Illness - Listen to Diagnosis but not to Prognosis - 7th Dec 2019

Illness - Listen to Diagnosis but not to Prognosis

Don't Give Up Hope - Your Body is a Miracle

Our body’s natural state is homeostasis – balance.
Our emotional natural state is causeless joy

Many years ago when I was in a deep state of suffering after losing custody of my child and was listening to a healer at an ashram in India,  I had this amazing knowing inside that anything can be healed, and 30 years later after working at Shunyata I can truly say I have witnessed the truth of this statement.

There are 3 levels of genes – first is DNA , second is your microbiome – the bacteria that live within you. The third level is the epigenome – a sheath of protein surrounding the DNA that regulates the activity of your genes. All play an important part in health.

So, if only 5% of gene mutations (error in the genes) cannot be healed (like Angelina Jolly's breast cancer) then all cancers, autoimmune diseases, heart disease and inflammation problems in the body are formed by our experience of life and how we interpret our experiences in life. That leaves 95% of illnesses can be healed as per Dr Deepak Chopra . Dr Gabor Matte, another known expert in body, mind soul balance says "most illnesses are formed by childhood trauma, unmet anger, sadness and grief.

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Our lifestyles, the daily choices we make along with sleep, how much we move, how nutiritious our diets are – all have an incredible influence over how the genes express themselves. If we change our conditioning, our conditioned mind (the enneagram), our belief patterns and how we experience our emotions – we can heal.

There is hope !
How much are you willing to use this as a wake up call?
How much are you worth fighting for?
So you’ve been told you have cancer or an autoimmune issue and how do you feel?
So many people give up there and believe the medical prognosis.
Listen to the diagnosis and maybe get a few opinions, but if you truly believe in the power of the body, don’t listen to the doctor’s prognosis – you have 3 months to live or you have to live with this for your whole life.  So many people give up here. This is a very powerful time in your life to wake up, to truly go in and to find out the truth of who you truly are and heal on a body, mind and soul level.

So you Have been Diagnosed with Cancer - The Truth About Cancer

How we are brought up with love or fear creates our conditioning. Our early childhood experiences have a great deal to do with why our body is out of balance. Our patterns of unconcious behavior usually are formed around 3 years old (the enneagram) then we collect series of beliefs ,which are truly cover ups for insecurity, from our upbringing. These create unconcious thoughts which can lead to disease, dis – ease in the body – away from wholeness.

To keep healthy we need

1.Good deep sleep
2. Meditation for stress management – questioning beliefs, body awareness, awareness of emotions and thoughts. The importance of dealing with stress which comes most from your unconcious behaviours (enneagram) 
3. Movement with consciousness – yoga is the best for this and for grounding
4. Breathing with presence - the breath is so important for anxiety & fear
5. Healthy emotions such as love, joy, compassion & equanimity (feeling at one with universe)
and breaking unhealthy emotions by feeling them totally -The Journey Method
like guilt, shame, resentment, anger and hostility. So they no longer run us. Some of these we don’t feel comfortable in feeling so they stay in our consciousness and therefore add to the disease. 
6. Of course the diet we eat, plant based, alkaline, free of preservatives cutting out sugars, eating according to our body type - ayurveda
7.  The power of forgiveness and also gratefulness.

The other thing that is important to look at – is how we deal with pain.As Rumi said - The core of pain – is in the pain. A natural human response is to be angry with our bodies instead of going inside and truly listening with compassion  - then the pain can disappear. 

80% of Illnesses are Emotionally Related

Then there is emotional pain which brings suffering and this is caused by Not knowing who you are, grasping to things that are not permanent. Fear of impermanence, identifying self with ego and fear of death.

We need to look into the hurts and hatred you are holding, where you are being insensitive, your craving to be loved and to love, your inauthenticity (where you have been lying to yourself either in illusion or denial), your judgemental nature, your ingratitude and your story telling by the mind to bring you to true happiness, causeless joy.

The Journey Method & The Enneagram NZ

Most of our physical and emotional suffering comes from unconcious behaviours and at Shunyata we empower you to take this journey inside. To look at these patterns and deal with the childhood trauma on a cellular level, the unmet emotions and the understanding of why you avoid them.Ultimate healing brings you back to wholeness, to your creativity, to your essence or your higher self. We need to reconnect to hope, to prayer to a higher power and get to the truth of our soul. Our path is now a spiritual path of truth, oneness, self discovery and conscience which leads to power. Prayer will bring you home, it will make the impersonal intimate. As we heal ourselves, we heal the whole.As we start to listen to our inner voice we are no longer concerned about what people think of us. We let go of the pleaser, the helper & caretaker and we fall in love with our souls and connect to our power, our creativity, our essence our higher self. We become the climate change inside and go on to touch other people so the whole world can heal.

A client said the other day - Why didn't I know about this earlier?  Why did it take a suicide attempt to wake me up?  Who know's but I truly believe in timing.

Alternative Healing Therapies NZ

Paru works with The Journey Method, The Enneagram, Doterra high vibrancy essential oils and protocols for illness- Symphony of the cells balancing the body physically, emotionally & spiritually with high vibrancy oils,  yoga, meditation, craniosacral balancing (to get in touch with the body’s wisdom and truth) and ayurveda (the most ancient form of body mind soul balance). The true healing happens when you are empowered  when  you are a participant in your own healing.  

You are in charge of your own body and it is truly a miracle - if you have chosen this natural route and this speaks to you  and gives you the hope you need
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