oils.

Why wait till we get sick, why not prevent illness. Disease  is broken down to dis ease - smelling these oils brings ease to feel.  People who have been sick know that you can have all the money in the world and it means nothing if you are sick. I know that I asked for illness because I needed to have the compassion for people who live with daily pain. My heart goes out to you and this is why my mission statement is to help people to empower themselves to heal naturally.

Some of the costs of recent surgery in NZ
Hysterectomy between $12 and $20,000
Prostrate Removal $14 - $24,000
Total Knee Replacement $20-$29,000

Yes the medical profession are amazing when the bones have been broken and we need to get repaired. But what about doing yoga for a week of exercises that will fix knee issues and avoid operations. (Have 4 cases where this has worked) and even better with deep blue oil and deep blue rub wholesale price $38.50US and  $33 US 

The cost of these oils are minimum. One drop of peppermint is immediate enough to get rid of a headache,give you limitless energy for the day and oxygenate your cells and clear mental fog. Equal to 28 teabags. Wholesale price for 250 dropsUS $24.50 Wouldn't you love to have this in your handbag along with my other favourite Wild orange not only lightens your mood, but brings causeless joy, abundance and light energy wholesale price $13 US.

New to doterra are the emotional blends – wow wow wow. I have been smelling motivate with passion and lots and lots of amazing writing is happening. I have used console and people have shifted  deep grief and sadness  The forgiveness blend is beyond amazing. We all know the power of forgiveness – it frees you up to move on in life in freedom. Many people in the journey process are not ready to forgive, smell this oil and voila.

How could you not have these oils in your life.

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