Huge Changes for You and This Planet - How to Stay Strong in Your Sovereignty - 1st May 2020

Huge Changes for You and This Planet - How to Stay Strong in Your Sovereignty


Reclaim Your Sovereignty

Who are you?
Beyond illusion, beyond the surface of your mind and your ego patterns.

Deep dark old truths will be moving through you and the bullshit cannot continue. When truth is revealed and the shadow is seen we are set free. The coronavirus is just a name for a huge change on this planet and how are you, for your future,going to make the most of this time.

You must be truly seeing changes taking place all around in your beliefs, your values, your judgements. Old ways aren’t working anymore and now is the time to rise up.

What do you want to let go of? What do you not miss? What is changing in you – what do you like about this time. What is important in your life. What is happening in your relationships that you can’t tolerate any more?I am so excited about the truth being revealed as I believe meeting this dark and this truth will create more light.

What are your passions, your deep loves that you haven’t had time to explore?The tumult of emotions between fear and love have been showing. You can’t play nice person or people pleaser anymore – the truth will win out. You will meet an identity crisis, truth will win out.  Through all of this there is a centre, and it is
your true self.

The definition of suffering is not being with what is. Let’s get real people thepredictions are – this is not going to be over tomorrow. Surrender to the change, accept that what is happening is for the higher good, for our planet and clarity will be revealed. Chaos is going to stir up untruths

At Shunyata you will be held in tough love to explore your true self. You will meet your true calling and what you are meant to be in this next chapter of your life. What values are important and how you can maybe make difference in your life and maybe the life of others by finding your purpose,your gift.

People Who Would Benefit from Shunyata

Someone who has an illness and wants to know everything naturally to support healing
Someone who is going through a crisis in this lockdown and wants clarity
Someone who wants to raise their consciousness and connect with the great abundance
Someone who has tried everything to heal and just wants true freedom

and so so much more.......

You can come for a day – Ultimate Healing day, 3 days Emotional healing retreat or 5 days or more detox body, mind and soul or my favourite couples counselling retreat. . We will be ready from mid to late May to help you on your journey home.

You are love, loving and loveablke, stay strong in your Sovereignty







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