New Closed fb group Paru's Empowering Wisdom for True Wellness - 24th Feb 2021

New Closed fb group Paru's Empowering Wisdom for True Wellness


Hello beloveds

I hope you are all well in this ascension time on the planet and rising in love.

My big news for 2021 is I am starting a closed fb group to eventually take over Shunyata called Paru’s Empowering Wisdom for True Wellness.My work is changing slowly and a fb group is the first step to those changes.

For people who know me - I am a no bullshit type of person and can honestly say that life has taught me so much, as I have never stopped learning and growing since my wake up call over 30 years ago.  So wisdom comes from life experience and looking around at other empowerment sites, I can truly say that I do share wisdom.  I have studied Ayurveda in India, Yoga in India,
Craniosacral with a meditative approach in India, The Journey training at least 3 times in Australia and overseas which encompasses NLP and The Enneagram (a huge passion) in depth with so many different courses , and the list goes on , as well as learning from my clients at Shunyata.  The last year with covid has been a true ascension in my being,  and for this want to share it more and will be travelling more in New Zealand in the future as I will not be having any innoculation.

This will be an interactive sharing group as collaboration is the only way to go. We are all wise in our own ways and if we put that wisdom together we can truly grow.

I will use topics including

  1. Importance of self love
  2. Importance of prayer and a higher power
  3. Ayurveda and tips
  4. Emotional Healing & The Journey method
  5. Menopause & Perimenopause
  6. Hormones and how to deal with it and the endocrine system
  7. Candida and autoimmune
  8. What is epigenitics
  9. Benefits of natural over taking drugs
  10. Best exercise for aging
  11. How NLP and hypnotherapy can help for phobias & Weight loss for your type
  12. Benefits of yoga going into old age
  13. Allergies and some tips
  14. Relationships – how to do it better - using the enneagram
  15. Masculine/ feminine energies
  16. True weight loss and what diet right for you
  17. What is abundance and how to manifest
  18. Thyroid and the importance of balancing
  19. How to deal with grief and using parents as legacy
  20. Ozone therapy & hydrogen peroxide uses
  21. Parenting in this age of wise children - what works and interviews
  22. How to prevent dementia and alzheimers
  23. Benefits to making life easy with high vibrancy esential oils
  24. Ascension and awakening in these times
  25. Relationship with death and ancestral clearing

There will be many more topics with interviews, good research tips and some live from me (letting go of image ego).I would love you to join us and to tell your friends -we will have fun, grow and share wisdom together.  

I will run a competition to get the group started - anyone who joins this group before the end of March will go into a draw to win a girls day out at Shunyata and if you are not in Christchurch, will be a session when I travel next summer or a pack of oils for doing the Aromatouch massage
with guidance on how to do it.  Wooppee spread the word.

Also if you share with your friends - February you can win Paru's ebook on recipes that
she uses at Shunyata.

Here is the link and hope you can join us for some juicy wisdom on TRUE WELLNESS covering so many topics from experimentation and wisdom of having been there and looking at all

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