Merry Xmas to my Beloved Clients - May your 2021 be incredible - 17th Dec 2020

Merry Xmas to my Beloved Clients - May your 2021 be incredible What a Year for so many of us and after 2019 being one of the worst -

For me 2020 has been the best year ever - cause I decided a long time ago that all
I want for xmas is to wake up to my true and highest self and this year has been that year.  The clarity of what is true and what is not has never been so clear.  The compassion and the humility
when I take responsibility for all that happens to me has been astounding.  The understanding
and knowing (not from the head but from the being) of the enneagram is deeper than ever
and finally the beat up I have been doing to myself when I catch myself in a pattern, is stopping.
The magic that happens from the divine when you break an unconcious pattern has been 

Freedom is seeing the truth, clarity from the heart and compassion for all of suffering,
without having to be responsible for it

Who are you if the roles of which you have played are taken away?
Who are you if someone betrays you and you don't follow your usual response?
Who are you if you trust that everything is perfect just as it is?
Who are you if your belief systems are different from everyone else and you don't care?
Who are you if your image of who you think you were gets taken away?

So what a year and thank you covid for supporting my waking up.  I feel not everyone has
seen 2020 this year and for this my heart is here for you.  But change your perception and
trust - we are about to head into a clearing in the next few days.  All will be revealed and 
good stuff and energy will be entering the planet if you have done the work.  May you be in the true deeper love and heart opening, may you feel compassion for those who have hurt you and come to a deep place of forgiveness.  May you have a great connection with a higher power and
practice daily gratefulness and prayer.

I have my family with me all together for the first time in 40 years and feel honoured and
blessed.  I have enough money to eat great food, I live in an untouched paradise that hasn't developed in 17 years and I treasure the land deeply.  I might not be able to travel for a while
but falling more deeply in love with our land.  My body and being is open and in love with life
after an amazing maori healing course I ran here last weekend and I might be doing a roadie this summer from february with my new van.

That means - like when I first arrived in NZ 20 years ago.  I will have my massage table and
my wisdom and be doing Journey's on the road.  Please watch this space as I would love to
enter your abode and share a day of awakening with the journey and enneagram, great food and body work with oils.

In the meantime have a space from 28 December for a detox.  What a way to enter 2021.
with journalling and brainstorming with clarity. December has been a month where people have come back for more deepening and I feel they have deeply benefited.  Also space for day spas from 28 december and the new year and ultimate healing retreats and detox and weight loss.

Ultimate Healing Day with Journey, enneagram, sauna, lunch and body work. $300
Girls day out 2 sessions sauna and lunch    $200

But whatever you chose the new deeper, more love Shunyata will welcome you with open arms.
compassion and deep wisdom.  Call Paru to book your space - we are so excited to 
welcome you and camp bay beach is simply divinity itself or a quick dive down to purau if
the tide is in.

Also anyone wanting some essential oils to make your life eaier - there is a free frankincense
worth $100 the king of all oils available - txt me  0272 777734.  Have new recipes using the oils for chocolates that I am willing to share.

I hope you all have a blessed and gorgeous time with your loved ones.  Remember if you have healed with family - you have truly healed.  Love you all and NAMASTE - your higher self
is the only way to live cause you have abundance and causeless joy and true freedom.

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