New Zealand is Paradise to Visit after covid19 lockdown - 25th Apr 2020

New Zealand is Paradise to Visit after covid19 lockdown

Why Kiwis Should Visit NZ after lockdown and Aussies Come Over - 


If you are anything like me you are starting to get restless and want to plan your trip this year

Ok, I can say I am an authority on travel, having left NZ at 18 by boat to England and being away 27 years, 20 years of that a travel agent. Yes I will be honest, I usually leave every winter but have come to accept that this year will be different. I can also say that I have travelled nearly all of New Zealand and absolutely love and know why I am everyone’s friend when I travel overseas. We live ia gorgeous, gorgeous country, winter, summer, spring and autumn.

Why Not Combine a Ski Holiday with a Retreat where you leave your baggage behind

I am being totally honest here, I am not the expert on skiing, but have visited many ski places and have a friend from Montana who know’s NZ ski places the best of all. But flying into Christchurch I can put together a gorgeous itinerary for you. Just In the penisular surrounding Christchurch – there is spectacular scenery and the day trip I do to Akaroa via the wildness of the coast is breathtaking. The other excursion I offer is Castle Hill which is 1 1/2 hours from here and simply breathtaking in winter. The moment you arrive at those mountains, your breath is taken away. The Dalai Lama has quoted it as the 7th highest energy vortex of the world and when leaving there the energy we feel is amazing. Just arriving in Christchurch

I can offer my favourite new restaurants and tips as they say the new  Christchurch is a foodies paradiese.

Best NZ Holiday After Lockdown

I would combine the centre of NZ via Tekapo and sit in the hotpools overlooking Mount Cook. Head to Wanaka or Queenstown – takes approx 6 hours from Christchurch and head back via the west coast taking in the gorgeous walks between Wanaka and the west coast, or head to Mount Hutt or the smaller mountains near Christchurch and maybe take the east coast drive via Kaikoura to Nelson and take in Abel Tasman Park..But whatever your time line – I can help you.  I used to say Wanaka is the Byron and Queenstown is the gold
coast - but your choice.

Here’s a great 2 week itinerary you could take highlights off and add to.

Here's my suggested itinerary for holidays with presence where I take you in the van

Maybe arrive in Christchurch and do the retreat and then travel or leave it till last. But your holiday will be even lighter if you do it first. Then fly out of Queenstown after skiing Wanaka or the mountains of Queenstown.Having travelled and being a foodie – if you come to the retreat first I can give you my favourite restaurants, favourite day walks and favourite places to stay. The travel agent in me has never left me so knowing the south island so well, I can truly help you out, something I always was grateful for overseas.

Plan your Post COVID 19 Trip in New Zealand

So get excited – start planning in these last days of shutdown and then when level 2 starts we can get going which for New Zealand is around mid may if nothing changes. The snow has already fallen on our surrounding mountains so feel it will be a great ski season. 6 June is start of many ski fields and some at the end of June.
If you are no skiing - there is still so much to see and do.

What would suit for you at Shunyata

Ok a 3 day retreat as a single or couple – can be any day and is working with emotional issues with the journey and the enneagram taking you to your highest potential.

A 5 day plus retreat will include a detox, body mind and soul and add the emotional well but not so much – i.e. only one journey not 2 but extra can be added.

I recommend for couple’s a 5 day as it becomes more of a holiday where we can combine a day trip. You do the work individually then we can talk, cause one journey can be equal to 1 year of counselling.

The amazing thing about Shunyata is you can come anytime and as it's so unique and small and one on
one - we can adapt the perfect retreat for you.  We have an ozone sauna - proven for viruses, a hydrotherapy bath, a chi machine, a tachyon cocoon, a vibration fitness plate and so much more to help you get
fit and healthy, not to mention the coastal walks.

Ok get excited, get planning and so so looking forward to welcoming you to Shunyata this winter. The fire will be going and we will cook up a storm for you with all food intolerances dealt with. Whatever you need – call out – I am a born nurturer and adventure traveller and will make your NZ experience or for kiwi’s – your south island experience one to remember and when we do the healing - everything looks and feels better. Shunyata is the retreat where you leave your baggage behind.

Then check out the cheap cheap campervan rates and get a comfortable one for the cold and go freecamp in our paradise or contact Paru to visit sacred sites

Namaste and may all beings be free and happy


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