Lions Gate Welcome - 8/8/2021 - 8th Aug 2021

Lions Gate Welcome - 8/8/2021

Spiritual Retreats NZ

Huge fire energy is flowing into the universe right now, it’s an incredible time to look into the dark energy of competition and survival, into the shadow, the unconscious patterns (the enneagram), the illusion and burning into a gorgeous heart opening and into your true self.
According to some astrologers, the Lion’s Gate Portal allows us to boldly and optimistically open new doors of opportunity. In layman’s terms: it’s probably a good time to manifest your dream life. According to the Ancient Egyptians, the rising of Sirius coincided with the flooding of the Nile, so this time of the year was seen as a prosperous and fertile.

The only obstacle to realising the truth of who you are is thinking who you are Gangaji

The bubble was closed from Australia and I had to come home early. It was hard after being in the gorgeous sunshine of Queensland but I am so grateful that I had 2 weeks and started writing my book. Met so many New Zealanders who live in Australia who told me they were never coming home because of the cold and yes this is the reason I never came home for years also. Last year was ok but not this year. Some of us survive ok but not me, so a surrender and acceptance is happening in this huge energy time of the Lions Gate.

The book continues and also looking back over the incredible healing I have been so blessed to have helped people with., reminds me why I am here on this planet. Everyday I hear stories of addiction and so much suffering and most of it goes back to childhood and what people had to endure. I have come to the realisation that this work isn’t for everyone, it’s for the people who truly have come to a place where they are ready to surrender, they trust and they have incredible courage to face their demons. My darling friend who had cancer made me aware that seeing the shadow,seeing the hidden darkness and not being scared of it and then bringing it to light with deep compassion and love, is my gift.

"That within which feels pain is itself pain-less; that which feels fear is fear-less; that which perceives tension is tensionless. To witness these states is to transcend them. They no longer seize you from behind because you look at them up front."
—Ken Wilber

Wellness retreat NZ

I feel many people are either fighting the control, going to sleep or doing the deep work of their souls right now so you can restore your sovereign power after trauma and abuse in childhood. You can overcome imposter syndrome, self-loathing, self-sabotage and cultivate self love,self worth and confidence. You can trust, forgive and grow in a deep compassion for self and others and you can clear limiting beliefs and install habits that will lead you to your fulfilment and success and you can attract and keep a blissful intimate relationship rising in love and finally live an orgasmic life, using the medicine of pleasure  and passion.This is all your birthright and if you feel stuck right now and longing for this in your life please consider that there is help out there to bring you back to your soul, your love, your sovereignty. It is within you, you just lost touch with it.

A reminder to anyone you know living in the Christchurch area going into menopause that we have a gorgeous nourishing day with lots of natural titbits of how to navigate this magic time on

Saturday 4 September here at Shunyata with my soul sister. A few spaces left.

Also the number of couples that are my best friends today can vouch for the couples retreat and like every trip overseas , picked up some amazing recipes on this trip and dying to share them, the prawns linguini to die for and the cronut filled with lime passionfruit curd all part of the passion and love of food served here at Shunyata.

Spring is the best time for pita to detox and just coming off a liver cleanse and a colonic – feel that renewed energy inside that is needed when the body feels inflammation and the few kilos lost effortlessly. I will be on the road late January and February so can bring this Journey with enneagram work to your home so please watch this space for details of where I will be late summer.

I wish you a warm deep love for the end of this winter which is coming soon and hope you are being kind to you, I am off to the hot pools in brighton for a soak.

Look forward to truly  seeing you please contact me or tel Paru 0272777734



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