Menopause The Natural Way - 16th Feb 2017

Menopause The Natural Way

Menopause Retreat in New Zealand

In order to be a great mom, you must feel great about both yourself and your life.The great news about taking care of yourself is that it allows you to share more of who you truly are with your family.

If you are one of the many women about to enter or have entered menopause and want todo it naturally then you are in the right place?  You have probably searched the net and found a few ideas, but we must remember, like many things in life, what works for one doesn't always work for all and Shunyata Retreat works uniquely with you.

  1. Are you worried about what will happen in menopause?
  2. Have you heard all the horror stories?
  3. Do you really want to do this as naturally as possible?

My Story with my amazing menopause

After watching my mother have a stroke at 50, suffering from bipolar and having an incredibly hard and mean menopause, living in Byron Bayat the time, the centre for healing  Iwas determined to prepare myself and do things naturally and right for my body.At around 40 I started taking natural progesterone cream which helped balance my moods and cutting out a lot of cheese and dairy and getting healthier in my eating. After doing 2 ayurvedic panchakarma treatments in India I decided to take a group over there and do an intense cleansing programme while studying ayurveda to bring to Shunyata.

At this time I was in perimenopause which is the time before menopause – approx 2 years depending on individual as the whole process usually takes between 4 and 8 years.I started with a panchakarma liver cleanse, colon cleanse and blood cleanse 23 days in total. On returning from India my periods stopped and I was officially in menopause.I also got from the 2 doctors ideas of rasayana (natural products to take after menopause)and doing lots of research worked out what I though was right for me.

Natural Menopause NZ

I sailed through menopause, 1 hot flush when I had to go to the doll office one day (pride was my ego pattern) and a little insomnia with bad dreams at 3am. But was amazing.Yes I put on weight but learnt to love my menopausal bump like you would love your pregnancy and my body responded well. Since coming out of menopause I have discovered Doterra pure essential oils so have even more support naturally for the body.

Few things I discovered along the way

Everyone is unique and would thoroughly recommend doing your ayurveda test to see whatyou are going to need to look at as this is the body, mind and soul balance

Find out how your mother went and when she went into it

Learn to truly love your body and accept the changes, what you haven't dealt with will come up

Find an exercise that you will maintain – my doctor recommended hill walking and of course yoga

Take your eating to a higher level in health – cut back on alcohol, caffeine, dairy, carbohydrates, wheat and gluten and foods that bring inflamation

Up your self care 5 notches and learn to say no to your loved ones (don't be a martyr)

Communicate with the family that you need their help

Really do some emotional healing work

Find the right essential oil to help you sleep or melatonin but get your sleep so important

Learn how to breathe deeply

Watch stress and take doterra pure essential oils to handle stress
Stress can be the culprit behind additional imbalances in hormones and neurotransmitters that affect mood as well as mental function, thyroid function, digestive function, and especially blood sugar imbalances. Stress has also been linked to symptoms such as hot flushes and low libido.

At 50 you enter the stage of vata in ayurveda so your skin gets dryer and you have more air so lubricate your skin - also problems with digestion can start.The good news is- You can have a great  menopause and come out so much wiser – you just have to change your normal unhealthy ways and of course to get on track.

Do you really want to do this in a healthy way and be nurtured and cared for, balanced and 
rejuvinated to a true body, soul and emotional balance .   Your wellness is important, so take time out, drop the pride and be in that self care/love.

What Shunyata Promises You to help with Menopause

Imagine waking up to birdsong in the most delicious ocean view paradise and served your lemon ginger tea as you start your day with your cleanse.

Imagine doing yoga on the deck overlooking the ocean with divine music

Then coming downstairs to exquisite body work encompassing the world's best essential oils, that will make your cells tingle

Then eating a delicious love filled healthy but decadent lunch

Maybe then your Journey session, bringing your mind to stillness, your worries disappeared you can sit in the sauna in bliss

Meditation time, the bell might ring and another chance at inner peace

After another decadent delicious healthy dinner with wild orange fudge for desert, you might take in an amazing movie,like yoga woman, the shaman journey of healing or Carolyn Myss What is transformation

But you know you will sleep like never before because your mind is so peaceful

Shunyata has been open for 12 years now working with emotional healing, The Journey,Brandon Bays, the enneagram (unconcious patterns of behaviour), ayurveda panchakarma detox and yoga and meditation and doterra essentials oils. The uniqueness is the one on one attention, usually only 2 people at a time. Paru would recommend a 5 or 7 day or longer liver or colon cleanse according to ayurveda type.You will be introduced to the most amazing state of the art therapies, ayurveda,doterra essential oils, The Journey Brandon Bays, The enneagram, craniosacral balancing and yoga on the deck overlooking ocean even yoga teachers are jealous.While doing this would look on what is going on emotional or in the sub-conscious and clear these blocks on a deep cellular level.
You would be inspired to eat gorgeous healthy but delicious food and get recipes to take home
You would get on an exercise programme and take up yoga as many of the clients do
You would lose effortlessly between 2 and 6 kilos and feel great, shining skin,bright eyes and lots of energy and lifeforce.

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