How can You Explain the Unexplainable - 7th Feb 2020

How can You Explain the Unexplainable

When I look back over the past 30 years - I believe life gave me a gift of awakening and I feel incredibly grateful to be able to help others with this amazing gift.

What happens at Shunyata cannot be put into words cause it is different for every person. The person is met where they are at , as it's one on one, then we look at what is blocking them with shadow work or unconcious behaviour, and then we go on a guided meditation back to where it first started, maybe i childhood and it is cleared out from the cells.

We are not working with the mind,  which is full of fear doubt and judgement, we are working with the truth of the body – which leads us to the soul. Therefore it is in the cells – it has to be experienced. The mind cannot comprehend and this is why when you do workshops or big retreats, this personal individual work cannot be done.

Would we call it a spiritual  retreat nz yes but many spiritual people have not done the shadow work which is talked about with Ken Wilber – they are not aware of their major issues around their unconcious behaviour and lots of abuse can happen and power issues come up. Also a lot of people have not done childhood trauma work or met feelings like deep sadness, grief and anger – which Dr Gabor Matte talks about.

Paru has been both a workshop junkie, based in Byron Bay, has visited and stayed and studied in Indian ashrams, has continued her upgrading of her body work and consicousness for 30 years now – visiting the best in the world and truly feels that she can help you wherever you are at.  She is a public speaker in both New Zealand and Canada.If it’s body pain or health issues, depression, anxiety, unworthiness,sexual or emotional abuse,addiction,deep grief and sadness,numbness in the body, powerlessness, overwhelm, relationship issues and the list goes on – we can get to the core and find out where it first started and why it is coming up.

For 16 years now Paru  been observing the most amazing shifts in people and as I keep growing myself and consciousness on the planet awakens, people are getting to the core so quickly.

Affordable Retreat

So you are worth it, in fact if you compare what you get here to any retreats in Australasia – you will find this individual attention amazing value for money. I challenge you to find a better priced retreat for what you get.

Recent comments from Integrative Doctor in Melbourne

Dear Paru  Thank you for being nurturing, kind and empowering.  You are so very precious and your
retreat sacred and holy.  You have helped me cross over to the age of aquarius, so much gratitude,
returning to my natural self, endless love, divine feminine, namaste   Jiin


Come for a day – Ultimate Healing Day, 3 days on Emotional retreat or 5 days on an ayurveda detox and feel like you have been here your whole life as we cover every aspect.

I love my work and would love to help you so call now 0272 777734 or email





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