Life Purpose and What is Causeless Joy - 10th Feb 2017

Life Purpose and What is Causeless Joy

Life Purpose and Causeless Joy

Who are You?
No Who are you truly?
If you were to take away your role in this life – have you ever enquired deeper into who you really are?
Why are you here?
What has this vast boundlessness come to this earth to be, to learn, to do?
What is your purpose in being here?

Many of us have never truly enquired into this and yet we muddle our way through life and wonder why we get a midlife crisis or depression or some sort of wake up. As my teacher said, David Deida,that for men if they don't have a purpose they are somehow lost. But women also need to know their gift – their unique essence and live this to feel truly fulfilled. I have found many people a little lost even when they have been living a spiritual life and for this purpose I would love for all people to know their unique gift or purpose in this lifetime.

There are many people talking about the secrets to life purpose but my experience having found working with people for over 15 years that we need to do this in steps. First find out who you are not – ego type - then do a guided meditation The Journey, and when you are in your essence or source – we then do your purpose, that is true from your soul. You cannot get this truly unless it comes from your essence of who you are beyond ego.. A guy recently came for 3 days at Shunyata and went home and changed his life, put his relationships in order and got his health on course and now is living his gentleness and I got the pleasure of seeing him again yesterday with his family and it bought tears to my eyes to see him so clear. May all being be free and happy.

The Enneagram or ego patterns are an automatic pilot you have been living from and which has caused you a lot of suffering. This is different for everyone and there are 9 different ego types. Donald Trump is just one type of ego – the boss, the leader, the confronter and the bully. They are never wrong and don't try and fight them, they will always win. The glass is half empty.But there is the one that is so proud it won't ask for help and another\ one who does all to avoid anger and confrontation. When you bring awareness to these patterns that are running you – you can truly then concentrate on your gifts or your essence.

For me – my ego type was tragic romantic and unique and special. I watched my mother in thisdrama and tragedy and made a decision one day to move beyond it for both of us. Now I serve a higher love with my clients and love all things ordinary. I am living my gift and feel so fulfilled from this.If we are on purpose living our purpose and gifts and passions in life , then we can truly be causeless joy.

What is causeless Joy

This is the joy that is not dependant on anything or anyone on the outside. It comes bubbling out of you when you wake up in the morning. How do we come to this place – well we clear out our lower selves by bringing awareness to our ego patterns (enneagram) and bubble up from the inside from our true gifts in our heart and soul. They go hand in hand.

Why come to Shunyata and not other retreats


  1. You can come anytime as it is very one on one just about you not with lots of other people.

  2. The peaceful ocean view setting that has been energy cleared is conjusive to deep healing.

  3. Daily you are taken gently into your true self.

  4. You are met where you are at and taken deeper.

  5. You come out living the best part of yourself and don't we all want to do this at sometime.

  6. You are introduced to world renown therapies like The Journey, The Enneagram, Doterra Pure Essential Oils along with yoga, meditation and delicious healthy food.

  7. One of the best value and cheapest retreats in Australasia – I challenge you to find better value.

  8. Time for you to do gorgeous coastal walks and swims in the summer

  9. Some of the deepest therapy for depression, anxiety, body pain and shutdown.

  10. The most profound and yet easy detox with Ayurveda Panchakarma

  11. You just get more for your money.

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