Love and Freedom - 24th May 2017

Love and Freedom


Love or freedom

Some of us chose love and some of us want freedom. Imagine that we could have it all and what does it truly mean for each of you.  Have you really dived into this - What is love?
What is true freedom?


Love – well I have been doing my masters on this subject in this lifetime. I, being an emotional type and love bunny, always was looking for that love on the outside owing to abandonment in childhood. So knowing what love truly was has been my life mission. Now I know myself as love and have overcome tragic romantic and have recently placed more priority on freedom and have had to truly look at what freedom means for me and how can we have it all.

Quote from a poem from Kahil Gibran

Love one another, but make not a bond of love:
Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls.
Fill each other's cup but drink not from one cup.
Give one another of your bread but eat not from the same loaf
Sing and dance together and be joyous, but let each one of you be alone,
Even as the strings of a lute are alone though they quiver with the same music.

As my path to true unconditional and higher love has been through the enneagram which tells us what we are not but what has been running us and helping us understand why we are so different. I have noticed that in relationships opposites usually attract, because if we got someone like us, needy for example, it would repulse us. We go for a partner that has the traits that we want and when they can't give it to us, then the problems start and we have to find
this quality in ourselves. So either we marry our parents cause the energy feels familiar or our soul is attracted to what we are lacking. My last partner lived unconditional love not putting conditions on me but didn't give to himself . But I wanted this unconditional love for myself, to live more unconditional so I started practicing on friends and family. I feel we served each other to grow beyond ego.  I broke his pleaser and he broke my getting my own way and of course tragic romantic and I will be truly grateful.

I have explored polyamory and realised it is not for me as I am a one woman/man but loved some of the principles of truth and honesty and the breaking down of jealousy. I watched people practicing it and wasn't convinced that their consciousness was that evolved and some people were using it as an excuse for more sex.

Did you loveThe Last Resort - Couples Retreat Extrodainaire

Women long for a present trustable masculine principle and if we can't find this in a partner
we search for it in a teacher so we can truly relax into our feminine qualities being receptivity,
trust, surrender, patience and being.

Imagine if we truly bowed down to the higher part of someone from their gifts or their purpose not their egos and served them to grow up not grow old. Most men want freedom and most women want love. If we truly knew ourselves as love and men as being free, instead of looking for it on the outside we would stop suffering.

Imagine if every man felt free from responsibility and wasn't always tryng to run from love in order to have freedom.. Imagine he wasn't living from his mind, which is full of fear doubt and judgement, but was truly present. This is trustable and sexy for a woman.

Imagine if his women knew how to take him out of his head and into his heart so they could
commune more from this place and practice tantra, present love.

The words you speak become the house you live in.

~ Sufi Saying
( Hafiz )

The book I truly recommend for all men to read is

“The Way of the Superior Man” by David Deida. This is written for men from a man and truly helps you to understand presence and integrity which a woman craves for.  So many relationships have been saved with this book.

Imagine a world where we spoke to our beloveds as

I feel your fear, I am here for you my beloved

Recently I have had a lot of people email and call to book for shunyata and then I don't hear from them. It is fear that is come in I am sure. What we resist, persists and when you face this fear of the unknown you are free. You have been running from your own freedom by living from the mind.  At shunyata we show you this heart space and help you to implement it into your lives.

We are either living in fear or love and as a recent client said after her journey -nothing is that bad and from the mind this is how bad it can get. So live from the heart or from the mind which is full of fear doubt and judgement.We often follow what we knew in childhood watching the behaviour our parents showed us and if we truly want to change this then we need to break this pattern in a cellular form with The Journey method.  There has never been such a time to break these patterns or childhood wounds - people are awakening all over the planet right now. We are in relationship to heal these childhood wounds.

Typical is to see in the paper – Bronco's captain saved his marriage by forgiving his mother. Aimee Whitehouse never got over the abandonment of her father so that wound stayed with her and turned her into an addict and therefore she couldn't share her amazing gift.It is time to grow up and not grow old and this is what we can do in relationship. Hey men us women are leaving you behind in this awakening field as it is truly the time of the feminine. We don't want this, we want you to face your fears and become real men.  I own my part in emasculating men, my mother taught me well, but that has finished.  I am sick of competing with men I am longing to
see shiva and shakti dancing.

Us women need to trust your integrity men and we need you to stand in our emotions not run to your caves
Integrity is living in courage not fear and practicing what you preach.

Many people come to Shunyata where they are just existing not truly living,If you stay behind the fear you will live in mediocrity. If you jump you will live the most amazing free and love filled life. Get out of the rut.It's truly urgent that love be the vehicle that we live our lives from instead of fear.There is enough violence and terrorism on this planet, lets return to love and we can start in our relationships, because life is relationship.

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