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People who know me or not , people who have been to Shunyata or not, from my heart to yours I have this video. I am so happy this was done before Lock Down and in the collaboration of doing it with my beautiful friend Monique and her boyfriend Alex – the most amazing camerman, who loves his creativity like I do,we had so much fun, laughter, healing and great food making it.It seems like a distant memory since all of this covid19 stuff going on, but it has kept me going and for this I feel so grateful. Ihope you enjoy this and share it
with your friends who could benefit with the work at Shunyata if they live in New Zealand after lockdown.

How are you all in this time? My heart is with you for whatever is going on but one thing I always remember is “Everything that comes to us is a gift from God” and we will see why this needed to happen for our gorgeous mother earth. Whether you believe the conspiracies or not, this  is not about beliefs, my work is for your growth and where you will go after this time. I hope from the deepest part of my heart that your soul is stretched and your heart muscle is also stretched, cause all there is is love. I hope you are ready for self enquiry and feel not too bad in the unknown.

Yes I feel blessed for all I have and for how I have been taken care of and grateful for the work I have done
continuously on myself that helps me in these testing times.. Maybe that is not where you are at, but I promise you if you don’t see it now, you will see the gift eventually. You will strengthen in your sovereignty and know what and who to trust. You will know the truth within your soul.

What is happening is 80% of the trauma that is coming up now is past trauma. 20% only is attributable to this COVID19..

Everything we do here at Shunyata will help this.
If it is physical, the ozone sauna which is proven – breaks viruses.
The stress it brings up with the body work - being essential oil massage or craniosacral balancing.
The emotional work with the enneagram and the journey for the past traumas and emotional balancing and for getting clear for the your next step.
Yoga for the breath and calming and of course meditation.
Our survival mechanisms are being triggered which are the enneagram types – so presence, self love and compassion are needed and this is what this work has given me.

My daily routine involves

1. Some form of exercise and connection with nature, the earth that loves you.  I love dancing wildly in the morning, yoga and walks.

2. A balance of doing with jobs to get done and being, just stopping and being still.

3. A form of giving back – I love cooking for the neighbours and blogs & posts on fb.

4. Some form of creativity – mine is updating website & cooking.and exploring new healthy recipes.

5. Following your passions and giving them to self – music, growth and food.I am doing Expand Your Ability to Love Through the Enneagram 

6. Healthy body, mind and soul – minimalise news feed – just enough to keep informed doing healthy eating plan.

7. Finding time to speak truth and sharing with loved ones from your heart, the vulnerable place, all that has not been dealt with in busyness of life. Increase connection for deeper intimacy. 
8.  Use essential oils to boost your immune, help in emotional states and just keep your environment pure
and clean and assist with self love  

9. Go into 10 qualities of a person who you want to be and start being that.

How can you get bored. If you are bored with self, what do other people think.

.“In some ways traumas are the keys to your life”. And, “Find a love that isn’t afraid of the trauma”.

On this Journey alone in my gorgeous retreat – I found this amazing video around The Hero’s Journey which will help you at this time and will spark something that you need to do for yourself and your life.  It is
a great watch for 1 hour 20mins that will trigger something inside.  Finding Joe 

Maybe you are wanting to start afresh.
Maybe you can’t go back to the life you were living.

Shunyata is the place where we will hold your hand in love and help you on your next step forward.If you are in New Zealand - very soon this could be your stayvacation for the year and believe me it will be the best one ever.    A vacation where you leave your baggage behind.
We will have the fire going, we will be cooking up a storm, we will meet you where you are at and take you forward to be the best version of you for the future.



1. What is truly happening in your life and what is your enneagram type so I can help you

2. The journey online to clear the block that doesn’t shift

3. How I can help you move forward in your life in your emotional and physical way.


ANOTHER HUGE NAMASTE - I greet the highest part of you and look forward to meeting you
or seeing you again

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