How to Deal with Trauma After Covid-19 - 18th Apr 2020

How to Deal with Trauma After Covid-19

How COVID-19 is bringing up unmet Trauma

What a time and test of humanity this virus has been. Many of us will face recovery from the psychological trauma of having lived under chronic uncertainty, isolation, financial insecurity, job loss, and for some, the death of friends and loved ones—taken together, enough trauma for a massive mental health crisis. The trauma, like the virus, will not simply disappear. For some, it will continue to linger in our memories, daydreams, and nightmares. What can we expect and what measures can we take?

How are you feeling?  Are you an empath like myself and feeling the larger trauma felt by others?

My story with Unconscious Trauma While in Lockdown

Here I am a therapist and been working on myself for 30 years and decided to take this time to really get real on losing some weight. My response or reaction, unknown to me, cause it was in the subconscious, was to get into amazing control. I escalated in my enneagram type to the no. 1 and in full control to the point of eating lettuce leaves one day, another doing 500 calories and trying lecitin free, intermittent fasting with keto, liver cleanse, doterra cleanse,you name it over the 4 weeks did everything, got a consult for imbalanced pancreas and thyroid. Nothing and I mean nothing would shift this weight. I finally  tuned into my body when I realised it must be emotional (being an emotional type, most of our problems are emotional) and went on to do deep belly breathing with the oils and voila, yesterday it revealed itself on listening to the enneagram course.

It was the trauma, that I thought I had dealt with back from childhood, when my mother and father split and how I used food to protect. This armour now became real, I could feel it around my solar plexus, that was stopping me from breathing deep into my belly. Wooppee – what a relief, I can go on and be free.

How Do We Deal With Unmet Trauma

This time I knew I could deal with this for myself from the years of helping others. I went back and was there for the little fat girl, I was there loving her and telling her she was safe. I sent arrows of love into that armour to break it and promised her she was safe. Spent the day with her, loving gentle and broke the armour slowly. Being an empath and not knowing the collective trauma we are picking up, I felt moved to write this article to help anyone who is also in a state of unknown what is going on. We, as therapists sometimes think we have done the work, got the teeshirt on the issue, and still it comes back until a true forgiveness and completion happens.

My mantra came up again - “The more we know the less we know”

Once again humility and gentleness needed, but what a relief I felt to truly get to the core.

Addiction in Traumatic Times

Food, like so many of us, has always been my drug of choice. We are all addicted in so many ways. I have learnt to love food so deeply, and was so pleased through loving my body to come clean of this horrible addiction and be able to eat normally. But this time the exact extreme response happened, and looking back that control also doesn’t work. I love food, I know how to really appreciate the taste and now am going on to completely be free.  I am celebrating, I am feeling so grateful and want this for you too.

What Trauma is COVID-19 Bringing Up for You

You need to trust someone to do this work. You need to feel safe to do this work, butwhen you do it, when you meet it and are free from it, it is the best freedom ever. As I navigate my  enneagram course we are learning the strategies each type goes through in the case of trauma. The behaviours we play out in the unconcious. I feel totally ready, humble, and a safenet for you to clear yours from a cellular level.

It brings me back to Brandon Bays story, when she got the tumor the size of a basketball, it was also a trauma she felt she had dealt with. Hence the Journey was formed.

What Freedom you Feel After Doing this work

Imagine having a holiday this year in New Zealand at  Shunyata  where we will provide a safe and nourishing place for you to move beyond this and be free. All I can say is you feel amazing. You can then go on to revel in the nourishment and nurturing that Shunyata is famous for. The great healthy delicious food, the walks along the peninsular and the laughter, fun, smells and dancing and celebration of life.

You can sit in the gorgeous ozone sauna, have a hydrotherapy bath with the oils and go deeper into stillness with cranio and all the gorgeous extras shunyata provides.  We can take excursions to castle hill and the
gorgeous peninsular drive to Akaroa. The fire will be blazing and you will feel the freedom that I feel right now. What a holiday you can have in New Zealand where you leave your baggage behind. Do this for yourself, you won’t regret it and I look forward to welcoming you home into the arms of your true essence. Shunyata is a retreat that is unique and you won’t regret it.  Finding Joe   Inspirational video to learn the benefits of growth during hard times  New video on Shunyata done before lockdown

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