Healing that truly Works - 3rd Mar 2021

Healing that truly Works


Tired of your health and wellness issues being treated as a one size fits all?

Would you like a tailored program that addresses the root cause to your physical, emotional, and spiritual issues?

If you answered Yes! Then Paru and Shunyata Retreat is your answer.

Shunyata Retreat and Day Spa was founded by Paru Clarke in 2005. It is situated in an untouched paradise called Diamond Harbour on Banks Peninsula, only 45 mins from Christchurch, New Zealand. Shunyata is different from most retreats and unique in its offering. First, it is very one to one, no big groups: just you looked after individually with a maximum two people. Secondly, the retreat offers you a true wellness holiday. You will find uninterrupted vistas endless ocean views, holistic harmonizing rituals aimed at reducing stress including mood-enhancing aromatherapy. Thirdly, the menu is packed full of delicious and conscious cuisine with seasonal ingredients sourced from the garden and the local grower’s markets which are then prepared and cooked with love.

Best Wellness Retreat in New Zealand

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Shunyata was birthed as Paru’s passion is helping people through a personal journey of self-restoration by means of love and nurturing. In fact, Paru’s dream was to create a safe and holistic place that she wished was available while she was on her journey of inner healing. The services and treatments offered at Shunyata are a result of Paru’s experience, training, and personal journey.

Paru is not her birth name but it was the name given by her master in India in the late 1990’s. With the emphasis on the Pa means Fire of Love (and not the Maori meaning of the name). Like most people she had a dysfunctional childhood with an alcoholic father. She was a girl with a sensitive soul, and she had blocked out her childhood memories. When she was old enough, she took off overseas to get away and did not return home for another 27 years. Paru, like many people tried to run away from her emotions; some stuff them down with an addiction of sorts, some try to numb them, but eventually life catches upon you.

Her wakeup call came when she was in Byron Bay over 30 years ago. This was the beginning of her ten-year journey of healing the inside. It was time to get real, uncover and face the memories that she had blocked. Over the ten years she sought and did everything she could to bring inner healing and wellness to her life. It was not long before I know that I was being called to do something more significant. This journey was not just about my healing and wellness. I was being trained to help others. Finally, thanks to a teacher who pushed me – it was time to come home to help other people and establish Shunyata.

On her return to New Zealand, Paru introduced the program The Journey by Brandon Bays and has been working with developing her own style, ever since. The Journey, is a cutting-edge international healing method used to uncover, retrieve, and restore lost or trapped memories or emotions. She also uses the Enneagram which is a system of personality types and offers profound insights into the way people think, feel, and behave. Whatever illness you are dealing with, Paru will get to the core on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level using the journey, the enneagram, craniosacral therapy, and high vibrancy essential oils. All facets of the mind-body approach are experienced to help rediscover your spark you both mentally and physically. This enables you to recentre yourself from your low-level instincts driven by survival (the enneagram) to your higher instincts driven by the power of love.

Covid-19 and lockdowns are impacting on our physical and mental health globally, due to the added stress, anxiety, and fear due to living in an uncertain world. Paru will be travelling throughout New Zealand later this year and will be offering her services in the comfort of your own home. For those who cannot take advantage of her house visits or attend the retreat, she is available to work with you via skype. To take advantage of Paru’s services contact her via mobile on 0272 777734 or email info@journeyessence.com.

Feel free to connect with Paru in her FREE private Facebook group called Paru’s Empowering Wisdom for True Wellness. Paru covers topic relating to physical, emotional, spiritual wellness

on a deeper level. Everyone is welcome to join to interact and share your wisdom as well as collaboration is the new way to go. https://www.facebook.com/groups/parusempoweringwisdom.


To learn more about Shunyata Retreat and Paru visit https://www.journeyessence.com.





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